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     Just a brief word on a potential issue.

     It could be just what is is, could be a schedule conflict with people, any number of interferences or factors.

     But it seems that a number of members who have regularly posted have been silent for awhile, though thankfully there are usually plenty to fill in the gaps.

     However, it does seem to hold true that a substantial number of adherents to any given agenda, be it church, a club, a trend, whatever it may be, think that the secret to a movement's power is derived from it's local head and/or leaders. Thus when those are incapacitated or made secondary, followers are disheartened.

     If Trump loses, does that cast down, negate or curtail our Constitutional Rights, Freedoms and Liberties? The answer is no, not one bit.

     For those of you who are atheist, agnostic or indifferent to an Almighty, you have the written Constitution and it's human peers as it's authority and momentum.

     For us who know and believe in the Almighty, we have His authority as the fuel for Liberty and Freedom.

     In Genesis 2:16, God said, to paraphrase, you can do whatever you want to do; in verse 17 He placed the umbrella for moral and ethical restrictions. The actual Commandments came later.

    The first proclamation from God was a license to exercise freedom of choice. The Commandment was to use moral and ethical discretion in choosing what to do.

     Verse 16 is not exactly an order, but rather an option to choose. But since verse 17 is an order, it follows that we are not to go along with anything which infringes on that freedom of choice, which is the root of freedom & liberty.

     Whoever wishes evil doers godspeed is a partaker of their evil (II John 10,11).

     So what authority then, should we obey, since it is God who also authorizes government (Romans 13:1-7)?

     The Scripture is explicit on that, and is the ultimate authority. When St. Peter and others were threatened for teaching against the "establishment", in that case the prevaling and accepted religio-politico order of the day, his answer was, " we ought to obey God rather than men". Ref. Acts 5:29.

     So, some will say, yes, we should obey God, but since the law says something different, it's okay to do what the law says, even if it differs from what God inspired man to write.

     The original word for ought is the Greek dei, meaning must. The translators often lacked a completely proper word in English, and sometimes seemed to neglect choosing the best word. 

     Regardless of who is in power, regardless of whether we have innumerable peers at our side lending moral support or if we stand alone, our Rights do not change.

     If someone in a position of authority tries to enforce an edict, law or protocol which is contrary to a Constitutional Right-Liberty-Freedom or God's Word, then that person has voluntarily disanulled their authority: then they are just another human, nothing more.


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