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The Deplorable Patriots III% Militia Recruiting and name Change!

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This is Commander Grey Horse from the Deplorable Patriots III% Militia! We were the Alabama Unit of Oathkeepers but changed our name because of conflicting missions statements!


We are taking new members with and without training . We do not discriminate. Members must be 18 and above to join. We will train you! We are located in North Alabama and Middle Tennessee. We meet the 3rd weekend of every month for training! Rank will be given accordingly . There is no politics or back biting permitted or tolerated in this unit! We are a band of brother and sister Patriots dedicated to the same cause and we are Christian based family oriented! 
      If you want to join our unit, please show up and be dedicated enough participate in the training! That is all we ask of you. No one will be picked on or belittled. Everyone has some type of skill the rest of us can learn.


To all of the New people that notified me they would be here for todays meeting and did not show up, we missed you and this meeting was for new people! If you told me you would be here and did not show up, you are forgiven but please show up at the next months meeting! Our meetings will always be on the 3rd Saturday of each month at 10am unless you are notified! Please send all emails to: [email protected] Com or [email protected] Com for information on joining or to contact me and I will give you my phone number so we can talk or text! I send out a reminder twice a month of the meeting! 

May God bless our country, our President with reelection,  and all of you and your families! Have a Happy Thanksgiving and keep the bullets, beans and bandaids handy with your weapons! If the shtf before we meet again, pack up your stuff and your family and head my way! I have a place for us to bug out in the country away from the public eye! 

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