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High Ranking Leftists are calling for Trump supporters to be "Deprogrammed" (Fox News) ­čô░

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Since last wednesday, i couldn't help but to think about those fema camps that people were talking about for years before all this went down. Also, thought that maybe some of this was planned ahead of time.   Call me crazy and ill be like yeah maybe so but it is all too suspect at this time to me.

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Isn't it strange you say this since the Homeland Security chief just resigned leaving the FEMA director in charge and I do think most of this was planned a long time ago all of this may be an act, why didn't Trump do hid duty and call for martial law and arrest the traitors how can such criminality take place and no one get charged with treason I feel we have been played by the entire administration and congress and the senate and the judicial system but then one man said the military wnted to do some arrests in 2016 but would have had to arrest 78% of the government which would have left us without any senators or congressmen or judges it is worse now than in 2016 it is more like 85% of the government should be charged with Treason this is according to Q which is a quantum computer and four men who run it and 200 Generals from the military we will see in the next few days if they really are going the do anything.

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I'm not sure there's enough FEMA camps to hold 80 million people, but most localities have some form of large fenced off area that can be repurposed towards such ends, Airports, stadiums, etc.

What bothers me most about this is that it is something that the left even feels comfortable talking about it, let alone talking about it publicly, on national TV, in front of millions of viewers.

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  • Wolfenstein changed the title to High Ranking Leftists are calling for Trump supporters to be "Deprogrammed" (Fox News) ­čô░

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