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Trump Supporters Put On Federal “NO FLY” List 📰

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Trump Supporters Put On Federal “NO FLY” List




Update: Acting DHS Sec. Chad Wolfe resinged Monday evening, serveral hours after we broke this story. Not sure if there’s a connection, but we are investigating.



The Department of Homeland Security has added over 1,200 outspoken Trump supporters and Qanon adherents to the federal government’s no-fly list, a database often reserved for terrorists. The list, created in response to 9/11 and kept by the FBI, is believed to have nearly two million names and known aliases, according to the ACLU.


A DHS supervisor speaking on condition of anonymity told Real Raw News that acting DHS Secretary Chad Wolfe, once a strong advocate for President Trump, decided to expand the list after riotous Trump supporters and Qanon conspiracy theorists tried to seize control of the Capitol to prevent the certification of Biden’s presidency.






New names on the list include 80 people the FBI has already arrested in connection with storming the Capitol; Jack Angeli, the outrageous Qanon Shaman; Rich Barnett, who allegedly vandalized  Pelosi’s office and stole her mail, a federal crime; Lonnie Coffman, an Alabama man who brought a pistol and 11 Molotov Cocktails to the protest; Mark Leffingwell, for assault on a federal law enforcement officer, violent entry to a restricted federal property, and calling for the hanging of VP Pence. Some persons arrested have appeared before a judge and been released, but all are now on the no-fly list, our source explained.


“Reasons for inclusion vary, but DHS has adequate reason to believe these persons may return to Washington for a second try. If we prohibit them from flying commercially, it makes it a little more difficult, but possible, for them to travel. We don’t want an encore performance,” our source said.





Disclaimer - If this is from a news source you do not trust, do not read it.  I am not responsible for anyone feeling triggered

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I, personally, think a no fly list is helpful to their enemies. It forces them to be more secretive about their movements. If I were in charge, I would impose nothing in regards to flight banning. That way I can track them. Thats just me though. So they've attacked our free speech, and now have attacked our free movement. Whats next? Our money? 

That's just my name.

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