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An Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff

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An Open Letter to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Before you break your collective arms patting each other on the back for your recent letter, allow me to remind you of your place in society.

The Armed Forces are indeed the watchdogs of the American Constitution and Sovereignty, and under your watch the American people have suffered numerous wrongs perpetrated upon it by the very government you belong to.

These are no mere conspiracy theories:

Thousands of sworn affidavits exist showing that the recent Federal election was rigged and ultimately stolen from President Trump et al.

You did nothing.

The Democratic Party, acting through its various affiliates, political action committees, and donors, have conducted organized and violent riots in numerous cities across the United States costing the lives of police officers and innocent civilians alike. Not to mention the damage to property.

You did nothing.

The Democratic Party orchestrated the silencing of the President of the United States and the voices of millions of Americans.

You did nothing.

You condemn the actions of the Capitol rioters and call them “insurrectionists” without once bothering to ask yourselves why people who consider themselves to be Patriots would rebel against their government?

It’s because you’ve done NOTHING.

In your memorandum you quote the part of your oath about defending the Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, but ultimately show support for the very people who have perverted our government and the Constitution you swore to defend. Meanwhile you condemn the actions of a woman who swore that same oath, and who honored that oath even though it cost her life.


You, sirs, are hypocrites and cowards.

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