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What to use for emergency comms?

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I have studied this for years and every solution that I thought I had involved the internet in some way. What triggered my quest was the Arab Spring in Egypt where the government shut off the internet. The only comms source I have ever found is the old copper that was used for land lines. A little known fact sbout the old lines is that they are still maintained and active. It was said that Holiday Inn still uses them for their reservation system and the rent pays for upkeep. Most of the lines are owned by AT&T and run next to the old US highways like US 90 which runs next to I10 east to west in the south or US 31 which runs north and south  next to I65. The lines can be identified by finding the light green boxes spaced up and down the highways. There are also old silver junction boxes which contain the circuits that are split off to local areas. If there any AT&T linemen in the group I'm sure they could give us some really good descriptions of the capabilities of the old copper system. I am confident that it could be tapped (illegally except in an emergency) and used for emergency comms because that is why it has been maintained for so long. Once a dial tone is found on a wire pair, dialing 1 800 444 4444 will return the phone number of the wire pair. Tag it for later use and you now have access to a landline phone number.


BTW, the lines will also support a modem for digital comms up to 115k if you still have one.

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