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UCMJ, Article 138 (EMERGENCY)

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Despite events of January 6th, primary duty of all civil and military personnel is to uphold the Constitution. 


Pursuant to Title 18, S. 29, objections to electoral certification on grounds of political election fraud and theft are valid and must be heard in evidentiary proceeding prior to certification by the governing body on objection by 1 house Rep and 1 Senator under Constitutional law.


Pursuant to Title 18, S. 2381, 7311, 912, 5; Title 5 S. 3331 violations of oath are punishable by fines, disqualification of service, loss of state and federal immunity, civil and uniformed.


Pursuant to executive order 13959 which took effect on January 11th, 2021, in regards to CCP interference and allegations, with probable cause evidence, actors violating Title 18 U.S. 29 may not appropriate budget, and must be prosecuted. 


Pursuant to Title 18 S. 2381, 7311, 912, 5 such acts are considered levying war against the United States.  Pursuant to Title 18 S. 2 such actors by Aiding and Abetting are implicated.


Under Constitutional law, by proxy, procedure in electoral certification, if not followed, invalidates presidential authority.  1 house Rep, and 1 House Senator did object, procedure required hearing and authentication of votes.  This procedure was not followed leading to a invalid certification.


UCMJ chain of command, at any time, the Congress shall appropriate the military budget, the POTUS issues the orders to any of seven, 4 star generals.  The chain of command is hereby broken when procedure is not followed in transfer of power to a invalid, installed president.


It is hereby recommended that all military personnel file a Article 138 complaint with the DOD on grounds that proper procedure in presidential election was not followed, this invalidates his authority and the highest obligation is to uphold the Constitution by any commissioned or non-commissioned officer and that no order issued by the POTUS thru the joint chiefs can be followed until the procedure has been followed by the Congressional body in electoral certification and that any officer, non-commissioned, or enlisted following such orders is in violation of oath pursuant to the aforementioned codes and must resign their positions or be court marshalled.


************End Notice***********

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Amended:. Article 138 should only be filed with your jag or Provost marshall, 1 article per joint chiefs, only upon issuance of a presidential command as the crime and/or wrong doing has then been committed, and each joint chief is always in personnel's direct chain of command.

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