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Repurposing items into chicken coops

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Ten years ago I got into raising chickens and ducks on my rural home. I was putting them into small portable huts that always ended up not being secure enough from predators. A few years later, I ran across an old insulated aluminum box van originally used by a Pepsi distributor. $50 later, I was its new owner. The roll-up rear door was replaced with a pair of swinging doors made out of 3/4 plywood. There was a small walk-in side door that was left alone. A couple dozen nesting boxes were built inside along with some small cages for young chicks while they are growing. The van was wired for 12V lights, but I keep a 110V drop cord in there that lets me have power when needed from a nearby building.

Five years later, I can say this unit has worked out well. The chickens can survive the winter, and predators have no way in. I raise chicks year round. Letting them hatch in an incubator, and then put them outside in the coop at one week of age.


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