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Do you like ARs, AKs, or Garand family?

Do you like ARs, Garand style actions, AK?  

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  1. 1. Do you like ARs, Garand style actions, AK?

    • AR family for me
    • Garand, M1A, Mini 14/30, etc
    • AK all the way
    • Like more than one kind
    • None of the above

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like them both, have them both. if i could only have one in a hurry it would be the AK because its more reliable when dirty

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I like a variety of arms for their different uses. AR-15 is a good weapon for most uses, due to my training on the M-16/M-4. It is lightweight, relatively reliable, and has minor recoil. The Ak-47 is good for a heavier punch. It needs less care to its condition to maintain its reliability. The Garand and similar "historic" firearms are useful for training one shot hits, and are rugged firearms that will last when parts break on more complex weapons.

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I've got more than one of each of the 3 choices listed.

I've also got several that are not listed.

Why no full autos or mortars, you guys are behind the curve!


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Have ARs and an AK, I prefer the AR. I can carry 8-9 AR mags as easily as I used to carry 5 for the AK. I got the AK because it was a cheaper option at the time but nowadays that's not even true. I won't get in an argument with anyone that prefers the AK, to each their own. If I was going into a rugged dirty environment I would probably take the AK.

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Let's just say I own both, but AK's are my combat weapon of choice. Many factors play a role in that. Price of ammo, reliability, ruggedness, and most firefights occur within 300meters. Now, the AK gets a bad rep on accuracy and that has to do with the sights, but if one is so inclined that can be changed. Also, with solid side mounts and optics that changes everything. AK's are more accurate then they get credit for and AR's are more rugged then people realize. Either way I prefer the heavy hitting round of the 762 and the toughness of the ak

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