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Firearms training...passing along a legacy, or letting it pass by?

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Several years ago, a coworker of mine asked if I liked firearms. To which I said, "yes", and then I inquired why. He stated that he had some in his garage and never used them. I asked why not. He replied that his dad left them to him in his will after his passing: gun cabinet, guns, ammo, everything. Along came this explanation that his father never took him hunting nor showed him how to handle firearms. His father had asked if he wanted to go, but the son was lazy and didn't really care to go, and never did. After a while, his father quit asking. This small assortment of firearms with family history came to the end of a line. Even worse, family bonding time involving a valuable tradition never happened. I cringe every time I think about this situation, and I offer this plea to everyone out there. Parents, please pry your children out of their rooms and devices, and teach them valuable lessons in firearms training. Teach others and neighbors, too. Otherwise, this valuable family legacy will pass away when you do.

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I had my sons and grandkids over all weekend. We spent most of the day on Saturday and Sunday shooting, teaching and training with many calibers and platforms. My kids are teaching their kids exactly how i taught them and the grandkids are always excited to come to grandpa's and go shooting.


These are traditions that we need to pass on to our children. Too many families no longer pass on the traditions that helped make this country great.


I hope all of you that appreciate this culture pass it on to family, friends and neighbors.

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