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5 Can’t Miss Military Surplus & AK Accessories

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While some might consider military-surplus firearms from the early to mid-20th century sacrosanct, many shooters want to upgrade their old classics into modern shooters. Another platform constantly seeking improvements is the venerable AK. So here we’ve rounded up five new products coming online in 2016 that will take your AKs and classic rifles to a whole new level.


Archangel Manufacturing AA98


Archangel Manufacturing has unveiled the AA98, a stock system for the venerable Mauser K98. Easy to install, the AA98 is designed for comfort, control and superior weapon retention. The ambidextrous, gooseneck-style stock is made from high-strength, carbon-fiber-filled polymer.



It’s adjustable for both length of pull and cheek height, turning your old Mauser into a 21st century shooter. More features include front and rear QD flush cups, a grip storage compartment, a 10-round magazine with a five-round follower, an extended mag release and much more. (archangelmanufacturing.com; 800-438-2547)


CST 7.5 Swiss Rifles


Custom Shooting Technologies, or CST, is known for producing sporterized versions of classic rifles, including the Mosin-Nagant. In early 2016, the company unveiled several sporterized 7.5 Swiss rifles. These rifles have been tuned for easier bolt cycling and have been other modernized features like custom-grade stocks. (cstmtech.com; 502-797-3380)


DPM AK-47 Telescopic Recoil System


The AK-47 Telescopic Recoil System from DPM Systems Technologies is an action spring kit that makes the AK smoother to cycle and operate. It is a direct replacement for the stock guide rod, and no permanent modifications are required. The patented multiple (four springs) progressive spring design helps reduce recoil, gradually slowing the bolt carrier down before impact with the frame of the weapon. Additional external springs and spacers are included so the shooter to can fine-tune the AK-47’s recoil with different types of ammunition and to match their personal standards. (dpmsystems.com)


Leapers UTG PRO Super Slim AK KeyMod Handguard


These lightweight, American-made rail systems for AK-platform rifles reduce fatigue and enable modern shooting stances through an ergonomic design and advanced engineering.



Three variants are available, and all have the series’ signature features: a scalloped top Picatinny rail; seven tracks with numerous KeyMod slots and ergonomic grooves along the entire length of the rail. (leapers.com; 734-542-1500)


X-Products X-47 AK-47 Drum Magazine


For the first time in almost 70 years, a new drum magazine system is available for the venerable and highly reliable AK-47 in 7.62x39mm. The X-47 utilizes X Products’ existing coil magazine technology with a patented tension relief device. The nearly all aluminum and steel magazine continues to add unstoppable reliability to the existing platform with an increased capacity of 50 rounds. (xproducts.com; 844-770-7765)


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