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Been mostly lurking around for several weeks now. Shut down my FB account after they started really going anti 2nd and found this forum.


I am old enough to remember when the U.S. was the strongest, most feared and revered country in the history of the planet and I miss that. I am also still young enough to be able to hit a target at range under less than ideal conditions.


Like many, I took the Oath (3 separate times) to "Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States" and my oath means as much to me now (maybe even more) than it did when I first took it.


I am tired of bitching and looking forward to living long enough that I can, if not be directly involved, at least be witness to true patriots actually pulling our country from the brink and restoring it to it's former glory.


I believe that actions speak volumes and lack of action speaks even more. What I am seeing from our elected people nowadays absolutely sickens me and I pray that enough clear thinking half ass intelligent Americans get involved enough to turn things around.


How that happens no longer matters to me. Of course I would prefer to see it done peaceably and through established avenues but really don't much care how it happens, as long as it does happen.

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Excellent thoughts...and welcome. We need to motivate people to stand with the Constitution in restoring the land, and make it known to our elected leaders to do the same. Our Founding Fathers stood firm on the Bible, and built the Constitution to reflect that. Let us all be motivated to act on principle and be courageous in our pursuits to restore our country.

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