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Erik Hanson

Losing the Defensive Battle

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Another post I wrote a few years ago.


One of the few great things about television is that it provides a looking glass back in time. You can find old black-and-white programs from the late 40’s through the early 60’s and get a flavor of a society completely foreign to today’s. Technology has astoundingly changed the quality of lives of people since the end of the 19th Century to today; the dynamics of our cultural climate change has nearly given us what equates to be generational whiplash. Not that everything was prefect in those days, but concepts of individual liberties and freedoms were held in much higher esteem.


So, how did the American dream go from a land where you can work hard, pursue you goals, and carve out a life to be proud of, to one where if you work hard and pursue your goals so you can afford to pay the taxes so other people can live a life where they don’t have to work? We live in a nanny state and a police state where someone from the government is just around the corner, ready to tell you what you can’t do and fine you for it. There are regulations on just about everything we do and odds are you are breaking the law almost every day whether you know it or not.


We went from a nation of strong morals and ethical values to one of rampant social degradation. It’s easy to point the fingers at the hippies, communists, progressives or any other form of socialists and while that may be true, conservatives have to take some of this blame. The reason for this is because we have been using the wrong tactics. We have been fighting the defensive battle.


Look at our society as a balance between anarchy and totalitarianism. On one side, you have no government and no control—it’s every man for himself and only the strong survive. On the other hand, you have no freedoms at all and you will conduct yourself exactly as you are told, nothing more, and nothing less. In the middle, you have a balance, where you have just enough government to keep other people from impeding on your rights to life and property, but not so much as they can tell you what you will do with either. This is liberty.


For decades now, we have had the socialists pushing that balance toward totalitarianism in the name of tolerance and equality by waving the banner of “change” as if more government translates to more freedom. Conservatives attempt to stand their ground, arguing that these social changes will only bring the opposite effect the proponents of change claim to bring. People are reluctant to change and, believe it or not, conservatives often win.


But therein lays the problem, every time the socialists do win, they push us closer to that totalitarian state, and when conservatives, win they have just momentarily prevented us from moving that direction but do not undo any socialist advances made before. Furthermore, the socialists are playing the game much harder and better. If conservatives block legislation that would impede our liberties, they will just get the president to sign an executive order or have some government entity issue a new regulation that does the same thing. If conservatives manage to stop either of those, then socialists will push the issue in the courts. If those tactics fail for the socialists, then they will just change the wording on what they want and attack again from a slightly different direction. Conservatives are put under a constant onslaught that appears to have no end. They will even make concessions and compromises just to stop the changes from being so severe, but this only energizes the opposition because a victory is a victory and the country again makes another shift to the left.


If we are to unravel all the damage that has already been done to our freedoms, then we need to change tactics and stop fighting defensively, but offensively. We need to rally and start actually pushing this nation back into balance where individual liberty thrives, small businesses can compete and grow, and jobs return to the United States. We have to stop making compromises and educate the people that they cannot depend on government to solve all their problems, and that it is actually government that is creating most of their problems. We need to keep pointing out where the socialist agenda has damaged our nation and give solutions on how to solve these problems. The people need leadership; we need conservatives to take the helm of the ship, steer us back on course, and be more than just an anchor. We need to get back to being a people who represent a light to the world of high moral standing and strong ethical values.

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