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Hero Teacher Arrested Carrying Gun In Newtown, CT School

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A middle school science teacher in Newtown, Connecticut, was arrested this morning after another teacher spotted him carrying a handgun on school property and reported him to the school resource officer.


The teacher had a concealed carry permit, but state law makes it illegal to carry a gun on school campuses.


I think we all recall how effective that law was in December of 2012 at an elementary school in the very same town.


A Science teacher at the Newtown Middle School was arrested for carrying a gun in school this morning. Still gathering info.


— Dave Altimari (@davealtimari)




Another teacher saw the man carrying the gun and alerted the School Resource Officer at the Newtown Middle School who called police. — Dave Altimari (@davealtimari)



It is unclear why the teacher was carrying a gun or whether there was any plan to use it or if children were even in the school at the time


— Dave Altimari (@davealtimari)




Sources said teacher has legal gun permit but is illegal to carry a loaded weapon in a school. Newtown PD expected to release info shortly. — Dave Altimari (@davealtimari)



Teacher was arrested by school security officer a retired Shelton cop. Newtown has armed SSO’s in every school following Sandy Hook massacre


— Dave Altimari (@davealtimari)



The teacher, Jason Adams, was briefly detained, charged with a concealed weapons violation, released on his own recognizance, and placed on administrative leave. Clearly, the police know he was not a threat to the students and staff.


My guess is that Mr. Adams—like many teachers and administators across this nation—swore to himself after the Sandy Hook massacre that he would not allow his students to be sitting ducks for another madman or terrorist.


He must have decided that he’d rather run the risk of being busted with a gun and face criminal charges than have to live through the nightmare of his peers at Sandy Hook, who could do nothing but listen to student after student die as the massacre took place, hoping that the police would arrive in time to prevent the murderer from slaughtering them next.


In my mind, the question isn’t as much, “Why was Jason Adams teacher armed?” as it is, “why aren’t all Newtown teachers armed?”


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