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Dad Stops Armed Intruder’s Assault on 16-Year-Old Daughter

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It seems Bloomberg’s gun control laws in New York are working… well, to keep criminals armed and citizens unarmed, that is.


A 51-year-old father returned home Monday night to discover a horrific scene in his Rochester, New York home. At least three masked suspects had entered his home in an armed invasion and began to assault his 16-year-old daughter who was in the home at the time. The daring dad, unarmed, charged his daughter’s assailant and a fight and chase ensued.


“During the course of the home invasion, our victim was chased over to a backyard at a residence on Rosemary,” Rochester Police Captain Mark Wiater said. “After our victim was shot, he was able to fight with the suspect and get the gun away from him and defend himself, at which time our suspect was incapacitated.”


The homeowner was taken to Strong Memorial Hospital with non-life threatening injuries, said Wiaters, adding that he sustained an injury to his lower extremities. His daughter was also taken to the hospital and treated for facial injuries.


“We have at least three suspects that we are aware of and one suspect is in custody,” Wiater said. “Right now, we are looking for two additional suspects.”


Way to go, New York. Once again, bad guys have guns and it’s up to regular law-abiding citizens to deal with them… unarmed.





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