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Your Daily 2A Twitter Feed

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Here’s what Second Amendment supporters and gun owners were sharing on Twitter today:


Confidence Is What You Carry. I Wont Be A Victim, I Wont Let You Be One Either


— Juliet Amy (@JAmy208)



Why is
leaving domestic violence victims defenseless?


— NRA (@NRA)



Guns, in the hands of every day free thinking citizens… scares the Holy Hell out Democrats.


— TX Patriot Activist (@TXNativePatriot)



AUDIO: Banker tells a small business owner they no longer provide service to firearms dealers like him.


— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal)



Group Challenges Democratic Party To Disarm Their Guards At Convention
Put Up Or Shut Up ‼️


— ❤️ Joy Reborn ❤️ (@RedRising11)



Gun Restrictions Punish the Rational and Responsible for Acts of the Irrational and Irresponsible –


— Firearms (@realFirearms)



At least two dead in shooting at
Air Force Base in Texas… ready for the gun ban mania?


— The Blind Pirate (@RealBlindPirate)



Oklahoma: No license needed to carry handguns under bill –


— NRA News (@nranews)





— Firearms (@realFirearms)



COME and TAKE IT Assault Rifle Large White Custom Decal
Tea Party


— Frankie Nader (@NaderFrankie)



Armed Citizen Stops Tire Iron Attack on Home Depot Security…


— The Gun Page (@TheGunPage)



Can't be true.
said things like this NEVER happen. Because
or something.


— Vern Demerest ✈ (@TxAv8r)



Pitt and Jolie Matched Custom Guns


— The Gun Page (@TheGunPage)



Awesome custom build! Do you have plans for your next AR-15 build?


— Unique ARs (@ARS_unique)



Gun background checks surge 36% this year –


— NRA News (@nranews)



NRA Mobilizes Members to Support AL Guns-In-Cars Bill


— PersonalDefenseWorld (@PersonalHomeDef)



if y'all are really about gun safety shouldn't this happen in every school?
If it just saves one life.


— Just A Rifleman (@Jeff257)



courses have you taken?


— NRABlog (@NRAblog)



FYI California Started Confiscating Guns Jan. 1https://t.co/OwHpkVYvBO


— Radius (@trigwarnblog)



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