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Have you heard of Sawyer Water Filters?

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I thought I should drop a note on this company.


Sawyer is/was a company that designed Dialysis Equipment. They are Very good at that, in fact, they developed a filtration system, To "Fine" or thin, however you want to word it, that it Could Not be used for Dialysis ! ! !


it has 0.1 micron flow, is made & includes a Back Washing system, and the small one will fit in a Small Pocket of a "Fanny Pack" the Most basic Unit uses a Water Collection Bag, that attaches by a (common) thread, and you squeeze the bag, out comes Clean water. No PUMPING. that system, here in Oregon, sells for $29.95 by Common Thread, think Two Liter Soda Bottles....


The Filter is SAID to be good for 100,000 gallons, with care. the Back washing system is simply a LARGE veterinarian size Hypodermic unit, it twists on, loaded with clean water ! ! !


Website is:




Standard Spiel: I own no stock nor affiliation with the company, yada yada yada. Just a Happy Consumer, having purchased three units now.


I hope that helps those still in need, or who want, Like me, multiple systems. ~The Only~ down side, is there is no Carbon Filter for taste clean up, but it Will do the provide "healthy water to drink, cook" issue.





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Author of the topic Posted
Walmart carries the Sawyer Mini Filter, the one with the pouch and syringe. It can also be put inline on standard hydration bladders. They are a very good option, I have actually used them in the field.


I will compare prices for Wal-Mart/Bi-Mart bi-Mart being local Oregon, possibly Washington!

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