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Western Michigan Volunteer Militia

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Western Michigan Volunteer Militia

Welcome, Patriots!

Because a well-armed citizenry is the best


Homeland Security and can better deter crime,


invasion, terrorism, or tyranny...The intention


of this website is to inform, promote and


facilitate the development and training of the


militia. Everyone is welcome, regardless of


race, creed, color, tint, or hue; regardless of


your religion (or lack thereof); regardless of


your political affiliation (or lack thereof, with


this caveat: If you intend to bring harm or destruction to our fellow


citizens, you are NOT welcome); regardless of anything else: if you


are a US Citizen or have declared your intent to become such, who is


capable of bearing arms, or wishes to support someone doing so,


then you ARE the militia...


We are currently seeking patriotic Americans


who would like to learn more about how to protect

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