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Your Daily 2A Twitter Feed

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Check out what Second Amendment supporters and gun owners were sharing on Twitter today:


Good day of shooting with 1 of my boys. Lotta women here today, as usual.


— Vern Demerest ✈ (@TxAv8r)



Immigrants should respect local traditions, whoever they are. Brits who hate
should stay in Britain!!!


— Andre Walker (@andrejpwalker)



Girls and Guns


— Firearms (@realFirearms)



Caught on tape: This banker told a small business owner they no longer provide service to firearms dealers.


— The Daily Signal (@DailySignal)



SSG3000 with 762Ti Direct Thread Silencer subsonic .308 Loads


— azweaponsite.com (@AZWS)



My very FIRST YouTube vid, speaking @ Open-Carry 2A Rally 12/7/13 @ Montco Courthouse!


— Dan Gray (@Dan_Gray_)




— Cloyd Rivers (@CloydRivers)




— Ozetty (@Ozetty)



The Force is Strong in this Country: Gun Sales Up 36% in 2016


— Bearing Arms (@BearingArmsCom)



History Has Shown That

These Are The First Two

Things Banned.


By Totalitarian Governments.


— Jack Barker (@PatriotBrother)



So you want to become a
Training Counselor?


— NRABlog (@NRAblog)




— Ecks Mannix (@ManXsv)



Is Full-Auto Fire Practical?


— The Gun Page (@TheGunPage)



Step-by-Step Guide to Gun Safety: How to Safely Care for, Use, and Store Your Firearms


— Gun Safety Store (@GunSafetyStore)



Congressman Tim Walberg and I supporting the
. We are both relentless in protecting the residents of


— Greg Moore Jr. (@VoteMooreUS)




— Firearms (@realFirearms)



Gun-Controlled Chicago’s Gun Violence Has Nearly Doubled in Past Year


— TheLamarckian (@TheLamarckian)



Have questions about the new
Basics of Pistol Shooting course?


— NRA Training (@NRATraining)



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