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AmmoPAL: The Ultimate Shotgun Shell Dispenser

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Formerly known as the Ammo-Boss, the patent pending AmmoPAL Shotgun shell Dispenser instantly provides speed and convenience on every reload.



Each AmmoPAL dispenser puts 10 extra shells at the user’s fingertips anywhere they need them with its exclusive customizable mounting system and patent pending ambidextrous retention system.


The dispenser’s rugged 9 1/4″ x 3″ x 11/2″ polymer body holds a total of 10, 2.75-inch 12-guage shotgun shells


AmmoPAL’s patent-pending retention fingers keep the user’s shells secure — even upside-down — and flex to release a shell when one is needed.



Made of high-impact Geon PVC, the dispenser is UV-resistant, oil-resistant, and flame-resistant to withstand virtually anything thrown at it.


Other features include:


  • Ambidextrous design allows for right or left-handed operation.
  • Large thumb sweep area accommodates gloved operation.
  • Durable spring made of the same material used in USGI rifle magazines.
  • Removable base plate with drain slot allows easy access to spring and follower for cleaning and maintenance.
  • Exclusive, adjustable mounting system features two sets of dual mounting clips (one long; one short) and can be used together or independently. The clips are removable and can be adjusted into over a dozen configurations to mount almost anywhere.


For more information, please visit the AmmoPAL website.


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