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    • @5.56NATO-M183
      You're exactly right!! Unfortunately, we're screwed. Biden will be Obama 2.0 on steroids!! Amnesty for millions & open border's, reparations, gun restrictions & confiscations, no more free speech, Green New Deal & elimination of fossil fuels, animal's for food, etc, all to save "Mother Earth", endless C0v¡D lockdowns, hoop-jumping, restrictions, & loss of liberties, C0v¡D/Reeducation Camps for Conservatives, all in line with the "Great Reset" by KLAUS SCHWAB,  or "New World Order" just as George H. W. Bush described. Don't believe any of this? LOL!! How sad. You're way behind then. All this is out in the open now, nothing is hidden anymore. Just Google The New World Order, Agenda 21, Agenda 2030, The Great Reset, etc. 

    • Basically this ensures 11 million Democratic voters to prevent Conservatives from ever having a voice again.  It ensures the United States will fall to socialism and our economy will fail.  If you stand up to the left against this movement then you are labeled as a white supremacist.  Biden and the Deep State are moving forward to confirm their socialist agenda and push us aside in his first two weeks in office.  Of course the wealthy Democrats have no worries as they have financial security and the power that Democrats thrive upon.  You can sit back and watch Democrats destroy our country as they are drunk with power right now with control of all levels of government.  They will push through every insane policy that was prevented by the former balance of Government.  
    • Well, actually I built both these from kits. The rifle is a Thompson Center Renegade .54 caliber and the pistol is a CVA .50 caliber. I use them for hunting and shooting for fun.  Both have rifled barrels and are accurate
    • Yes sir...Last resort and they work great as deer killers.
    • @TommyGun those are absolutely mint.  I'm envious.  I know you take pride in those historic pieces of vintage hardware.
    • Ha ha ha ha  last defense my  friend....these I use for deer killing.
    • Reminds me of what I wrote this years ago ~~
      The intent of illegal immigration is to distance the population away from the constitution by diluting and saturating our language, heritage, history, and culture to the point that we, as Americans; will someday fail to recognize it

      An oligarchy is the goal of the intellectual elite and world bankers, aka "The 1%'ers"
      And they got the useful idiots on the left helping them
    • https://trendingpolitics.com/biden-to-grant-amnesty-to-11-million-illegal-immigrants-in-first-days-report/
    • Violent Migrants Fight Military… ~
      Video footage showed scuffles between migrants and the soldiers trying to block their path through the eastern department of Chiquimula. Troops used teargas, riot shields and sticks to repel the weary, back-pack carrying travellers as they tried to push past. Several were reportedly injured.
      “You cannot and will not get through,” Guatemala’s immigration chief, Guillermo Díaz, told the migrants, according to the Guatemalan newspaper Prensa Libre. “Please understand that carrying on isn’t possible.”

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