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    • There is no such thing as an assault rifle. I can assault you with a pen or piece of wood. 
    • Why not? If the militia they try to join is a TRUE militia, they wouldn't have a problem with it, there were four Californians in a "Militia" That were arrested for alleged tempering with evidence, a true militia member, one that follow the Constitution and Sensible Laws, wouldn't do such a thing, they would side with the government, unless the government breaks it's trust or acts out of interest of the people, then, and ONLY then, would the militia be a threat to the government, we are an Army of The People, For The People, By The People. 
    • I don’t think might we should incorporate them .
    • If they kick out EVERY person they deem "Possible Threats" They weaken our military to the extreme. Besides that, it'd lower voluntary recruitment vastly, and, they'd probably end up either forming militia, or coming into our ranks. Let them kick those people out of the police and military, they might just end up here with us. 
    • I stand with you and rest of the patriots, God bless.
    • Now that the Communists have figured out how to steal elections, we'll never get them out of power. If they don't fear the ballot box it's over. They are in the process of vetting the military. The police will be next. They control the media. We are running out of options. And fast !!!! The Vast Majority of the America People are like sheep about to be led to the slaughter. I for one will stand against this injustice.
    • The America we knew is still here and strong, it is you and those you love, it is in the hearts and minds of the strong and uncorrupted, it is in the youth that will be educated to the truth and lays within the great virtues and historical accomplishments that created this country. Our country is under a spell of mind control and filled with sickness of corruption. This point in history will be among the greatest eras told in history books to your great grandchildren. You were all given this place in time for a reason, we were all born for this time,  and not by accident but by the will of the Almighty. 
    • The America we knew is gone, the commie tyrants are in control. We cannot vote them out at this point. The women and children at waco did not just burn to death they went in too convulsions from the cs gas.
    • It's only going to get worse from here on out. I'm afraid the America we know and love is about to be gone forever. 
    • Ya that pretty much says it.
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