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Todd A. Slee


     I've said it before, and will state it again, that under current laws, edicts and protocols, a completely innocent person can end up in prison for doing the right thing, or simply not having done anything wrong.

     Some years back, a librarian of many years told me that when certain books are checked out, the person's name is put on a watch list by the government.

    I assume that when records were handwritten, the librarians were supposed to add the name (hint), else an agent would have to manually check, which would be too time consuming unless a specific person was wanted. Now, in the age of digital technology, it's probably automatically accomplished.

     I had checked out Mein Kampf by Adolph Hitler, and the librarian told me. I checked out that book, because in order to defeat an enemy and/or their agenda, you must learn about the enemy. That is one big reason why America is being consumed. Same way with the church. Most preachers never teach about the devil, and that is a self-evident result. Same as going to war fully trained in your organization's tactics, but never becoming familiarized with the enemy's.

     What with the NSA eavesdropping everywhere, two people could be discussing online current events such as terrorist activity, bringing up potential methods and game plans they might use. Due to key words being used, BINGO! Now they're suspected terrorists.

     The Libs and Left don't want us to be able to physically defend ourselves, so how long before they prohibit being intellectually armed? If they succeed in banning the Second Amendment, they won't stop there. It will just snowball.

     The once God-fearing atmosphere has gradually been replaced with a corporate-based, Socialist leaning environment and mindset, same exact one which propelled and fueled western expansionism, an end justifies the means mentality.


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