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Wow. I've been following him for a while and haven't seen anything out of him that I would call "anti-gun".

But even if he was, then we're cracking jokes about his eyes (or eye) in disagreement with policy?


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5 minutes ago, Matt In West Virginia said:

Wow. I've been following him for a while and haven't seen anything out of him that I would call "anti-gun".

But even if he was, then we're cracking jokes about his eyes (or eye) in disagreement with policy?


He signed and created the tapz act which is a red flag law on crack.  Just a giant statist pile of shit using his veteran status to win over the sheep.

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In the quick review I gave it just now, The Taps Act is a nightmare and a huge threat to the 2nd Amendment as it would enable a NEW bureaucracy to be established against violent crime, yes, but also gun confiscation. Bureaucracies are not elected officials... and they would wield legislative, judicial and executive powers against gun owners with no recourse outside their reign of influence.

I'm shocked at Crenshaw's support of such legislation.

I understand everyone looking for the ANSWER to mass shootings. But we already have that answer. We just don't have the GRIT as a nation to carry it out. The modern left has successfully bred that out of this new generation.

The answer to mass shooting and a criminal's "claim to fame" through the publicity of their horrid acts of murder is simple. Every other week, place a death row inmate in the electric chair to be publicly executed on prime time tv. Put patches over his eyes so we can see the fluid run down his face as his eyeballs cook. We need to watch his skin turn black and burn. We need to watch his hair smoke... the foam coming out of the mouth... the convulsions as electricity courses through his body causing him to piss and shit himself. We need to watch the body go limp, the physician walk up and declare his heart still beating, as he steps away and the electricity is again administered.

We, as a nation need to see all of this, adults and children alike. There are some very bad people out here that need some really good reasons to restrain themselves. We get to see the carnage on television. We never see their justice. Halfway through the list of death row participants, you will have effectively stopped mass shootings in America and we all get to keep our guns. 

Execution is a win-win for everyone and the cure for mass shooters. Why aren't we doing that? Because Democrats (and RINO's) and the power that commands them do NOT want an answer. They want excuses... to disarm America. Without enforcement, law is worthless. Democrats NEED to make sure justice isn't delivered to these murderers... so they can continue to push their disarmament agendas. 

Crenshaw and other "well meaning" legislators haven't thought this through.

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I consult dozens of sources for news, Fox isn't even in my top 10 anymore. Mostly I watch Crenshaw's speeches to get a feel for him. They are off the cuff, original and sincere. He just hasn't thought this through and realized what will be done with it in the future.

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