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Wow it's amazing . It's not long before it hits our towns people need to open there eyes and realize they need to educate themselves with God

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Don't open your doors.  They are going to get hungry, thirsty or have to use the restroom eventually.  I'm really good at ignoring people.  I never answer my phone unless I recognize a number and I also want to talk to them at that time.  🖕

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I will defend myself till death before they give me Needle or chip, hopefully I get lil warning before hand, As we have a safe haven (camp) set up 

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I am telling them to get off my property once and slamming the door in their faces. Hopefully they’ll get the message loud and clear and if they don’t they will have to find out the hard way that I am not going to comply with any of their satanic scam demic tactics.

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