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This person in my town had a large Trump / Pence 2020 sign stolen from their fence yesterday.  This is what they put up in place of the stolen sign.  

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I spoke with some lovely elderly ladies who were out on their golf cart (yes, my town is golf cart friendly).

Very nice.  Even in my small, TRUMP supporting town of 1200,  Trump signs are being stolen/and or destroyed.


Personally, we don't put up political signs in the yard.   I have a vote.  My wife has a vote.  At this point we are uncertain how the dogs are going to vote (they and the cat tend to act liberal/progressive/socialist in expecting food in their bowls, pets and for us to pick up the poop.  Regardless, we love them).


Funny how someone thinks taking a political sign changes who the individual(s) are going to vote for.


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