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Threatening letters from BLM/Antifa?

This is not mine. It was shared on Parler. And I can't attest to it's authenticity. But this is where we are if this is legit. You all know it already.

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Photo Information for Threatening letters from BLM/Antifa?

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25 minutes ago, LetFreedomRing said:

This is probably an isolated case if real but if it is real, BRING IT!

Probably right. It likely isn't widespread, even if this person did receive this letter. Otherwise there would be a lot more people sharing similar pictures. I wouldn't put it past the lefties though to be doing something like this.

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Funny thing printers. Every printer has a very tiny Identifier that it leaves on the printing that can be backtracked to the serial number, which can be tracked to the distributor and retailer, who usually keep records of what is sold. And in this day and age most transactions are card based. So finding the perp is not rocket science if they really wanted to.

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Haha, this looks like the work of some liberals. Well I'd keep this as evidence and as soon as they step on this person's property I'd say its fair game.

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We need militia teams across the nation that can help those encountering such problems. I have been part of those teams that provide assistance for people such as these. We need to protect America and the Constitutional Republic. 

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They have the Chinese.

4 hours ago, Fact Checker said:

Since we have all the guns, all the vets, and all the police, i like the odds


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This is not a warning to BLM or ANTIFA members who may be monitoring post.

Step away and consider if your willing to give your life to take another persons property or cause them harm.

I understand that you have been indoctrinated into hatred.   I do want you to understand that your action and our reaction is nothing personal against you.  It really isn't.  I don't hate you, I just hate your ideology and when your ideology becomes a direct threat to my family, my community, my response will be directed only against your ideology.


I can honestly post that I NEVER want to take another persons life.  People can change and not to have that opportunity to change  wears heavy on my heart.  That being said, the course of events that may occur after November 3rd may dictate that I give my life for my family.  I can honestly say that is the highest form of love I can offer them.

This post is not directed towards my fellow patriotic brothers and sisters, and rest assuredly, I have thought long and hard upon this.  If you BLM/ANTIFA members or supporters come to my house with intent to cause fear and destruction, I give my life freely to protect my family.


Otherwise, lets us hope and pray that all the hype is just that, hype.


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On 10/19/2020 at 3:41 PM, CaptObvious said:

Here is a report from the halturnerradioshow. Again not sure how legit it is, make your own decisions.



Such cowardice! This reminds me of a bully I once knew years ago, he would always threaten to beat people up for the stupid reasons and sometime no reason at all. That was until he came across the wrong person. A warning to all the BLM, Antifa and anyone else threats like this could cost you greatly. 

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ppl will believe anything. instead of posting it, have cops and forensics do fingerprints on it and keep it moving....

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4 hours ago, NightMaster said:

ppl will believe anything. instead of posting it, have cops and forensics do fingerprints on it and keep it moving....

It has been. Check my intel report on it.

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