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Noticed Hunter Biden on the right with the Crack pipe in his mouth. Only liberals would cheat to fraudulently elect a senile pedophile corpse who has the mental faculties of a rock.  Opening borders to millions of illegal immigrants, releasing travel bans on Muslim countries that support and harbor terrorists, stopping the construction of the border wall and Keystone Pipeline causing the loss of tens of thousands of jobs, wasting millions if not billions on the Paris accord and WHO, playing patty cakes with China for his families personal profit rather than the well being of the Country, restricting online firearm sales to include parts, ammo, kits, magazines and firearms. Delaying COVID relief checks while liberals try to Impeach the rightful President of the United States.  Rubbing elbows with the worst scum in the swamp Hillary Clinton, Barrack Obama and Bernie Sanders.  The friggin White House had to remove the comments section from its official pages online because of so many dislikes and negative comments it was showing the truth about how Americans feel about this friggin idiot puppet they put in the White House.  Saw a video suggesting, basically proving that Biden uses an earpiece and is instructed on everything to say and do like the puppet he is.  In the video he's walking past the US Marines and the person in the earpiece tells him to salute the Marines, but dumb ass is so used to regurgitating what he is told he simply repeats what the earpiece tells him and he says Salute the Marines back in a mumble, rather than physically saluting the Marines.  Imagine the first time an actual national emergency happens and this complete idiot has to make lifesaving decisions.  Biden couldn't pour piss out of a boot with the directions written on the heel. This country is doomed by the fanatical liberal agenda. It seems kinda coincidental that the Biden family is tied up in so many foreign energy businesses like in the Ukraine and China and his biggest proposal as President is his Green New Energy deal.  I'm betting the Biden family and his liberal buddies in the swamp stand to make billions of dollars while he flushes the US economy down the drain.  Gas prices are going up daily and by summer prices could reach as high as $6.00 a gallon as Biden has some ridiculous dream of abolishing fossil fuels.  If you don't recognize that Biden was put into office to create the intentional and purposeful downfall of this country so that Democrats can gain more power as Americans become more dependent on the government then start paying attention.  War is coming because Democrats profit off Wars both foreign and domestic wars. 

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