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Just now, CarlthePATRIOT said:

@Skilletare they America First or Israel First?? 


Well, how many of them were born outside the US? how many of them hold dual citizenship? How many are actually practicing (good) Jews? Be careful here.  Does being Jewish (or even born in Israel and holding dual citizenship) mean you can't be a loyal American? Do guys like Jared Kushner belong on that list? When you post stuff like this it can be taken in a hundred different ways, and providing context is critical. 


So, what message are you trying to convey wit this image?

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Israel is one of our closest allies and I have served and trained with members of the IDF.  They fight Islamic terrorism daily in their country and the Mossad provides Intel to the US on Islamic extremists.  While I'm not Jewish I have a shit ton of respect for Jews defending their religious beliefs and their country.  Let's not forget that Trump had an outstanding relationship with Benjamin Netanyahu and moved the US Embassy as well.  And if all else fails we have Wonder Woman who is from Israel and also served in the IDF. 

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