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I have much respect for Russian leadership and Russian military and even Vladimir Putin.  They are a no bullshit country and traitors are treated to a cup of coffee with just a splash of government grade Uranium or Plutonium.  Liberals like Biden, Harris, Pelosi and Schumer would all have been sipping the radiation coffee. Russia is about Russia first and they put their country ahead of all else.  As far as their military, I had the privilege while I was in the Army of serving with some of our allied soldiers like Russia, Great Britain, France, Canada, Germany and the best by far was Russian military.  They are dedicated and hardworking.  I've also seen some of the worst military in the world, like Bangladesh, Haiti, and a few Middle Eastern countries.  We had to remove the firing pins from Bangladeshi firearms in the field because they kept shooting each other, both accidentally and on purpose.  The Haitian military was armed with weapons from WW1 that were so dangerous and antique they would likely kill anyone who tried to use them.  Found a box of Haitian military rifle grenades while in Haiti and called EOD to come pick them up.  Guy from EOD says clear a 50 foot radius and don't touch them no matter what.  Apparently they were so old and unstable just moving them could cause them to detonate.  And then we have those third world Middle Eastern countries whose militaries use both American and Russian hand me downs or whatever they can steal.  Middle Eastern Countries also mostly practice Islamic Faith so when your whole military stops what their doing and pulls out prayer mats facing Mecca that's about the time for a drone strike or assault from the opposite direction of Mecca.  Anyway... If a Russian military officer or government official says something you can probably take it to heart unless it's intentional misinformation.  

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