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United Constitutional Patriots East Coast

Six Things You Don't Mess With: My Faith, My Family, My Guns, My Flag, My Country and My Liberty!

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SC state commander /Quadrant 1 Commander
If your looking for an active group to join, look no further. We are a constitutional militia looking for new personnel to join and help us defend our Constitution. We do Field training, gather intel, meet and greets, help other patriots who are having hard times and help our community become aware of the growing tyrannical government.
jacklegg more_vert
would like to get in contact with somebody in group I live near the coast thanks
I am in the upstate South Carolina area I was wondering how do I go about joining this group is it a physical group are online group what is its Mission parameters and who do I contact in this area who is the CO of this area
af0311 more_vert
You can contact me via facebook at adam filyaw
scpatriot , scsf III%
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