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    Our "Classifieds" map a new feature to give you a safe place to buy and sell firearms and related items, We have formed an alliance with multiple local smaller pro gun forums and we syndicate their classifieds all onto one site this is a benefit to everyone as we deliver their content to a national stage and make it to where you do not have to go to multiple sites to get the information you want. PRO GUN GROUP is a sister site of My Militia, it became mandatory for multiple reasons. One is we are greatly limited on major social networks when attempting to use them for recruitment purposes. These networks will not allow linking or advertising to sites who have firearms sales ect. It opens a whole new set of problems for My Militia even on Pro Gun Group the actual transaction should go threw a licensed FFL holder by separating our classifieds from our core site its allowed us to actively advertise on networks that would normally disallow us. In the beginning we had multiple Facebook buy sell and trade groups , Facebook removed them all, we went to Mewe (another social network) and started 50 groups one for each state... Mewe banned us and removed all groups (lost over 5000 members), not wanting to keep repeating these issues we invested in a new site just for this and so far the reception has been very positive and we will continue to develop this site along side My Militia as we see it as a very important resource for our membership. JOIN PGG TODAY

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