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  2. It is easy to assume the worst in any case where the President says he will send "the military" to operate on US soil. But this wouldn't be the first time it's happened. Breaking up Bonus Army protests in 1932 In the midst of the Great Depression, thousands of World War I veterans gathered in Washington, D.C. to demand the government pay out the service certificate bonuses the veterans received after the war. The veterans, known as the Bonus Army, set up an Army-style camp in vacant lots and refused to leave even after a bill to pay out their bonuses was squashed in the Senate. A D.C. police effort to evict the veterans turned violent and two protestors were shot. After the failed police effort, President Herbert Hoover ordered the Army, led by Gen. Douglas MacArthur, to clear out the camps. The Army shot tear gas and torched the camp as veterans fled. Integration in Little Rock, AR in 1957 President Dwight Eisenhower used an executive order to send troops to Little Rock, AR in 1957 to enforce the integration of Central High School. Eisenhower sent troops to Little Rock after Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus deployed the Arkansas National Guard to uphold racial segregation and block nine African American students from entering the school. Civil right march from Selma to Montgomery in 1965 After a civil rights activist was fatally shot by Alabama state troopers, civil rights leaders organized a march from Selma to Montgomery, led by Hosea Williams and John Lewis, now a Georgia congressman. After crossing the Edmund Pettus Bridge, the marchers met a wall of state troopers, who attacked the marchers will clubs and tear gas in an incident known as Bloody Sunday. A second march took place without violence, but Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. turned the demonstrators around when troopers again blocked the bridge. After Alabama Governor George Wallace refused to issue the demonstrators protection for a third march, President Lyndon Johnson federalized the Alabama National Guard to protect the marchers as they walked towards the state capitol. 1970 U.S. postal strike After declaring a national emergency, President Richard Nixon deployed the National Guard to New York City to distribute mail during the eight-day U.S. postal strike in 1970. At least 150,000 postal carriers joined the nationwide strike to demand higher wages and better working conditions. The effects of the strike greatly impacted the country as important government, finance, and industry documents, as well as Vietnam War draft notices, failed to be delivered. U.S.-Mexico border in 2010 President Barack Obama deployed 1,200 National Guard troops to the Mexican border in 2010 to help combat drug trafficking and the potential for spillover violence. Obama’s deployment succeeded President George W. Bush’s Operation Jump Start, which deployed 6,000 guards to surveil the southern border in 2006.
  3. https://www.infowars.com/watch-live-executive-order-on-social-media-censorship-what-was-proposed-will-it-work/
  4. The closest I ever came to shooting a black man, when I was a police officer, was when I worked in the bustling city of Arkoma, Oklahoma, just across the river from Fort Smith, Arkansas. I hadn't even gone to the police academy, yet, and so I wasn't allowed to carry a handgun. However, I could carry a long gun. Strange, huh? So, the Chief put a Ruger Mini-14 in my hands, with a 40-round magazine. Understand that Arkansas had "blue laws", back in those days, which meant that on Sundays, you couldn't do certain things, like buying beer or other alcoholic drinks. All the bars were closed. People who crossed the Arkansas River into our bustling city would buy booze, then go back into Arkansas. This was against the law in both States. I drove to our favorite location to wait, and did so. Sure enough, at about 5pm, here came a car with five black guys in it. I didn't stop them, then, because they hadn't done anything wrong. But I waited. After a while, they came back, headed for Arkansas. I switched on the lights, and pulled them over. I called the stop into the station, and the dispatcher said she would contact the Chief. Meanwhile, all five of them started to get out of the car. I opened the door, Mini14 in hand, and leveled it, at them. I heard one of them say, "Whoa!" and they all got back in the car and closed the doors. I maintained my position until the Chief arrived. As it turned out, the trunk of the car was loaded with booze, two of the occupants were ex-felons, and three of them were carrying guns. Why did I stop the car full of black guys, when many cars came across the river? No black people lived in Arkoma, at that time. Had they had no booze, and none of them were ex-felons, and there were no guns involved, the Chief would have allowed them to go on their way. No harm, no foul. I had to leave the Police Academy in Oklahoma City for one day, and come back to testify in their trial.
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  6. More information here: https://www.nbcwashington.com/news/national-international/national-guard-called-in-to-minneapolis-as-protests-continue/2315739/ Note: I am NOT saying, "The militia should mobilize now!" That's a tactical decision that will vary from locality to locality, and depends on all sort of factors, not just 'military' ones but mainly political ones. Here's the reality: Probably this policeman went way over the line, to put it mildly. As in all these cases, we need to wait to hear the police side, but ... as in the Duncan Lemp murder, if they don't quickly release body cam images, you can be pretty sure they're covering something up. So, to protest was exactly right. In fact, it's what we should have done when Duncan Lemp was killed. (We've got a lot to learn from the Left with respect to how to do propaganda.) But ... the riots, the burning of buildings, the looting ... has NOTHING to do, except in a formal way, with this killing. The killing is just an excuse for the depraved lumpen proletariat, the permanently jobless, the drug dealers, the hustlers, the fatherless flotsam and jetsam, to come out and commit mayhem. (I haven't followed the riots closely, but at first I saw white Lefties taking part ... they had better be careful about joining in, especially after dark.) But patriots -- of all colors -- had better study these events closely, note how impotent the police are when the mob really gets fired up ... and how handy it would be if every decent neighborhood could mobilize a few dozen armed but disciplined people with some rudimentary legal-savvy command structure, training in securing an area (overwatch, overlapping fields of fire, cover where possible, concealment where not, 360 degree surveilance with good comms ability, enough supplies to withstand a week or two of siege, serious first aid medical capacity -- it's not rocket science). And that means a militia, although better presented as a 'Community Emergency Response Force' or something like that. In other words, start recruiting now because of what these events predict about our future, not necessarily to take part in an immediate response to it. An immediate response may or may not be a good idea -- that's a decision for local people to make. Right now, unless the destruction of Americans' sense of self-preservation by Political Correctness has gone further than I think it has, the broad middle of American society ... the 30 or 40% we want to at least neutralize -- will be repelled by the rioting, which is obviously motivated by anything but a desire for fair law enforcement. Hopefully it will hurt the Democrats, who will either have to apologize for the rioters and looters, or condemn them -- either way they'll lose supporters. (Put them on the spot! Look for opportunties to ask your local Democrat politician -- "Do you support the protestors or the police/National Guard?" And if a bunch of white guys in camo carrying AR15s turn up in a Black or mixed area, not having been invited in by Black business owners ... that could really muddy the waters. (Especially, @YoungPatriot, if some of them are carrying Confederate flags!) So ... get to work on that Fourth of July barbeque, or plan to attend other group's patriotic celebrations with some militia recruitment literature ... simple business cards would be enough. Maybe have a public meeting on "The Internal Threat to America", sponsored by the local militia. As that guy in Chicago said, You must never let a good crisis go to waste. And for xxxx's sake -- everybody reading this get onto YouTube and other social media, put RIOTs in the search bar, find threads where people are commenting, and invite them to come to MyMilitia.com!!!!
  7. Exactly. A Mayor is a politician, who enters the field to gain power, and perhaps, to gain some loot and climb the political ladder (sorry about this, gents, but I've known politicians all of my life). I relatively certain that the cops involved in this death did not apply for the PD and go through the Academy with the purpose of killing people. Something happened along the line that jaded them. God knows, just being in a big city is enough to jade anyone. This, from someone who grew to manhood in Chicago ... The Prosecutor's office in Minneapolis will decide the charges in this case. Of course, he or she will be guided by the fear of more violence and rioting. And when the day comes when a GOOD officer defends his life with deadly force against a minority, will he also end up in prison, after the inevitable riots, and likely die there?
  8. Left Wing Media has an interesting way of portraying these events. Remember, when we rally in a city... we're domestic terrorists. When they 'rally' in a city... it's something noble.
  9. Welcome Aboard! Good to see another sailor. I've been working on trying to put some things together, both in forming a group and training. Unfortunately there is not a lot of activity on this site as a whole. But I refuse to just give up, at the very least I will prepare myself and my family for the days that all of us hope never comes! Will make announcements on here when things start happening. Stay safe! David
  10. Numerous rioters were threatening on camera that where they are is totaled and their intention is to move out toward city hall and eventually into the suburbs. Whether or not they actually carry out those threats is a mystery to us at this time. Either way... rioting doesn't stop until someone pushes back. As far as protecting businesses go... not all insurance covers riots. Depends on your policy. Even then, insurance rarely covers anything 100%.
  11. I think there maybe some misconceptions in regards to the government and the pharmaceutical side of this. Yes the government has issued a order to produce a vaccine. The largest manufacturers of vaccines were already working on one before the order was issued. Pharmaceutical companies are always looking for a new source of revenue that’s their marketing plan. No different than any other Bussiness. The concern that we are all guinea pigs, well they can’t field test every sole and thus you will have a percentage of adverse affects. Just try to design a shoe now say that 100% of everyone will wear it. Odds are it won’t work for many. If you think we can create a IM vaccine that won’t have side effects then stop reading and start digging your bunker. As to the military I served 9 years and experienced good to excellent care for those years. My father in law was a airforce physician and speaks very highly of the advancements that he observed during his career. I’m sure as I am a health care worker I’ll get a vaccine sooner rather than later. I’ll keep you posted and if I stop arguing I’m dead.
  12. Perhaps if the government wasnt involved in using the population as Guinea pigs in medical experiments. Or they rush it and create wild permanent side effects that you later see in the future lawsuits. Or worse if your in the military. You know they give you the worst and out dated or experiential garbage. I'd say if you trust the government cool. Line up for a vaccines that wont protect you from what's basically a strong cold.
  13. @Double_Farts @HossensTweets @PoliticaDafuck @IPOT1776 I personally have no solution. I’m a simple farmer. We need… https://t.co/2qlnl2EkEh

  14. @HossensTweets @woods1_william @PoliticaDafuck @IPOT1776 Because socialism doesn’t work. Show me one socialist cou… https://t.co/N0851TG1pi

  15. @HossensTweets @woods1_william @PoliticaDafuck @IPOT1776 Not at all, we should move towards a society of Godliness.… https://t.co/2uwBsZfpV3

  16. Guys im praying for y'all. All i need is a green light and i will leave Mobile, Al to help my fellow men get the people out. There are calling for another protest tonight but not giving the area or time. This has gone to far and it needs to stop before the US gets punished for it.. This was a tragic incident with Mr. Floyd but killing innocent people and setting fires to structures is not the way of the people.
  17. Yeah I gotta agree with you on this one. Some things are more than just things.
  18. @igneiudicium @realDonaldTrump Be prepared. It’s about to get worse

  19. @Inevitable_ET @QBlueSkyQ 🎶...and you don’t believe we’re on the eve of destruction...🎶

  20. Can it really be replaced? If your a small business owner whose family needs the money provided. When the insurance companies might say not covered during riots..... Vote from the roof top. Aim small and miss small
  21. @woods1_william @HossensTweets @PoliticaDafuck @IPOT1776 Most people are on Team Me! We reap the rewards of havin… https://t.co/HrA8Pza98M

  22. @SATWebdaddy @HossensTweets @PoliticaDafuck @IPOT1776 Right, some criminals are black but how did we forget that go… https://t.co/tNLbi0FxGS

  23. @HossensTweets @PoliticaDafuck @IPOT1776 I didn’t choose my team members. Would that they all were godly, but, alas… https://t.co/xhkGQmsKck

  24. You are absolutely right brother. I know a few men up there right now that are having a hard time because no one knows there agenda.
  25. @LibrarianVee @MattWalshBlog I blame the dems for this one. The intention: racial unrest, rioting, chaos. The dems breed hate

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