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  2. Hope this brightens your day: Two men are hiking through the woods when one of them cries out, “Snake! Run!” His companion laughs at him. “Oh, relax. It’s only a baby,” he says. “Don’t you hear the rattle?” A small boy was looking at the red ripe tomatoes growing in the farmer's garden. "I'll give you my two pennies for that tomato," said the boy pointing to a beautiful, large, ripe fruit hanging on the vine. "No," said the farmer, "I get a dime for a tomato like that one." The small boy pointed to a smaller green one, "Will you take two pennies for that one?" "Yes," replied the farmer, "I'll give you that one for two cents." "Okay," said the lad, sealing the deal by putting the coins in the farmer's hand, "I'll pick it up in about a week." Who is Shigetaka Kurita and why do you already know who he is (even if you think you don’t)? Kurita holds the distinction of being the person who created the very first emoji! While working in Japan in 1999, he designed the 175 pixel emoji that would eventually start a world-wide craze. All Prepper & Militia Groups should interact (Leaders have meetings). When the SHTF it will be us against the masses of starving savage (Zombies) MILLIONS. A MAJOR percentage of the price of all products made in China/Russia you purchase go DIRECTLY to finance the Chinese/Russian Militaries. To say nothing of the cost to the U.S. economy & jobs. This Trade war will be GOOD for the USA, They; the World needs us (FOOD) more then we need them. There is much being said of the negative impact of the trade war with China & the "increase" in price of products. Why do we need the latest & greatest? Todays Technology has advanced to the point humans can NOT differentiate between the new levels. For example; there is little to be gained between a 2015 Iphone & a 2018 Iphone, except spending $700-900. If you do not purchase a new vehicle every year why purchase a NEW phone? The same is true with Televisions. Whatever the latest/newest Apple “HD/Curve” you will notice any real benefit from a 2017 model. China needs our food significantly more than we need their electronics, soap, tools, etc. People can purchase preowned products from garage sales & flea markets as well as Barter/Trade. We have a recycling problem, with thousands of Jails/Prisons in the U.S. with Millions of inmates; why are these people not being used to sort & recycle trash? EACH of Jail/Prison could be a recycling center. Inmates would be paid in REAL cash to their Jail/Prison account. Paratroopers Backpack A - Feel Free To “Click on”- Research - Copy/Paste & Share. https:// theselfsufficientliving(DOT)com/diy-wind-turbine-designs-to-generate-off-grid-power/ USA Nationwide Militia = “American Constutional Elite” = https://www.facebook.com/nick.sheppard.775?sk=wall I very much enjoy reading your comments to my Posts. Scott
  3. No idea at all. My Melbourne friends are unusual in various respects... not at all typical. I can't even tell you how they are atypical, because this might be enough to identify them to ASIO. I was really surprised when the Aussies let themselve be shorn of their weapons. But there you go. The one thing I will say is that -- although no one knows what their future immigration policy will do to them -- in the past, and the present, they have just not had this sort of situation:
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  5. If SHTF in Australia, what percentage of the people do you think did the same as your friends? Just an estimate ...
  6. Baltimore City Police shot and killed an armed suspect after a wild chase through the city recently. Police believe the suspect is the same man that fired on officers the night before, using a 9mm handgun, according to multiple reports. RELATED STORY WATCH: Utah Police Shoot, Kill DUI Suspect Who Went for Officer’s Gun The suspect, identified as 30-year-old Tyrone Domingo Banks allegedly suffered from mental illness. Reports indicate he desired to commit suicide by police, according to wbaltv.com. After suspecting the man shot at an officer the night before, police spotted Banks on Aug. 28. “We knew for a fact that this was the subject who tried to run over one of our officers the night before,” said Baltimore Police Commissioner Micheal Harrison, reported wbaltv.com. “We knew for a fact that it was the subject who fired upon an officer in a different part of the city, and this subject could have caused harm to either more officers or other citizens through the night and throughout the day, and so yes, there was a heightened concern.” Baltimore City Police Respond Officer body cam and Foxtrot footage shows the suspect point the gun at people on several occasions during the chase. Banks finally crashes his car into a tree, and Baltimore City Police respond with overwhelming firepower. At least 13 officers fired their weapons, according to wbaltv.com. Banks died later a local hospital. “We as a police department have to be accountable for where every one of our rounds ends up, and we have to be accountable for collateral injuries, collateral damages, collateral deaths. Every time we discharge a firearm, this is of concern for us,” Harrison said. Police were still unsure if the suspect actually fired his weapon. However, a female bystander and one officer received gunshot wounds during the shootout, reported wbaltv.com. The wounded female bystander’s sister called for caution from officers when engaging threats in public: There’s no doubt that, seeing the gun, the threat to officers was credible. However, there is also, as he said, a responsibility for where their rounds end up. When you have most of the cars available to a given police district arriving on a scene, with every officer drawing weapons, the priority for public safety not only increases but should become their number one priority. We are speaking of a city street with a single perpetrator, with a single handgun being responded to with not just handguns but assault rifles, being fired on a popular and busy city intersection. There was literally a single target and yet the police fired in such a way that treated the intersections like a war zone. The post WATCH: Baltimore City Police Overwhelm Armed Suspect With Force appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
  7. Companion Related Post: Sheriff's demo of how magazine size makes very little difference
  8. Beretta recently announced its newest competition shotgun, the 694. Beretta created the 694 over-under platform specifically for clay shooting, tested in collaboration with the Beretta Shooting Team. RELATED STORY VIDEO: Langdon Tactical Helps Create Ultra-Fast Beretta 92G Elite LTT The Beretta 694 features improved stock ergonomics for an increased field of vision. It also adds a new pistol grip design and Steelium Plus Optima HP barrels. A redesigned steel forend with a new, self-adjustable auget button and lower profile opening lever add to the platform. Beretta 694 Features Beretta also completely redesigned the ergonomics of the stock to reduce the presence of obstacles in the shooter’s field of view. It aids when shouldering the gun and looking over the gun to better track a lower target, according to Beretta. The 694 utilizes a slightly decreased drop, improved checkering on the safety and a wider comb. The stock comes available with drops of 35/50mm and 35/55mm. The latter also features a B-Fast adjustable heel and a round or Schnabel forend. It also features of length-of-pull of 375mm with an 18mm MicroCore recoil pad and centrally positioned trigger. A newly designed, steel action brings a modern, sporting look. It features side panels with a mirrored profile and diagonal lines underlined by a blue graphic design. The bottom of the action sports Beretta’s three arrows and the 694 logo. A Nistan finishing lends matte grey color. The redesigned, self-adjustable auget button reduces movement of forend over time, according to Beretta. It reduces the surface area that gets overheated during long days on the range. A redesigned pistol grip features aggressive checkering and increased surface area. The design promotes the best grip and better hand position. The steel top lever features a new, low profile and an anti-glare finish. Meanwhile, newly designed ejectors utilize powerful springs positioned behind the ejector slide and under the stop pads, according to Beretta. Steelium barrel technology, the choice of 30- or 32-inch barrels and reduced perceived muzzle jump round out the features. The 694 retails for $4,500. For more information, visit beretta.com. The post Beretta Releases 694 Over-Under Competition Shotgun appeared first on Tactical Life Gun Magazine: Gun News and Gun Reviews. View the full article
  9. i recently moved from Melbourne, if we were going to stay I was getting my gun license as shit is getting too dangerous there with home invasions and stuff where i was living. no too bad where I am now so no need. UK is fucked, the sooner they get out of the EU the better by the sounds of it...
  10. The city board of supervisors for San Francisco has just taken it upon itself declaring the National Rifle Association to be a terrorist organization. View the full article
  11. I live in the UK. I have friends in Melbourne who just buried their guns.
  12. Were by abilene. Im not familar with groips fown that way.
  13. We are having an open meeting on 9/21/19 @ 1200 at the Pizza Ranch in STURGIS.
  14. Thought this was pretty clever. Not sure how plate armor will hold up against Marvin the Martian's arsenal though... https://www.ar500armor.com/mars-testudo-package.html
  15. I’m new here and want to get involved
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  17. If i can get my wife to print the envelopes i'll stuff them and get the second batch mailed out tomorrow . Sorry for the delay
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