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    The Great Coronavirus Swindle By Stephen Wells March-April 2020, all across the world governments locked down their countries and their citizens as fears of a Coronavirus pandemic reached hysterical levels. Never before in history have so many individual freedoms and liberties been removed so quickly, so completely and universally. Because instead of just quarantining the sick, the decision was made to quarantine everyone, everywhere. We have been told that this was necessary to save lives. We were told that we would only be giving up these freedoms temporarily. Nothing could be further from
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  4. No new training videos will be posted on You Tube. Only commentary and some gear videos. SecurityGuy42
  5. These are a Nato issue Burn Dressing that can be found with Sportsman Guide. They are apparently for sale in their outlet store only. But if you call and ask during ordering who knows. SecurityGuy42
  6. The Officer Tatum
  7. The Real BPEarthWatch
  8. Kentucky Ballistics
  9. Stay Off Of The Ground and Keep Dry All Night Using This Shelter. Please Hit The LIKE and SUBSCRIBE BUTTONS as well as the NOTIFICATION BELL. Feel Free to Check out my Amazon Influencer Page and Follow Me on Instagram and and Facebook. Thanks For Watching. Corporals Corner
  10. Saiga308snipe

    Surplus British Kevlar Armor Vest Test & Review

    my god the poor brits troops had to wear those in battle falklands war??
  11. LetFreedomRing

    Surplus British Kevlar Armor Vest Test & Review

    This surplus gear is crap and barely stops a 9 mm but everything else goes through it. Fun to watch though and a good lessen as to why it's important to invest in quality gear that works.
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  13. Surplus British Kevlar Armor Vest Test & Review
  14. Mike Adams names the school where this is happing on a Podcast.
  15. Benue


    When I saw the dogs, I thought the photo was staged. There is nothing about him or his family that is authentic. I love your choice of names though!
  16. Liberal Idiots at their finest...
  17. 5.56NATO-M183


    Why is it every time I see Biden I immediately think DOUCHE BAG! I get the urge to just punch him in his face. What are his dogs names again? Is it PEDO and PHILE...
  18. seems like the scope cant adjust very well now? so i had to compensate the pull to the right
  19. that Phoenix seem to be laser like on the last 5 shots wow ok it shoot high and o the left i figure it out that 2nd time around
  20. Amazing Wind Powered Sawmill #Shorts
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  22. CarlthePATRIOT


  23. LetFreedomRing

    Circling down the brain drain.jpeg

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