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  2. 5/25/20 Updated folder content with the new All Service Member (ASM) TCCC program effective March 2020. This content also includes new Train the Trainer content.
  3. Alright so you survived the initial shitstorm and now you're a lean, mean, green killing machine right? WRONG! You are a person. And like it or not you are just as replaceable as the next twenty guys both ahead and behind you in position of rank just as they are. So what does all this "rank" stuff mean? Not a damn thing. However rank has important meaning to militia as it provides the basic fundamentals of what is absolutely necessary for basic tactical functions and purposes. The main purpose of rank is to establish a chain of command. A lot of militia make the mistake of thinking that rank should be awarded based upon the military rank of former soldiers. While this can be a contributing factor, it is an asinine assumption that all military personnel are better than civilians. Many times they are worse and have been taught exceptionally bad habits or even been taught entirely wrong. Remember: military SOP and regulations are created because the DUMBEST people join the military alongside the smart people but we must all be treated equally. We will begin with what makes a rank structure. My own militia uses this rank system from bottom to top. Private Corporal Sergeant Lieutenant Captain General Knight (special rank) In my group a Private is someone who has no military experience, has no militia experience, no special skills and no exceptional qualities like natural leadership. Everyone, regardless of military experience and the like starts here. A Corporal is the next logical step. It denotes a leader of a fireteam (four people) and acknowledges the individual's capabilities as a leader. Special skills (college education, mechanical skills, etc) have no bearing here as the position of Corporal is a management position. Past that are Sergeants who in turn lead squads (three fireteams) and manage their interpersonal relationships between squadmates, command the squad effectively and efficiently as well as make sure the squad is adequately supplied with ammunition, food, water, weapons, miscellaneous equipment. In addition they make sure the squad is battle ready if the squad is made up of combatants. Lieutenants run platoons made up of four squads and much like the Sergeants make sure that the platoon runs effectively and smoothly. Effectively both positions have the same job though the Lieutenant covers a city while a squad leader may only coordinate a city block. Captains likewise perform conpany duties and are expected to give the order to platoon leaders who in turn delegate the duties to squad leaders to perform reconnaissance, tactical operations or other such activities. Conversely it is the Sergeant's job to enforce these orders and maintain morale as well as discipline and combat readiness. Generals will coordinate an entire county utilizing a battalion which is made of no less than four companies. A General's job is not glamorous and mostly involves paperwork, coordination between companies, logistical work and of course the occasional coffee break. Knights we will cover if people ask for it but it is specific to my group as far as I know thusly I will not waste time. See you all in part four.
  4. https://www.technologyreview.com/2019/06/26/102931/satellites-threaten-privacy/ https://www.wired.com/story/high-res-satellites-want-to-track-human-activity-from-space/ https://www.nesdis.noaa.gov/content/can-satellites-see-you-can-you-see-satellite
  5. Hello, I am lead, but I hurt my back recently and have been recovering, I am also working on an off site chat that is encrypted so we can freely speak. Regards.
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  9. It happens a lot with new groups, just keep posting training dates and little at a time the numbers grow.....but even when some what established 20 will say there going 10 will actually show up.
  10. Bad Bull MRE Taste Test + Giveaway [Prep 365: EP71]
  11. I did just a hair under 24 years in the Army. Lotta units, lotta places. Some great. Some good. Some average. And one or two that were horrible. The military is like anything else, you'll find good people and total dirtbags. And sometimes the dirtbags work their way up the ladder. I had one section leader as a young troop that despite being a Vietnam vet was absolutely the worst NCO I ever ran into. I took his example as what not to be or do. So you can learn from toxic people, it's just different set of lessons.
  12. Wanna know how deep the elites state is. When Epstein died and neither party leader said a thing. When trump himself was quiet about it. It shows you all of them are involved.
  13. Well not all experiences will be the same. Sometimes you need to suck it up and stick it out. The military is a roller coaster of fun and shit. I typically told my guys anything e4 and below is simple. Show up be in the right uniform at the right time. Pass pt and ht/wt. Do that and you pretty much have a easy time. I seen it get worse as far the paperwork and sensitive personal joining. It's gone from a militiary that can do anything to one that's held up by false rape allegations and power points on feeling good.
  14. ah I didnt notice that they got a ban, that is very telling.
  15. So, just a bit curious, if anyone has served in the Army, I have, from 97-2000. Served in the states, with the 3rd ID/ when they were stationed in Ft. Benning, Ga on Kelly Hill. An more curious, if anyone went in, and came out worse than they were, because in a lot of ways I did. Military service members do deserve a lot of support. But I do not think the nation in general has a real understanding of the problems; that service members face from each other and their superiors , how it is really a different world, with different rules and laws. some written and some unwritten. I honestly think that the age of joining the service should be held off until at the very least one hits 21 years of age. I understand that the military takes people at 18 because why. Technically at 18 we are still children, teenagers, and most, not all, but most are very immature. And at that age people/ children/teens are easily molded. An not prepared for the kind of struggles that the military has on a constant basis. Recruiters dangle a shiny promise of the ability to get a college degree during or after, sign on bonuses, an etc, yet, they are never trained to tell recruits about the true hardships they can face. At least not in commercials, not on radio shows where it is constant praise of the military. I joined for the wrong reasons, which are too much to get into, but I was surprised at how others my age who got stationed where I was, came in, looking great, and months to a year later, were either on drugs, or going AWOL, or getting arrested for something or other. Comparatively I got out unscathed. An more over on the way out, no one mentioned once the resources available to me that were there. I didnt find out until maybe 5-10 years after the fact. Which is sad, an maybe it has changed, but I doubt it. But maybe at some base some where on the way out, is a counselor of sorts that says , just so you know the V.A is out there, and can offer you a lot of support on your transition back to civilian life if you need it. all i got was my DD214 and a threat from the civilian giving them out, to not sign where it stated you wanted a copy, or else. ( she just didnt want to make copies ). Anyhow digressing. I am sure there are some great military bases with great NCOs and Officers and leaders with open door policies and etc, I didn't have that. I had the worst unit one could imagine and then some. I had no help to address problems I was having. An if I had spoken up, it would of just made things worse because there was no privacy. An then, when it came time for me to leave, i was being dangled with the offer of a promotion to NCO, but i would of ended up in South Korea, so it was like, going from worse to even more worse. A place where i couldn't speak the language and rumors of if you catch the wrong disease over there, you ain't going back to the states any time soon. Instead of much needed mentoring by a superior , to make sure i was squared away at my MOS, i got the opposite, An the horror stories of mistreatment to not only me but others, would make stomachs turn, I honestly cant imagine women going through the crap I had to endure. An I know some do. Which is probably worse for them. Put it in another way, if the military had a HR department, they would be overwhelmed. If civilian lawsuits that are brought to court for the smallest issue to big, were done in the military, the court system in the military would be overwhelmed as well. So to those who didnt experience the cruelty the military has to offer, consider yourself blessed. Because what you didnt experience others did, an probably did so in silence. with no help from anyone. No one to turn too. That is pretty much it, just curious if anyone else here only got the stick while serving in the military.... The military could be a better life for everyone if they only took college graduates and/or people over the age of 21 ; and during basic training, had classes to educate new recruits on how to address issues that they might face down the road, from bad leadership, abuse, drugs, etc, who to turn too, who to talk to about things and who not to. How to protect ones finances and etc. An how to prepare for their future in the military once and if they graduate basic training. It is something the military wouldn't do even if they could, an that much there is probably even sadder.
  16. It could be, notice their account is no longer active because they have been banned from the site. I think they requested it but just as well.
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  18. Title threads like this i find dangerous, i took the time to watch the clip since it was only a a min and a half long, the woman did indeed say to " get rid of whites " but here is the problem, context, an the way in which she said it. was it a stupid thing to say, yes. did she mean it ? I doubt it. the full video is needed to really understand wtf is going on, an then questions need to be asked as to why the others on that panel didnt ask her what she meant by what she said. anyhow, to start waving a flag of beware of white genocide is just dangerous and irresponsible , all it does is fan the flames of a race war and hate. an that game is played by the left and extremists . Politicians need terms like " minorities " so they can play the race war games, and then do class warfare for their own agendas, the right does it but not to the extreme as the left. Can't let ignorant and people filled with hate lead ones self by the nose. An these kinds of bs games are easily thwarted by people with a tiny bit of common sense at the least, and /or those who practice and engage in living a good life based on some kind of religious faith or just on being a good human being in general. An then one has to wonder, why subjects like this thread get started of all places, a militia wesbite. one that is already having outside attacks. could be someone playing games.
  19. https://risingliberty.com/2018/09/19/james-comey-admitted-hes-a-communist-in-2003/
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  21. 48 HOURS LEFT Win a Barrett M99 .50 BMG Bolt Action Rifle w/ Zeiss Conquest 3-12x44 Scope! Enter Here: https://wn.nr/4tvAkN Share with your friends, Good Luck! Happy Memorial Day
  22. https://risingliberty.com/2018/09/19/james-comey-admitted-hes-a-communist-in-2003/ And the list goes on and on...not to mention Pelosi, Clinton's, Gov Browns relatives and there Mobster Crime connections...
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