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  • Flouride is a problem


    Just a quick lowdown on the flouride issue:

    Illegal in Israel.

    Causes thyroid dysfunction.

    Current 'accepted' measure of thyroid function, the TSH, is easily masked by synthroid.

    TSH is called normal at 5 but a value of 5 causes unacceptable results in babies and had to be changed for pregnant women to a normal value of 2.5 (the bitter highest any human should have) because of lawsuit threats.

    The US is likely suffering from flouride effects manifested by a new lower average temperature.  https://www.scientificamerican.com/article/are-human-body-temperatures-cooling-down/ 


    This all has the appearance of a scheme by the Rockefeller controlled medical entities to cover up that flouride in the water contributes to making the population sick/tired/slow (dumb).  Matching their goals as stayed in the podesta email.  


    Bottomine is only a T3 test will tell you if you are operating at a normal level.  Simple doctors may say it is an intracellular hormone but enough must spill into the blood to fully activate tissue compartments that don't make their own-especially the glial cells of the brain.


    Doc Z

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