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  • Executive Orders Since 1997 - Alterations

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    I have been writing about my ongoing investigations since 2012.  As I am sure most of you know, the manual of court marshals undergoes a annual review.  What I don't believe you have assembled is all the alterations since 1995.  Since 1995 the manual of court marshals has been altered  in each change of administration, in procession.  I have asked multiple officers I trust, "Why would three administrations need to alter the manual of court marshals?", the overwhelming answer, "To keep good people in or good people out."  The largest alteration, in history, was when President Donald Trump entered office.  His alterations was a reset on prior alterations.  I think, of interest here is what was being altered.  While I am no lawyer, this is the basis for many things applicable to the U.C.M.J. and one does not need a law degree to understand what was being done.  I hope this sinks in and why at this time I am reaching out state to state to speak with militias, veterans, soldiers and many others in a attempt to push this meeting to bypass the media, and big tech and to cement what "The Red Line" was that actually justified self defense of a majority.  The majority has not defended it's self or exercised in agreement it's rights by law to hold government accountable and a big part of that reason is, nobody has a clear, unified, agreed upon, "red line", that fits U.S. Law.  However, it needs to happen and soon.  You have a very limited window now to get things right or forget the country, find a place out of the way if you can, where your dollar makes the best living and watch.

    95-12285.pdf 02-9536.pdf 2010-22279.pdf 2018-04860.pdf

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