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    Please find enclosed my final may release pertaining to my investigation released to the I.G. of the Army, Wisconsin.  This report may reveal about me, but carefully read enclosed the legal guidelines and justifications for war crime investigations that do not require a Presidential order and should have been performed, but the compromise is so large, it is impossible to get the army moving with at least JAG on the mentions in this report.  Please be aware a prior report in March was sent with full technology demos discussed in this report.  I will also be discussing the level and seriousness that is currently upon us and why we have passed a point where a consensus must be reached and either action taken or no action taken.  It has long been believed that Militias go by the Presidents order to "Fight".  This is a very mistaken policy in that the President is Government.  The sovereign that is adhered to is the Constitution backed by U.S. Code.  Please read I will post my article later in a attempt to reach reasonable conclusions across the board on why legally, we must be making decisions now on certain things in the absence of enforcement of these laws by the governing powers.  Defiance actually.

    I.G. State of Wisconsin - Army _Citing_.pdf

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