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  • Clarity and a New Standard

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    Dylan Stamper

    The Army has Air Assault, Airborne, Ranger, Pathfinder, Sapper and a million other badge and tab qualifications. We know that many people come to the militia because they cant be active military. Some come to the militia because they want a way to serve and want training. Some come because they left the military and want to get back into the physical and tactical side of their old job... No matter the method which brings them to us, they all seek training. The problem is, there's no standardized training . An M1 probie can come into a unit and skip the ever important basics and be plunged straight into some super ninja ranger sniper warrior garbage training that has no real world application. We have a solution.


    The National Militia Standards is very in depth and lays out the basics and structuring very well. http://www.awrm.net/nms.htm the next step is specialized qualification. many of you may have heard of a unit called III% Elite or ELITE III%, i'll clarify something about that here and now, before i continue. III% Elite is not a unit. The trademark on that name is owned by Captain Mommadoc, the commander of the Bell County chapter of the Texas Militia. It is a registered trademark through the USPTO. That said, the III% Elite is a standard. We will be offering a series of training FTX's starting in early 2019 to teach a higher code of ethics and the very best stealth combat training that we can muster. We will be teaching modern urban threat neutralization and counter intelligence as well as a higher standard of marksmanship and close quarters combat skills. There's a lot more that we are adding to the curriculum but we cant talk about it right now. If and when you make it through the training and the testing, you get the III% Elite tab which comes with access to multiple resources for gear, armaments, ammunition and intel.


    We exist to lessen the drama and division within the militia. if you carry a III% Elite tab, you're part of the brotherhood that helps the militia become unified and able to work together. This is less about the awesome training and resources and more about making friends and connections outside of your unit. the only time you answer to the III% Elite command staff is when you're at our school. otherwise you belong to your unit. Upon completion of the school you have the option in the future of coming back for more... or coming back as an instructor. Either way its a step towards unification. No drama, no infighting. this should be something everyone can get on board with.


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