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    I'm going to rankle some feathers first thing this morning, and that's okay. It's kind of the point. We need to start asking ourselves some very serious questions, because these are serious times and it's time we got serious about them. We can't do that if we are going to continue to allow ourselves to not be taken seriously. Let's begin by stating what we all know to be true, deep down; much of America sees us as fat little rednecks who want to run around and play dress-up G I Joe. And in reality, many of us are. We're "wannabes" in the worst way. I am. You are. That's the truth. Here's another truth--we're still the ones who will take the bullet, or deliver it, when the shit hits the fan. There's more. Very few of us were ever "professional" military or even para-military. Sure, there are some but not a lot of former or present cops and soldiers amongst our ranks. Because there are so few, we don't have that training, that understanding, that mind-set, and we don't bring that bearing to the proceedings just because we show up in tactical gear carrying guns. On the contrary, we usually just look like fat little rednecks playing dress-up. But we're still the ones who will take that bullet, or deliver it, when the shit hits the fan. I could do this all day. The point of the exercise is to step past a certain mindset and consciousness, so that we can begin to take on the proper one. In my estimation there are three ways to address our biggest Achilles heel--our image (both public, and our own self-image). Only one of these ways is right, and it must be our path moving forward. The first, and worst, way to go about this is to simply resign ourselves to being the bumbling beast they think we are. When we add fuel to the fire--throwing our best tacti-cool gear on to walk through Walmart buying groceries--we become our own punchline. Worse--and this is a disease, folks--when we embrace their labels and images and try to run with them in some sort of misguided attempt at defiance, we're just being stupid. We can no longer run the risk of not being taken seriously. Have you ever seen a true military hero who in any way allows, let alone embraces, an image of buffoonery? GOMER PYLE WAS A FICTIONAL CHARACTER ON A SITCOM, but every time someone says "militia" it's Gomer Pyle and not George Patton the people see in their mind's eye. We have to change that, and only we can. The second, and second-worst, way to handle this is to go too far in the opposite direction. In many ways, these two mistakes are linked. Part of the reason we like tactical gear is it (kinda) makes us look like "real soldiers" [note--we ARE fucking "real soldiers"--I'll get into that in a minute]. Making it a point to dress the part, walk the part, talk the part, as if we are taking on a role in a play like some two-bit actor can be just as detrimental to our image (and harmful to our cause) as playing Gomer Pyle, if we don't carefully manage some important expectations, and carefully coordinate our actual training and response. Please memorize this line; it's important to get your mind set around this. Ready? We are not Navy SEALS. That isn't our job. Truly, THAT ISN'T OUR JOB. We are not the first line of defense. Not the second. In fact, we are the dead last line of defense in this country, and THAT is the reality we had better begin embracing if we want to actually be worth a shit when the shit hits the fan. The third, and only, proper way to carry ourselves moving forward is to stop being toy soldiers, and start being the soldiers we actually are. This is a mindset, a way of being. It isn't an occupation, a role, and it certainly isn't a lie--because we're still the ones who will take that bullet, or deliver it, when the shit hits the fan. We are real fucking soldiers, and we'll die for our country, our neighbors, just like those real fucking soldiers who've died to keep us free up to now. Here's how to make that understanding stick in your head--the battle doesn't come to us until the police have FAILED; until the military has FAILED; until the Navy SEALS HAVE FAILED. We are the final bulwark between our great nation and it's destruction, and I'll stand shoulder to shoulder with every single one of you to fight until the breath leaves my body or the enemy is vanquished. That makes me a real fucking soldier. But I'm going to behave as a real soldier, not as a comic character or wannabe. I'm not going to sell my own self out from jump street by going off half-cocked, marginally trained, waving my Confederate flag, head-to-toe tacti-cool for a demonstration on a 100-degree day. I'm not going to throw jargon around simply because I know it (that's a whole other post just waiting to be written) or jump to the tune my enemy has called simply because he dared me to. I'm not going to try to be that SEAL, not going to be the first or second or third line defender when it is (or should be) clear to me that it isn't my turn. I'm not going to hide, either, but rather I'm going to get out among the people and let them know that I'm a serious man who should be taken seriously. I'm contacting my Sheriff's office and letting him know why I'm doing what I'm doing, and then asking him how I can help. I'm honing my Civil Defense knowledge, making sure my neighbors have what they need to eat when disaster (like COVID) strikes. I'm walking my neighborhood with a smile on my face and my Unit T-shirt on, but leaving my AR at home. That's what I'm doing right now, and from here on out. But there's more--and this is the most important part of this post. Starting today, I am committing myself to be the best I can be when my turn comes. Today my training begins for real, because I--and all of you--no longer have the time to play dress-up while chowing down on too much barbecue and beer. When my gut makes it impossible to find my dick, let alone grab a full magazine, I'm a shitty soldier, almost useless to my cause and country. When walking across the yard winds me, I can't be much help in a firefight where my fellow soldiers are counting on me. I'm not a Navy SEAL, and I don't have to be Rambo either. But I don't need that third cheeseburger or seventh beer. I can get up out of my chair to get some exercise; there's nothing worth watching on television anyway. A few situps, push-ups, pull-ups every day for the next few months could literally be the difference between life and death for me or others. I'm a soldier; I'm not letting myself or my brothers down. And like it or not, I (and you) now need real training. No, I don't mean running around with guns in a field, which is fine and important too but just the tip of the training iceberg. We need training. Threat assessment, tactics, psy-ops, recruiting, giving and following orders. We need to learn from professionals, who won't take us seriously if we don't take ourselves seriously, and we need to do it now. For as much as we absolutely must be recruiting new citizen soldiers into the ranks, it's time we made a focused effort to bring experienced, officer-grade military men and women into our midst to show us how it's done. That scares a lot of people for some reason. Lots of us fancy ourselves "leaders" and don't like the idea of being told what to do. That's a fatal mistake, for you and anyone under your command. We are real fucking soldiers--I won't allow anyone to tell me we're not--but we need to learn now how to be real fucking soldiers. And time grows short. These are men (and women) of bearing, men of achievement. These are not people who are going to be ordered by Johnny Done-nothings, nor should they. We rightfully have to prove ourselves to them. There is no shame in that. I propose to lead men onto battlefields where people will die; I damned sure want to feel confident that I'm the best I can be, and I can't be my best without these folks' help. America needs us, and we need them. We'll never have their services, though, if we don't respect ourselves, our position, and approach everything we do from this point forward with professionalism and pride. Put the cheeseburger and remote down. Fold the Stars and Bars and drop it in a drawer. Then go look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself if you could lead men into battle? Even better, ask yourself if men would follow you there. Because if you're sloppy, silly, and not to be taken seriously, they won't and they shouldn't. And just because you aren't charged with leadership yet doesn't mean you won't be. Fix it in your mind right now, this minute that today you're truly going to be all you can be. There's no place for Gomer Pyle in today's militia. We don't have time for that shit anymore.
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    Sgt. Bulldog

    What happens when.....

    As a militia we are the last line of defense. We cannot allow ourselves to be drawn into some pissing contest with a group like NFAC. They look mean, talk shit and shoot their own members before they even start there march. They are a bunch of nobodies who think they are badasses. They are trying to use the old Black panther intimidation tactics, it will not work. We will stand strong together and let them fire the first shot, because I have no doubt we will fire the last shots. Semper Fi!
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    This is unreal and a precursor to a foreign invasion. The U.N.'s claim is quite paradoxical, considering that the government didn't intervene in the protest at Virginia by tens of thousands armed militia members. Those Portland officials need to be arrested. We the people need to be ready to repel any Blue Helmeted Marauders that set foot on American soil. I just sent a message to the White House, at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/. It reads simply: " Dear President Trump, I, and I'm sure most, Americans urge you to disregard ANY orders from the U.N., or any foreign entity, especially in regards to not quelling violence during protests, which have turned to riots and anarchy. We support you in all Constitutional endeavors." Here's my salute to the U.N.:
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    My days of running around in the woods with my rifle are over, I have just too many injuries to be of any use to a group of war-fighters. However, my brain is still working and I do have some experience with militias and other volunteer groups. It has been my experience that volunteer groups (of all types) tend to be chaotic things, with people coming and going and infighting and egos getting bruised and all that. It really is a big problem, and I have spent many hours over many years trying to figure out a way to make a militia, or any volunteer group really, actually come together and function harmoniously. This is what I have come up with. THE FIRST MISTAKE MILITIAS MAKE The first mistake militias make is emulating the US military. It is perfectly natural that we should do this because how else to form up a group of war-fighters? But the militia is not the US military. I am going to repeat that, the militia is not the US military and the US military has as a part of its culture something that is pure poison to a militia, or any other volunteer group, but I am going to limit these posting to just militias. What is that poison? The poison is the idea that "Rank Has Its Privileges". Once again, the militia is not the military. In the military, rank does has its privileges. When the Colonials were forming the Continental Army, they did what a lot of today’s militias are doing, they copy the military of the home country. Have you ever thought why an army of a country that believes that all men are equal would allow certain members to have extra privileges? For the Colonials, their home country was Britain. In the British Army, at least back then, rank had it privileges because only those with privileges could have rank. The British Army sold officer commissions and only the rich aristocrats could afford them, and they were already privileged when they join and they kept that privilege after they joined. The American Army copied them and so rank still has its privileges. The U.S. Military can enforce the privileges because they have legal authority over its members. As a militia leader you only have conditional authority over the people that follow you. Think of it this way, there is a recruit going through basic training, let’s say he is in the Marine Corps at Parris Island and a drill instructor orders him to dig a hole and he says, and “Screw you. Dig your own hole, I’m going home.” I think we can agree that this recruit is going to have a really bad day. He can be punished because the Drill Instructor has the legal authority to do so, it comes from the Constitution through the President, the Joint Chiefs of Staff all the way down to the Drill Instructor. Now, let’s say you are in charge of training militia recruits and I am a recruit and you tell me to dig a hole and I say, “Screw you. Dig your own hole, I’m going home.” What happens next? The answer is that I go home and you dig the hole. You have no legal recourse to stop me from leaving. Your authority is conditional, you only have it on the condition that I am willing to obey you. I have seen people get positions of rank or leadership roles time and again, and the position goes to their head and it poisons the group because they are more concerned about being important than in doing important work.In a volunteer group, when someone starts to think they are more important than the rest of the people, you are going to end up with a lot of people pissed off. WHAT'S THE SOLUTION? The solution is to change RHIP to RHIR. Rank Has Its Responsibilities. The only proper way to keep the poison out is to understand that leadership in a militia is just another job that needs to be done. As volunteers, with no legal authority, all a militia can be is a group of people coming together for a common cause and no one is more important than anyone else. Yes, you do need officers and sergeants, because you need people who are looking at a bigger picture than someone who is on the front line that has a limited view of what is going on, but you are nothing special if you hold rank and you are NOT more important than anyone else. Besides not being more important than anyone else, a leader has to work harder than other people. A corporal will work harder than a private, a sergeant will work harder than a corporal, and lieutenant will work harder than a sergeant, and so forth. In a militia Rank Has Its Responsibilities. Everyone who joins a militia should ask this question when they elect their leaders of any rank. That question is, “Does this person work harder than everyone else?” If the answer is no, then don’t elect them to that position. Think of it like this. Let us say that I am your commander and you are my second in command and I tell you we need a hole dug here, but you tell me that all the militia members are busy getting important training. There are two responses I could give. First, I could say, “I don’t care what they are doing, get someone over here to dig this hole.” Or I could say, “I guess we need to find ourselves a couple of shovels to get this hole dug.” Which type of response is the most likely to inspire people to follow me? Which type of leader would you most like to follow? THE SECOND MISTAKE PEOPLE MAKE IS NOT UNDERSTANDING THE TRUE NATURE OF THE MILITIA. For a volunteer group, that has no legal authority to command, every leader will have to convince their people to do what they ask. This will require leaders to explain what they want and why the want it what happens if they win and what happens if they fail. This is not a weakness. In fact, it is a great strength. Of course, the people you send to do a mission must be competent, but assuming they are, knowing the who, what, when, where, and why of their mission combined with the freedom to find solutions that work at that time and place gives you flexibility that will allow you to exploit opportunities when they come along. The second point I need to mention is that the militia is by default, an ultra-light infantry. I've heard the militia called "light infantry" or "Light Foot", but Militia’s do not possess rockets, grenades, grenade launchers, machine guns, light mortars, etc, etc. that every light infantry unit in the world has, and therefore is an Ultra-light infantry. The US military primarily relies on firepower, mainly because no one can match it that arena, so that makes sense, but an ultra-light infantry will have to use different doctrines, strategies, and tactics than even a US military light infantry battalion, although there is always overlap. This lack of firepower necessitates the use of more stealth tactics and demands a high level of expertise from you members. Third, we also have to recognize that the US military is a strategically offensive institution. It is designed to attack anywhere in the world, and has the equipment and logistics to take the fight to the enemy. The militia is a strategically defensive institution when it comes to war-fighting. War has to come into its sphere of influence. It stays in place to guard and to react to aggression. Don’t confuse being strategically defensive with being tactically defensive, as it may very well be the case that a militia unit may initiate a tactical fight if local circumstances dictate it. Now, this strategic defensiveness only applies to violence, we should be strategically offensive in every other area, such as politics. The fourth point to note about the nature of the militia is in the realm of Politics, which are forbidden for the US military to be involved in, should be a natural and important part of the militia’s doctrine to fight the evil of the socialists. We should work to take control of the government and the courts, using legal means and only legal means, to stop the infection of socialism in the halls of power and in court rooms. If a large number of militia people can be gathered together and organized on a state level, let us say 5000 people (not all of them have to be under arms), that would make a very potent ground team to put behind a campaign for a militia approved candidate. It could go a long way into compensating for a socialist candidate that has the backing of globalist billionaires I I am going to continue this essay in another post so as to keep them reasonably long. ReplyForward ReplyForward
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    Close the UN building, defund the organization and permanently deport all the ambassadors and their entire staffs!
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    I don't believe for a second he could secure 15,000 "troops". The last time it was reported that he had a thousand; it was closer to a hundred. Nevertheless, if he brings anywhere near that many to whatever area he chooses (and actually lets someone know they'll be there ahead of time) there could definitely be blood. That's what the Left wants--bodies in the streets. The younger, the better. There will be teenagers behind those masks, guaranteed. So here's how we approach it...we choose to be smart, and we choose to be Americans. What I mean by this is simple; if we must be there (and we probably should be), we remember our role. We are DEFENSE. We are BACKUP. If they make their plans known, there will definitely be a significant police presence there, and likely the National Guard behind them. WE STAY OUT OF THE WAY, and on their six. Let the guys who are supposed to handle it, handle it...until they can't. At that point, we do exactly what we're there to do--we have their six! That's not what they want. They want to spark confrontation. They want us to do something stupid, take a swing, fire a shot. They want US to start the war, despite that they are the ones provoking it. Don't give them what they want. We're Americans. They have the right to assemble. They have the right to bear arms. They have the right to spout whatever stupid thing comes from their mouths. They even have the right (whether we like it or not) to burn the American Flag. Let them. None of this is illegal, and all of it is protected by the same Constitution we're sworn to defend. So defend it. It's only after THEY do something stupid, and the police/army react, and are beaten back--only then to we get involved. Only then, when they've broken the law and people/property are in danger, and the forces who are supposed to contain it cannot...only then do we step up and fulfill our role as America's last line of defense. That's the smart play.
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    ROFCB Commander

    Open Forum

    If Trump is declared the winner, and the Left tries to remove him, that's absolute insurrection. At that point I don't believe there will be any hesitance on the part of the Military, the Oath Keepers, and any of a million of us to stand up and fight in the streets if necessary. They've already proven they won't accept the voice of the people; they haven't accepted the election results from four years ago. But to actually take the step to try and remove him would be the end of it--we'd fight. I am not worried about that happening. I AM worried that they will contest whatever result is declared if it's not an absolute landslide (which frankly I believe it will be). If they simply, literally, do not accept the result in that way and make efforts to tie up the whole process in the courts or what have you, the resulting chaos and "limbo" will allow them to get into position for whatever literal battle might ensue. My biggest fear, however, is that they will cheat on such a massive scale as to make the result closer than it actually is, or to make it seem as if Biden (who doesn't even know what he's running for at this point) wins. They're capable of it, they're more than willing to do it, and at that point WE have to decide whether we'll "accept" the result of the election or not. I know with absolute confidence there is no way Biden can win without massive cheating. I'll say it again--THERE IS NO WAY JOE BIDEN WINS THE ELECTION UNLESS THEY CHEAT ON AN UNIMAGINABLE SCALE. So, will I "accept" the result if he does? Absolutely not. At that point I'm going to watch the landscape very carefully, because a fight will be on and I want to know how to join it. But I won't drag anyone in with me; that's a personal decision that has to be made by each individual. Fighting at that point puts everything you love, especially your freedom, at risk. It's worth it, given that everyone's freedom is at risk if they steal the election. Steal the election, steal the country. I won't stand by while that happens.
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    Why Militias aren't a viable option

    Not entirely accurate. the militia necessarily exists to ensure the security of a free state, intended as a check against tyranny and other threats to freedom. Which is why the restrictive clause in the second amendment reads the way it does. Tons have been written analyzing the military's ability to enforce any kind fo martial law or police state among the entire nation. Bottom line: It's not logistically possible. MOF we could divert every military and law enforcement resource we have at the moment and we wouldn't have the ability to secure our own border and shores. Throw a conservative estimate of 10+ million armed Americans into the mix and it's game over. I can't speak for others but we aren't spending out time playing keyboard commando. We are exercising our deck in as many ways as possible short of proactive violent action, and it's nowhere near the time for that.
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    There is no "white militia". In fact that very expression is the opposite of who we are and what we're about. EDITED TO INCLUDE A FEW IMPORTANT POINTS: If they call themselves a "black militia", that's great. It's racist as hell, and anyone with half a brain sees that, but that's on them. WE ARE NOT A "WHITE" MILITIA. We are an American Militia. Race, gender, creed--those don't define who we are or who we represent. We are AMERICAN PATRIOTS, and we come in all colors just like the American people. There is no room for racism in the Militia movement. If you believe there is, or you're one of those who propagates it, you're doing harm to the cause. More importantly, you have your head in the wrong place. America is and has always been a melting pot of people, and our individual identities as equal creations are protected by the United States Constitution. The Militia supports and defends the Constitution. If you can't step past your personal bigotry in order to do that, you have no business anywhere near a Militia unit.
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    As humorous as some of the antics have been. This group still needs to be monitored. Never dismiss anyone as not being a threat. Never underestimate an opponent - specifically when they indicate that you are their opponent. This guy might be really good at blowing smoke up folks asses. What they spew on social media and what they actually do in private could be night and day.
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    The Lizard Farmer throws some advice out

    I was going to post this on the blog but frankly I'm looking at migrating away from Wordpress due to their tendency to silence voices that don't align with their lefty ideology. The next 180 days are going to be hell. We still have a lot of people stuck in normalcy bias, distracted by bread and circuses, and worrying about thing s they can't influence. Make no mistake, not only is the soul of our republic at stake but our very culture is as well. Don't go looking for a fight. Let them come to you. Let them march, hoot, holler, destroy their own neighborhoods, etc. That is a no effort on our part campaign working against them that is turning people's hearts and minds our way. If we play their game as the offender we'll lose in both the judicial and court of public opinion. The likelihood of all hell breaking loose right around and after the election is highly probable, and I would venture guaranteed if Trump wins and the Republicans have a field day at the polls. I had a convo with Lind a few days ago about what could possibly be a ''Tet" for the leftists around and immediately after election time. If we play our cards right we can effectively remove the major threat of marxism for a generation or two, much like Tet destroyed the VC as a fighting force. If we don't they could very well win. I suggest right now your individual and group priorities be: 1. Continue to vet and recruit and bring those new folks up to an acceptable level of competency. Train out of sight. Get people squared away, even if you have to pass the plate to do so. And step up the PT. And step up the PT. yeah twice, it's that important. 2. Stay the hell away from the media. Tell reporters politely "No thank you". We're past the point of trying to change the presented perception, and frankly thinking the media will help you do it is akin to pissin in the wind. 3. Ensure all of your people have established a nom de guerre and are using secure internet presences (protonmail, riot/element, etc.). Make darn sure it cannot be traced back to them. 4. Enforce OPSEC ruthlessly. DO NOT discuss anything meaningful on facebook, discord, signal, etc. Work in meatspace. Use social media to highlight the criminal actions of the leftists without comment. We have some incredible taking heads out there. Guys like Braken, Culper, etc. Let them do the analysis and heavy lifting. Don't discount the power of a simple meme. 5. Get your area studies done, not just physical terrain but even moreso human terrain. Keep that human terrain study updated. Terrain walks/rides with your people to identify avenues of approach, choke points, etc is a great thing to do. 6. Stay on top of intelligence, and get away from the conspiracy theories. Those are distractions from the real fight. There might be time later to bitch about vaccines, 5G, chemtrails, lizard people, etc. Now is not the time. Focus on truth and fact driven intelligence verified by credible sources. 7. Work your local and regional comms plans, and not just the primary means. Work every part of your PACE plan. Fix what's broke ASAP. 8. Run dry low vis reaction drills. Things like turnout to time, at your different assembly areas. Run your casevac drill to see how long and what resources it actually takes. 9. Finalize your medical support plan along with your short an long term logistics plans. Think 30-60-90-180 day cycles. 10. If you haven't already it's time to decentralize your supplies, be it in caches, members locations, rental units, whatever. Get all of your eggs out of one basket. 11. Everyone in your group needs to have an established egress plan to a safe harbor. That plan needs to include comms (PACE), alternate routes, safe linkup points, and a final safe harbor location. 12. Make sure your family is squared away. You're no good if you're mind is on them and not the shit sandwich at hand. So who do we have on our side? Us of course. Also City and Metro Cops are tired of being political punching bags. They want payback. Christians aren't ignorant that churches are being destroyed, bibles and crosses burned. Those are just two examples. It's till going to be an asymmetric fight with sides determined by what region your in. Now there's a hard truth we have to deal with: regardless of how this plays out marxists will still control a lot of the metro areas even if everything goes our way and Murphy chooses our side to favor. This is not a short fight. You need to have a plan in place to continue the fight locally. Get the right people on school boards, in city councils, quorum courts, to run for sheriff, etc. The price of Liberty is eternal vigilance.
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    Naga Dilaut

    What happens when.....

    Travir, welcome, all we have to do to see what happens next is look at history. Specifically the Alamo. When word arrived that Santa Anna was marching north battle hardened men rode west from Kentucky, Tennessee, and several other states. Those men never returned. Their communities and families without their wisdom and guidance. There are very few on this side of the equator , that can match wits with any of the men at the Alamo. As late in the battle as we are, we have to have Intel gathering skills. We have to have leaders that others will follow. More importantly, we have to be right, every time we pull the trigger, draw a knife, or expose a corrupt community leader. Identification of threats is easy. The true test is who will take that corrupt leaders position? Nature abhores a vacuum. Before you expose that corrupt leader, you have to have someone to replace them. Otherwise you just add hysteria to the chaos.
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    Your passion is admirable. But, who are you? I'm glad that you're a hard worker. But, again, who are you? You've been on here for what? Two weeks? Do you have a unit? Do you have Military or Law Enforcement experience? Have you ever held any significant position requiring the use of leadership skills (aside from being a business owner)? Again, who are you? I keep asking that because you seem to be under the impression that you can just shout and people will blindly follow you. Do you know how ridiculous it sounds to say you're going to hold a National Convention of Militia Units in one weeks time? Do you have any idea how many Militia groups there are? Do you think the leadership of the Three Percenters, Light Foot, Oath Keepers, Sons of Liberty, or any other significant Militia group in this country is going to send representatives to a meeting being held by some guy that nobody knows? It's easy to go spouting off, mocking people, and calling them sheep. I'm not trying to jab at you. I'm just trying to give you some perspective. And you need to take a breath and consider that a bit more. As per your: Leary of the guy who says let's talk this out in person? -Bro, you're late to the conversation and you have given no reason for any of us to think you're worth listening to. Things like OPSEC and COMMSEC are additional reasons why people aren't going to respond to you. Just because you don't see it... that doesn't mean it isn't happening. It just means it isn't any of your business.
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    Today is Day Three of the twenty-day "Leadership 101" series I'll be posting. This series expresses my thoughts on some topics important to the successful leadership of a local unit, and asks other unit leaders to post their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the same subject in hopes that together we can help those who are starting from scratch with unit-building. Today's topic is "The First Ten Boots". These posts are written primarily for the new unit commander, and assume for the purposes of these discussions that your unit is literally just getting started. Today's topic addresses something of note that you probably haven't thought of--who does what, when, and how? The first ten boots--or the first five people in your unit (and you should probably have five interested candidates before you officially "start" a unit, though you can lay the groundwork for a unit sooner than that)--should all have very specific roles within the unit before you ever truly start to "build" the thing in the first place. What are these roles, and who (what type of person) should occupy them? Answering that question can be a bit interesting, because often a unit is "started" by someone simply because there is no local unit for him/her to join. Typically people who start a new venture, whether it's a business or a club or a Militia unit, automatically become the "leader" of the venture by default. This isn't always the best thing, though, and it isn't always necessary, especially if you start with more than one prospective member. The ideal situation is where you have five dedicated initial members, who are reasonable, ego-free, and willing to truly assess their individual talents in order to put people in the best possible position for success. The person whose idea it was to start the unit, for instance, may not be ideally suited to lead it--but they'd make a dandy Morale Officer (for example). This 'lesson' is based on the presumption that you have (or can round up) five interested, dedicated people who have gathered around a table to decide a structure for the organization and to assume leadership posts within it. How do you choose who does what? In the beginning, there are five vital positions within a new organization of this type. They are Commanding Officer, Executive Officer, Logistics Officer, Morale Officer, and Recruiting Officer. Let's start with the most important one. Well no, that's not accurate--because they are equally important. It' s better to say that this position will make or break your organization based on how well suited the person who fills it is to the job. That position is "Executive Officer". This is your Radar O'Reilly, your Mr. Spock, your Smithers. He/she is the guy/girl who just gets things done. When he does his job right, he makes everyone else--especially the commander--look great. He's the jack-of-all-trades who just naturally knows "what's up". While technically he's the second in command, he's the guy without whom the entire operation would seemingly fall apart. I don't care what organization, or what type of organization, you look at--if it's run well and efficiently, and the person in charge regularly looks like an absolute genius, it's because the Executive Officer is brilliant at his job. The person you should choose for this post is the go-getter among go-getters. He's friendly, enthusiastic, sharp as a tack, gets along extremely well with everyone, very well read, gives wise counsel, is fiercely loyal, and is ridiculously dependable. He's the guy who you'd pick when you ask yourself "if I really needed to build a space shuttle in my back yard, who would I hand the project to". If you choose the right guy as your "Number One", you'll never have a difficult day as Commander. I hate "ranking" these positions because there is so much important stuff that every single one of them is responsible for that to call one more important than the other just isn't correct--but your "most important" officer is the Executive, hands down. The next most important, in my mind, is the Logistics officer. This is another jack-of-all-trades who just gets stuff done--except that the stuff he/she gets done is head-scratchingly difficult. He's the one who manages to get all of your supplies to the training site at the right time on the right day; he's the one who arranged the training exercise to begin with; he's got a food vendor lined up at noon, and somehow managed to get the county code enforcement officer to look the other way for your night-firing exercise. In fact--and nobody knows how he pulled this off, because the code enforcement officer is a notorious asshole--the exercise is being held on the code enforcement officer's land. Yeah--he's that guy. This is the fellow (or woman--in fact, this position is often ideal for a woman) who knows people, and if he doesn't know them he will five minutes after it's decided the person in question needs to be known. Five minutes of talking to this person and it seems like you grew up together. He can walk into a drunken party thrown by the Hell's Angels, wearing a business suit, and be accepted as one of them--or a board meeting full of people wearing business suits, dressed like a member of a motorcycle gang, and have them eating out of his hand in minutes. This guy is your procurement specialist. Need a place to practice? He'll get you one. Need tee shirts to sell at a county fair booth? They'll be on the table before you even arrive to work your shift. An exercise facility at a discount? Free pizza for the guys? A new radio to test? This is the person who gets it for you. He's unafraid, brilliant, and an artful negotiator. Donald Trump would make a great Logistics Officer. The next two positions work hand-in-hand. One brings the bodies into the organization, and the other keeps them there. They are the Recruitment Officer and the Morale Officer, and you must never make the mistake of taking what either one of them does for granted. The Recruitment Officer has the most easy to understand job; he is responsible for overseeing the various recruitment campaigns that you'll have running every hour of every day for the entire existence of your organization. In the world of sales, there's a phrase--ABC; Always Be Closing. Your Recruitment Officer is the director of sales for your operation--and his phrase is "Always Be Recruiting". I won't go into the various recruiting campaigns and tools that are vital to his success--that's a subject for another post--but I will tell you that the person you put into this position is the guy who could talk an Eskimo into buying ice. He's the natural bullshitter, the guy who knows all the best jokes, the "life of the party". Ideally, this fellow actually is a salesman in "real life". The skill sets are very similar. The Morale Officer isn't the life of the party--he's the host. He's the guy who, when you're telling the story about that one time you got so drunk at a party that you fell backwards into the bathtub and tore the shower curtain down--it was his shower curtain. This is the fellow who just knows how to set things in motion, bend the rules when necessary, and make sure everyone has fun (but not too much fun--he knows when it's time to show you the door and get the shower curtain back up before Mom and Dad get home). He's always got something going on, makes sure everyone knows where to be and when, tracks who is bringing what covered dish. He's the guy who arranges flowers when there's a wedding or funeral, and dances with the shy kid in the corner (who remembers it for the rest of her life). This person is a great planner, a friendly face, knows what to say at exactly the right moment, and when to say nothing at all. He/she is the one who makes everyone feel welcome, and sows in them a sense of belonging. And none of it is "fake"; he truly believes it's his responsibility to ensure that your organization is a brotherhood, and everyone is everyone else's best friend. This position is often well-served by a female (for whom empathy tends to come more naturally). Finally, the least important officer of the first five--or ever, if the position is staffed correctly. That's the Commander. The Commander is the face of the organization, the guy who people think of when they hear the name of the unit. He's competent, above reproach, accessible, utterly believable and trusthworthy, brilliantly loyal, and firm of both character and conviction. He is not dictatorial, ego-driven, or self-important in any way. He gives credit rather than taking it, accepts compliments on behalf of his staff and not himself, and always, always, ALWAYS puts the organization first. Mostly, he protects--the people, the assets, the reputation--of the unit. The Commander is less beat cop and more traffic control officer, assigning responsibilities and seeing that things get done more than issuing edicts and beating people into submission. He's the guy you feel bad about disappointing--the one you'd rather take a beating than to even seem slightly disloyal to. And God help you if you ever ARE disloyal, because when it comes to rallying the troops, there is no one who's better at it. He can turn out the entire organization in a matter of minutes just by mere suggestion--so don't ever get on his bad side. And yet, he'll make sure you and everyone else understands that he's the least important member of the team--and he means it. The Commander is obviously the backbone of the operation; like any backbone, the unit would slouch to the floor if he wasn't there, but when he is, you barely realize he's around doing his job. The finest Commander I ever knew, and the one upon whom I patterned the above description, was a mail clerk in his "ordinary" life. He ran the third largest organization of it's type--a Veteran's Club--in the country (largest in the state). He was by far the most capable human being I ever met, loyal to those who deserved it, absolutely menacing to those who didn't. He could bend the rules and get away with it (he ran--for the benefit of the club, not one dime to himself--a huge illegal raffle operation; asked one time how he avoided getting caught over the years, he told me that he was never "caught" because he had never hidden what he was doing...in fact, he'd just come from the courthouse where he'd delivered that month's ticket to the county judge). He innately understood the difference between "illegal" and "not right". What he was doing didn't meet the definition for "legal", but it was very right...and his operation benefited veterans every bit as much as any VA program ever did. I watched him cover, out of his own pocket, when one of his employees came up hundreds of dollars short for a shift. I saw him destroy the career of an underling who stole from the organization, and make no effort to hide that he was the one who did it. He sat in his office playing solitaire all day--I know, because I sat there with him seven days a week--and yet the organization ran like a well-assembled swiss watch. In the entire time I knew him I only saw him make one mistake...he voted for Barack Obama. In retrospect, knowing what we now know of John McCain, perhaps even that wasn't really a mistake. Given his breadth of knowledge and insane ability to read people, maybe he wasn't so far off. Strive to find that guy to run your outfit, and you'll have the best Militia unit ever assembled. You'll notice that I didn't put anyone in the position of "Ninja Master" or "Range Officer". There is no provision in the first five for "Tactical Officer" or "Weapons Specialist". That's because in the greater scheme of things, those positions fall well below the others in order of priority. Without flawless operation of the positions I did list, there is no need for the others, and no way they can be successful. A successful Militia unit is built from the ground up to be a successful NON-Militia unit; it could do just as well selling used cars as training for battle. It's the organization that is important. What the organization is created FOR is secondary to the organization itself. Approach it this way, and you'll be the finest Militia Commander to ever carry the title. Tomorrow's installment is called LEAD, FOLLOW, OR GET OUT OF THE WAY.
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    Today is Day One of the twenty-day "Leadership 101" series I'll be posting. This series expresses my thoughts on some topics important to the successful leadership of a local unit, and asks other unit leaders to post their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the same subject in hopes that together we can help those who are starting from scratch with unit-building. Today the topic is RECRUITING and RETENTION. Of all the weaknesses the Militia movement has--and there are a lot of them--finding people to join "the cause" and keeping them coming back week after week has got to be the biggest of them. A lowly band of idiots calling themselves NFAC just brought 100+ heavily-armed (they weren't, but that's a discussion for another time) "soldiers" to a state park on a major national holiday; our units struggle to bring five guys to a barbecue in their own neighborhood on a typical weekend. Why is this, and what can we do about it? The answer is just as simple as it sounds; we have to go out and recruit. The reason we don't do a better job of recruiting is that it's hard, unpleasant work that takes time away from what we really like to do, which is get together with the guys to don tac vests and shoot some guns. In fact, for entirely too many of us, the vests and guns are what we are about. That has to change. The Militia is everyone. Literally, if you're going by the old-school definition of Militia, it is every able-bodied man (and in our time, woman) between the ages of 15-50 or so. That's a very broad swath of people in your community. Even if you don't go by the old standard, that's still your target demographic. Focusing exclusively, or even marginally, on only those who can go tromping through the woods on a Saturday afternoon is suicidal for your operation in the long run. For a moment, just for fun, let's behave as if that SHOULD be the sole focus of our efforts--getting gun guys going. Let's ignore every other person, every other position, and only focus on the guys we're going to put into fire teams... ...here's our sales pitch to them. "We're looking for a few folks who are in decent enough shape to lug 50 lbs of equipment through the woods on an average Saturday. To qualify, you need to provide (from your own pocket) two thousand dollars worth of firearms, another five hundred dollars worth of ammunition (most of which we're going to shoot up), a thousand dollars worth of gear, and a willingness to be called racist, added to government watch lists, arrested, shot at and possibly killed. You won't be paid; in fact, you'll continue to spend money every time we get together to just practice, not to mention if we actually deploy. Oh, and we're going to make fun of you in some ways if your fitness, weapons, or gear don't meet the standards of our other guys." How fast can you say "no, thank you" to a job posting like that? But that's been what we focus on, and that's been the actual experience we provide as a whole. You can see why recruitment and retention are in general such nightmarish propositions. To change the result, we have to change the way we approach it from start to finish. To begin, we as leaders have to accept that getting people involved means getting people involved--not just the guys with guns. An army runs on it's belly. This means that without the cook, hunter/gatherers, pack animal wranglers, etc. the army ceases to exist. And that's just the food services operation. How about medical, logistics, legal, and a dozen other operations that are vital to keep your organization alive and growing? Your job is to take all of that seriously, not just the martial arts training and Saturday maneuvers. Your job is to recognize that there are no small roles to play, that not everyone who can and wants to help is going to do so on the battlefield, and that every effort you make should have at it's core the desire to add another pair of boots to the ground in whatever capacity the person wearing those boots is willing and able to serve. Recruiting and retention are your primary responsibilities. Everything else is secondary to that. To get people into the fold you have to provide a welcoming environment for them, have a vetting system in place for when they arrive, have responsibility waiting for them when they pass the vetting, and have activities and camaraderie available to them to satisfy their need for "payment" for their efforts. They're volunteers, but even volunteers need to be rewarded...and duty/service to country and community are not by themselves enough reward for most, in the long run. But feelings of belonging, civic duty, friendship, and fun are. Your organization has to be built around providing these things for your membership, at all times. The closer you come to that ideal, the easier recruiting and retention will be. To kick-start your recruiting, begin by listing at least a dozen (the more, the better) real positions of responsibility you want to fill in your organization. Good suggested starting points are legal, logistics (arranging everything from troop transport to fundraising), intelligence, comms, food service, worship, honor guard, procurement, non-linear warfare (drones, etc.), and education. These are just a few of the areas where talent can be distributed that has (on it's face) nothing to do with guns and ammunition. Then, begin pounding the pavement. Start simple--notices on bulletin boards throughout your area, "popsicle" signs, flyers printed to be left on windshields and anywhere else you might encounter a receptive audience. County fairs and festivals, gun shows, car shows, events hosted by fire departments--these are all good places to have a presence, whether that means setting up a table and providing someone to answer questions or just putting a flyer up. And don't make your flyers about the guns and shooting (at least, not exclusively); appeal broadly because Militia must appeal broadly! If you're really brave--and if you aren't, find and recruit someone from your community who is--drop in on your neighbors who show by the Trump sign in their yard that they're Patriots who might be receptive to joining. Now's a great time to do that; people are advertising their support and it's a cue you can easily pick up on. Discount nobody. An eighty year old grandmother can often disseminate more information than a guy with a bullhorn; a fifteen year old tik tok user can, too. They can cook, make posters, sew torn gear, donate funds, and a whole bunch of other things that you haven't even thought of yet. There is no small role, and utilized properly they can do much of the hard work of running the organization so that you actually can focus on the fire teams. Having available and assigning real responsibilities is one way of retaining members once they sign on, but it's only part of it. Service to the Militia is a job, in many ways, and like any other job it's important to provide opportunities for fun and camaraderie. Plan events that don't rely on field activities or training. A bowling night might serve your operation every bit as well as a day at the range. And use those opportunities to recruit others as well; every moment of visibility is a chance to sign new people up. There are other aspects of recruiting and retention that I'll touch on in the coming days; this is a good start for now. The most important take-away for today is that Militia is everyone, and the Militia unit has to be welcome and accommodating for everyone in order to ultimately succeed. There are no small roles, and even someone who's never shot a gun can have a very important role to play in support of those field guys who do. Keep them active, keep it fun, and you'll keep them coming back for more. Do it right, and they'll even bring friends. That's the kind of self-sustaining Militia unit you ultimately want to build and lead. So what has worked (or not) for you? What weaknesses have you discovered in your recruiting plan? What shortcuts do you employ to make recruiting easier? List anything you think might help a new unit commander to hit the ground running when he starts to pull people into his organization. Tomorrow's topic is RANK, TITLE, and RESPONSIBILITY.
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    The UN couldn't find it's own ass with both hands even if we gave them $10 billion, a gps, directions written in crayon, and a southern 'bama bloodhound named Roy.
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    Anon Cyb, What does "declaring war" even look like? Publish: "Hey, this is Anon Cyb, and I declare war on all Antifa"?!?! "Come on down to League City, and we'll duke it out"?!?! All "declaring war" does is make you a target. And it accomplishes nothing positive. Some people on this site took an oath to protect and defend The Constitution against ALL enemies, and here you are, talking about violating peoples constitutional rights, by kidnapping?, using violence because of guilt by association? There is no honor in that. There is no victory in that. Make no mistake... I despise the current message of "Antifa", but as long as they locally cause no violence, I will defend their rights to protest, and air their grievances. Once they escalate into violence, it is still the domain of existing law enforcement, and the elected governments. Ultimately, I see your post as agent provocateur. Another anonymous cyber warrior, behind a keyboard in the Houston suburbs, trying to provoke others into violence on your behalf. I hope we don't see a headline of " Legion City man arrested on charges of kidnapping" or worse, because it will do no favors to the rest of us. From a leadership and intelligence perspective, how will an open "declaration of war" accomplish anything positive. To everyone else reading this... here is the lesson: Emotionally jumping in to "action" with out regard to the conditions or endstate will make you in to the very monster you are trying to oppose.
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    As I would say about the people you are clearly trying to help (namely the ANTIFA and BLM factions), you're entitled to your opinion no matter how misguided it may be. But nobody I know would follow you. You're exactly the kind of person who gives the Militia a bad name, and you'll do something foolish that will turn the bad guys into the good guys and the good guys into the bad guys. I wash my hands of you, and anyone who would even think of involving themselves with you. We "old timers" have an advantage over you; we're grown ups. We've put away childish things. Childish thoughts and behaviors, too.
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    We all feel like we should be "doing something". The problem is that we can't just "do something" about what we see going on in places other than our own back yards, and even people in those places that are suffering the worst of it can't just take it upon themselves to mete out justice or fight back just for the sake of fighting. We all feel kinda stuck, in that regard. Well, there are three things you CAN an SHOULD be doing right now. First, you should be practicing great personal skill; get your physical conditioning program underway or ramped up, get your emotions in check, get your situational awareness tuned to it's highest, and get your mind in the right place. Three months isn't a long time to get ready for the events to come. Second, you should be training. Train all the things I've just mentioned on an every day basis, but also practice proficiency with your weapons (even if you're only shooting a BB gun in the back yard--that's better than watching television), and when possible, get together with the folks you'll be on the line with and train coordination, communication, and tactics. But the third part you should be doing--and you can do this everywhere, but most especially if you're at or near an "event" (what does the media call it these days? Oh yeah--a "peaceful protest") you can be especially effective--and that is gathering intelligence. You don't have to be a "spy" to be an absolute source of vital, valuable intel...everyone can, and everyone in your unit should be taking in as much information as possible and passing it along to be analyzed. The Intelligence team of the Civilian Defense Force (https://hq.civiliandefenseforce.org) can do some pretty amazing things with even the most basic information. What do I mean by "basic information"? Well, another of the amazing things they've done is put together this "quick-tips" guide; it's must-read stuff for your entire organization: https://hq.civiliandefenseforce.org/wp-content/uploads/asgarosforum/3/IntelCollectionQuickTips.pdf Follow this guide as (at the very least) a start on what everyone out and about should be doing if they're near any of the threats or potential threats. Even if it really is a "peaceful demonstration", there's no reason not to be getting information on the major players and participants. They could be the very same people calling the shots tomorrow, when shots are actually fired. Once you have information, what do you do with it? First, share it with any relevant parties in your group. Local intelligence in particular should always be shared with local analysts. But we would also very much appreciate if you'd share your observations, photos, etc. with our intelligence analysis team. The info will be stored in our database, analyzed, and will help to create action plans later should we encounter those you've observed. We've made submitting intel easy; just click on this link and fill out the form. Attach any photos, videos, or documents (max size 8mb), and click the submit button. We'll do the rest. https://hq.civiliandefenseforce.org/intelligence-submission-form/ While you're on the site, registering is easy. Click on the register buttons you see on the various pages, and get signed up. You'll be able to see more of the site, and if you decide later to join one of our Units, you'll already be in our database to be moved to the Unit Member role. Always practice your observation skills; always utilize them when you're in a situation when gathering intel could be useful. And gathering intel is always useful! But don't keep it to yourself; get it to us (and anyone else it might serve) so we can database it and refer to it in the future. Thanks!
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    "War is sweet to those who have not experienced it." -Erasmus "I am tired and sick of war. Its glory is all moonshine. It is only those who have neither fired a shot nor heard the shrieks and groans of the wounded who cry aloud for blood, for vengeance, for desolation. War is hell." -William Tecumseh Sherman "I hate war as only a soldier who has lived it can, only as one who has seen its brutality, its futility, its stupidity." -Dwight D. Eisenhower While these quotes recount the horrors of the violence of war, make no mistake, a cold war is already among us. While we should take every reasonable measure to make sure it does not go hot, Should violence come knocking, it should find us home.
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    So what is exactly the point of our militia if We do nothing We are not organizing We don't talk about anything We don't even meet in person Our country is slowly turning into Nazi Germany The left is so corrupt that they get away with major criminal activities and corruptions They keep lying about us When they are the racist and put our future in chaos and our kids future down the toilet If they win power this election It's game over And we just do nothing So what is the point of this militia I want to hear from the entire group Are we just going to sit down and do nothing I keep seeing other militia in the country assembling together and protecting the community working with the police department But we do nothing...... ?
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    Be prepared

    We need to get active troops. We are running out of time to prepare for the possibility of a SHTF scenario. COMMS are extremely important to our success as a whole. It is even more critical that our Leadership be in control of all situations. Our current situation in the country is becoming violent. It is a great time to learn about our enemies. I can only suggest that we not listen to propaganda about what we as the Militia should be doing. We all have passion towards the protection and defense of our great country, but we can not dig our own graves because someone posted to the internet. MyMilitia was created to help keep us all on the same page. Let us not lose our way because of their agenda. They want us to step up and take the first move of retaliation. We as a whole need to be more vigilant than their desire to attempt to destroy our country. The current times shall pass. This is not the first time and it is not the last. You want to step up and protect your communities, by all means do it, but check with your leaders first. Keep in mind, you are States Militias. Once you cross state lines with loaded weapons, you become felons. The only person who can have you cross state lines is our Commander and Chief President Donald Trump. Everyone needs to get active in the Area Code Militias. Please be safe and learn everything you can about the enemy at hand, Both ANTIFA but more importantly the Federal Government. God Be With Us! III% 1st SGT 19th Tennessee Infantry, 1st Div. A Co.
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    Dog Face


    I'm an Army retiree based in the Appalachian Redoubt. I despise communists. That's enough about me for the moment.
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    Many on the right want to act right now before the left gets more organized. Sounds good on the surface and in limited instances it may apply. One thing we have to be careful of is thinking our war is against Antifa as in the foot soldiers that will fight in their name. While this may be true they are the secondary enemy. The primary enemy is the ideology and the leaders at the top. Especially those running the psychological warfare. We may never win the the psychological war but it is important to understand how communism took hold of other countries. First- The communist find a natural divide among the people be it race, religion, wealth, etc. Two - Stress the victimhood of the weaker group demanding equality while slowly taking over media outlets. Three - Anytime an injustice is done exaggerate it to be much worse than it is causing small groups of the weaker class to start to rise up in small groups. Four - They will continue to repeat this process wanting to see a major pushback from the otherside while establishing local politicians who support the weaker side while condemning the other side. Five - Which brings us to where we are now. The communist promote an image that they are stronger than they actually are which encourages others to be more bold but what they really need is for the right to rise up and strike back in some major way. Once this happens then they know that support for their cause will increase ten fold and the victim class being emboldened by believing they stand a chance being armed and encouraged to use violence to claim the rightful equality the communist lie has told them about. The idea that the will never be truly equal unless they are the superior power. There is a fine line between a peaceful Republic and total collapse. A change that can happen in just a few weeks. Before we ever strike back we should always ask is this something we really need to do. I believe right now the importance of positive propaganda concerning the milita, consitutional education within our communities and gaining support of our local neighbors many of whom may not get in the physical fight but help in other ways is essential. We need to physically prepare with people, equipment, logistics, training etc. At the end of the day we must always remember that those at the communist top understand it is essential that the right strike back in some way for the communist movement to be emboldened to rise up in greater numbers. This is the model used in other countries that fell to communism. They are counting on resistance from the right to succeed. In regard to a large scale counter attack it would need to be a situation where both local and federal government refuse to stand up the Antifa as they terrorize the country. Imagine if the corrupt left steal the election in November due to voter fraud and creepy Joe becomes POTUS. It still amazes me that so many people wait until the last minute to buy firearms and ammo. Hopefully most of these are first time gun owners. Those who consider themselves part of the militia should already of purchased several thousand rounds of ammo when times were good and not wait to the last minute.
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    It's an important subject that while not often discussed, I'm sure goes through the minds of a lot of folks. This is where churches and other religious communities come in handy - essentially a tribe or larger family unit of like minded individuals bonded together over a shared faith system. This is also an area where the nuclear family unit is of highest importance. There is a reason why certain movements have the family structure in its cross hairs - destroying the family is the equivalent of taking out an enemies supply lines. Further complication is found on account of the fact that so many people often have to leave their family homestead to find employment, placing them on an island away from those crucial support structures.
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    LISTEN--and this is very important--if you or your group would happen to go where these people are gathering, closely watch not them, but you. What I mean by that is keep an eye on everyone who joins your line or group. If you don't recognize them, and nobody else does either, they could be the false-flag operative who is there to fire that first shot. If they're doing moronic things like waving the Stars and Bars or whipping out a KKK hood or something equally moronic, they're planted there to draw the CNN camera and make it look like we're the bad guys. Shut that shit down. And if, by the grace of whatever God you believe in, you identify someone who's actually been planted to start the shooting--find a way to stop him. If you think for one second they won't mingle a few of theirs in with ours to get this shit started, you're kidding yourself. Watch closely. Know who is who. Communicate. Stop them.
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    America will fall

    Such as the other great nations like Rome, or Greece, this modern day nation america will fall hard. We had Jesus and we denied that for false Gods and wealth. Wealth is arbitary. As people we need to stand. If people are willing to stop being PATHETIC, WEAK, SELFISH, AND LAZY, maybe we can still have some hope. Let me know who wants to train, and be a man.
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    Should we declare war on Antifa

    Declaring war? Hard to declare war on someone you can't find and that has no base of operations. Kinda like the war on drugs, the war on terrorism, the war on Isis? All failures. Anon Cyb, take a breath and look at the situation. The Antifa and BLM folks are doing what they do on national television and NOT being prosecuted. There are bigger pieces at play here, and so far none of us has been foolish enough to jump in. If we attack them, rest assured we will be the ones arrested. Better to make plans for area denial and shut them down. A box of roman candles fired horizontally, some liquid cow shit sprayed on them, blend in among the ranks and start the rumor that they are in the wrong place. There are many ways to fight them on their terms using their weapons. Start a shooting war and I'll guarantee that you'll be taken down and irreparable damage will be done to the militia cause. Spray 'em down with a fertilizer truck and you'll get Youtube hits and the public will laugh around the water cooler the next day. The real way to defeat them is to make them look like idiots to their peers.
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    If you think this is the SHTF, then you have never witnessed firsthand what total chaos and destruction actually looks like. What you see going on now is nothing more than a training exercise for domestic terrorists. Everything that they have done has been handled by the local and federal authorities in that specific area. You say we are doing nothing but tapping away on our keyboards when in reality there are thousands of patriots planning and training in the event that all hell breaks loose. No one believes that our military will fail however they could be involved in larger conflicts and it will be left up to the militias to be the last line of defense to protect this country. Maybe you need to put your keyboard down and start networking and training with patriots in your area and you will see just how necessary and committed these people are.
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    MILITIA AS A STRATEGIC FORCE (Pt 1) One of the weaknesses of newly formed militias is that concentrate on the tactical and pay no attention to strategy, but tactics are supposed to support the operations plan, and the operational plan is supposed to support the grand strategy. Since our current crisis involve a socialist insurrection, I am going to concentrate primarily on strategies for that mission. (Remember, an effective militia has four missions. 1. External Threats 2. Internal Threats 3. Disaster Relief 4. Political Influence. These missions will overlap, so don’t get too hung up about keeping them separate because each mission supports our ultimate goal.) One of the most common questions I see asked is “where do I get training” and most of the advice given seems to be on the tactical level, i.e. buy this rifle, you will need a canteen and two pairs of socks, etc. People want to know how to breach a door and clear a building, but they don’t think about asking the question as to why a building should be breached and cleared instead of being bypassed. We in the Western World are children of the Greeks. We love to separate and classify things into separate categories. It has served us well in the realm of science and technology. In the East, their philosophies see things as part of a whole. In the US, our military is politically neutral and is kept separate from politics and we consider war and politics to be separate things, in the East they are considered the same thing, means to power. We can see this strategic thinking being played out by China’s rise to prominence in the last few decades. China wants power, it wants power without bloodshed if possible, but it has shown it is willing to shed oceans of blood to get if that is the most expedient means to power. It seeks power by building up its military, by economics, by cultural (social) propaganda, by buying and peddling influence is various countries in Asia, Africa, and South America. It uses industrial espionage to steel manufacturing secrets and intellectual properties. Their army is not the national army, it the army of the Chinese Communist Party. The CCP wants to control the world, and they are making a solid effort in that direction. This type of aggression, by that I mean one that uses every means possible, is typically called 4th Generation Warfare. We saw the successful communist effort at this type of warfare when the communists took over South Vietnam (although technically this was 3rd Generation warfare, 4th Generation Warfare is very much an evolution of 3rd Gen. Warfare.) 4th Generation Warfare is extremely useful to smaller and weaker groups, such as the North Vietnamese in the Indochina War with France and the Vietnam War with America. 4th Generation Warfare allows militarily weaker forces avenues of opportunity in which to be on the offensive. It should be obvious that a militia must use 4th Generation Warfare to succeed. The purpose of having a strategy is to have a plan that obtains some philosophical goal. For us, our philosophy is that human beings have Natural Rights that are not dependent on any government but are, in fact, endowed by nature and Nature’s Creator and they include Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness. We feel the best articulation and protection of those rights are encapsulated in the Constitution of the United States of America. Our ultimate strategic goal is the continuation and/or the restoration of our Natural Rights as they were articulated by our Founding Fathers by securing our Republic and the Constitution which enumerates our rights and protects those rights. We do this by limiting government overreach, repelling foreign invasions, and suppressing socialist insurrections. How do we achieve our ultimate strategic goal that will continue our philosophy? We have sub-goals that support and lead to the attainment of the ultimate goal. The most important of the sub-goals is the attainment of political and social power. This may surprise, and perhaps dismay, people who want to learn war-fighting skills, but you can quickly discern that having political power is a great and necessary asset, especially when dealing with internal threats to our Rights. Social power is the ability to shape public opinion, and that is no small thing either. Having political power goes a long way in obtaining our philosophical goals without resorting to armed conflict, which is always a win. The North Vietnamese Communists did not win the Vietnam War by military means; it won the war with politics, propaganda, and by mobilizing its sympathizers in the US to turn public opinion against the war. A militia would gain political power in two main ways. First, they would act as volunteers, whether formally or informally, to campaign for people running for public office. In political circles, this is known as the “ground game”. The Tea Party in 1990s was successful in getting some people elected, notably Paul Ryan, who unfortunately turned out to be a snake. However, the point is that grass roots movements can make a politician’s career and they can end a politician’s career. A militia should seek enough power to “make or break” such politicians. The second way a militia can gain political influence is through money and lobbying. To truly be effective in this manner, the militia would need a large reserve of cash, which is only possible if it becomes a permanent institution that can collect revenue to engage in political lobbying. Fortunately, our ideals already line up with already existing institutions like the Tea Party and the Gun Owners of America. Expediency would seem to demand that we partner with them since they are the experts in these fields of endeavor. Social Power is obtained through interactions with society in that such interactions help build positive relationships with the local population. This is absolutely essential for a militia, since it must operate as a guerilla force and local population support is an absolute necessity for such a force to survive. But having Social Power also means being able to influence society to make it stronger, which is a necessity because our society has been under attack since the 1960s and a lot of our national ills come from having a weak society. As I write these words I cannot help but think of how the Socialists through, their feminist and welfare advocating elements, and using their mass media have done such tremendous damage to the traditional family. The results are obvious to see in urban areas where fatherless children end up in gangs and in prisons at a rate far higher than children from solid nuclear families. The destruction of the nuclear family makes it much easier for the Socialists to manipulate the lost children and their welfare dependent unwed mothers, giving them an unprecedented amount of political and social power. They have been successful in destroying once great institutions such as the Boy Scouts. If the militia could be formed on a permanent basis, replacing the Boy Scouts with a militia controlled group for the development of young people (ethical indoctrination) would be a worthwhile endeavor. Anything, really, that helps defeat the liberal indoctrination children receive in public schools would be a good thing. Depending on the source, it is considered an absolute that a government cannot survive is somewhere between 25 – 33% of its population is actively against it. Therefore, we should be working to get at least 1/3 of the population either actively or passively supporting the militia. Obviously, more would be better. The idea of replacing the Boy Scouts with a militia controlled group is just one example of influencing society to create a culture that strong, vibrant, and which demands its Natural Rights be respected. Economically, the militia would promote the businesses of patriotic Americans while boycotting and, if legally possible, degrading the businesses of those who support socialism. Social media is a great avenue for promoting ideas in a social context. Disaster relief is an excellent way to ingratiate your militia into society as are acts of goodwill and charity. In fact, anything and everything that strengthens and promotes our militia and our ideals while weakening our enemies is on the table. Indeed, a militia should always be active, it should be engaged in at least one of its four missions AT ALL TIMES, chipping and hammering away at our enemies. Since I mention it in the previous paragraph, it is perhaps time to address a strategic idea that must be engaged in from the very beginning. YOU MUST NOT BREAK THE LAW. Acting as criminals will alienate you from the very society your militia needs to survive. Normal people do not like criminals. Breaking the law gives the enemy propaganda to use against you. Whatever benefits you might think a homemade explosive or a gun illegally converted to be fully automatic will give you; those benefits aren’t worth spending ten to fifteen years in a federal prison. In fact, getting locked into a cage is the worst thing that can happen to you, to your family, and to your group. Keep your noses clean. Keep them squeaky clean, and concentrate on learning war-fighting skills and building up your group so it can influence society. Remember, military action is only one of our theaters of operation. Use your time out of prison to attack our enemies legally! More to follow….
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    What happens when.....

    You fire that first shot? Im new here, spend the bulk of my time reading, occasionally responding to some subjects. I see a lot of post asking “ what are we waiting for? “ This “ NFAC” group is out there dressed in black and carrying guns and talking trash, stirring things up and many are suggesting we do the same in response. And i have done it myself, after the Stone Mountain thing i was furious. But having time afterwards to think what would be the results of such an encounter? 2 groups, armed, start a shootout with each other. What would be the results of such an event? More groups arming and retaliating against each other? What would that accomplish? The government would almost certainly step in with its own law enforcement people. A complete state lock down? Marshal law? How would the people react to that? What about supply chains? Food, medicine, electricity, water, communication? Panic would be an almost instant reaction. Im Prepared to care of myself in the short term but these are things that dont have a short term solution. We are more devided now than at any time in anyone here lifetime. Nothing is more important to me than preserving my way of life for my children and grandchildren, this great country and the constitution that guides us. So, how do we preserve what we have without a gun fight?
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    He hasn't impressed me much since the beginning, but I have to constantly remind myself (and others) that Corporal Hitler probably wouldn't have made me think twice either. It's the charisma and ability to attract and motivate people that we have to be aware of with this clown.
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    The current events of our nation is something all patriots lement. The destruction of our Constitution that has been occurring long before my birth, The Balkanization of our nation and the people within, seeing Americans kill each other in the streets, as well as the voices of the average person being suppressed by those claiming to be systematically oppressed while the people of our union oppress each other, and themselves. Defending yourself under the law is cause to be demonized while rioting and threatening innocent bystanders is held as justice for the downtrodden. Lives lost defending freedom are dragged through the mud while domestic Terrorists killed or physically pushed back on are heralded as martyrs and freedom fighters. This is a gruesome and vindictive cycle that is actively tearing apart every thread of our society which was already on fire. The threats to our nation come from both within our borders and from lands outside of our home soil which would not be able to exist or act without our funding and support. Our political leadership is either in support of the mass assault of our society or at least are unwilling to act in direct opposition of it. The destruction we see in cities like Minneapolis and Seattle, Violence of the ilk of Portland Oregon, and the manipulation of people by both the media and the government is apparent. Bodies lay in our streets ranging from less than 10 years old up to past retirement age is a direct statement to the state of our union. The abhorrent conflict that has turned us all against each other is well underway. As with our last supposed civil war this civil and societal rupture is and indeed has been developing in a way different than any conflict seen in recorded history. Our enemy is a conglomeration of ideas, beliefs, cults and violent mobs spanning the spectrum from useful yet ignorant masses fueled by unipolarized news, to semi-organized violent crowd based cult ideologies, to organized and hostile terror based militant groups such as John Brown Gun clubs, Marxist militias, redneck revolt, and militias that turned their backs on the American people and assist in training the aforementioned groups. This also encompasses politicians working in lock-step with these organizations whether out of fear, Pandering, or financial support. Even with the wide array of goals and ideologies these groups can rapidly and statically organize in the hundreds. They are well funded and supplied. During the Floyd Offensive, which was masked by coast to coast riots in the name of George Floyd; arms, Funding, equipment and goods that could be sold on the streets were looted which further helped with their funding and supply. On our side we have patriotic Americans, Preppers, Individual militiamen. While more ideologically drawn together we are far from unified. Militias in some areas are asking for public donations, Too many people just want to be seen as leaders while not putting in the effort or toil that comes with that position. Personal arguments and flaring overactive egos destroy units whether established or just starting as well as amongst patriots gathering on forums and other digital spheres. This is not to insult our community, Only an urge to push towards unity and maturing our movement to be ready for the future difficulties we will face. How can we hope to protect and preserve our communities or our constitution and liberty that countless patriots paid the utmost cost to honor and uphold. I do not claim to know what we will see in the future. I have only my experiences and observations; as well as a deep love for my American brothers and sisters, our constitution which while in tatters still stands resolute, and pure stubbornness to not turn my back on what I hold dear and what we all rally behind. Until my dying breath this I will defend at all costs and hold the line of Freedom and Liberty. These colors don't run. This flag has NOT fallen or reversed. We assault forward unto Valhalla. No matter what we face, or what form this conflict takes, people across the world and both past and present will hear, heed, respect and join in with the battle cry of Freedom, Liberty, and America.
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    'Nuff said.
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    Raptor 47

    New members reaching out.

    Evening folks. Hope you all are doing well. We have had some new members recently that have reached out to other members near by according to the member map feature. They are claiming no response from any members. I don’t know if nobody is receiving the messages. Or if they are not being sent right. If you happen to receive a message, please respond, even if you are not recruiting. So they know they are getting somewhere. I will work with the new members to make sure they are getting messages out correctly. No better time than now to get the recruits you can to get some teams together and trained. I figure we have till November. Thank you
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    Black Robe Pastor

    Time to Gather

    I'm a licensed pastor and Bible teacher. Evangelical Christian, husband, father, patriot. Seeking a network of like-minded individuals.
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    Mike Harris

    I am scared the time has come.

    I am scared the time has come for organize and hopefully take our country back. Too much crazy stuff is happening and I don't know who to trust. I know if a militia is organized on FB or Twitter it would be cencored before it could be effective. I truely believe they are out to kill us and America. I am here hoping to find answers and help. I do know this vaccine is designed to kill us once the next virus is released. I believed in Trump but he keeps pushing the vaccine even after those doctors who were cencored told us the cure. I feel we are all about to be bamboozled.
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    ROFCB Commander

    What happens when.....

    I've been saying it since I got here, and I'll say it again; there is a long game, and a short game. We should be playing the long game--our real enemies are. NFAC is playing the short game, and that is their role. That's the whole reason they exist--to play the short game, and entice us to do the same. Our focus needs to be on BUILDING, GROWING, and PROTECTING. That means creating units in our counties, growing WITHIN and with the help of those communities, and DEFENDING WHERE WE ARE rather than going off half-cocked to play Rambo when we see Grandmaster Nimrod put on his clown suit and red nose and "call us out". If my neighborhood wingnut marched down the street, I might call the police but I'd DEFINITELY ignore him otherwise (unless/until he presented a real danger to anyone other than himself). I have a toilet plunger that should receive more of my attention than Grandmaster Insane-O and his NFAC (Never Found A Clue) minions. And as long as he's not in my back yard, as long as there are police to deal with him, I won't pay him one ounce of attention or respect. I'm too busy building, growing, and protecting to waste my precious time on the likes of him.
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    ROFCB Commander

    Leadership 101: EGO, SCHMEGO

    Today is Day Fifteen of the twenty-day "Leadership 101" series I'll be posting. This series expresses my thoughts on some topics important to the successful leadership of a local unit, and asks other unit leaders to post their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the same subject in hopes that together we can help those who are starting from scratch with unit-building. Today, we're going to talk about ego and what place (if any) it has in your unit and your commanders. A fellow I have come to admire for his leadership and his accomplishments in life has this to say about ego: I'll tell you who said that at the end of this piece, but for now let's just assume that he's right (and I believe that he is--to a point). Ego is badly mischaracterized, improperly defined, etc. I'm not going to go into what ego actually is (as part of the id/ego/superego psychological marker set). I'm just going to use the word the way most people do, which is "one's belief and confidence in oneself, to the point that sometimes they can be come obnoxious and close themselves off to the superiority of others' positions, contributions, or achievements". Does that sound like your understanding of it? That's the definition we're going to go with for the purposes of this article. In that regard, ego can be a double-edged sword; a healthy respect, even admiration, for your own abilities and "what you bring to the table" can serve you and everyone around you well, especially if you lead those people. Notoriously high-ego military people include George S. Patton, Douglas MacArthur, and Napoleon Bonaparte. Obviously these fellows all achieved immense levels of success--and ultimately paid a price for letting their egos get the better of them. The key takeaway for each of these is that they were indeed immensely talented, possessing high self-confidence (vital for success in any endeavor), and certain of the rightness of their actions. It is that very certainty that leads to huge successes and spectacular falls. Sadly, one very often accompanies the other, In fact, it could argued that you can't have one without the other. This is why a healthy ego is absolutely vital for success... ...but once it crosses into unhealthy territory, it can lead to dismal failure. "Healthy" and "unhealthy" are the key considerations, and that is a most difficult line to find without crossing over it. People tend to cross into "unhealthy" levels of ego when they allow another term to enter their personality profile; the term is hubris. From Wikipedia: Hubris (/ˈhjuːbrɪs/, from ancient Greek ὕβρις) describes a personality quality of extreme or foolish pride or dangerous overconfidence,[1] often in combination with (or synonymous with) arrogance.[2] "Arrogance" comes from the Latin "adrogare" and it means the feeling a right to demand certain attitudes and behaviors from other people, "pretension" which is also associated with it is not synonymous to hubris.[3] According to studies, hubris, arrogance and pretension are related to the need for victory (even if it doesn't always mean winning) instead of reconciliation, as would be made by "friendly" groups.[4] Hubris is usually perceived as a characteristic of an individual rather than a group, although the group the offender belongs to may suffer collateral consequences from the wrongful act. Hubris often indicates a loss of contact with reality and an overestimation of one's own competence, accomplishments or capabilities. The adjectival form of the noun hubris is "hubristic". It is important, and should be a cornerstone quality of good leadership, that as a leader you monitor very closely your level of hubris. How do you do this? Like the Dunning-Kruger effect-- --it is very difficult to see your own weaknesses, particularly when hubris is the weakness you are trying to identify. This is why it is important that you build a mechanism into your leadership formula that includes surrounding yourself with others who will be honest with you rather than just "yes men". We all know the danger of having everyone around us agree that we are wearing splendid new clothes when in fact we're stark naked. How many people have fallen simply because they had no counsel from others who would tell them when they were acting foolishly? Worse still, how many have fallen because they dismissed or punished those who dared disagree with them? Ultimately all decision-making will rest with you as commander, but you have got to make it a priority to surround yourself with wise people you trust, and actively seek out their knowledge and advice. It's also likely in your best interest--and the best interest of your unit--if you consciously make it a point to honor their counsel at least now and then. Hubris is having the advice of wise and learned people, and regularly ignoring it. Hubris is also failing to recognize when you're in over your head; when you are outmatched by your opponent; or--and this is the most difficult one to accept sometimes--when you aren't the right person for the job but someone else around you is. It is the rare leader who recognizes the superiority of a subordinate, and elects to step away from leadership to allow the subordinate to assume it. This, though, is the hallmark of someone who truly is the best leader he can be. Stepping away from leadership doesn't always have to mean giving up the commander position, though. It may be that you are a superior community organizer, but not very good as a military trainer. Or, you're a top-notch trainer, but not the best strategist. This, again, is where recognizing your weaknesses (and your strengths) allows you the opportunity to seek out and promote your "betters" into positions of trusted leadership and counsel. By surrounding yourself with these people, you can cover your weaknesses somewhat, make fewer mistakes, or delegate the areas where you are least competent into someone else's care. George Marshall was a first-rate commander in his own right, but he had the great gift of recognizing when others were superior in certain positions, and made sure they occupied those spots. This gift gave us Dwight Eisenhower, among others. And Eisenhower (together with Patton) gave us Omar Bradley. You'll notice that on this list--Marshall, Eisenhower, Patton, and Bradley--there are some enormous egos...but almost a dearth of hubris. Marshall, Eisenhower, and Bradley in particular are revered for their lack of hubris in the most critical of times, and even Patton (who had his moments of extreme ego and arrogance) was well known for his ability to put those issues aside when it mattered most. Can you imagine the outcome of World War II if we hadn't had each of those generals in the positions of command that they held? Or imagine if any one of them had kept the others down and pushed forward only with their own plans and agendas? You can quickly see where hubris could have created a disastrous situation, and where the lack of it allowed for each man's strength to complement the others. This effective "sharing" or "delegating" of duties directly led to the outcome of the war. Ego has a place in the psychological toolbox of the unit commander, but hubris does not. Ego is excessive confidence; hubris is excessive arrogance. Knowing the difference between the two, and carefully managing them both, could spell the difference between success or failure for your unit, just as it did for the great generals of World War II. And who knows...if you manage the two properly, cultivating a healthy ego but dampening the unhealthy tendency toward hubris that a strong ego can often engender, you could wind up being President someday. It worked for Donald Trump, whose quote is shown at the top of this article. Tomorrow--"Turn, turn, turn."
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    Good observations and I agree with them! Still the UN does need to be kicked out of this country.
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    Hello I am new

    I was on a Facebook page and we were talking about the horrible things going on in our country. All the threats from BLM, Antifa and NFAC and how scary it is to see cities burned to the ground, police getting murdered and defunded, innocent and unarmed women, children and elderly getting beaten, some to death. I was saying how we need to stop talking about mobilizing and standing up and start doing but that we can't be running around like a bunch of rednecks with guns We need structure, training, guidance, etc. Someone from another state recommended I join my states militia which is why I am here. I am not sure if this is the right place but I strongly support the constitution, our flag, country and our President.
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    Screw the UN, they can just pack up and move to some third world shithole, were someone might actually care what they have to say. By the way maybe they can pay the USA some of the money they owe before they go.
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    Constitutional Patriot

    Be prepared

    Amazing shooting! Looks like prone to me..not kneeling. The only one I will kneel for is Lord Jesus. There are a lot of angry Christians out there like me who will refuse to live in bondage to satanic globalist communists. We will not kneel. We will stand with our fellow American patriots to save this constitutional republic!
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    Daniel Becannen

    Happy to be here.

    Hello, I’m Daniel Becannen. I am looking forward to getting to know my fellow Americans. God bless.
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    A militia needs to be set up with a civilian leadership. A committee. A Republic style of government never as I am a five star general dictatorship style. The more of a servant heart someone has the better leader they will be. The militant arm of a militia should be secondary to education both internally and in the local community. A militia should try to gain support and trust based upon how they act and work within the local community. Ideally when the general public is asked about their viewpoint of the militia the first thing that comes to mind should not be a bunch of guys with guns but a pillar of the community. A group that has a good relationship with law enforcement and is able to aid in local emergencies as help is requested. When it comes to tactical readiness it is important to be trained to fight but should not desire conflict. Military rank should be kept at the lowest possible rank based upon the militia size. You should not have someone refer to themselves as a general when the militia only has 10 members. As numbers increase so would the highest rank. Imagine 30 militias coming together each with 10 guys and you have 30 five star generals. Be one big ego party.
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    This is why I am working with churches. It pisses off my enemies and makes me friends.
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    Concerned patriot

    I am 81 years young and in ex physical health. That being said I am a competition long range shooter, out to 1000 yds.. This country is headed for a violent showdown soon. I understand that as of today BLM has 1Billion $ in the slush fund. That should scare the hell out of us. I will die defending my wife, myself and my home against any "peaceful protest" on my property. I will help any Militia that needs a thinker first and a doer second.
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    The problem is, some hothead somewhere is going to do something stupid, like shoot a black protestor in response, when a better option would be someone like George Soros, since the whole BLM uprising has nothing to do with race... the black community is simply being used as a human shield for the far left to push a socialist agenda.
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    Based on the article, he may say they formed to counter the KKK, but they are just as racist as the KKK. I believe the militias here are open to everyone and do not and should not see color. Their leadership needs to understand that we want to protect the American way of life and are not anti-black in any way. If that is the true intent of their group, they should not have the requirement that the members need to be black. That being the case they are nothing but armed racists hiding behind the freedoms afforded in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The “militia “ label may sound nice to them, but they appear to be nothing but armed thugs.

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