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    Perhaps what will be the most important thing in 2019 is what preparation took place for 2020. The Liberals and Democrats have reached an all time low. At this point no matter what a Right Wing person says or thinks they go on a tirade of being offended and take a staunch stance to the opposite point of view ..even if it's just on the fly in the middle of the conversation and they make it up as they go. I have never seen anything like it.... ever. and i can not fathom what 2020 will hold when it's time to re-elect Trump. I can foresee it being bad... real bad and I think we need to brainstorm how we should conduct ourselves to prevent being in a non-desired situation. In the day and age that homosexuality is no longer an alternative life choice ... but a badge of honor somehow. A day and age that if you are America First then that means you are Racist. A day and age when willfully killing your own baby is the number one cause of death in the nation. ......What do you think is going to happen when it all boils over? When a man opens a door for a woman and she says "What the hell are you doing asshole , you don't think i can't open my own door?!" We have to Accept that Feminism has completely killed chivalry. When asking right wingers what men want in women and what women want in men. Their responses are almost gut wrenching... You know what they say??? Women say they want their men to be more manlike Men say they want their women to be more womanlike Is that how far our society has drifted away from what matters, when men have became cowards who put them selves first over god and family, and where women are so dead set on independence, glass ceiling breaking and equality that they have became something that is completely void of attraction or desire. We need to celebrate the other sex for our differences and not strive for equality, women are so much more capable in women things and vice versa. Hey Women: The same man that will take a bullet for you without a split second of thought , does need to be coddled by you once in a while. Yeah i said it. It's nice and natural and a lot of todays women can't cook , don't clean and just become baby factories for a pay check or they whore around then cry #metoo. it's just nasty and no body wants that. Hey Men: God first, Its your job to provide for your family and that does not just mean financially, it means structurally in your home, define what's right and wrong and why, Put your wife on a pedestal. Be faithful and always remember to set your goals in heaven and not on earth and your family shall follow. 2020 is going to be a showdown, people will lose their families, friends and jobs over their political opinions a wedge is going to be driven between the masses to a level that no one has ever seen and our nation will be divided to civil war like levels. The only bit of advice i can share is a couple things i have recently tried to live by and so far it seems to make things better for me, your own experience will most likely differ... The First: 3 Things Divide Men: Religion, Politics and Women. Keep all 3 to yourself. - Just stop and remove yourself from any of it. The Second: There are three types of people in this world. Simple, Average and Advanced to identify where someone is (or yourself) there is a general rule of thumb.... Simple People - Discuss People Average People - Discuss Events Advanced People - Discuss Ideas Ask yourself who you are, then strive to be better. Other than that. Please take time in 2019 to prepare for 2020. it is going to be a turning point of our generation and the most important year of our lifetimes and will forever decide what the future will hold for the generation behind us. I welcome everyone to comment and share their advice on preparation for 2020 below this is new to all of us and it is going to take all of us to get through it unscathed. ~fixer
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    if you are dead set against facebook more power to you nobody is twisting your arm and you do not need any ties to facebook to be on my militia, we started this site to get away from facebook! we use the groups to get peoples attention and convert them here, soon the right wing groups will be deleted anyway and we will get what we can while we can. Has nothing to do with you using my militia site. If you dont want to be here because we have some groups on another site then thats your thing, You don't need to lecture us on how we are putting people in danger who are already on the platform in the first place, This isnt nothing new to us we understand the risks. let us go in the lions cage and drag out our brothers and sisters and you can just lay back and reep the benefits when they come here and network, perfectly fine with that we are here to make your unit stronger and more effective we perfer not to eat shit while doing it but if that’s what it takes we are ok with letting you be wrong and moving on.
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    Nothing I hate more than someone referring to the militia as Extremists. Just Stop Already A complete misnomer that's cast across our entire plight because of a small minority of bad actors.
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    I was hesitant at first about starting my own unit knowing the responsibility and leadership skill will be tried of me but I have got a lot of encouragement from the community and other militia members and so Cochise Defense Militia was born. I'm working real hard to make sure everything moves smoothly as it is just starting out and as of yesterday we are up to four members already. We are recruiting as well as taking donations of item we may need(please no money). If there is anyone in the Cochise county of Arizona who is interested in recruitment please contact KillBird at mymilitia.com or call me directly at (520)686-9200
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    You've got good strong views on the relationship between men and women and simple, average, and advanced people. I have no idea how the 2020 election will turn out and I don't think too many people do. The political environment of the 60's seemed most similar to our current one, but I think this one is worse than the 60's. Many politicians, who used to be concerned about the welfare of their constituents and the country they served, have become professional politicians whose major concern seems to focus on re-election so they can maintain their livelihood...I'm not saying they are all that way, but a disturbingly large portion of them seem to fall in that category. If everything stays the same, Trump will have my vote in 2020...would you vote for someone like Elizabeth Warren...come on. National priorities, along with morals, and good ol' common sense, are way out of line. Maybe it wouldn't hurt the politicians to read the book of Proverbs or Ecclesiastes.
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    I’m seeing our country being taken away from us one piece at a time. It’s time to make a stand.
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    The Facebook pages are more like leader links to bring like minded people to this web site that are already on facebook, it's not a place to put personal or security sensitive information on for sure.
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    Sgt Spofford reporting in for assignment. Worked administration in aviation, field artllery 155 towed, direct support maintenance M1 and Bradleys, EOD, and 24th ID. Who is Commanding the Eastern Tennessee division? Time has arrived to call for a muster of the Eastern Tennessee Militias for readiness and operational awareness for Intel purposes.
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    I am resided in Northern Nevada. As far as I have learned, I am the only person interested in the State. So, my question is, what am I doing that is worth while? During our last election, the Mid Term, so called, the Communists took over the Governorship and the Legislature. I moved away from the left coast to get out of that kind of politics. Moving is hard work. I am allergic to work, What I do here is being a member of the Civil War Reenactment Group as a Marine. I build a land ship and do my best to teach what our Government School do not teach of our History. After I am accused of telling untruths, my reply, with a smile, is look it up. I do not think that they go to the trouble. I also spend a few dollars purchasing parts to put rifles together. Also the parts to put the ammunition together so I mat shoot them. How long do you think I can keep all of that? I have a son who resides in Henderson who has my name attached to him. He was an Air Force Officer for the last twenty years. Resigned his Commission last July. Lowell Higley
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    Yupper! At least the powers pulling the strings behind the curtain know, all out confiscation and subjugation while their puppets and mind numb robots follow.
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    Fixer... I really loved what you wrote about men and women! Great insights. The entire post was one great insight. I have always been politically slanted and opinionated. Not good at small talk or chit chat ... why I am not good socially around people. They want to talk about nonsensical stuff and I want to make them aware of our Rights and what is happening around them. I guess the world needs all kinds, the trick is to find your kind! 🤣 Personally, I have done what I could, moved to a small country town and cut all bills to the bone. 2020 WILL be one for the history books. Unless Trump completely loses his focus, I plan to vote for him.
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    Dang Democrat Socialist commies! They are going to keep pushing, we are going to keep being civil ... until we have no other choice! I do NOT want that choice either, I do not want it for my children or grandchildren either. “I prefer peace. But if trouble must come, let it come in my time, so that my children can live in peace.” Thomas Paine
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    even by definition it,s unconstitutional and dangerous for everyone
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    I've served with men and women in the Army who I've treated the same. It is no different in the militia. If you hold everyone to the standard, everyone maintains that standard. Women are no different.
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    I have a cb in my motorcoach.
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    No thank you. Facebook is junk. Keep to your own platform. You won't find me on those sites.
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    https://www.mymilitia.com/calendar/ Please Give me your Calendar Feeds and What User Name you would like to post the events, i can auto sync and you will not have to manually add the events here
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    I received a flyer today in the mail from AFPA wanting to inform me that I need to help Congress Stop Trump’s Medicare agenda. Trashed it right there. Trump’s agenda is anti-Big Pharma, lower the cost of medicines, making access EASIER & CHEAPER! This group is BIG PHARMA! No wonder they are trying to scare you into turning on Trump. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS! https://www.healthnewsreview.org/2017/10/non-profit-alliance-patient-access-uses-journalists-politicians-push-big-pharmas-agenda/
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    My son asked for a single action revolver for christmas
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    Agreed, all it takes is the right false flag and things can get sticky fast. Recall the situations that sparked the last two world wars. There is something about what's been going on lately that reminds me of a detailed letter from Albert Pike to Mazzini in 1871 https://www.google.com/url?sa=t&rct=j&q=&esrc=s&source=web&cd=3&cad=rja&uact=8&ved=2ahUKEwivgKyw57nfAhX1HjQIHeztAvQQFjACegQICRAB&url=https%3A%2F%2Fwww.dailystar.co.uk%2Fnews%2Flatest-news%2F499303%2FWorld-War-3-letter-Albert-Pike-conspiracy-Islam-ISIS-America&usg=AOvVaw3jdeKXH8rBlSoCUB3mbez5
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    All the legit looking stories say they launched missiles near the carrier, not at it. Still, good enough reason as any to blow them all out of the water. 😉 Seriously though, if they had fired at the carrier, I'm sure the other ships would be at the bottom of the Persian Gulf by now. 👍
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    Good to see I'm not the only one with eyes and a spine. Nadaanii brother
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    It's that time of the year again and the sound of anguished hearts of our homeless veterans have grown since last year. I muse often of what they must had gone through to keep our great nation safe and free only to come home to a cold sidewalk to console in while the same system they once trusted in pushes them to the back, turns them away and cut the founding for the medication they need to live. Were is there family, friends and country to let them know we are still with them and we thank them for the sacrifice they made on our behalf? I am only one man and can do only so much to let them know someone cares, I can only give what I can being poor myself but these fine Americans faced death in the face for us and came home to endure the ridicule of our youth who act like communists and think like socialist who don't know the first thing about sacrifice year after year. I think these men deserve a "Thank you", "Here's a coat for you" "Come over for Christmas dinner". My challenge for you: Thank a homeless veteran and do something this year to let him know we are there for him. So what will you do this year? I love to hear from you.
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