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    For once in the last 4 years of this sites push we are finally seeing militias painted in a positive light... now we must continue
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    Couldn’t agree more! The MSM has to take us seriously now. We definitely looked really cool today
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    I believe something even bigger than individual gun control is coming. I think they are going to go after the militias as such. Because ... suppose they ban 'assault weapons', and all magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds. Well ... in the first place, how many people do you think will actually turn their AR15s in? So many of them will be lost in boating accidents, or given to an elderly relative who has now died who lived in a distant state. In the second place ... although a thirty-round magazine is handy ... we won WWII against the Nazis with a rifle that had an eight-round magazine. I would far far far rather see 500,000 people organized and trained in local militia units, armed with M1 Garands, supported by five million sympathyzers, than 1000 000 people with fully-automatic AR15s, each sitting at home "defying the government," or 'organized' with two or three friends, with no training, no chain of command, no specialists and division of labor that you get when you can bring together hundreds of people with a purpose, having access to the knowledge and skills bought by American soldiers over the last fifty years and paid for in blood. Genuine wars are won by discipline , organization, skillful leadership and deep moral committment on the part of the combatants. We far outgunned the Viet Cong, but the Communists -- having wiped out their non-Communist nationalist competition during the Second World War -- pretty much had a monopoly on Vietnamese nationalism. This gave them a big advantage. Napoleon said in war, the moral is to the material as three to one, and he was right. But that committment has to be organized, which is why I think that the militia will soon be portrayed as 'private armies' made up of ultra-right wing terrorists. Read the Huffington Post articles on the militia and you can see the political equivalent of an artillery 'prep' in action. Our enemies don't really care about the weapons, or about the occasional mass-murdering lunatic (who will find ways to kill in any case): their target is organized patriots. So in the immediate future we need to prepare a propaganda counter-offensive. This is why Virginia is important: we need large numbers of ordinary citizens turning up, NOT looking like scary sullen bearded men in camo with machine guns, NOT carrying swastikas and Confederate Flags, NOT threatening to arrest the governor on the basis of some arcane interpretation of the law, NOT muttering about Black Helicopters piloted by the Illuminati and carrying "UN soldiers". Patriots are very poor at propaganda. Why? Because they tend to be naturally conservative, basically happy with their country. So they don't stay up late thinking about how to radically change it. We don't have a Saul Alinsky writing a Reveille for Radicals book to get instructions from. We just want to be left alone. But they don't want to leave us alone. We're always playing defense. We have to start playing offense, learning how to win public opinion, how to carpe diem (seize the day) when a Bridge at Remagen moment comes along, as it did a few days ago with the Synagogue and Church attacks. We need to play political judo -- offering to provide security for local mosques for example. We need to build a pyramid of support around and below us, of people who are not directly militia members, but are part of support groups, parallel groups, social welfare groups supported by us. What's the difference between a militia in America at the present time, and a professional army? The real difference is this: in terms of whom to wage war against, a professional army just follows the directions of its government. It can concentrate entirely on the technicalities of warfare. It may have a 'PR' department but it will just be a feeble adjunct, which no real soldier will want to be assigned to. But today, in America, a militia has got to spend as much time 'doing politics' as it does in target practice and carrying out fire-and-maneuver exercises. Our enemies have wisely chosen, from their point of view, to fight on that ground. Anti-fa know they would be turned into hamburger in any armed confrontation between them and us. At the moment, the political field, defeating the propaganda war against us, is the 'high ground', and we've got to obey that basic rule of infantry warfare: take the high ground and hold it.
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    Please print and fold these and distribute accordingly, We hope to see many of these at upcoming events File is attached https://www.embreyenterprise.com/mm/MyMilitia2020.pdf Preview... My Militia 2020.pdf
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    Newbie here; thanks for the add!

    I'm an RN with years of Mobile Intensive Care Nurse , Level 1 Trauma experience, and I hope my expertise will never be needed by my fellow militia patriots. That being said, I'm a mediocre shooter and practicing to get better. Hope to be a valuable asset to the team. Thanks to y'all for contributing valuable information on this site.
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    Here's how the MSM started off: ========================================================================================== CBS This Morning 1.13M subscribers Richmond, Virginia is on high alert this morning before a gun rights rally that local authorities fear could turn violent. The FBI and local law enforcement say they’ve received credible threats of violence. Organizers say tens of thousands of people, including white supremacist groups and militias, may gather in the former confederate capital today, where Democrats are proposing new gun laws. ========================================================================================== Global News 938K subscribers State officials and U.S. hate-monitoring groups are warning about the potential for violence ahead of a gun-rights rally in Richamond, Va., on Monday, January 20, that is expected to draw militias, firearms advocates and white nationalists. WARNING: This is a live event. Video may contain instances of graphic language. Viewer discretion is advised. ========================================================================================== But ... their hopes were not realized!!!! Here is how the New York Times had to report it, after it was over. New York Times irginia Gun Rally Live Updates: Fiery Speeches, but No Signs of Violence Weapons have been banned on the grounds of the Virginia State Capitol, but many pro-gun demonstrators outside the security perimeter are armed. By Timothy Williams, Sabrina Tavernise, Zolan Kanno-Youngs and Sarah Mervosh Right Now Protesters streamed onto the streets of Richmond after speeches on the Capitol grounds. Here’s what you need to know: The authorities maintained tight security as advocates rallied for gun rights. Despite dire warnings, ‘it was like a family gathering.’ Rally speakers included a plaintiff in a landmark gun-rights case. A scandal that nearly took down the governor was prominent in protest materials. No incidents or arrests have been reported so far. https://www.nytimes.com/2020/01/20/us/virginia-gun-rally.html ========================================================================================== So we've won this battle! If the militia movement were well organized, then every militia (and similar) unit in the country would organize a public meeting on this event and the Second Amendment, ideally with a rally attender speaking. If the militia movement were well organized, then two or three members of each militia unit would be scanning the local press and radio and looking for a chance to write a letter to the editor, pointing out the huge scary 'there will be blood!!!" "hate groups!!!" "White nationalists" b.s. of the mainstream media, and inviting readers and listeners to draw the obvious conclusions. There's a lesson here for all the people who (sincerely) said, "Don't go, stay home, it's a set up!" and also for those who argued that the Mainstream Media would just distort the event beyond reality. The fact is, they couldn't. They had to report more or less the truth: thousands and thousands of ordinary Americans, your neighbors, rallying in defense of the Constitution. The battlefield of publicity has not yet been conquered by our enemies, and it's one we must learn to fight on successfully. This rally set a terrific precedent for how to do things, and what image to project. Looking forward to the next engagement.
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    Richmond, VA–Republican Senator Amanda Chase posted on facebook late Sunday afternoon, January 19th, calling for Virginia’s unhinged Governor, Ralph Northam, to step down from office. She called for him to resign effective 12:00 pm on Monday, January 20th–high noon on Lobby Day. Read her post in it’s entirety below: Here’s a great excerpt: He’s lost the confidence of 96% of the counties and municipalities here in the Commonwealth and shoved anti-gun legislation in the faces of Virginians. This is more than a Democratic, Republican or Independent issue, this is not just a Virginian issue. This is an American issue. And every red-blooded gun owner in America thanks you for saying it, Senator Chase! Chase made headlines two days ago for her clarion call warning that gun owners were ‘being set up’ by Northam. She pointed out that the tyrannical rules being thrown together were going to try to paint gun owners as violent and dangerous in the days leading up to this Lobby Day event. You can see that post, here: This lady is standing like a stone wall in Virginia! Virginia’s gun owners need to rally behind her, both tomorrow and in the future! She’s standing rock solid behind us.
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    There is still a gun behind every blade of grass in this great nation. Don't worry patriots; please rest easy knowing that no matter how we get there, no matter how hard the fight, we will prevail. God is on our side. God is the grantor of "inalienable" rights. "first they will ignore you, then they will laugh at you, then they will fight you. Then you will win." - Gandhi
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    May be a little early but we were Militia's before Militia's were cool 😎
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    We won a major victory in the Optics Fight just like at Bundy Ranch. We do need to capitalize on it. Don't let people forget that tens of thousands of armed patriots and militia gathered in Richmond and no one got hurt! Hell, they were literally cleaning up the streets by peeling stickers off the ground afterwards! Complete 180 from leftist rallies were they leave multiple dumpster loads of grabage laying everywhere on the ground afterwards. Hell, even lamestream media is having to admit it was peaceful and there was no burning crosses and marches of people in klan robes. They LOST this battle!
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    I didn't go. I thought it was an absolutely terrible idea to show up there. IMO, never has there been a more tempting target for establishment agent provacateuring and/or false flagging to discredit and demonize the militias, conservatives, the 2A and Trump. And I couldn't be more happy and proud to be so wrong!
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    This turned out immensely better than we could have hoped for. A deep breath, a cold beer, and back to work... the fight goes on.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    Been busy again. Work, cleaning my gear and weapons, rotating older rations, repacking my gear, etc.... The people of Virginia do need to be at the forefront of anything that happens at the rally on Monday. It is their state and they have to live with the consequences of what ever happens. The VCDL has asked for at least 10,000 attendees to show up unarmed and fill to bursting the fenced in (caged) area in front of the speakers. They also asked for 2-10 times that number surrounding the fence armed and ready for anything that occurs. Then the media can't say no one attended. There will be cameras EVERYWHERE on the patriot side, leftists, media, and law enforcement. So if a false flag is pulled it will be on multiple cameras from multiple angles. I watched a video this morning that DAHBOO 7 is going to be there broadcasting live. Alex Jones is going to be there with his armored truck and a security detail. Supposedly local VA Antifa has said they will be joining the patriots in standing against the gun control at the Rally. But I live by the dictum "Never trust or believe a communist". So I would still keep a close eye on them. Everyone is worried about optics at the event to paint the militia in a bad light. Guess what, they will do it any way even if they have to do it in editing by adding things to the footage before airing. I do recommend that if anyone sees people with nazis flags to get a group together and confront them to have them removed. As for Confederate flags.... well, Virginia was the capital of the Confederacy. I personally do not support it and believe that should be a VCDL choice on that one. Imagine the optics of Militia (Gadsen flag flying behind them) and Antifa (with their flag) shaking hands after removing skinheads, KKK, and neo nazis from the Rally together peacefully. And then blasting the footage of that EVERYWHERE. To the point Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, and other pundits have to cover it. To the point where the media has to cover it truthfully because of all the phone and camera footage of the event happening from multiple angles. That would be a MAJOR media relations victory for the Militia and a massive defeat for the Deep State.
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    Gear Vendor Links

    Here is a useful list for anyone who might need to do some comparison shopping. I am in no way affiliated with any of these sites. If You have a favorite place that's not on the list feel free to Pm me, or just comment below. Ill do my best to keep the list up to date. This is still very much a work in progress. AWS- General and specialized duty equipment Eagle Industries- specialized duty equipment Ferro Concepts-Plate Carriers and tactical accessories Direct Action Gear- Plate Carriers and tactical accessories Cry Precision- Plate Carriers and tactical equipment TYR tactical- specialized duty equipment Tactical Tailor- specialized duty equipment Blue Force Gear- specialized duty equipment High Speed Gear- specialized duty equipment RE Factor Tactical- Plate Carriers and duty equipment Scorpius Tactical- Tactical equipment Extreme Outfitters- General Duty Equipment First Spear- General and specialized lightweight tactical equipment S&S Precision- Specialized Unique Platforms and accessories. Tactical gear.com- General wide varity tactical gear La Police Gear- General Duty Equipment and clothing Sportsman Guide-Surplus and General Equipment and Outdoors Optics Planet- General Equipment and Outdoors superstore Fort Bragg Surplus- General Military Surplus. Army Surplus World- General Military Surplus. ArmyNavySales- General Military Surplus. Colemans Military surplus- General Military Surplus. Double Tap Surplus- General Military Surplus. Vertx- Outdoor Clothing Midway USA- General Outdoor and Shooting supply store. Hard Head Veterans - Ballistic and Bump Helmets RMA Armament- Ballistic protection Hoplite Armor- Ballistic protection Spartan Armor Systems- Ballistic protection and accessories AR500- Ballistic protection and accessories Security pro USA- Ballistic Helmets and protection/accessories Botach- Ballistic protection and accessories Ballistic  Armor Co- Ballistic Helmets SKD Tactical- General Military Duty Supply Galls- All around Duty supply Thunderhead Outfitters- All around Duty supply Safariland- Duty holsters and accessories ShellBack Tactical- Plate Carriers and accessories US Patriot Tactical- General Military Duty Supply Ranger Joes- General Military Duty Supply North American Rescue- Medical Supplies. Imminent Threat Solutions-Tactical Medical Gear. Tacmed Solutions- Tactical Medical Gear. Chinook Medical- Tactical Medical Gear.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    I'm more so than ever before convinced that the Democrats are domestic terrorists. The public which identifies with the Democratic Party are only the sheep led astray with promises of free stuff and platitudes which are suppose to just make them "feel good" or stroke their egos on who is more woke and virtuous keeping the very scumbags who tirelessly work over a multiple-decades long plan to undermine our Republic and way of life for personal gain and power in power. So sad to see this in America, but at least one thing Trump was able to add to his growing list of accomplishments is that he has exposed the left for the Anti-American communists they are.
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    Matt In West Virginia


    Canada is currently overran by middle-easterners, lots of which are from Iran. So my 1st question was when they reported all those "Canadians" on board, were they Canadians? Or were they Iranians with Canadian citizenship? To me they are two different things. I'm still trying to figure out how anyone could be idiotic enough to actually fly a plane directly into harm's way like that knowing missiles just flew by and are probably still being launched? I mean, what company... what flight service... what kind of pilot would do that? If I were the pilot I'd never have taken that plane anywhere... unless I were forced. President Trump did seem nervous the next day during the press release. They had the microphone stuck right down his throat though. Because I've dealt with and been around audio equipment all my life, I can tell you it's easy to pick up all kinds of noises your body makes that you're usually unaware that you even make. That was one of those days for President Trump. Was he lying? Well... If he was, you can bet he hated doing it... It would have been for a far greater cause. Do I think he would have lied about 90 soldiers dying? We have to remember, much of war must be done with a level of secrecy. All cannot be disclosed to the press. Let's go ahead and realize that Democrats have been transmitting military secrets to the enemy through the press for a very long time now. It's important that your enemy not know what you've done, what you're doing, nor what you're going to do. I find it hard to believe President Trump would deny 90 fatalities... but I find it equally hard to believe Israel would put out a false report or that the President would reveal anything concerning top secret battle strategies. This is the responsibility of a Commander In Chief. That's just one reason we vet our Presidential candidates before we turn them loose with the biggest guns in the world. Whichever way it is, I personally have trust enough that this President is doing what he thinks is best. He's not one to "tell all". As a result, these top terrorists keep popping their head up thinking themselves safe just to find out, a little too late, that they weren't. I can also say, IF I were a troop under his command, I would consider it an honor to go up against that murdering SOB that recently got a missile right up his ass. He's murdered enough of us. Mind you, I'd rather live for my country and let the enemy die for theirs. But war is war.
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    Gun control is really about people control and that is what it is all about. The elite and those that believe they are also part of the elite (because most of them are really unknowing dupes and tools of the real power behind the strings) want to be able to completely rule all of us with no chance for resistance by force. They want to confiscate and remove all privately owned firearms in the United States, because that is the only thing keeping them from complete and open rule of our world. Once private firearms are mostly gone in the United States we will have two kinds of people left, the few that died resisting and not complying, and the rest who are the peons, serfs and slaves of the elite ruling class. Every additional infringement on any of our rights is one step closer to this down their slippery slope. No more compromise, no more additional infringements, and we need to get back most of what has been lost so far.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    Very very important: DO NOT BRING LONG WEAPONS. The people organizing this have rightly asked people not to bring long arms. And: watch out for provocateurs. This could be a huge victory for us -- if there are tens of thousands of people, peacefully but angrily protesting -- it will galvanize people all over the country. It will be a huge setback for the Left. But ... if it looks like there might be violence, even shooting -- many people will stay away. The demonstration will be smaller. If it's really small, then it will be a defeat, and a serious one. If it's a large demonstration, but there is serious violence, that too will be a defeat. Thre is good reason to believe that the Left is working overtime to try to provoke violence, by first of all encouraging unstable people to bring guns, and even to try to 'arrest' the governor. Utterly mad. They may also infiltrate provocateurs into the crowd, who will throw things at the police. Anyone doiNg this should be dealt with immediately by the people standing around them: pick them by their arms and legs and pass them overhead to the edge of the crowd into the arms of the kindly policemen they were throwing things at. If they lose their wallet and ID on the way, too bad. FOR EVERYTHING, THERE IS A SEASON. DO NOT BE PROVOKED. DON'T DO ANYTHING STUPID. NOW IS THE TIME FOR FIRE DISCIPLINE.
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    If you can't find a group any closer you are welcome to check us out
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    Enlistment Growth.

    I spent ten years in the US Army of which 3 years I was a recruiter and retention officer. You cant grow a formidable militia that can be taken seriously without recruitment and retention. Maybe I'm wrong and understanding how you want to grow this when it has been very difficult to even locate a militia in my state. I realize that maybe Vermont doesn't have much interest, but seriously could not find any information whatsoever. I would appreciate any help in this matter so I can become an active member. Thanks for anyone's help.
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    Just your ordinary guy

    I joined this site today. I never thought I’d ever be interested in a group like this. I’ve allowed myself to believe that the militia was for religious wing nuts and wanna be militant extremists. I’m a driller by trade, father of 2, and a husband. I keep to my own business. I lead a boring life to most anyone who would be looking in on it. I’ve never protested. I’ve never had to take a hard stand for my rights or the rights of others. However, this gun grab by Governor Northam has awakened me to the bleak realization that our 2nd Amendment is more than under attack, it’s at risk of being stolen away. I’m not a gun owner, though I have bought several for my kids, both male and female. Blindly, I never thought I’d ever be in need of one, as I never have time to hunt(I have taxes to pay), and have always felt secure where I live. I have trusted God for my safety, and tend to stay away from places and events that are more prone to violence. I not only still believe and trust God for my safety, but also am beginning to believe I must be ready when the fight comes to me. Though I feel like a hypocrite for not being a gun owner, I am compelled to take a stand. My wife and I will be buying weapons for self preservation, as well as those around us if, God forbid, it comes to that point. I will continue using this site to remain informed. Forgive my ignorance about the details of weapons, militias, common jargon, etc. I’m learning.
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    An on the ground report from someone who is not part of this group, but who ought to be. A veteran friend wrote:
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    Riding the Trump train to victory!!!!
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    That dude with the 50 was getting so much love from the folks on the ground. Every channel I was watching doing their live streams was chatting him up.
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    The first demonstrators lining up for the 2nd Amendment Rally at Virginia State Capitol. The gates open at 7 AM. The official rally begins at 11 AM.
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    The planned demonstration in Richmond on Monday has attracted enourmous attention. It's the topic of discussion on many discussion boards and comments sections on YouTube and many other places. I'm not as familiar with Social Media as I should be ... so when I say 'YouTube' this also means any internet medium that people look at and where you can comment. Here is the request: Today and Tomorrow and Sunday, get onto any Social Media where you can make a comment, where the Richmond Demonstration is being discussed. (On YouTube, just type "Richmond Demonstration" or "Virginia Demonstration" into the search bar). Write a comment, something like, "All Out for Richmond! More information at VCDL.org, Get organized: more information at MyMilitia.com" Use your own words, refer to previous comments or the actual video or whatever, but ideally mention both organizations, so people can get the latest breaking news, but for sure mention this website. We have an opportunity here that will not occur again soon. There is tremendous interest in the Richmond events ... people will lapse back into ordinary daily life concerns on Tuesday. Probably every computer-literate pro-gun person in the United States is checking for information now. Let's try to reach them now and build the popularlity of this website and of the militia movement. Comments get pushed down by other comments, so think about coming back on the following day and doing something similar, if your comment has vanished down the line. If two or three people make the same sort of comment, that's fine.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    As an everyday, blue collar worker, I have been a lawful citizen. I keep to my business. I’m not a gun enthusiast. In fact, the only guns I have bought were for my kids for hunting. I’ve been asleep. I’m awake now. Never have I been so concerned for the safety of the people as I am now. I will be buying guns to secure my own liberty, and if need be, the security of those around me. This is terrifying that this situation in Virginia could escalate to an all out war against the citizens who rally tomorrow. My prayers are with everyone there in attendance. May God have mercy on us all, and may he change the hearts of those in office making these egregious decisions for the state of Virginia.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    Friend, I edited your post. I'm not trying to step on your toes or infringe on your right to speech, so I apologize if you're offended at my cleaning up your post. But, there are likely eyes on this forum right now given the circumstances taking place. I don't want anyone getting into hot water. Emotions are running hot right now. You're correct in your assessment that the enemies of the people don't care about what we have to say and won't change their actions. I watched the video from SecurityGuy42. And in many ways I am sympathetic to what he has said. I do think it would be appropriate for people to gear up. I won't tell people not to do so. I agree that the plain clothes whining events that have been going on for years hasn't gained us any ground back, and often is ignored by the tyrants who continue to take regardless of the voices of the people - and the Constitution. That being said... I also believe those individuals gearing up need to leave space for those citizens of VA who do not want to gear up and want to air their grievances at the Capitol. There is room for both groups. The plain clothes crowd should be closest to the center as they will be acting as the physical voices at the event.
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    Matthew M

    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    We must stand together and REFUSE to be disarmed! I am going. I am going armed. I will not be disarmed! I will stand, even if I stand alone!
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    Princeton Wv....Interested in joining a militia to protect our rights and Constitutional liberties. My job keeps me gone most times because of being a driver, but am willing to participate and do what I can when I can. Was raised shooting weapons, but it's been a long time and would like to retrain in that area.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    Virginia Capitol Gun Ban IMPORTANT UPDATE
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    I agree but anyone who stands with Trump ... I will stand with them. Bigger things at work here. 👍👍🤣🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
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    Yes Sir. It "Media Activism". Not journalism. And that has been what Americans have been getting in the news for as long as there's been a Deep State, but far worse since the election of President Trump.
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    Yes Sir. That whole article is the norm now from these newly college educated zombie leftists. The woman never talked to one militia... She scatter-surfed the internet and concocted that story with liberal talking points from all over. There's no way our "image" is going to be anything but extreme in the media. Our only hope to be heard is to be sincere and unified . It will take MANY of us, standing together. 10's of thousands from all over... a crowd so big, in so many different places, unwavering in cause, message and intent, that we can't be ignored.
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    They have people truly dumbed down. Back in 2010, I told an informant that people can be watched thru the camcorder on a computer or phone. She told people I was mentally ill for thinking such a thing, and cops, knowing better, or should, go right along with that sort of thing, as an excuse to pick on people. We have a very ignorant society.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    There is a lot of speculation floating around at the moment. What we can say is this: Legislation is being pushed in numerous states to either confiscate fire-arms (Red Flag), ban, or further limit the 2A rights of the citizenry. This cannot be disputed. How likely those bills are to pass in any given state is a matter of looking at who the representatives are that will vote on those bills. The thing to remember is that just because a bill doesn't pass... that doesn't mean it goes away. It is a reference point for future legislative attempts or even a bill that can be resurrected as is to be pushed at a later point. They are laying ground work knowing that if it doesn't pass this time... it might the next time when they can get the majority or increase the size of their majority. This is why local and state elections are so important. This is also why demographic shifts are important to monitor. If you live in Idaho... you've got a lot of Commiefornian's moving into the state. That is going to change how that state votes in the future. What is safe today may not be tomorrow. These attempts being put forth are a sign to us that the gears and cogs are doing their thing behind the scenes - intentions precede actions.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    It is my hope that a number of Militia Units have planned to stay outside of the city limits and find places to camp out. I respect the VCDL request to not carry long guns. Not my style, but, it's their rally. Just seems like a bad situation waiting to happen to have several thousand people packed into an area only carrying pistols and otherwise poorly equipped. As much as I'd love to see 10k people rallying to send a clear message... I'd be more comfortable with 7k in the city in coats and jeans and 3k in bdu's with rifles in the towns and woodlands outside the city just in case. If the numbers go higher than 10k... the rally location is going to potentially be very congested. Hopefully folks have planned for a fallback location in the event things go south and have maps at hand to navigate out to safety. Hopefully some Militia's have planned ahead to be support in the event things go bad. Some people will need to get out due to being under equipped... others will need to go in. Also hoping that patriots are packing gas masks in the event tear gas is deployed to deal with any unrest.
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    Matthew M

    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    Well said Doug, the info on the long guns is appreciated. I may or may not comply with that request. I am less concerned about our people and more concerned about a false flag plant. If there is someone that you suspect, keep eyes on that person and intercede if necessary. Although, I understand the request, not to bring a "long gun", I do consider that a failure in judgment. It would behoove the organizers to allocate a few if not many to just that. Not only as a means of deterrent and protection for the group, but also as a visual aid for those seeking to infringe on our rights. I know this goes without saying; but like Doug said. Trigger control people, Safety, Safety, Safety! One negligent discharge is all that is necessary for left to say; "See these guns are dangerous... bla bla bla." Unless you are put into a position to defend yourself, keep your firearm holstered! We all like a little show and tell, but now is not the time.
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    The UN Chooses Sides

    The UN Chooses Sides
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    If you or anyone you know is planning to attend the rally in Virginia on 20 January there are several things you must know: Wearing masks is against the law in Virginia. Watch this video: Here is the actual law, and a link to it: https://law.lis.virginia.gov/vacode/title18.2/chapter9/section18.2-422/ 18.2-422. Prohibition of wearing of masks in certain places; exceptions. It shall be unlawful for any person over 16 years of age to, with the intent to conceal his identity, wear any mask, hood or other device whereby a substantial portion of the face is hidden or covered so as to conceal the identity of the wearer, to be or appear in any public place, or upon any private property in this Commonwealth without first having obtained from the owner or tenant thereof consent to do so in writing. However, the provisions of this section shall not apply to persons (i) wearing traditional holiday costumes; (ii) engaged in professions, trades, employment or other activities and wearing protective masks which are deemed necessary for the physical safety of the wearer or other persons; (iii) engaged in any bona fide theatrical production or masquerade ball; or (iv) wearing a mask, hood or other device for bona fide medical reasons upon (a) the advice of a licensed physician or osteopath and carrying on his person an affidavit from the physician or osteopath specifying the medical necessity for wearing the device and the date on which the wearing of the device will no longer be necessary and providing a brief description of the device, or (b) the declaration of a disaster or state of emergency by the Governor in response to a public health emergency where the emergency declaration expressly waives this section, defines the mask appropriate for the emergency, and provides for the duration of the waiver. The violation of any provisions of this section is a Class 6 felony. There is another law which makes it a felony to throw something at a car with people in it. This is also discussed in the video above. I believe it would also be very unwise to bring longarms to this rally. Presumably the organizers will be issuing instructions soon. It's clear that this is going to be a large rally, and it may have a significant impact on awakening gun owners around America to what is likely to happen to them soon. This could be a big victory for 2A supporters, and also a jolt for growth of the militia movement. For that reason, the enemies of gun owners will be hoping that there is violence, preferably armed violence, at the rally, which will frighten away potential supporters in the 'middle'. And they might just try to arrange it so that there IS violence. So ... if someone in the crowd of pro-2A protesters throws a half-brick at the police or National Guard, they are almost certainly an Anti-Fa infiltrator. They should be picked up by everyone around them, holding both arms and legs, and passed over the head of the crowd to the police. And if they happen to lose their wallet and ID while being passed overhead to the edge of the crowd, that would be very sad.
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    3% United Patriots of Virginia is large state wide group with zones and zone leaders. It is active with various types of training and meets.
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    We are so beyond fear mongering. a quick review of 2019. 1. The Pope bows to a pagan goddess 2. The pope signs the UN agenda 3. The pope places a pagan idol on the altar of God 4. Civil unrest and rioting in Hong Kong as they fight for they’re religious freedom 5. Homosexual and transgender brainwashing begins in American schools and libraries 6. States legalize the murder of newborns and condone their live dismemberment and sale of their body parts 8. Children and the homeless are chipped with RFID in Austin Texas 9. Catholics and Jews are seeing a rise in persecution as churches burn and worshipers are attacked 10 Gun control. I believe in gun control. I’ve found there is much better success with a gun when you have good control of it. I believe there should be a gun law too, prohibiting guns in establishments that sell alcohol. It is the only gun law we need. Y’all are following gun control well. Don’t lose the other threads Animárum Salus Est Supima Lex
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    Happy New Year from Eastern North Carolina. I think this year will be the deciding factor of life or death of our Constitution. In 1999 the scare was Y2K and how shit was going to hit the fan. Nothing happened like we thought it would. Obama said straight out that he was going to take the U.S. down many notches as a super power, nobody did a damn thing to stop him. We heard so much about hell breaking loose in 2012. Again nothing happened. This is the end of our nation as it was. They’ve been stripping away our rights over and over and again nobody gives a damn. It’s coming for real this time and we’re going to have to be prepared. I thought I was, but now I question me preparation. If you haven’t seen the videos on YouTube of concentration camps at Walmart, UN forces assisting and stacks of body boxes in the middle of nowhere, you need to. Good luck out there.
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    Beware Facebook Only Groups

    Please share this image on facebook...
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    Weight is hard to control when you're trying out all the different MRE's to see which ones you want to stock up on.
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