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    I've pretty much stopped watching regular tv. Everything on the networks has been so 'gayed' up that I cannot watch it. I don't condone the gay lifestyle, but its everywhere so its hard to avoid it. That's not todays topic but its the main reason I don't' watch regular tv, I get my news from 'YouTube watch Doug Hagmann show, who puts Steve Quayle and other people who watch the news and tells us what's going on in the world with a Christian spin. yes I said spin. I watch Paul Maguire, GLEN BECK who is ALL OVER THE PLACE in his teachings....much like myself I guess...but my favorite of all of these people is KEVIN SHIPP. If you don't know who he is, go on YouTube and look him up. You'll be following this guy too in just one video. He's a former CIA agent whistleblower, no he's a real one, not like the one that bugged eyed moron in congress is trying to ram down our throats. People, the media has crossed over into radicalisms and its NOT ON OUR SIDE. IMHO we are already at war. You may not believe me and that's fine, but we are. Even that guy from AMTV realizes that......when he's not selling bitcoins....but we are. Pray for each other, Pray for me,, pray for our country.....that's all for today....
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    Pete Santilli said sign up so I did. We have to use the tools the founders gave us and defeat the treasonous traitors.
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    @ Courage777 , Yeah! I have been trying to reach out to patriots in and near NYC, but could only find 2 patriots so far.... I have been looking on various patriot websites and have tried on some patriot pages and groups, but nada! I mean, there are SO MANY facebook patriot (more so NY, but others as well) pages/groups it is hard to get to EVERY single one of them!! smh! But, so far, that I could find, only 2 from/near NYC..... smh! They got to wake UP!! smh!
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    Zeke Davis

    Illinois Sons of Liberty

    Great bunch of guys, get together on a regular basis and train together. I cant wait to do more.
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    Dallas TSM, active and recruitment.
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    Florida - Official Roll Call & Lounge

    Hi Bear7, Reply for a chance to WIN A KNIFE - JUST REPLY TO YOUR STATES ROLL CALL ...l . Well im here 🇺🇸
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    Chris Hill was suckered into doing media stuff with foreign press. Not that he needed much help in looking bad in front of the camera. For all I know that is their new tactic. We don't trust domestic media, so send in people with accents and say they are foreign press........
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    Practice makes perfect... Maybe

    © JLOH27

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    New here and looking for a group. Im in the Rockingham County area
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    Illinois Sons of Liberty

    Hi!! Good Stuff!
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    Beware, patriots. Immensely powerful forces are arrayed against the declining numbers of patriots within the USA. Dark days ahead.
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    First off, a thesaurus that equates nationalism with xenophobia, jingoism, chauvinism, is biased. Those are modernist leftist connotations, not synonyms. That said, racism refers to a RACE not a COUNTRY, so are they different? Duh. The whole argument overlooks the fact that to love one's country is not to hate other countries, and to think one's country is better than others is not to think that it is entitled to dominate or subjugate others. I'm tired of name calling in the name of "tolerance".
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    The State of our Union - Civil War

    Each year the President addresses Congress, every time, the same statement, "The state of our Union..." and it's good, couldn't be better. Is this the truth? We find ourselves at the Crossroads of decisions. You have two sides in this, demonic, lunatics, evil, sadistic tyrants with no common sense, pedophile, god and life hating, men hating, America hating, mob, and you have the common sense, God fearing, America Loving, soldiers, family men. I am writing this today with a heavy heart, as I have been in much contemplation. The last week has yielded some absolute truth, and the questions I will pose here are questions that must be answered and come to a inevitable conclusion. First, I wish to discuss how I ended up in court. It is over my children. My original lawyer, liberal, lefty, thief, violated SCR guidelines. My appointed lawyer in court, when I addressed the court on the VIII amendment, the basic human right to the presumption of innocence and the violation thereof, and asked that simple question, "How do you measure fear?", on the record she stated, "This judge does not have time for your diatribes!" She sprawled out all over the table in upset and frustration. She with held evidence requested despite request for the last three months. No communication. No defense, or interest in defense. It was not until I meet this 14 year police office who committed no crime had the same two lawyers in common and I began looking into the DA that prosecuted his case, who perjured herself in court, I began to realize, this was a kangaroo court. I can safely make this statement, the legal system has been hijacked. This is not to preclude there are not good men, as a matter of fact, men I have spoken to and the ones that know this judge, over and over again have attested, "This man is out to make a difference." I have been asked to "Share" by this judge, it's a diplomatic invitation because he is looking for answers and I have asked many questions that can be answered and thus, despite the risk to myself, since these are the last minutes to catastrophe in hopes there can be a persuasion to action from this judge, courage and truth can win out. I want to address the men. In 42 years of my life we have put up with the courts interference in family. Men's groups, fathers groups, trillions of dollars spent, it has not changed things. You have children, the relationship goes bad, she gets the property at your expense. The petition I have enclosed here addresses the weapon being employed. It's human nature. Obviously you authorize a woman to take the property at another's expense, her nature will do so. But, men have been made felons in matters that breach our highest laws as you will find laid out in this petition I will be filing, despite the Supreme Court now showing who they really are. Obviously, you abuse men, their nature is to react with anger, and you impoverish them, rob them, demoralize them, then you find yourself in a situation where the number of men responding with anger are increasing and then you make it against the law to be a natural man. The eighth amendment is a good example of what I call, "Amendment by proxy." In our system of law you have two classifications of law, natural law, the God given rights that can not be taken, only surrendered, and human law, those laws made by man to re-enforce the natural law, uphold it, distribute it equally. According to Article V of the Constitution, there can be no amendment except by two thirds of the house of representatives and Congress, or by two thirds of all the states legislatures. Knowing that amending these can not occur without waking up the public, or perhaps it's impossible to do at this time, instead you take human law and create exceptions. Exceptions are amendments using human law to over write your natural law, or God given rights. The first "Amendment by proxy" was in "Separation of Church and State". "Congress shall make no law respecting the establishment of religion of prohibiting the free exercise thereof.". The Supreme Court made their first exception to this by using letters from Benjamin Franklin, a violation of their oaths to uphold the Constitution not letters, and stated, well, you can practice anywhere but in the Federal Government. This, of course, being the most critical place anyone should have bedrock morals and hence now evil is hanging out up there all over. Our response, nothing. Your God given right, natural law, it was surrendered thru your's and mine, inaction. What you are reading in the enclosed petition encapsulates what was going on long before I was born in 1977. As a mathematician, software developer, scientist, and now, working on becoming a legal professional, what I will say is when you have one-thousand variables and eight-hundred and sixty-four of them all lead to the same conclusion, this is no longer a accident, it is by design. This is very much like courts accepting DNA, even though you don't get one-hundred percent conclusion the man is the father of a child, you get ninety-six percent and that concludes "This man is the father of this child." While this petition may diverge into two separate petitions, and I am working with a Wisconsin defense attorney, Constitutional, gun strapping, award winner, who I developed and host his website and am developing a mobile app for, the arguments in here are conclusive, not speculative. I wish to lay out what has been the plan, what will be coming, and the final conclusion. Make this a note, in bold, "NO ACTION, NO RESPONSE, IS A ACTION. NO ACTION IS SURRENDER." The first statement is, men, the courts have been in violation of the bedrock principal of measurement in regards to family. I will put this in questions I will be presenting to the court. "How do you measure the decision between two people to have a relationship?", "How do you measure the decision between to human beings to create a life?", "How do you measure when that decision goes bad?", "How do you measure a single human being and the time he spends between mother and father?". The answer is, "You can't." Courts are obligated under the Constitution to only take those things that can be measured and administrate equal justice. By removing measurement, the bedrock principal of limitation is removed and the government is no longer limited and in matters of the subjective. Further more, when the courts authorize child support on the father and default the custody of the children, already in family where they Constitutionally can not be, they have violated Section I of Article XIV of the Constitution. The judicial branch is the most powerful branch in government, and it is charge in this Article with the protection of your LIFE, LIBERT, AND PROPERTY. That child is your property and her property, he or she can not be divided and matters of family being subjective can not be administrated but now, by authorizing one side at your men's expense to have the property, the human nature of a women is to obviously, take the child and the money. I have coined this as, "Legalized kidnapping and theft." In fourty-two years of my life, for the trillions spent, all the men that have fought, what has changed? Nothing, because this was by design. The principal is, impoverish the men, abuse the men, force them to capitulate and their nature to be angry over the abuse to come out. Currently in my case I have a DVD, finally that was forced from this lawyer with emails in which I discussed this very thing with a twenty-two year friend of mine. While I was told to go to court, my response time and time again was, "The system is rigged, for the thousands I would spend I get nothing but the bill. This is being maintained and there will be no change because it's by design." I called this thirteen years in advance. The money from filing fees has been turned against you to fund more over reaches by government. My thirteen year old child is terminally ill now, his mother ran state to state for thirteen years with him, even when the arrears were paid in full, she continues to steal the agreed upon child tax income credit. This means she is falsifying a Federal tax return, to which I am now preparing to sue her and demanding prosecution. I have seen this child a maximum of seven times in his life as a result. Despite my ex-wife taking my daughter, with holding her, and no response to three letters demanding a reason on why she was being with held, there was no response. This was provocation on her part and ultimately I capitulated under the abuse and issued threats to which I am being charged. But, yet, what is to be said except that under Section I Article XIV of the Constitution the court is obligated to protect my property. Now, lets address the matter of money in the court. Family is a big business. It's also why you have sex trafficking and pedophile rings. In the conversations I state "For the money I would spend, I would only get the bill." Court has become a business. Your justice, your legal recourse is a matter of financial gain. Again, this violates Section I Article XIV of the Constitution. The one place every person must be able to come is the legal system. When courts became a business, this made it only the arena of the rich and powerful, those who are corrupt and they have taken your money to twist and corrupt laws with a inevitable, horrible plan we are witnessing unfold in front of us. Not only have they demoralized men, they have impoverished them, and there is a purpose. They took that money, used it to buy off your elections and right to choice, fund Child Protective Services who gets bonuses for any child they put into adoption, hence why they show up and without due process take your children, and hence why many children are now in pedophile rings around the country. Now we have confirmed, not speculatively, that Section I Article XIV of the Constitution is in violation because you can not distribute equal justice or meet the obligations thereof when only a certain class of people may come before the court. The court is a government branch and must be funded as such, and justice is not a matter of "Profit, but principal." This has lead to the lawless state we are now in, government not restrained, lives and families destroyed, men destitute, please note, in all cases, it's the "Men". Thru our own history, threats have been used many times by historical figures, Wyatt Earp, Doc Holiday, General Patton, that is the short list. My question in these proceedings using "Open Justice", British Common Law, the system of transparency in the court on which it was founded, is, "How do you measure fear?" The VIII Amendment guarantees me a sentence proportional to the crime. Nobody can answer this simple question. The truth is, "You can't." It's subjective. The courts involvement in matters of the subjective and not action is again, the removal of limitation on government thru legislation that violates the original principal, "A eye for a eye, a tooth for a tooth." Fear can be used to stand down a confrontation, it can be used to bring people to the table for compromise, it can be used to intimidate, or, let a person know, you have taken what is mine, I want it back. Coming up, my questions will be, "Do you have the budget to administrate the passions of every man and woman?" My answer, "I think not." A man walking into Walmart and shooting ten people, that is measurable, "Death penalty ten times for him." Again, abuse the men, bring out their nature, then make it a crime, and while your at it, take the guns. Notice, it's the men. Notice it's the guns. The violations of Section I Article XIV, our VIII Amendment in this, not speculative. Please look up that the prior supreme court, two on it appointed by Bill Clinton who has been on the Lolita Express, twenty-seven times, a murderer, war monger, have stated that "At Face Petitions are not preferred because they are speculative." Nothing in this is speculative, it's spot on, fact. Please look up the difference between a "At Face Petition" and a "As Applied Petition" in Constitutional challenges. I have coined the phrase, "Amendment by proxy" in the over reaches of our government. A example of this would be "Freedom of Speech." Our first amendment is very clear, "The freedom of speech shall not be abridged." This means, "Not crossed.", "Not limited." The judicial is to uphold and administrate these at face value and is not a legislative power. However, the judges took that legislative power and said this, "Well, freedom of speech applied to everything, EXCEPT..." These exceptions are amendments using human law, a legislative function only granted to Congress in Article V. While they can render a opinion, only Congress may legislate. Please refer to Article V of the Constitution in regards to amending the Constitution. All these exceptions, again, they are used to make laws that when abuses happen and the nature of men or women come out, they then create laws on these exceptions that wrap you up. The overwhelming target is men. In Eau Claire, Chippewa, and Dunn County here in Wisconsin, I was surprised to find out from another lawyer that there is only one Woman's jail for three counties, hence why a certain woman last year was given four signature bonds and she was bail jumping, robbing businesses in each case, where as a man, I would have been held tell court under those violations. Her actions being measurable. Notice again, the men are the overwhelming majority. I wish to address the special immunity Congress officials have. For three years we Christians, Conservative, Common Sense people have enjoyed the privilege of them "Inciting Civil Unrest", "Terrorist Threats", and while myself and other veterans have called the FBI, demanded their arrest, where are the arrests, where are the police? Under United States Codes, these are violations of their oaths of office, which disqualifies them immediately, but also, if I can be prosecuted for such, should they not be? I would also state, Inciting Civil Unrest with intent to overthrow the United States of America is a measurable action and must be prosecuted. In 2016 they miscalculated, in 2018 I have acquired enough evidence to show 25 million votes taken, gone in the wind. I have gone thru states, developed a map and overlay, spread sheet and the overwhelming evidence shows that they take a state by fiat, then the open up Sanctuary cities in the counties that hold the most electoral power to keep that state. In Oregon, they did not win the election, they stole it by "Indicting Republicans for a Ham Sand Which." They were trumped up and false, no prosecutions, just filing to disqualify them from being elected. They used that disqualification principle I just stated about actual Congress officials committing measurable crimes to steal a state. Antifa, they show up anywhere, they have uniforms, they have battle tactics, they have guns, they have violently put people in the Hospital, thrown acid in peoples faces. Where are the police? Where are the Indictments? The police and judges have been paid off, or they are compromised. In my arguments I conclude, only those things that are measurable can be prosecuted. Men are subjective to lust, greed, corruption, decadence and history shows us this. The bedrock principal of measurement exists for this purpose so that men can not be compromised except for those things they do. A person violating a child and making a video, a child screaming in the process, that's measurable, get him, prosecute him, jail him. However, how do you measure when a man, who has a sex addiction and has depersonalized what he sees and disconnected the sexual act of child pornography from a human being? As much as you might hate it, and as morally reprehensible as it may be, what you view is between you and God. If what you viewed was paid for, that's measurable, if not, then you can't prosecute it. Imagine if the men up top, who had viewed these, not measurable, illegal things could not be prosecuted for what they viewed? Could they be easily compromised and turn on the American public? I think not. My case and point, you do not prosecute people for anything they view, hear or say, only those things they do. Next stop is, what you think! I wish to address the votes. In this country, the contract is, I get to choose who governs and as a result I follow the laws that are written. In video testimony before congress, it was confirmed that 2.5 to 10.5 million votes were taken in the 2016 election. I have Video of high level people admitting, "We've been stealing the votes for years!" I can prove beyond reasonable doubt, twenty of those Congressional seats are stolen. I can confirm, beyond reasonable doubt, multiple governor races were stolen in 2018. They didn't miss a step in stealing the election in 2018. Under Title 18 U.S.C. Chapter 5, there are several legal ramifications. First, when you take one-hundred million Americans right to choose who governs, no longer do you have any obligation to conform to the human laws that are written. Second, you can no longer validate the authenticity of the legislation as being the authentic will of the people. Last, you have committed treason under Title 18 U.S.C. 2381 and 2384, as you have installed a fiat government over the elected one. That is, and does qualify as overthrow of the United States Government. Cicero stated, "Laws fall silent in times of war." Under the prior mentioned, the human laws have been rendered mute, ineffective, they no longer are valid, and you have already been conquered and over thrown. The truth is, it's your obligation to free your selves at this time. I wish to elaborate on another dangerous weapon that has no legal qualification, it is unchecked, Psychology. A man visits and say's, "Doctor I am experiencing...'(x, y, z)'", the doctor replies, "I FEEL you have..." then he prescribes drugs. Anything in this profession is subjective and how dangerous it is when you FEELING issues out toxic drugs that have been confirmed to be behind the mass shootings in this country. I've spent years in counseling, you must be careful who you choose because most is very subjective. The purpose of counseling is to make peace with your past, and to change your point of view on the traumas. I am all for this. However, it does no good to change my point of view when I am continuing to be abused in my own home, A.K.A. (Country). After World War I and II, German Scientist, who has committed mass atrocities were let in to our country. They brought to you radiation, toxic drugs, but, what is not considered is, the Germans had perfected something more dangerous, Psychological Warfare, to which, currently, we have no legal definition. I can only conclude this can be defined only by it's intent. These Germans immediately established Psychology and entered into the legal professions in this country. One must only rationalize, "Considering their propensity for human life, I would think they didn't have good intentions." Over the years, the men, by nature, being abused, have gone to counseling, been prescribed drugs, and this is effective in that, as your God given rights are taken by proxy, and your abuses increase, and your bondage increases, the counselor is there to adjust you to the new "Normal" or "Abuse". This has had the impact of rendering men ineffective in calling all this for what it is. Again, it's the men that are the main target, to which I will get to the reason behind this. Our founding fathers were against "Centralization". The reason being is, anything centralized can be taken over and used against the people. They separated all three branches of government for this reason. During the 1960's our economic decline was put into motion with the removal of our currency off the "Gold" standard, but the real weapon employed was the centralization of our schooling system, the connecting of that school system to the Federal Government, and, over time, it has been employed to slowly adjust generations of American to new, "Norms" well outside the realm of common sense and reason. It has been used to teach children to "Hate America", our history is evil, worse, now it's being used to groom your children to meet the sexual needs of the deranged, perverse and evil. The target, again, boys, who become men. Even now, a father is in court trying to keep the mother from chopping off his testicles in a sex change, and the judge has descended on that boy, all he needs to say is, "I believe i am a girl." One must ask, why the boys, why the men? Why the boys? Why the men? For eight thousand years of recorded history, men have been the defenders of culture. They are the protectors, providers. All the prior lead to one conclusion, testify to the truth, you have been conquered from within, they are now cementing their reign. To do this, you must eliminate the men. You must take the guns. Men must be demoralized. In two years alone I have heard more men say, "There is no point, I give up." The men must be kept fighting to survive in their impoverishment so they can't resist. Yes, all these "Amendments by proxy.", they are simply to tuck men away, take their weapons, demoralize them, incapacitate them. When a country is taken over, historically, the flag is taken down and the men are killed. The women are then sport, and have we been seeing how much these people, "LOVE" your children. Special isn't it? Fear is the greatest adversary you will face in your life. The purpose of life is to master your fear or it will master you. I have mastered mine and what I will say in conclusion is the truth, the obvious before us, and already I have been accused of trying to incite unrest on here to solve my legal issues, but I am simply speaking the truth and all the prior facts, not speculative, those are the ones pushing what the truth concludes and my answers to this judge in April will be the answers thru out history to what is clearly laid out in this article. The reason people do not say, "We are down to force." is, you might get in trouble, your afraid. The reason good men, good judges know the truth and just keep following those hijacked rules is, they are afraid. If you speak the truth and are honest about our predicament, you will be attacked, assaulted, accused. If your going to take accountability and lead, you will take damage. You will get hurt, but that is the price of your freedom. If you speak out and you act, as you should, you might be killed. I will address the church in this first, you are to follow the laws of the land until they directly cross the laws of Christ. The human laws are in violation of Gods laws, enumerable. The natural laws, those are the highest laws of our land as well and they give you the right to defend your selves. The human laws of the land, by evidence and legal precedent are rendered invalid, you are now following the natural laws. Jesus prayed for unity in the church, I have the reason. Over the years I have watched people preach about what we are seeing, all were right and all were wrong. You see, God never gives all divine revelation to any one church, or individual. Everybody has a piece and if all those pieces were to come together, it would be more powerful than any physical weapon. Trinity, Holy Spirit, all these divisive issues, they do not matter. Jesus last words on the cross were, "Father, forgive them for they know not what they do." You can set all divisive issues aside because you are allow ignorance. Nobody will ever have a perfect interpretation or doctrine, we will see people there we never thought and others we though would be in heaven, they will not be there. The focus point for all Christians, man, woman and child is, Jesus Christ. He is the ONLY way, and only by him, his blood and when you all come together under him and just love one another in Christ and accept the imperfections of others and unite, then you become more powerful than conquerors. You do this every day in your marriage, your spouse is never perfect, has faults, but, you overlook the faults and love her as Christ loved the church and admonish only the good things, she blossoms and the return is more than you ever invest. The same applies to your fellow Christians, brothers and sisters in Christ. You must unite on this, in him, Jesus alone. I will address the Militias at this point. Legally I have pointed out all the cases. The facts are true and correct. In this takeover, you have been wrapped up. You have been told you take orders from the President which comes down from a Centralized entity. Centralization is a violation of our bedrock principals Constitutionally, it was a exception so that you were tied to the government they have taken over. The truth is, you are the defenders of the majority of people in your state. The President is Government, like it or not. This was a hijacking of our line of defense. Constitutional, great, appreciate it, but your down to brass tax now. Your weapons will no longer be manufactured soon, that's how these Supreme Court people who uncloaked with their ruling on November 12th, 2019, took your second amendment. They already hijacked the first amendment as a weapon. Only you can decide what to do with this. However, those rulers in Congress, immune, not by legal standards but by proxy, fiat, they must be handcuffed, removed and nobody can allow them to remove and kill a standing president. If the FBI, Department of Justice will not indict, arrest or even disqualify these people, then our founding documents make it clear, it is the people that fix these issues. While I will tell the judge the same thing in April, I agree with changing your point of view but it does no good if I am continuing to be abused in my own home and will make the case as above, I will issue the same statement there with no regard. I will ask the questions as above, but, I will say what I am saying now, when the votes and then the legal recourse were taken, what is left, force. Yeah, that word nobody wants to admit or employ. I will ask him, "Are you prepared to surrender twenty-two years of service, work, accomplishments because your to afraid to stand up to this? Are you ready to surrender your wife, children and grand children, because your to afraid to call this for what it is?" My statement at this point is the one said thru history, "I will not surrender my inalienable rights to you, on behalf of you. I did the memorial dog tags of many soldiers when I was in Iraq, I had them down to the millimeter. I refuse to believe they mastered their fear and paid the ultimate price so you could capitulate to yours and surrender yourself and everyone out there. You answer to me, you answer to them. You are accountable to the people. That is our way and accountability is a two way street." The answer at this time is the one we dread, it's the one that has to be called. These people must be brought to justice, and it has come to this place because of our inaction for so long and refusal to simply acknowledge the truth. Really, when the supreme court ruled in Roe vs. Wade, we should have had them arrested and now, because of our inaction and refusal to pay the ultimate price, sixty million babies murdered, sex trafficking, your children are sex toys, dead children after being mutilated and tortured for fun. That's what this has become. We have been sold out, handed over, and the dooms day clock on America is not minutes to midnight, it's seconds to midnight. In the absence of compromise people, force is the answer and when all systems have failed and all avenues are taken, raise the flag, get close to God and fight like your lives depend on it, because they do, or you can surrender those rights, your wives, your children and be like the Jews in Germany, lambs to the slaughter. Yeah, they might call it a crime, but its not, its your right. Thirty five states maintain articles of Revolution. It is the right of the people to come together to abolish or reform government at any time in recognition of what our founding fathers stated in our Declaration of Independence about when abuses become intolerable. It's not preferable, but all these facts, all these lead to one place and one place only and the only way out is the way you would not go. The only way out is in. Adjust your view to this truth. No more call the sky, "Red" when it is clearly, "Blue" Master your fear. It has paralyzed you. If I can master my fear, state and speak the obvious, I believe all of you can to. One person can change the world, one hundred million can turn this around, but there are some things you have to fight for, this is that time. God Bless. Petition for Facial Challenge to Statute - The Measure of Fear.pdf
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    Isn't it ironic that back in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina nailed New Orleans the Federal Government cited Posse Comitatus as their initial reason to send in paid Blackwater mercenaries to secure certain locations and provide security for the Federal government , what they also did was help round up the guns and guard the wealthier sections of town . But that all seems to be lost to history now.
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    My name is Grant, I am a retired Mechanical Engineer that worked for the Federal Government for nearly 28 years. I am very much interested in joining and do my part as a loyal Patriot of The United States of America. Please forward any and all information regarding the process of initiation.
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    granted they are trying very hard to Trump via an impeachment process, my position though is it is just impossible, the democrats do not control both the senate and the house, if they did, it would be a different story. It is a lot of hot air and saber rattling at worst. This country has had zero convictions through the impeachment process. zero. it just doesnt happen, it is a toothless shark. An I hear you with the votes, do they get stolen ? sure they do. Thing is, we the people allow it. Our respective states have the option to split votes right down the middle, 50/50 if they choose to, via what the people tell their elected officials to do. But only 2 states in the Union actually do a split vote, so the winner take all system in the rest, is basically throwing away half of those votes. The only option we have, is to make a concerted , effort to vote to keep conservatives, real conservatives in office. An it is a very hard thing to do. The crimes by other presidents through out the ages, just do not matter any more, America has the attention span of a gerbil, hence why political power at the top tiers becomes a free pass to do what ever and get away with it. an the only justice is through public opinion and no being re elected. Again it isn't fair or just, but it is what it is. The frustration at the injustice is real and palpable , but if conservatives that are complaining are not doing the grass roots foot work to make sure that those conservatives out there vote when needed, or if they do not try to sway their neighbors and friends opinions to vote for a conservative, then there is no one to blame but oneself. The last time we saw real pushback by Americans who were not batcrap crazy, was the Tea Party, and it lasted a fleeting moment , with the democrats attacking and republicans trying to side with them quickly to try and absorb whatever momentum from the movement they could , and in turn it just faded away. If there are any remnants of the Tea party out there, they should be livid and moving again with this grab at a coupe and impeachment on Trump, but they are not. The only consistency we have of protesters now, are the loons, " antifa vs white supremacists and neo nazis ". an it starts out maybe with a few honest conservatives , that end up facing off against antifa and then the loons on the far right jump in, and then the message that was being fought against now is drowned out and it just looks like a giant race war. So how are conservatives really supposed to fight two fronts at the same time via protesting ? Fight the leftist racists and the far right racists at the same time. I dunno. should there be a physical conservative mob justice push to right these wrongs, chase out corrupt judges, flush out the rats in congress an the senate of both parties, an destroy a leftist " news media ", sure, it is long over due, but it doesn't ever go like that. An never will. It operates as the moon does on the earth, how it pulls at the oceans and rivers and causes the waters to rise an fall. We get complacent , the left rises, we wake up an vote them out, an go back to being complacent, an they creep back in. There is no final end to it. It will always be like this. It all breaks when the leftists take full control of all three branches of government for enough time to declare our Constitution and Bill of rights out dated and needing to be re written, at that point I will be more than happy to take a lone wolf approach to fixing things. But I suspect it will be a cold day in hell before the leftists get enough ground in my life time to make it happen.
  19. 2 points

    North Star Warrior Company

    Did the shout out for you guys. Good luck and hope you get some good people to join up.
  20. 2 points

    Americas Youth

    Good evening ya'll! Americas youth has been declining and morals are not being taught as they were in the past. Teens and youngsters in general have grown weary and tired. They grew up in a world where division in this nation has been extreme. Wars are being fought and terrorism has became common. Schools are under threat from people that are pushed to a point where they are willing to kill friends, classmates and teachers. The question that should be asked is how can we change this? America was built on the dreams of youth who grew up and took charge. What can be done by adults to stop this ever so common problem. Here is one thing I hope anyone who reads this will do. I am daring you to find one, just one, young person who you can mentor. All it takes is one precious moment to change a youths life. You can be someone that they look to for guidance or wisdom. Someone who can change them forever. Look out for them and make sure that they are doing what is right. Instill in them the values that make a patriot truly patriotic. I am telling you right now as a freshman in high school that you will truly make a difference if you choose to do this. YOUTH NEED PATRIOTS. They are out there waiting for you. What are you waiting for? Your best, Scandinavia
  21. 2 points

    Mentalities - Poll 5

    We know form history and from the Bible that there are angels, and that some of them revolted against God and were cast out, becoming the devil and his demons, and that these demons have influence on earth. We know from history, experience and the Bible that our souls are immortal, but I think most "ghosts" are not actually a dead relative but either imagination or a demon. Here's an interesting discussion on demons and possession https://www.patrickcoffin.media/jhauntings-possessions-and-exorcisms/
  22. 2 points
    outside of maybe group morale I dont see a point. The anthem should be that of our nation... if we even need one.
  23. 2 points
    If there are any members in the Northern Ky Area, Please comment on this post. I would like to know who is around the area. Any member needing a group within 50 miles of my location, reply as well. There is a plan I would like for all members in N.O.W Legion 2 to join in to help fund our group and get set up. We are all one here and should equally contribute to our cause. Thanks
  24. 2 points
    Headhunter checking in ...
  25. 2 points
    Hello From North Carolina. I am an old 63 man that is an AMERICAN and will defend***TRUMP*** supporters. I will do whatever ya need.
  26. 2 points
    Texas State Militia Houston, active and recruiting.
  27. 2 points
    Yes there is. Still looking for a militia group in the Sumter area. Contact me if anyone knows of one.
  28. 2 points
    Checking in. Located on the I-40 corridor in western AR.
  29. 2 points
    Rant, Random Thoughts Ep. 8- Censorship, Impeachment
  30. 2 points
    Mark Warnecke

    Illinois Sons of Liberty

    This is a well organized group that continue to better the people in it
  31. 2 points
    This shouldn't even been a question in the first place.
  32. 2 points
    MAYBE if she really cared about her brother she would have talked to him about not turning to a life of crime. But that would take personal responsibility which unfortunately seems to be lacking in many of the people in the victim/life long assistance recipient mentality. Which she just seems to me she unfortunately might fall in that category.
  33. 2 points
    He should also be considered a terrorist. It wouldn't surprise me if he were in cahoots with some terrorist organization. Believe me, I'm preparing.
  34. 2 points

    Mentalities - Poll 3

    I served in Bosnia, Kosovo, Africa, Iraq, hahaha where haven't I served.
  35. 2 points
    This is my best answer, and I like Fixer's answer/explanation as well. An article I wrote 9 or 10 years ago: https://www.sleesecurity.com/nationalism-defined.html
  36. 2 points

    A real militia

    Since I couldn’t find one in my area... I decided to start one... North Carolina Defense Guard. You can find us on FB @ncdefenseguard. Looking for new members. Veterans with honorable DD214 welcome. Looking to meet at least once a week plus regular training missions. Patriots encouraged to join. Not a neo nazi or racist radical group. If you don’t plan on being active don’t even try to join. This unit is for those hoping to keep the values and visions our founding fathers had in 1776. Recruits in Catawba Lincoln Iredell and Burke Counties. Thank you. Contact email: defenseguardnc@gmail.com
  37. 1 point
    Sean Fuhrman

    III% Defense Militia

    Please consider joining our family. We are a National group with a heavy presence in Wisconsin. We are not keyboard warriors, we are very active and train all year round. We help new people find their niche and we are looking for more military experience as well. Faith and family oriented. No drama. Everyone goes through interview and background check.
  38. 1 point

    Kansas Equipment

    Bring camelbacks. We are doing the OCE trail with rucks.
  39. 1 point
    Check out the map , message your locals https://www.mymilitia.com/membermap/
  40. 1 point
    Sorry been moving and really busy. But finally settled in at my new place.
  41. 1 point
  42. 1 point
    Huge 2 A WIN in Pennsylvania
  43. 1 point
    You're 4.5 hours from me. I'm in Lubbock.
  44. 1 point
    Still learning how to use this site: my bad 🤣🤷🏻‍♀️
  45. 1 point
    Night Shade


    And yet....., people are still ok with sending their kids to school..... Anyone here still do? *waits*
  46. 1 point
    Land is a timeless asset that is heavily regulated and watched over. Nevertheless, the market for suitable bug out property is filled with frauds and scammers. View the full article
  47. 1 point
    Close Quarters Marksmanship (CQM) refers to engaging a target with firearms accurately, using decisive points of aim rapidly and efficiently. These methods are developed in a training environment, focused on fundamental principles and combat proven techniques, to be later implemented in scenario based and real world application following the base principles of speed, silence and violence of action during CQB.Close Quarters Combat (CQC) refers to offensive and defensive techniques for fighting unarmed or with non-projectile weapons. These engagements are typically in limited or confined spaces, often with two or more contained within a space normally occupied by one. This term often is used in place of CQB as the term "combat" infers military style tactics to close in with fire and maneuver. Close Quarters Battle (CQB) refers to the use of maneuver elements, often in limited or combined spaces, to attack, occupy and/or defend structures in and around built up areas, although application is used in different environments. Scenario based CQB training provides for consistency of instruction and management. It is important to have an experienced instructor, who utilizes modules of classroom instruction, practical exercise and scenario based evaluation using the crawl, walk, run method of several weeks or months. As this requires significant training in order to attain proficiency and operate safely.
  48. 1 point
    Hope this brightens your day: What is a web developer's favourite tea? URL Grey. A paperboy said to a customer one day, "Mr. Smith, I wish I had twenty customers like you." "Gosh, that's nice to hear," said Smith, "but I'm kind of surprised considering I never tip all that well and always pay late." The paperboy said, "I know, but I'd still like twenty customers like you. The problem is I have one hundred and forty!" What happens when you cut a starfish up into pieces? Depending on where it has been cut, the starfish will regenerate itself into a whole new starfish. This applies as long as the cut piece is still attached to part of the original central region. A piece cut off the edge will not be able to regenerate itself. https://gsmpao.weebly(DOT)com are primarily a Prepper Organization, join us. https:// theselfsufficientliving(DOT)com/diy-wind-turbine-designs-to-generate-off-grid-power/ Reasons I own a gun. Super Foods B7 - Feel Free To “Click on”- Research - Copy/Paste & Share. Scott
  49. 1 point
    I think you hit it right on the head there Headhunter. Unfortunately there are quit a few hot heads with little experience in the Militia Movement. They usually self promote themselves to General rank to try and cover up for that. And do the whole "I'm a General so obey my order or else" garbage. I've heard there is a debate going on over at a militia thread on Facebook where someone is pointing out there are no Generals in the militia because it is not large enough to justify there being a General level rank yet. And anyone who claims to be one is essentially full of it. As for me I don't claim any rank in the militia. Not even in the unit I am in. We just fill duty positions and that is really it for rank for us.
  50. 1 point
    new here just reaching out to meet some like minded individuals who don't want to see our country go to hell and will do what needs done to stop it
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