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    With over 3,000 members and 500 units involved in some capacity with My Militia, it is likely you will come across content you disagree with or don’t like. No part of this is addressed at any specific individual. It is a result of several actions and complaints, both real and perceived. Any belief that an individual is being singled out is a result of either a clear misunderstanding, or a misplaced ego. My Militia was created as a tool to network Militias and People by bringing them together. We understand the range of opinions and views across our website and remind the members to always take that into consideration. Comments calling for, asking us for, or suggesting violence, clear discrimination and personal attacks will not be tolerated. Our choice is to allow the community to post content, as long as the content is not of a nature that puts someone or the site in real life harm. However, that is not license to complain every time you see a word that you find offensive, seek out an individual post to derive a way to claim an attack or offer ultimatums about your membership. While we appreciated the 1st Amendment rights of citizens. Using that argument as a semantic, expecting us to comply with personal desires or making demands, is not an appropriate way to address a complaint. It is also an insult to the service members and patriots who make personal sacrifices in order to protect the rights of all Americans. We cannot moderate content based solely on a perceived offense as that will in turn cause another perceived offense. If you disagree with how we run this site you are just as free to leave it as you were when you joined. Everywhere I go each day I see or hear something I don't like How do I react to that? I take it for what it is and carry on. I have to listen to people complain about things on the daily not just on this site but everywhere. I listen and sometimes i agree and sometimes i don't but at the end of the day all of us should find a way to be willfully open and careful to not "Build a Bubble" if you alienate everyone who does not agree with you from your life, sooner or later you become the center of your own universe. Alone, surrounded by only one perspective. Recently we have a lot of feedback from "YYY" people who don't want to be associated with a site that allows "XXX" content. Yet it is beyond the m to consider "XXX" may not like your "YYY" content either. When reading something you don't like, post a response explaining (not complaining or instigating) your point of view on the situation and we can engage in a healthy debate on both sides. MM as a site and the staff are not going to waste their time with frivolous complaints and hurt feelings If you have something valuable to add to the site we encourage you to do so. Sharing knowledge and experience is the driving force that will bring us together. The individual reader is solely responsible for how they choose to “feel” and how they choose to respond to a posting. Remember, the philosophy here is to bring together “likeminded” people. Yet we find ourselves in a situation where a few are behaving in a manner not conducive to that concept.
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    I am a former US Marine. I server this country and the Constitution for 13 years and will continue to protect our Constitution. The thing that saddens me is the fact that we are now going to be protecting the Constitution against domestic enemies. I am willing to help in any way I can be of service.
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    So what is Situational Awareness?If you really want to know what it is, forget all the technical garbage. Situational Awareness is simply the ability to assess your environment for threats so that you can either avoid those threats or control the situation and start stacking things in your favor.That’s it! No flow charts, no color codes, just awareness!So what’s all the hype?Well, from a preparedness perspective, I hope it’s obvious. There simply isn’t a more important survival skill that you can possess. If you can identify a threat before it becomes a threat, you put yourself ahead of 99% of the public, and you go a long way to ensuring your safety and security.Unfortunately, in today’s world, this is a skill, or better yet a mindset that most people simply don’t have.We live in a world where people live in a contact state of distraction. From walking around with their heads buried in some electronic device to stressing out about their day or trying to recall yet another thing that slipped their mind, most people are blissfully ignorant to the world around them.So what should you do then, live in a constant state of paranoia?This is an argument that you will often hear from people who are not prepared. Rather than do the work, they just claim that it’s paranoia. I mean why worry about what could happen, right? All joking aside, when it comes down to it, it’s the people that do prepare who are the ones that are least likely to live in fear, or succumb to fear when things go bad. It is the preparedness minded individual, who is confident in his ability to assess threats on a subconscious level, who can walk through life without having to even consciously think about what problems they may face.They don’t have to live in fear because they are confident in their ability to detect threats when they arise.Why is Situational Awareness Important?Well, let’s look at a couple of different scenarios.You are at a theater watching a movie with your family, and the fire alarm goes off. A number of things could be happening right now. It could be a false alarm, it could be an actual fire, or even worse there could be an active shooter picking people off in the theater right next door. That’s the world we now live in.In this situation, most people are going to panic.You’re in a dark theater, children are probably crying, and adults are probably stampeding the aisles not knowing exactly what to do. But you, if you’re a situationally aware individual, already left ahead of danger. You smelled the smoke, heard the gunshots, or recognized the threat before the alarm was ever even pulled.And if it was a false alarm, you weren’t injured by the panicked crowd because you calmly headed to the exit point that you instantly identified as you walked into the theater. While everyone else was running for the main entrance, you quietly and calmly helped your family slip out that little noticed side exit.Criminals are experts when it comes to situational awareness!We live in a world where it cannot be ignored; criminals and violent criminal attacks.Unfortunately, when it comes to situational awareness many criminals are damn good at it; but even worse for you, is they are good at spotting people who are not! These people come into a situation with the upper hand; in most cases, they have diligently planned for what they are about to do, and they took the time to select the target that they felt was most vulnerable to an attack – usually the guy who is walking around totally oblivious to the world around him!Listen, self-defense training is great; knowing how to use a firearm is a skill everyone should have, and I highly advise you go out and find a good self-defense school. That being said, none of it means anything without being aware of your environment. Any self-defense school that doesn’t stress that fact is a school you don’t need to waste your money on.Your only real chance of not being targeted by these people is to be able to perceive the threat before it becomes a threat: Situational Awareness.What can you do to Develop Your Situational Awareness?Situational Awareness isn’t the supernatural ability that some Hollywood movies make it out to be; in fact, I believe it can be learned. Remember, in real-life Jason Bourne is an Anti-Gun Jackass who couldn’t fight his way out of a paper bag, let alone recognize a threat!Listen, I’m not going to lie to you and tell you this is something that is going to be easy. It’s not. But if you take the time to start looking at the world around you and running through some of these drills, you will start to develop the background skills you need to protect yourself.Did you notice the word background in that last paragraph? Again, this is not living in a constant state of fear and paranoia. I know I said this wasn’t a supernatural skill, but it is a subconscious mindset that allows you to know when something isn’t right.It’s that gut feeling that most people have been conditioned to ignore.Step one: Mastering MindfulnessOk, I’m not going to go all hippie new age guru on you, but there is a concept that can help tie things together. Buddhists, and those who are into meditation practices, call it Mindfulness. But don’t worry, in the context of this article, it’s not a religious thing. What we are looking at here is the concept of releasing your stress, and fully becoming one with your environment. Simply put, you are present in the moment.A lot of stress release and anti-anxiety therapies are built around this concept because it allows the person to stop thinking about their fears and anxieties and instead just live in the moment, really taking in the world around them – the sights, the sounds, and the baseline world. That is what’s important here.It’s about recognizing that baseline. That state of how things are in the world when things are normal. By understanding your environment and being able to recognize the baseline realities of what’s going on around you, your subconscious mind will instantly be able to pick out what doesn’t fit and what things signal danger ahead.Mindfulness, from a therapeutic standpoint, is simply the mental state achieved by focusing your awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily feelings. Simply taking the time to release your anxieties, to relax, and just take in the world around you can do wonders for your overall situational awareness.Step Two: Honest Analysis and Identifying ThreatsSome of this information isn’t going to be politically correct, but if you’ve followed this site for a while you know that I excel in offending people! I don’t do it to be provocative; I just don’t live my life pussyfooting around other people’s P.C. bull crap or emotional insecurities.I’m a realist. And I realize that we live in a world that has made people weak; a bunch of precious snowflakes who are so offended by everything in the world that they have become unable to recognize the real dangers in life and in our society.Profiling people is an acceptable reality!It’s not racist, sexist, islamophobia, or any other label that you want to attach to it; it’s reality.The fact is criminals do fit certain profiles. Profiling has nothing to do with race, but it does have everything to do with appearance. Think about it; who is more likely to rob you, the 80-year-old black grandmother in the wheelchair or the teenager sporting gang colors and gang tattoos? Was the skin color important, or was the person’s overall appearance important?Some of this stuff is just common sense, and some of it requires ignoring what the media tells you is wrong and right.Step Three: Situational Awareness Drills, Games, and TacticsSo now to the meat of the article; the real-world things you can do to help develop a situational awareness mindset.Before it can become part of your background thought process, or your subconscious mindset, you are going to have to be purposeful and do things to hone your skills. Play games with yourself; if you have kids include them in the process. When you enter a store, see how many exit points you can immediately identify. Look for obstacles, threats, or anything that could hinder your escape should something go Start watching people. Try to notice how people normally behave; what’s normal, what’s not? One of the best ways to spot trouble is to be able to read people’s behavioral quirks. I’ve never been in a fight that I didn’t see coming, and I’ve avoided quite a few because I picked up on things like body language, emotions, and changes in a person’s voice that told me something was about to happen. Limit outside distractions. When you are out in public you need to put down the phone, leave the electronic distractions at home, and really spend time being one with your environment. Start trusting your gut! At first you may be wrong, but in the end, you need to beware of those primal instincts that are built into your very being. The fight or flight response is a very real thing, something that can be used to your advantage if you can learn to control it and not give into the fear aspect which so many people in today’s society seem to be overwhelmed with.
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    Chi Chi's nachos grande for appetizer and burrito dinner. Chi Chi's closed their doors and went out of business years ago so they wouldn't be able to grant my request and would have to let me continue to live.
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    Hello fellow Patriots! I'm joining because I want to be part of the solution to save our country and our rights as free Americans! I'm 50 years young and have watched our country decline over the past 30 years. I support our president 100%. I live in Western Montana and would like to attend any meetings or discussions in my area that concern the welfare of my state and country! Thanks!
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    1. Sincere enthusiasm True enthusiasm for the mission cannot be faked. Team members can recognize insincere cheerleading from a mile away. However, when leaders are sincerely enthusiastic and passionate, that’s contagious. 2. Integrity Whether it’s giving proper credit for accomplishments, acknowledging mistakes, or putting safety and quality first, great leaders exhibit integrity at all times. They do what’s right, even if that isn’t the best thing for the current project or even the bottom line. “When people see evidence that leaders lack integrity, that can be nearly impossible to recover from...“Trust lost is difficult to get back.” 3. Great communication skills Leaders must motivate, instruct and discipline the people they are in charge of. They can accomplish none of these things if they aren’t very skilled communicators. Not only that, poor communication can lead to poor outcomes. Leaders who fail to develop these skills are often perceived as being weak and mealy-mouthed, It’s important to remember that listening is an integral part of communication. 4. Loyalty The best leaders understand that true loyalty is reciprocal. Because of this, they express that loyalty in tangible ways that benefit the member of their teams. True loyalty is ensuring that all team members have the training and resources to do their jobs. It’s standing up for team members in crisis and conflict.“Great leaders see themselves as being in a position of service to their team members,” 5. Decisiveness A good leader isn’t simply empowered to make decisions due to their position. They are willing to take on the risk of decision making. They make these decisions and take risks knowing that if things don’t work out, they’ll need to hold themselves accountable first and foremost. Further, leaders who aren’t decisive are often ineffective. Too much effort working on consensus building can have a negative effect. Rather than simply making a decision, many leaders allow debate to continue, and then create a piecemeal decision that satisfies no one. 6. Managerial competence Too many militia units try to create leaders from people who are simply good at being a member. To be clear, those who emerge as being very good members often have important qualities. They are the ones who have a strong understanding of the militias mission. They understand unit goals, processes, and procedures. All of these are important. On the other hand, being good at being a member doesn’t prove that someone possesses the other competencies they need to be a leader. For example, can they inspire, motivate, mentor and direct? 7. Empowerment A good leader has faith in their ability to train and develop the members under them. Because of this, they have the willingness to empower those they lead to act autonomously. this comes from trusting that their team members are fully up to any challenges they face. When members are empowered, they are more likely to make decisions that are in the best interest of the militia and the members as well. This is true, even if it means allowing members to go a bit off script. 8. Charisma Simply put, people are more likely to follow the lead of those they like. The best leaders are well-spoken, approachable and friendly. They show sincere care for others. “People at all levels of an organization find it easy to relate to them and follow their lead,” Every one of these qualities is absolutely essential to great leadership. Without them, leaders cannot live up to their full potential. As a result, their team members will never perform as well as they can either. Because of this, Militias must learn the best ways to identify and also to develop these necessary traits in existing and emerging leaders.
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    I don't see where you are qualified to declare how anyone is living or to pass judgment on them. You posted recruiting on the "things i miss" thread which is for vets to talk about things they miss from enlistment and a staff member moved it for you and was nice enough to let you know it was moved because you accidentally posted on the wrong thread, you instantly took offense and started making allegations about how the man was living his life. The staff member has a lot of work to do to keep the site running, so he gave you a time out in lieu of arguing with you You immediately come back once the timeout was over and continued your attack. Your efforts are totally misdirected over a complete misunderstanding. You need to look how you are acting and what the reasons are. You need to apologize to @Let_Freedom_Ring and carry on, anything less than that or continuing antagonizing the staff will lead to more permanent ramifications You are not being oppressed , we are not your enemy
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    Three prisoners are captured in the war. They are asked what they wish to have for their last meal. The Italian asks for and receives Pepperoni Pizza. The Frenchmen requests and receives a Filet Mignon. The American requests a plate of strawberries. The captors are surprised and reply, “strawberries?” “Yes, Strawberries.” “But, they are out of season!” “That’s ok. I’ll wait….”
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    I pray he knew God. I appreciate some of the things he did for veterans. I am sorry he was a pow. His military career wasn't very good and his dad bailed him out. I think he is a example of why we need terms to limit all positions except supreme court. I wish his family well and the pain and suffering they might go through.
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    John McCain was a traitor not only in Vietnam, where he earned the moniker “Songbird”, who was only able to enter politics due to Pres Richard Nixon pardoning him, but he was a traitor to the people of the USA. He down voted Obamacare to get back at Trump, not giving a rat’s ass about the rest of us... he had his healthcare. Plus he held his senate seat HOSTAGE just to screw Trump and the Republicans who are not Deep State. 🤬 Don’t speak ill of the dead is an old wives tale. The dead are dead, they can’t hear you and he can’t defend against the TRUTH! No sympathy here.
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    I don't want to speak ill of the recently deceased, so.....
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    What a bunch of dumb asses, I hope they get their wish to live a Communist life, just in another country.
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    The States became a Union when the US Constitution was ratified, thus they relinquished some of their rights and the Federal Govt became the arbiters of Sovereignty. The US Govt is responsible for foreign trade, so lets look at the case that ignorant people claims gave Plenary Powers (the phrase or words "Plenary Power" is not used in Chy Lung by the court) to the US Govt, Chy Lung V Freeman. https://caselaw.findlaw.com/us-supreme-court/92/275.html Note the questions the court asks and it's answers.
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    Hello, all! I'm going to move to Montana in the Spring from one of the most gun-unfriendly states in the Union ... Illinois. I will be re-locating to the Bozeman area, where I will have a job waiting for me. Note that I served my country in Vietnam, from 1968- May 8 of 1969. I was in Delta Company/2/501/101st, and served as a scout/sniper. I'm not a kill-crazy kind of guy, and since Vietnam, I've pulled a trigger on only one person (who tried to break into our basement), after he pointed something metallic at me from about 50 yards. I had a 12-gauge loaded with .00-buck. He didn't die, but he sure didn't feel good about it! I tried to join the 3-percenters in Illinois, but they don't seem to be very active. Accordingly, when I move to Montana, I want to serve my country, and my family, in a good cause. Currently, I'm well-equipped with a primary weapon, and tactical gear. Although I'm 69, I'm in pretty darned good shape. I hope to find the 3-percenters a lot more active than in Illinois, and meet a bunch of you, when I go "way out west". Sincerely, Steven "Headhunter" Miller
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    My nick comes from my preferred refreshment. I drink my whiskey 3 fingers at a time, usually two glasses when I take the time to relax. Some have tried to say its cause I want to be OAF (operator as fuck), but I have used the nick Whiskey long before Matt Best and others on YouTube started to have Jamesons in their videos.
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    It is going to be at least a three way front for the Europeans... They will be outbred about 8 to 1....ultimately ending up as a small minority. They will be outvoted in elections....more leadership roles won't be Europeans. They will lose their cultural identity...military/police balance will shift, and the landmarks/history will be erased.
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    My concern has always been the propensity of our citizens to define individuals and groups using subjective self-defined terminology to identify, describe or alienate ideas, beliefs and peoples. Whether seen as a failure or success, we as a nation have nurtured an environment that allows and endorses a systematic deconstruction of generally accepted morals and principals. The concept that a personal offense equates the necessity to realign legal systems, and the rights of the mass to coddle the sensitivity of the individual, is a constantly evolving process that has gradually eroded the principles our society was founded on. The Army once defined leadership as; Influencing people by providing purpose, direction and motivation, while operating to accomplish the mission and influence the organization. While the wording suggests a military definition we can apply such a description to any person or group identified or perceived as a leader or leadership. The statement is general enough that the inclusion of our own personal interpretations would place our elected officials in a glass house where no leader could be identified. I see this as a universal pictorial regardless of which side of the aisle you support. The eternal constant of leaders is failure. While success often is unknown it is the failures that become record. Failing is not a negative trait or a sign that a person is somehow incapable or unworthy, at least on the surface. How the failure is dealt with, how future decisions are made, the actions carried out and the acceptance of responsibility is an indicator of the character the leader displays. A failure is not necessarily a failing. One is a matter of circumstance while the other is shortcoming. The most valuable lesson I have learned as a leader is the realization that I don’t ever really succeed. A strong leader surrounds themselves with peers and subordinate that will contribute towards a common goal and achieve success because of their own choices and actions. Additionally, they seek out mentors in order to avoid pitfalls and gain the advantage of experience and wisdom. Essentially, any actual success I had was in building the team. My responsibility lies in addressing failure to determine the best course of action to correct or modify existing behavior and potential outcomes. The success of a project, goal, mission or endeavor belongs to the team, not their leader. Imagine the changes across the geopolitical landscape if this was the attitude implemented by our presidents, ambassadors, secretaries and generals. Our ability to positively influence other nations would drastically change with a less invasive approach. We would transform from a nation of apologists to a state of mentorship. To be sought out for expert advice and the wisdom to use knowledge correctly. This is a fulfilling and rewarding experience. I have often revisited my path to see exactly how I ended up with similar opportunities. While the specific event or series of steps remains unidentified it helps me understand why our nation’s leaders lack as providers of purpose, direction and motivation. How do you fail to identify the details of life long personal success yet find the external observations of multi-century decisions as a simple matter of fact? Currently we witness proclamations of ethnic, racial, religious and other groups chanting why their specific lives matter. I whole heartedly disagree. It is up to each individual to make their lives matter. The individual responsibility of every citizen is to be a leader in their own right by creating a positive impact on society and individual spheres of influence without encroaching upon the liberty of others. Using the “pay it forward” concept, a responsible person will choose to set the example as a leader. Perhaps this bottom up approach will be a stepping stone to changing our nation. Choose to mentor your leaders and influence positive change, do not choose to let your leaders influence you. -Shammer "In our every deliberation, we must consider the impact of our decisions on the next seven generations." -From the Great Law of the Iroquois Confederacy
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    Great article and true to form. Finding serious-minded, genuinely concerned folks, are a scarce thing, and they seem to be getting more scarce today. Today, just like its always been, it's important to know who you're friends are, know who you can trust, and know who you can depend on once everything falls into a jackpot. Effective leadership produces those kind of things, and it can also create the kind of brotherhood found in good militia units.
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    Give it a shot! Worse case scenario, you switch back.
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    While I am a prolific writer, I never had problems dealing with people in person. This Internet stuff is a whole different animal. What you can say in three minutes would be 25 to 30 paragraphs of text. The biggest reason I got elected to be C.O. in the militia in the first place is the front-runner (in polling) said I was better at PR and legal issues. He had just left the Rangers to work in the militia. So, he became the Operations Officer and was in charge of the training. All the talk AND accomplishments are no match for mob rule. We did add this hostage negotiation course after my employer, of all people, had everyone in our company to take it. The objective back then was to see how well you could negotiate and work as a team to find solutions with limited time being under pressure.
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    My Open Carry Adventure (Every 2nd Matters) My Open Carry Experience
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    Okay, now that I have your attention, let me say a few things: 1) I have a forum here that is not for the timid. We explore what you believe and why you believe it along with what it is that the militia stands for and fights for 2) While the topics are not for the faint of heart, they are necessary 3) The public has developed a perception about ALL militia groups. It is negative and the majority of the American people have a less than positive opinion about them 4) NOBODY except the militia leaders are in a position to change public perceptions 5) The last clash that happened between the militia and the counter protesters illustrated with certain specifics how the militia is perceived: https://ktvl.com/news/nation-world/some-arrested-as-right-wing-rally-counter-protesters-clash 6) We need to address these perceptions by discussing the tough issues. There are several in The Resister's forum 7) Avoiding the tough issues will not make them go away 8 -) If you'd like to change the public perception, quit being lurkers, opportunists looking to cull the board for potential recruits, and pacifists. Get involved in the discussions. I am The Resister and I take on the topic matter that addresses the reasons that we are willing to be in the militia and, hopefully, among those who give two hoots in Hades about tomorrow.
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    Moved and cleaned up restricted poster's comments before things turned into a poop flinging contest.
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