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    Hey all, I can not fight anymore... 4 years i have tried to change the worlds view on Militia, it's just gotten to be too much. It is just one too many left wing attacks on me personally that i just do not want to even defend myself anymore. They are spreading lies about me and putting my daily livelihood at risk. I just can not fight anymore without losing everything. Josh Ellis of American Revolution 2.0 is taking over this website all facebook pages and groups. The site staff will remain intact. I have put tons and tons of work into this everyday... approving the facebook group new members is a full-time job in its self. I am thankful for all the connections i have made with you all and will miss the day to day. This will be the last thread i start on this site. farewell to all
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    Hello everyone! thank you fixer. I’ve enjoyed our connection and this website over the last month. I’m so sad that things have gone the way they have for you. i truly hope that I can fill the shoes you are leaving. I am looking forward to the opportunity to carry on the legacy and dream you have created here. if I can help anyone with anything let me know, but please realize there will be a bit of a learning curve with this.
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    Hey Partner we very much appreciate your time and dedication that you have given us and know that there other things at play that have made things difficult for you. But remember you quitting and or giving up is what they are after for all of us to do. Do not under any circumstances give up on yourself and defending what is right. We are all still here and have your back. Peace Partner and never surrender.
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    heads up we have been contacted by The Guardian and they were making some accusations about the site its members and myself i spare the details but wanted to let you know of a potential smear campaign that may be heading our way let me clear the waters right now My Militia is build on a large server in Dallas this is a VPS server that i personally manage i have 2 webspaces set up on it.. one webspace is https://www.mymilitia.com only. the other webspace is home to embrey enterprise which is my web development initiative. I am a wordpress reseller and build and host many sites for clients all the details are here www.embreyenterprise.com you can go to the websites page and see the websites i have built, i also have done freelance programing and graphic work for over 50 other websites. when it comes to e-commerce i built the site and set up the store and show the client how to use it and they upload there own inventory, i also built gateways for payments and shipping and integrate between their website and bank accounts i have no interest in the sites other than the initial set up fee (prices are listed on the site) So tonight i was contacted by a reporter for the guardian and they wanted to know the connection between ar2.0 My Militia and .... lets just call it site x they told me site x contained white supremacy audio records forsale completely blind sided me, i took a look and was not very happy with what i saw i contacted the client, offered them a full refund and to move their site to another server to show i have no connections to that at all with in the next 24 hours this site will be removed along with all webdata, i have also removed my self as admin from their facebook page (i have to be page admin in order to complete some integrations with facebook) they told me its not what it looks like and assured me they were not racists i understood but told them they have to move away from me , my clients and my properties for the wellness of us all. they understood and are cooperative so why this post? you can bet your ass that these reporters are going to twist this all up to where we has some sort of affiliation with the site x. which is not true we were not even aware of the content mostly because all the records are in german language... the album covers do not look too good and can be seen how they may be construed as being bad mojo. its all been taken care of! Racism will not be tolerated by My Militia or any clients or affiliates. Upon discovery of such content immediate action will take place thank you
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    @ fixer I completely understand your decision and just want to say it has been an honor to support this site with you since I started on here. Best regards brother! @ American Revolution 2.0 Thank you for taking on this site and the staff will continue to support you as we are able and can.
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    I'm sure he will still be here, possibly under a new account name..... 😉
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    Author's note: If you have an interest in the subject matter but have not yet read Dr. Benjamin Franklin's essay; Rules for Reducing a Great Empire to a Small One, I recommend you do. In one foul swoop the government has terminated more jobs than our country has ever seen before. To simply say that this is an issue of government overreach, is a bit too simplistic. This situation is the result of licensing. A license, in this context, is define as: Leave; permission; authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act. A license may be verbal or written; when written, the paper containing the authority is called a license Naturally, the licensing of rights is unconstitutional. For if it is a right, no other permission is needed but thy own's accord. And for the government to claim it has the authority to distribute permissions for people to exercise their own rights is a hallmark of tyranny. But this is something that has been around for a long time, and in particular, is what gave rise to the "freedom of the press" phrase in the First Amendment. When you accept a license, the entity that authorizes the license has the authority to terminate it. Thus with business licenses, for example, at any time the government may force any business to do as it commands. To the point, in Arizona, a McDonald's restaurant was forced to paint it's iconic yellow "M", turquoise. Though I am currently addressing a more serious issue of forcing businesses to close, this example proves the point that there is inherently no limit to the authority. If they say "paint it blue or close" you must. Like a gun to the back of the head, so long as Americans consent to licensing, they will be at the total mercy of whom they accepted the license from; their own government! To solve this issue we must terminate the unconstitutional practice of government licenses. As the government declares now, that 'certain businesses are to be shut down, lest they lose their license and may no longer operate'. Without a license, such tyrannical words hold little more power than a suggestion. For most Americans, their lively-hood is based on permits and licenses. And what was once a political theory; that our government can require citizens to behave a certain way, or have certain views in order to be allowed certain privileges like driving, fishing or bank accounts, is now becoming real in America. Through Licensing the government may now control every portion of your life. But this did not just happen! This is a deeply rooted problem in America's current society. You must understand that licenses are un-American. And as an American citizen, whatever dangers may occur from living free from licenses is a) entirely worth it and b) safer than slavery. Licenses are the government's lien to your God-given rights. Those chains were always there, it is only that just now they are being pulled. We must break free of the chains that have allowed for this tyrannical overreach. We must break free from the concept of licensing. We cannot allow this control through licensing to continue any longer.
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    In response to the article on May 8th, 2020, in 'The Guardian' by Jason Wilson and Robert Evans, entitled 'Revealed: major anti-lockdown group's links to America's far right'. The subtitle is 'American Revolution 2.o, which presents itself as bipartisan, has been assisted by far-right individuals-some with extremist links,'. Let's start with the title. What's been revealed? Nobody involved has made it a secret that marches and protests have been planned against the lockdown, in fact quite the opposite. Organizers have attempted to publicize the events far and wide, because nobody wants a lockdown, which is in reality martial law, in response to a virus which is now known to have a mortality rate no greater than the flu, and which virus has been reported to have killed an average of 300 people per year for a number of years. Facebook has removed postings calling for peaceful protests, both legal and the right of the American people. That is a violation of the First Amendment, which protects the Right to peacefully assemble for a redress of grievances against the government, to make one's voice heard and to believe in a well-chosen cause. What is the opposite of the First Amendment Right, which Facebook has quenched and 'The Guardian' article has demonized, by at least making the right to assemble and protest an exclusive right. What is the definition of far right? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary online, far right is "the group of people whose political views are the most conservative". Conservative means "holding to traditional values and cautious about change or innovations, typically in relation to politics or religion". These two definitions are what militias, tea party groups, fundamental Christians, and the most successful businesses and individuals are. Another definition of far right is "a term used by mainstream media to refer to any person who is ideologically to the right of [against] Communism. Again, the above named groups fit into this category as well. Unfortunately, most of mainstream media have created a misnomer for far right, which is that the conservative groups are racist, violent and male chauvinist. This is what neither militias nor the Constitution is, but are both the antithesis of that definition. The article claims that Tea Parties and protesters against lockdown are not grassroots groups, but indeed they are, grassroots being the common man or woman, the root level or foundation. The U.S. Government is meant to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That is it's true, intended foundation, it's core group. The average citizen of any political or religious affiliation, the grassroots conglomerate, does not want to be inhibited in movement, unable to provide for family and self. What is an extremist? By definition it is "a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action". In America that would mean with a certain amount of restraint, i.e., Constitutional restraint with a view to being held in check by both conscience and ethics/morals which came from a Supreme Creator. Who would fit that definition, some well known people? Well, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Abe Lincoln, Douglas MacArthur, John F. Kennedy, Aldi Murphy, Alvin York, Harold Moore... The main target of the article in 'The Guardian' is the website 'Mymilitia.com, grossly misrepresented, falsely stereotyped and unjustly castigated in the mentioned article. That website is simply an online gathering place for supporters of the rights to choose, to say, think and do for oneself, to advocate a free nation, is strictly regulated for content quality, and has no control over what members do offsite, and abusive, insulting, racist and violent content is prohibited. When a police officer or federal agent kills someone unjustly or commits some other crime, is the entire department or agency blamed? When a politician takes a bribe or lies under oath, is it the fault of the rest of the governing body? The recent protest of 50,000 armed militiamen in Virginia, being peaceful and orderly, is living exemplification that the militia movement is not a racist, bigoted or anti-government conglomeration. The militia movement is the national version of the homeowner enjoying and advocating the rights of private ownership, privacy, liberty, and self defense, a civilian version of the military. While news outlets are busy condemning militia groups, being ignorant of what they actually stand for, many of them help with disaster relief and performing guard duty, as well as instructing others in areas such as food preservation, first aid, political process and survival in emergencies. The militia is about much more than just firearms and battle field training, many of the members being current and former military, policemen and firefighters. The 'Guardian' article seems to hold people in contempt who value the right to protect and defend and the sanctity of life of the unborn. Do you suppose that they side with Obama, who as a Senator voted for post-birth abortion [murder] and Hillary Clinton, who voted for abortion in the third trimester? Who else condoned such atrocities? Who comes to mind is Herod the Great, Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, the Vietcong, Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein, to name a few, as well as the Muslim terrorists. The article cites that views about the Covid dilemma which oppose official claims are disinformation, yet synopsis by competent doctors not invested in the pharmaceutical industry (which is hurting financially and needs $$) are being found to be accurate. Quarantining is weakening people's immune systems; respirators are more harmful than good, at least often; a combination of three common, non-vaccine drugs is apparently working well to cure the virus; Covid death rates are being intentionally magnified, while deaths from heart attack, cancer, diabetes and even car accidents have decreased since the Covid outbreak started. How amazing! It has recently been factually shown that the infection rates from Covid are much, much higher than originally shown or known, resulting in something like a 0.375 percent death rate, no more than the flu. Reportedly, Dr. Fauci invested a couple of million dollars in the Wuhan lab two years ago. Is it possible that he didn't know a problem existed? Most people with a large investment would, I'd think, keep close tabs on the state of affairs concerning their money. According to Dr. Shiva, a physician of forty plus years, has shown that Dr. Fauci, who is not apparently currently a practicing doctor, claimed years ago that HIV causes AIDS, and panicked many, but evidently he was wrong. Eye witness reports testify that after receiving certain vaccinations, their children incurred serious problems. From 2000 to 2017, some 460,000 children in three nations overseas, suffered paralysis after receiving polio innoculations. There has been quite notable differences in people of the vaccination era compared to when about the only vaccination was for TB, and not better variations in behavior or demeanor. The writers of the article seem to condemn a movement or activity because of who is involved, instead of critiquing the cause and examining the facts from both sides. In 1999, the FBI enlisted the aid of select members of the La Cosa Nostra, to quench subversive activity of a group of alleged Constitutionalists, which were really far lefts masquerading as Patriots. It actually garnered desired results. The article goes on to imply that something is amiss with a website that includes articles and manuals on warfare. They conveniently leave out the fact that the U.S. Military trains for urban warfare, against the chance that war occurs in America. Are they, and others, so naive to believe that one of two worst case scenarios can't occur in America: invasion from without, or; tyranny from within? If we could ask, some 40,000 or more Christian Russians of the Stalin era would say that yes, it can happen anywhere. We train for war in order to have peace. Every single able bodied male in Switzerland, after mandatory military service, takes his automatic rifle home with him; the crime rate is quite low. Every able bodied man and woman in Israel is capable of waging war for many years after their compulsory military service, and at the rate it's going, America could also become a hotbed of invasions/attacks. What deterred Japan from attacking the American mainland during World War Two? Was it the military? Nope, they were already spread too thin. It was because the Japanese believed that every able bodied man, perhaps woman too, had a firearm. I'm certain that's why we haven't had serious problems from terrorists attacking in traditional style. The article presents the following, from Mymilitia.com. in a negative light: "...2017 manifesto for the site, Embrey wrote he hoped the site would "spearhead" the militia movement, and offered movement goals such as "to augment our local authorities in dire times and assist in our communities from all threats foreign or domestic", and "to change the negative percepyion of the Militia by becoming a welcomed force, one that is preferred over militarized police". And that's bad? Apparently the writers of the article have never been in the military and taken an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, which protects their right to lamblast genuine Patriots, a volunteer force committed to much more than training for warfare. Many veteran and retired cops are concerned about the way law enforcement is being trained. L.A. style, a far cry from what needs to be. An FBI agent of many years, over twenty, told me in 1994, that "if the American people knew what the government was planning, there'd be instant revolution". If, as one example, American citizens were disarmed, the first likely thing to happen would be criminals wiping out law enforcement. The second event would probably be foreign invasion. Concerning a site which Embrey built, one in question, called Tinnitus Records, he had no idea that it sold white supremist music, an addon that the customer put in themselves, not Embrey. Once he learned of it, he refunded their money and removed the site. It was a simple mistake anyone could have made. Why doesn't 'The Guardian' condemn CBS for portraying a video of a Covid ridden hospital in Italy as being in America? In synopsis, the article I'm rebutting is only presenting part of the truth, and appears to be slanted against the militia movement and full implementation of the Constitution of the United States of America, not the creator of any rights, but rather the guarantor of naturally inherent and God given rights. Todd A. Slee, South Whitley, In Note: I will supply references soon. This rebut article is an off the cuff, first draft, written on May 8th, 2020. I sent it to the complaint department at 'The Guardian' on Sunday. I COMMUNICATED WITH FIXER YESTERDAY, AND HE SAID HE DOESN'T WANT ANY COVERAGE, SO PLEASE HONOR HIS REQUEST AND KEEP THIS ARTICLE PROPRIETARY TO MYMILITIA.COM.
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    Sad to see this...But Thank you very Much, and good luck with future endeavors. THREE CHEERS FOR FIXER !!!
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    Thanks “Fixer” for all the expertise i getting everything started and working and welcome to the Brother that is taking over to keep the site working. Remember Fixer we all have your “six” and are here if you need us Brother...
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    Darn, I'm sorry to see you go. Good luck & thanks for all you've done.
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    What Is Your Decision?

    Please watch the video to it's conclusion before you answer this question. And if you agree then please spread the link to this video and get the word out.
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    Looks like the new world order to me boys. The question is do I want to live in a America like that. Vaccines, Waring mask being tracked constitutional rights abolished police state, people reporting on their neighbors... Seems to me if you don't comply with the whole program game over for you. It's know longer a conspiracy theory it's reality. More important to focus on a rational solution to end this dismantling of everything our forefathers fought for ,,, everything our grandfather's fought for our fathers ourselves and our children... The decision we make today is the life our grandchildren will have to indure. Maybe some of you can comply and adjust,,,I can't brothers I have already paid the price for this freedom and I'm not giving it up to these freaking tyrants now.
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    Don't give up brother The left want all of us to give up If we all give up Our country will turn into China or Venezuela Stay strong
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    Are we being lured into Civil War?

    How much we are being manipulated or being played? We've seen just how heavily impacted we can be as a nation in just a few weeks time due to national 'shut-down' (Covid-19). In the midst of this, the progressives have continued if not ramp'd up their efforts to impose bigger government, nationalization of various sectors, flagrant violation of the Constitution, and gun control legislation. Green New Deal keeps getting floated around (which is just UN Agenda 2030). Chinese drones are being used by Law Enforcement to monitor communities and our data is being used to measure who is doing how much and where. Are they trying to draw us out into a fight? To a degree I assume they are at a minimum testing the waters to see just how much they can get away with. It almost feels like they're daring us to go hot just to get it over with. The tyrants must be feeling very confident right now and they must think that they can win either way... whether or not we fight. Maybe it is because they know they are too big to lose. You can't wipe out what you can't wipe out... certain names and faces are often associated with this... but, every now and then I'll see some video and wonder who the heck is this person with this organization and where did they come from? Just strange times and it seems like things are coming together for the enemy while we sit idle.
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    What are we going to do?

    Okay, I see that there are 12 people that are following this site and it seems that all of us are fairly new to the site. Does the group physically meet? Face to face, the way the men of old did. Things are deteriorating quickly and the only way to protect our way of lives and liberty is to physically be united, not virtually. The only group besides the Army that I have been involved in was the Boy Scouts, and neither of those groups were virtual. It saddens me to say that I have lost all faith in our country and the clowns running it. As for the the Great State of Alaska It’s leaders are just a smaller version of the same shit show! They exist only to advance themselves and have control over us. I have only lived here for 3 years and moved my family here with the internet of starting a new life away from the rotten, crime ridden, homeless infested lower 48. Now with corona they are intend to take our way of life and everything that we hold dear. I will not allow the Army or Air Force to inject anything into my body or my family’s body again. Bill Gates with the help of our tyrannical government intend to run our lives. The only way to stop them is to unite!!
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    Thank you for everything you have done and the great contributions. Good luck patriot
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    This is a great site and it helped me find a local militia. Thank you for creating this site
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    Sorry fixer I think you need to prison the water supply and kick some ass
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    I think you're missing the point. Look around this site at some news reports on YouTube. Death rates are greatly exaggerated, edicts are out of proportion with the outbreak, Fauci invested couple million dollars 2 or so years ago in the Wuhan lab, vaccines have paralyzed 460,000 in 17 yrs, Dr. Firx has played numbers on death rates, Gates pushes vaccines and probably not holistic preventative measures...all kinds of inconsistencies and lies. Just look around. Many competent doctors are calling it a hoax, over little more than the flu.
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    Sorry I am late to respond to this. Many of you know why I haven't been able to be on here as often. It is sad to hear what has happened Fixer but not a surprise. Our enemy routinely attacks the people they fear most to demonize them and hopefully get them to quit. It is good to hear that you are not leaving the movement completely as some have after the same type of attacks. I hope AR2 can fill your shoes and is up to the challenge. You did damn good with what you accomplished here. I will keep recommending people come here to find a unit/group to join.
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    As my second salute to the Fixer I will say more. When the commies took control in 08 you could sense the fear of what was to come. We saw it immediately in the media saps. We watched as our fears of communism took shape before our eyes. The commies (demons & media) began systematically destroying our freedom and liberties. Opposition was met with personal destruction. With the luck of victory in the midterms we slowed the onslaught. Fast forward to 2016. With the beat down of the bitch machine we were given new hope. New voices like the Fixer, emerged to fight back and build opposition to the stepped up attacks on our freedoms. Discovery of this sight allowed me to read and understand there is new found hope. So as a former grunt & Drill Sgt. I say to Fixer, keep your chin up, chest out, and be proud of the progress you've made with this site.
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    Good Luck, Fixer! Stay in Christ and the Constitution, brother.
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    I will not get any vaccine. I will not get tested either. The only test I would let the Fascists do is a forehead temperature check.
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    Actually, big doesn't mean invincible. Look how small Israel is, compared to their enemies, yet they're still around. 500 Hebrews routed 10,000 Ammonites or some race, Old Testament. There are a couple other similar historical accounts of other nations. Look at, I think it was, Hamburger Hill in Vietnam. A few hundred American soldiers with M16's and mortars, against 4,000 VC with Ak47's and probably mortars. Numbers mean squat. If you want to defeat the enemy in battle, you take out their leaders. In peacetime, it's accomplished by exposing their leaders as bogus, which is occurring right now. I guess if they want war, we'll give it to 'em. Self defense is always justified, but we'd better be organized. We need plans for peace or war, but if they think we're gonna forfeit our rights, then they've become the same as an armed assaultist or burglar, actually worse. Better dead than red!
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    Not all vaccines are created equal. The bullshit covid one. Let's avoid that risk job like the plague.
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    My inalienable rights come from God, not the government or a leftist lawyer.
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    Hey guys and gals. Let's talk about politics here. I want to start off by saying this can be a volatile subject if we let it. Many people are very passionate about their political affiliation, let's all remember that it's ok if everyone doesn't believe the same as we do and actually the difference in beliefs is a strength. It's ok to speak with emotion, but let's try not to speak out of emotion. Above all, let's respect each other a freedom loving Americans. All that being said, what are some of your thoughts on the currently political atmosphere? Personally, I dont believe Republicans or Democrats have our freedom and the peoples best interest in mind. What that means to me is, I believe each of those parties have an adjenda that is self serving. I believe the Libertarian party lacks organization and an outline foundation they can base ethics and morals on. What are your thoughts?
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    Saying that the militia movement should not exclude anyone because of their political beliefs, so long as they are a patriot, does NOT mean that the movement shouldn't talk about, think about, read about 'politics'. In fact, I would say that having an on-going political education project -- reading things like The Federalist Papers -- is essential to a healthy movement.
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    MYMILITIA.COM It's time for all good men to come to the aid of their country!
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    There is very little than can or should be said to convince you of my intent and beliefs. Actions in my mind are much more important than words. I hope only that you will stick around to see how things go and trust that fixer would not just drop this responsibility on someone that he had not thoroughly vetted first.
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    Good questions! This is the new site owner's Youtube channel. Watch some of his videos and judge for yourself. Personally I think Fixer put this site into the right hands to carry on with it's mission and purpose. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXrMMoqQlZUX03g2VywD0DQ
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    I am new to the group so have not met you... but I am grateful and proud to be here, and I thank you for your sacrifice! Your decision is completely understandable. Stay strong! God bless you!
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    Sorry to see you go ! You have done one hell of a job and I for one will miss you and your contributions to this site and for militias in general ! Tom
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    Do what you gotta do. Im an admin on the Facebook pages its a tough job without the attacks.
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    New to the site, but have enjoyed what little I have seen thus far. God bless you. God bless America.
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    Thousands. Plus beyond may 1st, parts if California protested, Michigan and Illinois lit up, Michigan is pretty close to collapse from the looks of it (peace collapse) , in other areas security guards have been shot for trying to enforce mask laws. Tyranny is here, and many people have noticed. Not nearly enough, but the tyrants are acting. Unfortunately it seems like we are headed to the boog soon. Meat is drying up, prisoners are being released, people are getting arrested for reopening when the state dosent like it (Texas bar owner and armed security, salons and other bussiness) and judges/cops don't care that people have families to feed because they are still being payed.
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    The people of this nation are waking up to being slaves and are protesting it. Once they realize they won't get their rights back even after being released from the lockdown those protests are going to get violent. The response by the enemy to those actions can be all the excuse some may need for their response.
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    With all these radical leftist governors implimenting unconstitutional orders in the name of "public safety" and now police telling us citizens on private property that their rights can be and are suspended, it's pretty much confirmed. There is no government law above the Constitution, these officials and police officers who are breaking their oath to the Constitution should be forcefully removed from their positions by any means necessary. This is going too far, we the people are being treated like cattle and it's going to hit a point where the pot boils over. It's completely obvious with all the censorship of doctors and nurses talking about the virus and how we are handling it wrong, the WHO being in bed with the Chinese communist party, all the statistics and the fact that they are lying about hospitals, the fema camp style lines with food banks and freaking Walmart etc, and the policies being enacted. Hell look at everything so far leading up to before this covid-19 crap. At what point is enough, enough? Look at the Canadian prime minister passing a weapons ban leaving their law abiding citizens in danger because it's a proven fact that criminals don't care about laws and crime rates will now increase. It's only a matter of time before our communist politicians do the same here even if we have a constitution that they don't seem to care for. This is the last place on Earth where you have civil liberties, there is no where else to run. A stand needs to be made, because playing nice doesn't work anymore. This is not the America I swore an oath to. Opinions anyone?
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    While this is encouraging, I wouldn't celebrate until these Republicans actually do what they were elected by the people to do. I won't hold my breath. I've seen Republican sweeps squandered too many times even in my short lifetime.
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    The militia movement should be open to all patriots, regardless of their political beliefs. Obviously some political beliefs -- like AntiFa's -- would preclude their participation in a patriotic militia. But otherwise ... the movement should be open to all. Of course, most participants, today, will be on the 'Right' -- conservatives of one sort or another, or libertarians. As a practical matter, most participants will probably be Republicans, or people who generally vote Republican. But that should not be a condition of membership. Nor should a militia unit endorse a party, although they might well want to endorse (or work for) this or that candidate, if there is a clear choice between, say, a pro-2A and an anti-2A candidate. Could someone who is not a conservative be a good militia member? Well, would anyone want to turn this man down, if he had lived? I believe that as individuals militia people should be as active in politics as they can be ... joining the party of their choice and being active in it, and even running for office if that's appropriate. If a militia unit can bring out enough people (two or three dozen, minimum) to make it worth a candidate's time to speak to them, they should invite candidates to do so -- from all sides. This will help 'mainstream' the movement, and make politicians more aware of it and its opinions.
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    A False, Legal Shutdown

    The problem is and has been for over 200 years that we have forgotten who the Constitution was written to control. It was NOT written to control US! It was written to control the federal government DIRECTLY. It has been twisted and we have been convinced as a people that it applies to us. How many of you have read it word for word, every article. It's obvious who it applies to if you read it before amendments began being attached that started applying to us. The founders intended to keep government close to the people through the more manageable state governments...NOT a distant, huge federal government. The federal government was intended to be minimal in both size and capability...defense, make coinage, and very little more. States would manage all other areas as desired by the citizenry. So yes, in some places you might be able to yell fire, fly a plane without a license (it happened for years by the way), make explosives (this also happened for many years), etc, etc. If the state restricted you more than you liked, you could just move to a more conducive state and vice versa if you preferred more restrictions. That was the intent. Not the twisted, tyrannical beast we have now created. The Constitution is dead. It died many years ago. My personal feelings are that the civil war was it's last official gasp at trying to remain alive but the dying began almost as soon as it was created. Governments hate losing control...it's their ONLY power. Government cannot exist without the consent of the citizenry. When consent is removed, government ceases to exist. The Constitution directly established consent but in very narrow avenues, hence, the powers began immediately to change it and therefore kill it. They succeeded...WE LET THEM!
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    Fixer, I'm very sorry to hear about this. You've done marvelous work to create this site, and it has grown to near 9,000 members. I'll miss you, my friend. God be with you and yours.
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    Doc Strange

    Militia Leadership

    There has never been a time that we’ve lived through quite like this where Americans, regardless of race or political affiliation can feel that a storm is on the horizon! They may not know exactly what’s happening but they can feel the bad mojo! That being said I believe if ever a moment existed in time for open enrollment/recruitment or publication of our ideas or mission statement THE TIME IS NOW!
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    They Are Coming for Your Children

    In Germany, it is illegal not to send your child to a state school. In America, the state schools are becoming more and more, centers for political indocrination -- and they don't do a very good job of teaching the 3-Rs anyway. (And take note of the increasing strength of the idea, within that part of the Left concerned with training teachers, that subjects with right and wrong answers, like science and mathematics, are somehow 'racist'. I know this sounds like a rightwing exaggeration, so if you are skeptical look here: https://www.hoover.org/research/seattle-schools-propose-teach-math-education-racist-will-california-be-far-behindseattle and https://www.chicagotribune.com/lifestyles/sns-tns-bc-edu-math-racist-20191010-story.html The public schools are lost. They cannot be reformed. We have to fight hard for genuine school choice -- which has never really been offered in the US -- and to defend homeschooling. If the militia movement got large enough, it ought to consider seeing if there are ways it could support home schooling, and alternative education (education outside the state school system, ie public schools). In fact, a militia unit trying to grow should consider reaching out to homeschoolers, and to decent charters/private schools, and offering classes on firearms safety.

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