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    I am a right wing conservative King James Bible Free American. I see the hostil take over by Communist of my country. We need to be ready to fight for our freedom
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    Time to impeach the elected representatives that don't uphold the Constitution as they swore to do! Taking gun rights is a violation of that oath. Stay vigilant.
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    Hangin' in there, Colonel!
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    black cat when you hit the air port in conway on 378 you wher like 3 miles from my home.next time u r down give me a buss.but i agree thing r getting worse and we need to be aware at all times.yall know where i am at if you need me.have a wonderful weekend
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    Delta Whiskey 14 checking in from McLean County.
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    Jeff Roy Ashburnham Patriot Mutual Assistance Group
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    Tankerman88 (Bill) checking in from the Northern parts of the state. Glad the weather is finally starting to break. Cooking some squirrel tonight that I got at my mother in law's place a few months ago.
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    Checking in on this wonderful day. What are you patriots doing today? Hopefully taking advantage of this great weather.
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    ???WHAT A TARD!!!???
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    Planet Earth's Last Hope!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ??
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    Rehoboth Massachusetts
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    Any word about when Seminole County meeting
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    Went down 378 to 501 about three weeks ago, Little River being the first long term stop, then Holden Beach and back home via 378. I live near Lake Murray on the Saluda/Newberry side. It's a swamp out here from all this rain. Everyone needs to stay on the alert because this sh*t is getting bad. I don't know about you but I am not willing to give up my rights. When you see "conservatives" talking about gun rights in a way that suggest only ...highly trained, ex military, police...etc should have a gun, that is a scary sign. Better stock up on rocks and steak knives.
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    Constitutional Carry vs Control- The Winds of Freedom
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    But... but... but... but... the MSM told me he was a far right President Trump loving conservative!!! Oh, and he's white!
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    The duty of the militia is to protect society, its members, and its Constitution, from anything that may threaten it. That includes foreign enemies, domestic insurrectionists, and disasters...

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