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    The militia helmet

    It's interesting. But, given it has level IIIa rating... it isn't going to stop anything that a standard pasgt, ach, mich, helmet won't stop. Not really any lighter than a mich either. It is cheaper than buying a new kevlar helment... but, you can find used surplus helmets for less than the ar500 steel helmet.
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    Union of Militas

    The N.O.W Militia is No More... Alliance with Union Of Liberty "Warriors Of Liberty" is the New N.O.W.M
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    True enough... but they will also be on the "inside" and could offer intelligence information and material support to real patriots, if they are so inclined. Pastor Joe Fox from Viking Preparedness, noted that in a true civil war, whole chunks of the "establishment" will gravitate to one side or the other; so it's not unreasonable to assume that some entire units will join the opposition. I'm sure each NG member is searching their soul right now about how to respond, if the call-up should come.
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    It's not a coup. It's a civil war. By Phil D'Agostino Lately, it's been convenient — and self-serving to some — to call what is going on with the Trump administration a coup. It's a "soft coup" or a "silent coup" or a wish-it-were-a-coup. Let's take a look at what that means. According to all definitions I can find, a coup is a sudden, often violent overthrow of a government. Every time I look up the definition of a coup, I get something like this from Merriam-Webster: "a sudden decisive exercise of force in politics." But there is nothing sudden about this. https://www.americanthinker.com/articles/2019/12/its_not_a_coup_its_a_civil_war.html
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    I saw this video last night, and at my last count, there were several hundred Patriots willing to travel to Virginia and fight for freedom. We may just see how accurate our predictions are of an outbreak of civil conflict, if not Civil War, in the event of atrocities by the baby-killing, black-faced governor of Virginia. I had estimates from EXCEEDINGLY RELIABLE sources that up to 70% of federal and national guard troops would refuse an order to fire on fellow citizens, except in defense of their own lives.
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    ILSL Sheepdog

    Unit Members Import Error

    I am happy that this was quickly resolved. I appreciate the speed in which it was done. Thank you Fixer
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    Unit Members Import Error

    Attn: We have recently had an error on the site that allowed a unit leader to import members from other units. We have corrected this and made changes to prevent reoccurrence sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. Please be advised: This was not done with malicious intent, it was an abuse of a feature meant for only site administrators.
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    maybe your 6 decades of living are the reason you think the way you think are ok.
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    Race has a role to play, but it is kept that way by the racial in fighting the socialists agendas promote. By keeping the people divided based on something they can see and have a preconceived notion on the people starting all this effectively keep the people separated and unable to communicate and work out our ideas. Class also has a role right behind race, with similar actions in that concept as well. a hamster wheel following another hamster wheel. This is about culture and Ideology for the most part and at its base. @ RevRifleman is quite correct. In the first couple of rally/riots in portland after the election me and a couple of other young guys would have a drink and some joints then go to the rallys looking at what they were doing and making sure no kids were getting attacked ( we watched for it, mostly I think we wanted to fight and that was the justification in our minds) and most black block/protesters were overwhelmingly white younger generation people my age. most seemed to be decently well off and were just fanatics of leftist (not liberal, leftist) ideologies.
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    I've seen plenty of white people assaulting Trump supporters. In fact, most of the antifa and protesters rioting in the streets and on college campuses seem to be about as white as a pasty person can get. Most of these instances of whites being assaulted by minorities tend to be examples of Blue City culture more so than anything else. Just as there is a small and stubborn segment of White Supremacist trash in this country... there are Black Nationalists, Hispanic Brown Beret types, etc. These kids scrapping on the bus do not fall into any of these categories. They're just being incited thanks to the rhetoric of the Media and Swampthings in D.C. I don't like the 'low IQ beast' rhetoric used in the initial post. It's unnecessary and ignorant. At the same time we can't pretend that 'race' or 'ethnicity' doesn't play some factor in the tension of the times. It's not about skin color though. It's about politics. When Black, Asian, and Hispanic voters vote 70% or even 90% in favor of Democrat, Socialist, and Communist policies... there is the root of the problem. 80% of Chinese American voters in a relatively recent poll indicated that they favor stricter gun control. Does that have to do with skin color? No. But, it does have to do with culture and values. It's easy to point fingers as D.C. and pretend that the root of the problem is there. People voted for every person sitting in office at local, state, and federal level. Kick out the tyrants and you still have the electorate who can put new tyrants in place. Civil War is not likely to change voter values and ideologies. I don't know how to solve this problem. I've been listening to Republican talking heads for decades about how we can change minds with logic and reason... I'm still waiting for that to happen. Voting stats seem to suggest that nobody is changing their mind. Time will tell.
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    this is very race driven, the vid posted and this dumbass meme which this female prob didnt make herself. what does video of kids fighting on the bus have to do with the civia war 2. pls explain. and the "war on whites meme" really, cmon. I'm a young blk 29 male w rasta-like dreads, tats and all that and im more of a patriot than some you you race baiters here. seriously how tf does this even come close to hekping this community? smh alot of ppl hee are looking for this psuedo-holy race/cultural war and using the guise of patriotism to do so. SMH I know exactly what you meant to say. And buddy you're not milita/3%/minute man material. if you're not posting the dumbass racist saying and making memes from any racist view point shut up. wrong is worng and it seems like its only wrong if the group you feel most associated with is in "sights" of a perceived enemy.
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    I consider Bloomberg to be evil and a danger to the masses of common folks. That dude has never existed in my "world" nor the "world" of the huge percentage of the populace. If that scum does enter the race as a viable candidate I will do my little part. Perhaps create a sign that "supports" Bloomberg but that actually places the punk in a bad light. So many possibilities. "Felons for Bloomberg"? "Transgenders for Bloomberg"? I live in a conservative area where those types of statements can perhaps encourage voters to vote to ensure that enemy of We, the People does not attain his coveted desired throne so as to advance the tyrannical elites' lust for a New World Order.
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    Your reply shows that you have an excellent grasp of the many permutations of the enormous number of aspects of this event broadened to include the much larger event of WAR. Several books could be filled describing the many possible variations of the events and possible outcomes if angered patriots, fed up with the decline of the Founder's creation, and fed up with the complacency of traitors and mental midgets filling political positions at all levels of governance allowing the decline to continue and gather speed, determine that national destruction awaits unless strong action is taken. The Founder's warned of tyranny in their writings and what must be down when it rises. A cohort of modern Founders are needed to lead and guide the patriots. I believe that the dangers facing the USA are severe enough that a military coup by PATRIOT officers would be the most effective, least costly in lives and materiel and most likely to succeed method of saving the USA from eventual oblivion. Hundreds-of-thousands of words would only scratch the surface of describing the threats and how to stop them. The most convoluted. complicated part of the problem is the horrors of diversity and multiculturalism that was forced upon the USA by tyrants and has greatly assisted the efforts of New World Order tyrants with advancing their cause. Toss in the unholy alliance between the out-of-control corporate system and its unholy alliance with government at all levels and even a buncha' stuff I ain't even thunk of yet and it is brain numbing!!! That complexity has assisted the tyrants with their desire to assume control of not only the USA but of all Western countries!!! Ugghhhh. Back to my part-time task of spreading the word to the citizenry of which the majority are complacent sheep who will do little to nothing regarding the threats to our Western ways of life.
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    I'm not entirely sure what to think about 'their' motivation aside from Satanic bloodlust. Whoever 'their' actually is. Whether it be a means of population control, tanking the economy through a mainland war, testing the waters to see how much their programming has taken root, and so on... they likely have multiple angles and wouldn't push Civil War if they thought they would actually lose. Anyone who plans... plans for numerous outcomes with the hope that several of them will be favorable. If war breaks out... it's an opportunity to tank the U.S. economy and the power of the Petro-Dollar. It might be an attempt to tank the Global Economy in order to put in a different structure. If war breaks out... it's an opportunity for China and other Globalist nations to attempt to invade us. If the war goes on too long and we get too weak, there will be foreign troops on our soil from the north and south. Canadians are sympathetic to us... but, the Canadian Government is not. It's an EU pawn. The downfall of the United States is the only thing needed at this point by the Globalists. For them there are only two acceptable outcomes. Our total destruction or our total allegiance. We do have glimmers of hope in that Europe is fighting back in small pockets... but, the clock is ticking and time is not on our side.
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    Union of Militas

    Just a lil education http://www.loeser.us/flags/american_note_2.html https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us!ful.html Also if you Look at most US Flags flown in Courts, And federal government. They have gold fringe, U.S Soliders have a Flag on the right sleeve edged in yellow Gold.. Gold Fringe Flag Stands for no Nation and no Constitution. It stands for Admiralty Law! Not Constitutional law, not Common Law, but the law that has taken over our nation and court system! It represents Martial Law! https://www.crwflags.com/fotw/flags/us-fring.html I would rather fly, as a Patriot who disagrees with our Current Government's Actions and State of Affairs... one of these flags.. The Grand Union Flag, https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Grand_Union_Flag Betsy Ross Flag https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Betsy_Ross_flag Or the original Secession Flag Bonnie Blue. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bonnie_Blue_Flag
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    I'm a native New Yorker myself. (Born in Schenectady). My sister and my Mom along with her side of the family are also New Yorkers. We are mainly from Upstate New York. Afton, Unadilla, Elmyra and Corning. Before he retired to Florida, my uncle lived on Long Island in Port Washington. My brother-in-law is from Brooklyn. We've either moved away or passed on. Still, there will always be a special place in my heart for my home state. I am standing with you guys even though I'm a long ways away. Stay strong. Stay the course.
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    Union of Militas

    United Militias Flag Proposal. https://www.uscivilflags.org/products.html Civil Flag Arm Patches 2"x3" Nylon 100% embroidered. The Civil Flag is fast becoming the Symbol of the second American Revolution. The emblem of choice of Constitutionalists, Libertarians, Hippies and Pacifists and of course the much maligned Militia. For the hardcore patriot, who's not afraid of showing his colors. Thank God, I do not own a car,.. I mean lease it from the state government. Here's a secret though, most people will not even notice that it is not Old Glory. The good news is that they are still getting the message of freedom and personal responsibility Not only is this flag a lost part of our history, It is intended to be a symbol, a reminder to our government, that We The People are in control of this country. This is our country.
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    Union of Militas

    I like it, i will make the name change now
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    I knew Bill Clinton played saxophone but guitar too.
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    Sportsman's Guide Sucks A$$!

    Sportsman's Guide Sucks A$$! Recently I received an order from Sportsman's Guide of ( 2 canteens with 2 woodland camo canteen pouches (NEW) ). One of the pouches was missing the female portion of the clip and it wasn't even in the box. The other one was too tight to snap closed over the canteen. So I gave the product a 3 out of 5 star review on their website. This was their response to the review I submitted: So in other words, the product reviews on their site are artificially very good because they are not allowing all the bad reviews to be posted.
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    The New Civil War

    Looking at historical experiences in 'civil war' situations is absolutely critical. I propose to try to summarize the following 'civil war' situations, drawing out the lessons for patriots today, over the next few months: The American Revolution, the French Revolution, the 'springtime of the nations' in Europe in 1848, Napoleon III's coup in France, the Paris Commune in1871, the first Russian Revolution in 1905, the Second Russion Revolution in 1917 and the subsequent Civil War, the Hungarian Revolution of 1919, the various Communist and Fascist attempts at seizing power in Germany, from 1919 to 1933, the victory of fascism in Italy;the Estonian Communist insurrection of 1924, the Shanghai Commune 1927, the Spanish Civil War 1936-1939; the civil war in post-war Greece; the Iranian Revolution of 1979; Chile 1973, various attempts by pro-Castro forces to wage guerilla war in the 1970s and 80s -- including the successful one in Nicaragua and the original successful one in Cuba in 1959, the Afghan defeat of the Soviets and (coming soon) the Americans; plus the American experience in Iraq. Plus, of course, Vietnam. Although they are of only marginal significance, I will also survey the various Posse Comitatus, Silent Brotherhood, The Order, Christian Identify, and Sovereign Citizen movements in the US in the 1980s and 90s. Other suggestions gratefully received. I'll try to draw the purely military lessons from these, but I'll mainly concentrate on the successful, or unsuccessful, political strategies followed by both sides -- which I believe are much more important than strictly military tactical issues. I'm not a super-expert on these episodes, so I will consider my essays starting points for discussion, expecting others to add to or modify or perhaps just dispute my data and my conclusions. If there is anyone reading this who is also interested in history, I would be happy to collaborate. Advance warning: the general lesson that I believe can be drawn from all of these episodes is the critical, vital importance of timing, and (closely related) pursuing a political strategy that maximizes the number of your supporters (who will range from totally committed to just-barely-sympathetic) and those who remain neutral, on the one hand; and minimizes/divides the number of your enemies, on the other. And, in particular, the near-impossibility of a 'volunteer' armed group, no matter how dedicated and committed, even with mass support among the population, of defeating an intact professional military which remains substantially loyal to the existing state. Anyone interested in serious research into this question might want to start with Armed Insurrection by 'A. Neuberg' (a pseudonym for a group of supporters of the Communist International), available here: https://libcom.org/files/A. Neuberg - Armed Insurrection (1926).pdf and Trotsky's History of the Russian Revolution, available here: https://www.marxists.org/archive/trotsky/1930/hrr/index.htm . The latter is of far greater significance if you have time to read only one of them, although be warned: it's not a quick read.
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    How can I help volunteer. Utah
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    The problem isn’t just their attitudes towards the conflict. If they put on the uniform they’ll be suspected of following unconstitutional orders from our tyrannical governor.
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    631 Patriot

    Union of Militas

    Hey, guys! Patriot here!! Anyone here from NY?? I see that there are patriots from OTHER states.... Are there any from NY on here?
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    Bob Farewell

    Hello fellow patriots

    I'm bob, 57 yr old vet living in nh. Looking for contacts nearby who i can trust.
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    yes i really need a knife only because i live in a really bad city it is called SCHENECTADY NEW YORK and how bad is it you might ask well the leardership does not care about any living in the city and the city is on the top 100 worst cities in NORTH AMERICA IT I NUMBER 98 and the mayor of the city keeps saying that crime has been down since he took office which it has not that is why i really need a knife
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    Carlo, my fellow patriot. We need to unite all the Militias that are in our state and the states close to us. If you can do that than it will be highly appreciated. Thank you for at least trying to contribute for our Constitutional Cause. God Bless You and Your Family. We will speak soon...

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