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    John Last

    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    I think you can go back to the end of WWII when the victorious "allies" who by then were calling themselves the United Nations (hint hint) used the term DEMOCRACY to appeal to the whole world, even the destroyed Axis countries. So even then, they had sewn the seeds for a one-world government. These days even countries like Cuba, Iran, China (in 2018 they made Xi leader for life) North Korea and Venezuela have "free and democratic elections"... even if there's only one party and one candidate.
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    That is true. I was kind of shell-shocked when I went into the history of the Democratic Party. Shocked in that I found at the core, they have ALWAYS been opposed to our Constitutional way of life. Before I dug into their history, I thought if I went back far enough, I would at least find something American about them, differing in only how we handle our finances. But that was not the case. Their political facets are many, their alliances have always been many different ideologies focusing on this and that - ALL unAmerican within our country, and now their alliance network is global. Literally every entity, whether wealthy individual or foreign country that stands against America, are allies of the Political Elite in the DNC. The most shocking (to me) was to learn that the intentions of the core of the party have always been anti-Constitutional, and they have hidden their true intentions from their common-core supporters by out and out lying to, and diseducating, generations of Americans.
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    I‘ll add that I prefer to refer to our government as a constitutional republic, nothing with “democrat” in its verbiage deserves to describe our country. The Democrats in power now are power hungry win and keep power by whatever it takes means that also work to undo the constitution or corrupt it by amendments and laugh at how they were the ones that finally accomplished the knife in the back killing of the USA.
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    I've examined myself time and time again to determine if this is just a pet peeve of mine... calling America a "democratic" country. It peeves me, yes, but there's a very specific reason it is so irritating (and I'm not irritated with you at all @ Doug1943 . This terminology is used extensively by the most powerful people in Washington on a regular basis). What we are is a "democratic Republic". If you try looking it up on the internet, the word "republic" gets mixed reviews in the meaning of the word. What it really means is, "rule of law". While it can be said that America is "democratic Republic", it is a misrepresentation to say we are a "democracy", which would simply mean that the majority rules. The main reason these distinctions are so important is, if we were a simple "democracy" as Democrats continually advertise, then whatever the simple majority says, goes. That is NOT the case and I'll admit, most Americans do not like it when I point that out. Also, if a democracy were all we are, then no one would be asking themselves a most important question: "What is the law?" So what is the law? The Constitution. The Constitution of The United States is the AUTHORITATIVE document which defines what it is to be American. There have been democracies tried throughout all of time all over the world. Every single one of them has failed to support a free society. Why? Because sooner or later, the "majority" will be WRONG in fundamentals spelling the end of that society. I mean, what happens when two wolves and a lamb vote on what to have for dinner? Exactly. The lamb loses everything. But in our democratic republic, they vote on dinner, the lamb takes his case to a higher court until it reaches the Supreme Court, which will HOPEFULLY be dominated by judges that will interpret the Constitution as it is written... which would say... that American citizens should be free to do as they wish, pass or fail, as long as they do not trample (violate) the rights of others in the process. Under the Constitution, ALL citizens have a right to life, liberty and to own property. The taking of the lamb's life for supper would be a violation of the Constitution, therefore the "democracy" is trumped (pardon the pun) by the rule of law, set forth by our Founders in our Constitution. NONE of this has been taught to our young citizens for decades... even in college. People are graduating from the liberal educational cesspools without ever having heard that, or being taught about that. As a result, "democracy" is all they know and they've been taught to resist anything that opposes it. The "rule of law" is what keeps America grounded... because they are GOOD laws, a solid foundation... that would sustain a happy and healthy America for all-time. That is what is unique about America: Our LAW as founded... It is unlike any other in the world, in all of history. It has never existed anywhere else in the world at any time. If we ever lose it, it never will again. I know this post is a bit of a rabbit trail... but had not America been led away from the letter and spirit of our Constitution for the last 50 years+, we wouldn't be seeing what we're seeing in our government today. Education is a real key... and if we want to have a prayer in keeping our Republic, we need to take our public schools back from the government.
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    Not a drone thats a fucking AC-130. ☠️ I can hear the 40mm bofors firing and the 25mm minigun firing. After watching it again that is not the Soleimani strike. I got all excited thinking a spectre ended that dirtbag. The area is all wrong that’s rural countryside. Soleimanis convoy was next to a wall on a paved road
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    New Forum Home Layout

    https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/ Based on user browsing behaviors we have rearranged the forum home, and changed some forums. Please be aware of this when starting a new topic to make sure you are in the correct forum.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    No one knows the future, and every conflict is different in some respects to all previous conflicts. So you may be right, or right in part. We just don't know right now. In a democratic country like the US, the evolution of politics is going to be the key. In many other countries in the past, there was no democracy so the government did not have democratic legitimacy. Other countries were occupied by a foreign army, which always gives the home team a big advantage. We are almost unique, in many was: our very size, for one thing; our diversity, for another; but the key thing is that our governments have had democratic legitimacy. Whatever happens, the stronger the militia is, the more supporters, active and passive it has, the better. Every time there is a disaster, natural or manmade, the local militia should be first onto the field, helping people, demonstrating its professionalism and showing what a trained team with proper equipment can do -- and hopefully, recruiting more members and supporters in the process.
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    Hi all. Just found this site and joined. Hope to be able to network and share ideas. I have a renewed Militia interest after a 20 year hiatus. Thanks for having me!
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    On the night of the events i used a proxy to watch Israeli local news, i did this for a few reasons .. One i do not trust american media ... any of them. As the events were unfolding the american news was about 2 hours behind. Some key items from that night .. Re-Read the Statement at the top of this image... Iran first said it wasn't even them. Next item: Israel News reported US Casualties Next item: Israel reported that Iran said if the US retaliated they would Bomb israel .... Next item: Israel activates Iron dome... pleas with US diplomats ENTIRE TIME TRUMP IS SILENT The world is staring , watching Tumps twitter for retaliation .... Next Item: Israel reports passenger plane crashed Next Item: TRUMP breaks silence .... All is well! Missiles launched from Iran at two military bases located in Iraq. Assessment of casualties & damages taking place now. So far, so good! We have the most powerful and well equipped military anywhere in the world, by far! I will be making a statement tomorrow morning. Take a few minutes and study this message... knowing the world is waiting for the message... Completely not like trump to respond like this... "ALL IS WELL" who is going to say that after an attack... its like saying NO WORRIES .... it is just to calm everyone.. and how about "Assessment of casualties & damages" ... exactly how do you Assess something you say never happened ... as USA continues to report NO CASUALTIES ... "INVESTIGATE" and "ASSESS" 2 different things Next item: Israel reports that Iran was waiting on missiles to be fired by USA and was going to blame USA for downing passenger plane... Next Item: Israel reports Plane shot down contained 176 passengers Notice anything strange? how about 63 Canadians? Next Item: Israel reports Canadian passengers were nuclear scientist fleeing the country None of this is reported on American News Next Item: Trump address nation says no casualties, all is well Iran is standing down BASED ON WHAT EXACTLY? Next Item: American news reports passenger plane "Crashed" this does not add up. What i think is Trump Lied..... There were casualties ... He lied to prevent a war .. how do you fell about that? Israel is saying 90 us soldiers killed in missile strikes.. USA is saying "WERE GOOD" Remember JFK lied during the cold war and saved the world. I think... Trump lied and saved thousands, how do you feel about that?
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    Doc Z

    Another x-military guy.
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    Hope this brightens your day: A fisherman carrying a lobster bumped into a friend on the way home. “Where are you going with the lobster under your arm?” asked his friend. The fisherman answered, “I’m taking him home to dinner.” Just then the lobster spoke up, “I’ve already had my dinner, can we go to a movie instead?” Two men are stranded on a deserted island. One despairs, but the other one claps him assuredly on the back and says, “Don’t worry, they will definitely find us, and soon.” “Really? Why do you think so?” asks the despairing one. “I owe the IRS five years’ worth of taxes.” The pastor of the church was looking over the cradle in the church's soon to be put away nativity scene when he noticed that the baby Jesus was missing from among the figures. Immediately he turned and went outside and saw a little boy with a red wagon. In the wagon was the figure of the little infant Jesus. So he walked up to the boy and said, "Well, where did you get him, my fine friend?" The little boy replied, "I got him from the church." "And why did you take him?" The boy said, "Well, about a week before Christmas I prayed to the little Lord Jesus and I told him if he would bring me a red wagon for Christmas I would give him a ride around the block in it." A cowboy was leading a flock of sheep down Main Street when he was ordered to stop by the town policeman. “What’s wrong?” the cowboy asked. “I was just heading my ewes into a side street.” “That’s the trouble,” the policeman replied. “No ewe turns permitted on Main Street!” There are currently eight people who have received the distinction of being named honorary United States citizens. There are eight, but only one of them could be the first. Those bragging rights belong to former British Prime Minister Sir Winston Churchill. Where were you 13 years ago today, on January 9, 2007? If you were Steve Jobs, Apple co-founder and tech mogul, you were at the Macworld Convention introducing the world to Apple’s latest creation, the iPhone. Scientific studies have shown that your heartbeat will mimic the music beats and tempo of the song you are listening to. If it’s a slow ballad, your heart is mellow. If the song you are listening to hits a crescendo, your heart will constrict the blood vessels. This will cause your blood pressure and heart rate to go up. https://gsmpao.weebly(DOT)com are primarily a Prepper Organization, join us. Copy & paste link https:// theselfsufficientliving(DOT)com/diy-wind-turbine-designs-to-generate-off-grid-power. Copy & paste link Multitasking Paratroopers Crossbow D7 - Feel Free To “Click on”- Research - Copy/Paste & Share. Scott
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    Matt In West Virginia

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    Trolls are telling me this is conspiracy porn and a red dawn wet dream. I am planning a Part 3 for this along the lines of the UN peacekeepers being greeted as liberators by the starving and fearful population.
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    Tier1Citizen It’s not a tantrum rant. I made a statement towards the post where some folks are wondering why there’s no heavy militia action. I guess you’ve taken it to heart or are upset by it. Whatever. I guess you’re motivated now huh or still troubled, either way I don’t give AF.
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    I understand most, if not all of his greviences to a point, but one thing I'm still troubled by and a little hung up on is the reason for the post in the first place. If one is so bent out of shape over what they see and are not willing to correct the behaviors that is being witnessed why not just walk away instead of posting a simi tantrum like rant? Maybe it's just me but if your trying to prove a point to get people more motivated there are better ways. JMO
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    Yes Sir. That whole article is the norm now from these newly college educated zombie leftists. The woman never talked to one militia... She scatter-surfed the internet and concocted that story with liberal talking points from all over. There's no way our "image" is going to be anything but extreme in the media. Our only hope to be heard is to be sincere and unified . It will take MANY of us, standing together. 10's of thousands from all over... a crowd so big, in so many different places, unwavering in cause, message and intent, that we can't be ignored.
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    The side that fires first loses.
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    Gun control is really about people control and that is what it is all about. The elite and those that believe they are also part of the elite (because most of them are really unknowing dupes and tools of the real power behind the strings) want to be able to completely rule all of us with no chance for resistance by force. They want to confiscate and remove all privately owned firearms in the United States, because that is the only thing keeping them from complete and open rule of our world. Once private firearms are mostly gone in the United States we will have two kinds of people left, the few that died resisting and not complying, and the rest who are the peons, serfs and slaves of the elite ruling class. Every additional infringement on any of our rights is one step closer to this down their slippery slope. No more compromise, no more additional infringements, and we need to get back most of what has been lost so far.
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    After thinking on it some this morning, it's pretty clear. They are coming after our entire way of life. If you are caught in a cross-fire of criminals murdering people around you, they want it to be illegal for you to be able to stop the criminal. If you are out with the family target shooting and picnicking, they want that illegal. They know we're all not going to stand around in our camo gear WITHOUT our guns and train together... so they want to make that illegal. They want to make it illegal for me to teach my children handgun safety at very early ages and how to operate a firearm at an early age. They don't want us to play with our GI Joe dolls anymore... they want to make that illegal. And above all, they want to be able to do ANYTHING they wish to us, knowing we have no way to effectively rebel. Virginia wants all of that NOW. RIGHT now. What kind of choice does that leave us? I know militias have a PR problem. But hell. The best President we've had in my lifetime has a PR problem. There is virtually no way NOT to have a PR problem. It doesn't matter what we do to try to get our message across, if our people have not been raised by a patriot, we can expect them to act like idiots, and they will seell their birthright for a bowl of stew because no one ever taught them the worth of what they already have.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    I believe something even bigger than individual gun control is coming. I think they are going to go after the militias as such. Because ... suppose they ban 'assault weapons', and all magazines with a capacity of more than ten rounds. Well ... in the first place, how many people do you think will actually turn their AR15s in? So many of them will be lost in boating accidents, or given to an elderly relative who has now died who lived in a distant state. In the second place ... although a thirty-round magazine is handy ... we won WWII against the Nazis with a rifle that had an eight-round magazine. I would far far far rather see 500,000 people organized and trained in local militia units, armed with M1 Garands, supported by five million sympathyzers, than 1000 000 people with fully-automatic AR15s, each sitting at home "defying the government," or 'organized' with two or three friends, with no training, no chain of command, no specialists and division of labor that you get when you can bring together hundreds of people with a purpose, having access to the knowledge and skills bought by American soldiers over the last fifty years and paid for in blood. Genuine wars are won by discipline , organization, skillful leadership and deep moral committment on the part of the combatants. We far outgunned the Viet Cong, but the Communists -- having wiped out their non-Communist nationalist competition during the Second World War -- pretty much had a monopoly on Vietnamese nationalism. This gave them a big advantage. Napoleon said in war, the moral is to the material as three to one, and he was right. But that committment has to be organized, which is why I think that the militia will soon be portrayed as 'private armies' made up of ultra-right wing terrorists. Read the Huffington Post articles on the militia and you can see the political equivalent of an artillery 'prep' in action. Our enemies don't really care about the weapons, or about the occasional mass-murdering lunatic (who will find ways to kill in any case): their target is organized patriots. So in the immediate future we need to prepare a propaganda counter-offensive. This is why Virginia is important: we need large numbers of ordinary citizens turning up, NOT looking like scary sullen bearded men in camo with machine guns, NOT carrying swastikas and Confederate Flags, NOT threatening to arrest the governor on the basis of some arcane interpretation of the law, NOT muttering about Black Helicopters piloted by the Illuminati and carrying "UN soldiers". Patriots are very poor at propaganda. Why? Because they tend to be naturally conservative, basically happy with their country. So they don't stay up late thinking about how to radically change it. We don't have a Saul Alinsky writing a Reveille for Radicals book to get instructions from. We just want to be left alone. But they don't want to leave us alone. We're always playing defense. We have to start playing offense, learning how to win public opinion, how to carpe diem (seize the day) when a Bridge at Remagen moment comes along, as it did a few days ago with the Synagogue and Church attacks. We need to play political judo -- offering to provide security for local mosques for example. We need to build a pyramid of support around and below us, of people who are not directly militia members, but are part of support groups, parallel groups, social welfare groups supported by us. What's the difference between a militia in America at the present time, and a professional army? The real difference is this: in terms of whom to wage war against, a professional army just follows the directions of its government. It can concentrate entirely on the technicalities of warfare. It may have a 'PR' department but it will just be a feeble adjunct, which no real soldier will want to be assigned to. But today, in America, a militia has got to spend as much time 'doing politics' as it does in target practice and carrying out fire-and-maneuver exercises. Our enemies have wisely chosen, from their point of view, to fight on that ground. Anti-fa know they would be turned into hamburger in any armed confrontation between them and us. At the moment, the political field, defeating the propaganda war against us, is the 'high ground', and we've got to obey that basic rule of infantry warfare: take the high ground and hold it.
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    There is a lot of speculation floating around at the moment. What we can say is this: Legislation is being pushed in numerous states to either confiscate fire-arms (Red Flag), ban, or further limit the 2A rights of the citizenry. This cannot be disputed. How likely those bills are to pass in any given state is a matter of looking at who the representatives are that will vote on those bills. The thing to remember is that just because a bill doesn't pass... that doesn't mean it goes away. It is a reference point for future legislative attempts or even a bill that can be resurrected as is to be pushed at a later point. They are laying ground work knowing that if it doesn't pass this time... it might the next time when they can get the majority or increase the size of their majority. This is why local and state elections are so important. This is also why demographic shifts are important to monitor. If you live in Idaho... you've got a lot of Commiefornian's moving into the state. That is going to change how that state votes in the future. What is safe today may not be tomorrow. These attempts being put forth are a sign to us that the gears and cogs are doing their thing behind the scenes - intentions precede actions.
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    Matthew M

    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    Well said Doug, the info on the long guns is appreciated. I may or may not comply with that request. I am less concerned about our people and more concerned about a false flag plant. If there is someone that you suspect, keep eyes on that person and intercede if necessary. Although, I understand the request, not to bring a "long gun", I do consider that a failure in judgment. It would behoove the organizers to allocate a few if not many to just that. Not only as a means of deterrent and protection for the group, but also as a visual aid for those seeking to infringe on our rights. I know this goes without saying; but like Doug said. Trigger control people, Safety, Safety, Safety! One negligent discharge is all that is necessary for left to say; "See these guns are dangerous... bla bla bla." Unless you are put into a position to defend yourself, keep your firearm holstered! We all like a little show and tell, but now is not the time.
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    2020 My Militia Tri-Fold Promotional Flier

    Please print and fold these and distribute accordingly, We hope to see many of these at upcoming events File is attached https://www.embreyenterprise.com/mm/MyMilitia2020.pdf Preview... My Militia 2020.pdf
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    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    This sums it up very well. The Left -- the ones who have thought their politics through, like the Marxists have -- see society in collective terms: for a century and a half, they saw it as the working class vs the capitalist class. Any arrangement of power which helped the former was okay by them. They didn't worry about things like constitutional guarantees, because (1) they believed these were bogus so long as society was run by the capitalists, and (2) they believed that to carry out the socialist revolution, they could not afford to be restrained by any laws -- Lenin is quite explicit about this. And (3) they believed that once socialism was established, there would be no need for laws at all -- there would be no contradictions in society, no clash of interests. Now they have abandoned the working class -- they in fact despise it -- and are concentrating on racial, and sexual identity issues, hoping to bring down the system via the exacerbation of these. The Democrats, in my opinion, were just a bog-standard poltiical party, no more loyal to the Constitution than the Republicans, when it came to the self-interests of their supporters. But now they are rapidly being taken over by people with a definite ideology, who quite consciously bellieve that all established law is just a screen for the rule of evil people. Whereas classical Marxism saw itself as an extension of the Enlightenment, these people effectively reject the Enlightenment as, again, just a screen for male supremacy and racism and xyz-phobia. So we're headed into a completely unprecedented situation. The Democratic Party of FDR and JFK and even of Bill Clinton is being transformed. Without wanting to be too dramatic, the word 'zombie' comes to mind. So keep your powder dry. There will
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    Hi all, Outside of Conway, SC. Back into the movement after a 20 year hiatus/
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    What were those projectiles they were shooting? The part where they gun down the guys running away was great.
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    Please vet this

    The blue turban interpretation is from Nostradamus experts. Nostradamus knew what a helmet looked like and had certain words/phrases he used for them. If I remember the quatrain correctly blue turban is used in a singular sense so it means an individual. The phrasing implies it is an individual giving orders so it is interpreted as an arab of royal heritage.
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    I was referring to his original post not yours.
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    Done and posted on my Militia page. Just sent out addl emails to committee voting on Monday
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    Years ago I did a lot of backpacking--frames and that sort of thing. You do not want that. You probably could benefit from a soft, small pack designed for 24-72 hour use. I got one of these. https://www.ebay.com/i/223122832027?chn=ps&norover=1&mkevt=1&mkrid=711-117182-37290-0&mkcid=2&itemid=223122832027&targetid=474173424629&device=c&mktype=pla&googleloc=9031645&poi=&campaignid=6469750549&mkgroupid=79220335322&rlsatarget=pla-474173424629&abcId=1141176&merchantid=6296724&gclid=EAIaIQobChMIkbSc0eni5QIVCMRkCh39SAnpEAQYAyABEgIuMvD_BwE The Russians used these packs through two world wars. They are simple but you have to learn how to tie them (plenty of help on youtube). I waterproofed mine with wax which I overdid. They are cheap and comfortable to wear. Russian gear is great, not fancy but always works.
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    i hear what youre saying bud, but why not use your experience to whip the ones in shape that are serious. and the ones that arent dont bother with them.
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    I am 72 but in my youth I was a physical fitness champ, did martial arts, boxing, bodybuilding, and toyed with Olympic lifting, so I don't know your body but I do know mine. Last few years of exercise have been splitting wood or just working out with a heavy maul. But then, on a whim, I picked up one kettlebell at Walmart. I can't believe this. I spend 20 minutes every third day and I am getting total body results. I do a flow, no sets, no reps, just do the exercise and move to the next one in the circuit. I have never done the same workout twice. There are hundreds and hundreds of these kettlebell exercises to choose from and plenty of videos explaining it. Results: Using one kettlebell means your are unbalanced. Unbalanced means you use your core to hold you upright. Every exercise is a core exercise. Every exercise is a balance exercise and refreshes your once lost athletic coordination. Now I am dancing from rock to rock crossing streams like a teenager. It has been two months. Again, 72 years old, no body building exercises, AND YET WITH THIS 20 pound kettlebell, I am getting more muscular. Again, it is a 20 pound kettlebell!!! All that swinging actually does build muscle. And yet this is endurance/cardio work. You work as fast as you can, breathing heavily for the 20-30 minutes. You can take the kettlebell anywhere, use it almost anywhere. I use it on the side of my house and my neighbors see me, or did, now they totally ignore me. These are cheap. There is just no downside. Give it a try.
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    i didnt draw and you should have a download option on all images
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    They have people truly dumbed down. Back in 2010, I told an informant that people can be watched thru the camcorder on a computer or phone. She told people I was mentally ill for thinking such a thing, and cops, knowing better, or should, go right along with that sort of thing, as an excuse to pick on people. We have a very ignorant society.
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    Unfortunately true. They are a bunch of nancys
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    Lets not let some liberals decide what these groups are about some may very well be bad, lets do our own research and post on this topic anything and everything you know/can find that is true about these listed national groups...
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    Randi Altman

    Virginia 2A Rally 20 JAN 2020

    I will not be coming. At 65 I’m 4’10 with an extra 35lbs. I’m beaten, banged, bruised, and broken. I’m probably one of the heartiest and most dedicated. But I am a liability in a crowd. I will, however, be deeply praying for all of you. I have read estimates of as many as 10 political groups who have already swelled the the population of Richmond ( a small city of about 200K) by 10%. And attendees haven’t begun to arrive. Remember that not only are all these arms not on our side, they are not on each other’s side either.
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    Couldn't agree more Matt. Thanks for making the trip. Means a lot to your fellow patriots to your east.
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    A/v tech, computer programmer. Raised in the country now living in Dallas Texas. Mainly looking for connection and communication to be prepared. Training is something I'm looking into already so a group that works on skills too is a plus. Thanks, Jeremy
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    I have no military history. I have attended a few classes and shoot regularly. I have some survival and tracking experience. I'm not looking to play make believe or pretend to be a soldier. I want to hook up with a group that can help me train to defend my country and my family.
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    Food for the March ahead

    A jar of peanut butter has 2,000-3,000 calories. Not a bad item to stuff in your bag if you plan to be out for a few days and need some extra calories quick and easy. Not the easiest thing to take by the spoonful repeatedly... but, it packs a calorie punch without taking up a lot of space. Also a nice prep item as it has a long shelf life. Potentially indefinite if stored correctly. Have seen some old MRE's where the only thing left that was edible in them was the PB>
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    Food for the March ahead

    Smoke your meat. Lasts longer. Pack rice. It is somewhat light weight, cooks easy (when you procure water), filling and packs calories. Remember, when you eat carbs, you need to hydrate to help digest. Regular dry condoms (jimmy caps, rubbers, nasty shields etc) make awesome water storage devices.... cotton balls slopped in Vaseline (never shoe polish- smell is bad, makes you traceable) for fire starting.... maintains like a candle to get chunks of wood burning..... and of course, denies everything.
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    The sad part for every one wanting to join a militia unit, is most militias right now are asleep... They think because we have a President who is looking out for America that they can stop training and lay back until after his second term is over. The reality is that we are in more danger right now than we have ever been in in our lifetime. We have politicians who are trying to turn this country into a socialist hell hole, same for the communist. We have politicians who are manufacturing false flag events to try to take our guns, murdering anyone who disagrees with them. We have politicians who are cheering the fact that we're killing babies AFTER they're born, forget abortion, now we're into full blown murder...all the while booing God.. Trying to flood the country with illegals so they can win the vote and get into office, so they can turn us into slaves. working our fingers to the bone, paying half of our paychecks to the government so they can give it to someone who sits on their butts all day, can't even speak English and don't wan to learn. They think we owe them something just because they're here...... I don't know where everyone is located, but within 30 miles of Charlotte we have 6 muslim training camps. 4 in the city limits, 1 in York County SC, you've probably saw it on the news, and the last is in Gastonia. The unit I'm in did a sneak and peak, took pics and video and presented it to other units throughout the state 2 months before the local police were even briefed that it existed by the fbi... Then we had to explain to the locals how we knew it was there, and we told them what we had observed. What has happened to the country that I and others here fought for ?? My service in the USMC feels more like an anchor chain these days than a badge of honor because of the hate that the left spews daily. Awarding cop killers, giving our tax money to the same people who blew up the twin towers. destroying our heritage, pulling down statues, telling a liars version of world history to suit their twisted minds view... Find you a unit that is training, often and hard.
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    I am a new member in NC near Charlotte. It doesnt look like there are any active groups in Nc but I just started looking. With the new Nc61 bill being proposed, I think it is best to be proactice than reactive.
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    Whoops already stated that sorry..anyway Nice to be in a network of patriots..been lone wolfing it for too long.
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    Again, I wish we could be truly organized. More like the NRA. We are all willing without a command.

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