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    Could COVID-19 be Biblical?

    In three short months, just like He did with the plagues of Egypt, God has taken away everything we worship. God said, "you want to worship athletes, I will shut down the stadiums. You want to worship musicians, I will shut down Civic Centers. You want to worship actors, I will shut down theaters. You want to worship money, I will shut down the economy and collapse the stock market. You don't want to go to church and worship Me, I will make it where you can't go to church" "If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven and will forgive their sin and will heal their land." Maybe we don't need a vaccine, Maybe we need to take this time of isolation from the distractions of the world and have a personal revival where we focus on the ONLY thing in the world that really matters. Jesus.
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    So I have an interest in USA politics, anyway cannot believe what is going on here and the political points scoring.. After this is all done and dusted I think the American people will never vote Democrats again, they will remember. Dont you just approve the bill and put it through? No doubt in another few weeks more stimulus will be needed so put it through again? As far as I can see it the Dems are now costing lives, they hate America. It must be terrible to hate yourself so much From australian Newspaper: https://www.news.com.au/lifestyle/health/health-problems/coronavirus-hospitals-face-escalating-catastrophe-in-new-york-city/news-story/1e70ab67995fe1c903f5e8329cf45471 OR am I reading this wrong?
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    Plenty of reports seem to indicate that a significant number of those taking part in the panic purchase of firearms over the past few weeks are 'first time' buyers. Some reports seem to indicate that a number of 'anti-gunners' have jumped ship and purchased a firearm. It's probably too early to tell yet, but, this virus has just changed the firearm statistics of this country. That isn't to say that the progressive wing wasn't armed to some degree... but, those numbers just got bigger. Yes, some folks panic buying were probably hunters, prep types, and general firearm owners. But, what percentage of communist and socialist loving anti-gunners just got armed? We won't know for sure. But, the political tension is just on hold... it isn't going to go away. All of those things that were getting us fired up are still in the background... lingering and brewing. The risk of civil political conflict isn't gone by any stretch of the imagination. Some of those armed anti-gunners will likely be happy to give up their guns after it is all said and done with the virus panic, we might get some good deals on used firearms during that window before they get their rhetoric geared up again... but, the radical left who is coming for your guns is probably happy that they just bumped up their own useful idiot firepower temporarily.
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    Hi interested on joining a militia near my area. Atl, ga I am highly respectful individual who is looking for a group of people that I can bond with I may have skills that mat be beneficial ...
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    West Michigan checking In.. A family man joined as to keep tabs on the situation from like minded individuals.. Would consider myself a lone wolf at the moment not many groups in my area. The protection of my family is Top priority.
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    here is the ohio stay at home order
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    I have a Hellcat and I like it very much although I just use it for when I pocket carry. If I am strapped it's My HK P2000, SIG P226 or Glock G19 depending on the scenario. All of which are now at the bottom of a lake due to a boating accident of course.... 😉
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    If COVID-19 sticks around for a while maybe it will snap people out of this false sense of entitlement culture we live in, put your phones down and talk to one another, hold respectful interactions.. a real gut check into what is important, a snap away from our lemmings like existence on earth. a breath of fresh air amid the chaos.
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    Monday morning 03/ 23/ 2020 04:38 hours Central. I'm working security with 1.5 hours left on my 12 hour shift. Doing 5x5. 2nd Squad 3rd Platoon Company B 177th Kansas Volunteer Infantry.
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    Could COVID-19 be Biblical?

    In Biblical times, that was all we could do. But ... I believe many Christians would say ... God has given us a brain. We are instructed to go forth and multiply -- which means using our wonderful brains to overcome the obstacles in the world and to try to understand this mysterious universe we live in. Anyone who knows anything about 20th Century Physics knows that the old 19th Century atheistic-mechanical-materialist view of the universe -- it's all little hard particles bouncing off each other -- has turned out to be ridiculously wrong ... note also that many of the greatest scientists -- Isaac Newton, Michael Faraday -- were deeply religious -- before the Mystery of Creation, they were humble men. (Unlike some of the arrogant Lefty airheads with their degrees in Feminist Grievance Studies from Ivy League universities today.) I teach chemistry and physics and as soon as we get beyond the elementary stuff ... I tell my tutees, "Now ... what I'm going to tell you about quantum interminancy and entanglement and electron probability densities is going to seem absolutely incomprehensible ... far more unusual than anything you've been taught in church -- but it's the best we have been able to do so far in understanding the universe. There are profound mysteries here and don't think we even begin to really understand them. We can't even explain how it is that you and I can speak to each other, or even how it is that we can experience the color red." It was perhaps not accidental that one of the four Evangelists was Luke, the beloved physician. And since Jesus' time, our beloved physicians, using their brains, have made huge progress against disease. I personally find it very heartening to see the human race in this crisis -- we're not just lying down and awaiting our fate ... scientists are working around the clock to understand this killer, to develop a vaccine against it -- our medical people (all over the world) are taking risks with their own lives to help the stricken. My own little village has responded magnificently -- using an App called 'Nextdoor', people have been offering to do shopping for old people who can't get out, and volunteering in a dozen other ways. All outside the state, by the way. Edmund Burke's "Little Platoons". Now the militia movement has a great opportunity to help Americans wake up: we should be saying, "You see? Life isn't really an endless round of shopping at the mall. Bad things can happen! And when they do, it's the organized men with guns who will decide things. You will obey them, like it or not. Which is why we need the militia, and also why we need to take our country back from the people who want to turn it into a giant Walmart full of free stuff to loot. The National Guard should be ours, not theirs. (Most of the real Left hate the military, or the American military anyway.)" Man does not live by bread alone, even though a few months' supply stored in advance will be handy. Nor by AR15s alone. We all should do whatever is necessary to draw spiritual strength for the battle ahead, because we're going to need it.
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    If the enemy takes control of the White House, next January, from Nov. to Jan ... and beyond ... I wouldn't be surprised to see 20,000 new members added to our list (possibly more). Some of the new members will have absolutely no military experience, whatsoever. Many will simply be frightened of the future. Those of us who have that experience will have to pass it on, quickly. Note that I don't want to see war in our cities, towns, forests, deserts, and mountains. I've see enough death to "last me a lifetime". But those who join us must become prepared, mentally and physically, and in military skills, for the worst.
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    Hello, I am not a military person. I wanted to be able to stay informed. My friend, Deb Zickafoose, posted on FB about H.R. 5717 and I wanted to read that. I'm just getting started. i've been following Q recently and praying a lot! I'm a grandma and widow. I am concerned about the storm that's been brewing for a long time. It's getting wet around here. I have gotten my concealed carry permit. Learning. DW
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    checking in from my Bigalow hunkered down 5:5
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    Checking in from the Sedgwick/Sumner County area. 1st Plt A Co 191st Bn 34th FF Kansas Long Rifles correus
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    Somethings Coming

    We have a member who is considering running for office in Tennessee. It would be an interesting experiment. If he goes ahead with it, we should consider forming a support committee for him, to raise money, and for our people in Tennessee, to do campaign work. I put together a list of names and email addresses of various patriots in Tennessee for him, and if he decides to go ahead with it, there are other things we can do for him. In something like this, you have to start at the bottom ... volunteering to help in local campaigns of whatever party you're going to seek the nomination of ... and get experience, and get to know people. It's an art, and it can be learned. And this year above all, I believe all militia members should establish contact with their local Republican Party, and get involved in voter registration and getting people to the polls in November. This is not only important in its own right, but it lays the groundwork for going into politics later if someone wants to.
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    Ohio is leading the way.. LEAVE NOW and get food and supplies for your families. We tried to tell everyone last week and people were just bitching and moaning of how inconvenient it is to have to do something and used lack of validation of our intel as an excuse to go back to their normal lives.. well believe us now, it is coming
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    They will probably never give up, red coats the same today as yesterday. If and when they take control of both houses and the presidency again we will see some truly hellish times. I pray that never happens but we all know it is coming. When it does it will be to easy and they will throw stacks of these bills thru until they have complete control. That is even more worrisome than the current situation we are facing today. May God have mercy on us all.
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    We've got to get invoved in politics. Getting people registered, getting them to the polls. Our people I mean. We need to contact any local politician who is pro2A, and say, we're here to volunteer -- getting people registered, and getting them to the polls in November. And then we need to stay active in party politics.
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    Somethings Coming

    Jesus. The only cheering thing about reading that, was that it's so extreme, it won't go thru ... I hope. But this just shows why the whole militia movement must make a strategic turn to practical involvement in politics. Starting immediately, we need to contact any candidate running for office -- mainly Republicans but I wouldn't automatically rule out every Democrat -- and ask how we can help register people to vote, and then get them to the polls in November. And then .. we need to start thinking about taking part systematically in the polical process -- becoming regular members of a poltiical party ... and even running for office.
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    fixer is a noun not a verb a man who knows people and how to gets things done often in a devious manner
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    DANGER: H.R.5717 - Gun Violence Prevention and Community Safety Act of 2020
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    When my insignia is ready, I would like to get some window stickers, and shirts made if that is permissible
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    Clandestine lefties at it again

    I'm a bit surprised they're trying to get this through now ... I would have thought they would wait to see if Hillary will win the next election, and maybe pull enough Democrats along with her into the Senate, to give the Democrats control of both Houses of Congress. I think maybe they're just setting down a standard around which they can repair, so to speak. And note: suppose that this Bill -- maybe a year or two from now -- moves towards a vote in Congress. I'm NOT a 'conspiracy theorist', but ... if I were ... I would think: if they've got any sleeper maniacs buried in the militia movement ... some poor crazy bastard under their control ... now would be the time to tell him ... "Put on your militia camo, so you look the part ... get your assault rifle and your extra mags .... and go down to the nearest elementary school and thin it out. Oh yes, first write a note saying that you were inspired to do this by the Republican Party and the Militia Movement, where there are many people waiting to take your place."
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    "Blessed be the LORD my strength which teaches my hands to war, and my fingers to fight..."
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    New Militia Member, Hello!

    Hello fellow Patriots! My call sign is Tragic, I am a member of the illinois Sons of Liberty militia, I reside in Rockford Illinois which is in Winnebago County and I am very new to all of this. I have Fierce loyalty and I'm a strong supporter of the United States Constitution. I have a lot to learn and would appreciate any advice anyone has for me. I joined within a few months ago and apparently I joined it a very crazy time. But I'm here to stay and if I can do anything to help a fellow Patriot I will. Thank you guys, God bless you, and your families, and America.
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    Really like your handle. A couple years back, a guy here in town (population of about 1,500) started telling people I was a "fixer" for the Government. 🤣🤣
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    Liberty Prime

    Somethings Coming

    @ Doug1943 if they are near my area I’d be willing to assist with what I could.
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    well sure am glad its trump up there imagine if it was Killary
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    Somethings Coming

    Whole hearted agreement! We need to stay on our soap boxes, use the ballot boxes so we don't have to open our ammo boxes! Will it work? Maybe not but we can always revert to the ammo boxes if it doesn't. Use resources like the Gun Owners of America candidate scorecard to help you make wise voting decisions. https://gunowners.org/a093010/
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    They should have rounded up every one of the stupid, selfish, unthoughtful spring breakers on the beach in their bathing suits and put them in a fenced in area and kept them there under quarantine for 14 days and then tested them and let them leave if checked out negative for three straight days! Next damn time, they would understand what stay at home means!
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    North Georgia Militia

    anyone around woodstock
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    Excellent points! The problem is this: in a normal community, you can have 'community-based policing'. The local cop is your neighbor. I don't remember the title of the program, but some years ago there was an excellent TV drama -- it involved a local sheriff, a white guy, in a small town in ... Arkansas? .. and he had had an affair with a local Black girl when they both were younger. I don't recall the details, but I think it went like this: she moved away to the Big City. She got involved with a real Bad Guy, a drug dealer. She and he ended up fleeing some sort of horrible murder, driving across America from LA (I think) back to Arkansas (?) ... on the way, they were pulled over for a traffic violation by a Highway Patrolman ... and she killed him before he could run a check on their license plate ... anyway, the key thing I remember is that the FBI, or some sophisticated big city policemen, two guys, came to this little town, expecting that the killers were headed that way ... and were working with the local sheriff -- (who had had an affair with this woman) ... I remember the scene -- it was brilliant -- when the sheriff was called out to a 'domestic' .. and the two big city guys (who condescended to their country cousin, they being all sophisticated in law enforcement technology and techniques, and him not) .... all three of them got to the site of the 'domestic' ... and this big scary-looking bearded guy comes out of the house with an axe -- of course the two policemen from LA or NY or wherever immediately draw their weapons, but the sheriff just walks up to him and says something like, "Now c'mon Bill... put that damned thing down and let's go sit down and talk about this" ... or something like that ... while the two city policemen stare at each other in amazement ... in a few minutes the sheriff comes back and they get in the car and drive off, and one of the city policemen makes some comment about the incident and the sheriff just says, casually, "Hell, I'm out here 3 or 4 times a week..." That's community policing, because in that little town they actually have a community. In South Chicago, in Baltimore, they don't. They have a jungle. For Baltimore, by the way, see the excellent series, The Wire. [ https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Wire ] written by a former police reporter and reportedly very realistic. So when I hear people casually criticizing the police for heavy-handed tactics in places like South Chicago ... I have this intense urge to see the critic suddenly kitted out in a blue uniform and teleported to the jungle in question, by himself, at about 11pm on a Saturday night. Everyone needs to read this book: White Girl Bleed a Lot -- the Return of Racial Violence to America and How the Media Ignore It, by Colin Flaherty. [https://www.amazon.com/White-Girl-Bleed-Lot-Violence/dp/1938067061/ ] Twenty bucks on Amazon or you can get the Audio version. The Left hate it like poison because it tells the truth. He's written other books too. Colin Flaherty had a YouTube channel but ... guess what??? Go to his website and sign up. Let's get him onto the staff here! http://whitegirlbleedalot.com/ It's a war. When I was in the Army, I met a guy who was recovering from bad wounds he'd received in Vietnam. How had he got them? US Army Artillery. It happens. It's inevitable. You try to stop it from happening ... maybe somebody got court-martialled over that. Or maybe somebody just heard 'five' from the FO when they should have heard 'niner'. We need to raise holy hell over this incident, but we have to remember, we're dealing with our own, not with the enemy.
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    thats your zipcode not your area code
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    Our meeting is currently set for the 8th of March. We will be discussing future plans.
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    Performance vs. Trust

    Nice! The problem is, that a "trustworthy" person -- to use the vocabulary here -- the one you want ... cannot be trained to be that way. It's a question of inbuilt natural character. They have to be found. On the other hand, to some extent, you CAN train for 'performance'. And, again to some extent, 'performance' can be achieved by numbers. That is, your team may not have a very high performing person on it. But if you have two or three medium-perfomance people, who trust each other and can work together, you can sometimes, in some situations, get an additive effect. Hollywood -- and all its predecessors -- focuses on the Rambo, the super-hero. Even Homer in The Iliad focuses on Achilles, not the average hoplite. That's how you hold your audience's attention. But real wars are won by functioning teams of hundreds of thousands, of millions, of non-Rambos. Getting them to work together, to put out their best, that's the real secret of leadership. If you're lucky, you might have one or two high-performance and high-trust people, but without a base of 'ordinary' people behind them ... the Great Leader would be impotent. If there had not been thousands of brave citizen-soldiers behind him, George Washington's name would have never made it into the history books.
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    Matt In West Virginia

    Why We Need Alpha Males

    Somebody has to fight the wolves. Devin Foley My colleague, Annie Holmquist, discovered some statistics about the decline in masculinity that have troubled me since the moment I looked over them. Here’s the key part of her piece: “In recent years, a mildly trending topic of discussion has been the question, ‘Where have all the men gone?’ While there are a number of theories as to the answer, a British survey just released by YouGov may shed some light on the issue. Among other things, the survey asked participants about their impressions of the word “masculinity” and found a surprising generational gap: ‘Both young men and young women have a lower opinion of 'masculinity' than older people, but young men are harsher critics of the concept than young women. In contrast, the majority of young men (58%) have a positive impression of 'femininity', as do the majority of young women (55%). Overall 'femininity' has a net positivity score of +56 compared to +44 for 'masculinity'.’” And the chart: For those who believe the patriarchy is the root of much evil in the world, these numbers are probably cause for celebration. But perhaps not. While young men are giving up on their manhood, women still seem to want it. As Annie asked, “Where have all the good men gone?” Well, they’ve been beaten down. Many of them lack a strong father at home, having been raised by a single mother. The education system does little to nothing to help boys grow into good men. On TV, in movies, and in commercials, when do they see a strong, virtuous male? Only two come close to the traditional portrayals of strong, men. One is Captain America. And even he is a super hero, not a real man. Yet we can see just how much things have changed by how his mannerisms and language stand out compared to a Tony Stark or any other male character. He is both refreshing and an anachronism. Chris Kyle of American Sniper is another. But he, too, strikes the modern senses as a relic of a different age. Even fashion is doing everything it can to make young men effeminate with skinny jeans and clothing that purposefully minimizes the male physique. We’ve come to live in Garrison Keillor’s Lake Wobegon, “where all the women are strong, all the men are good looking, and all the children are above average." While it may be clichéd, there’s a lot of truth in the opening monologue of the father in American Sniper. There is evil, there are wolves, and a society needs strong, virtuous men – masculine men – to keep order and protect the weak. And it, too, seems to be an affront to today's culture. While we like to pretend things are different in the 21st century and we’ve progressed, the truth is that we have not. Human nature is still human nature. World War II won’t be the last world war. Hitler, Tojo, Stalin, Mao, ISIS, and the rest won’t be the last bad guys. Just like in the past, as we see in the Middle East and Africa today, the wolves are often quite powerful, raping and pillaging, enslaving and conquering. But even when we’re not confronted with these great battles of the ages, we are challenged by the wolves in our daily life. There are, of course, the temptations of the heart, but there are also those will always prey upon the weaker. If the good are not stronger than the wolves, what will stop them? Democracy on its own certainly won’t. If we’re honest, democracy – like all societies – requires alpha males to keep order and to enforce the values of the society against those who would act on their own “wills to power”. Vote all you want, but if no one follows up the laws with force, they are meaningless. Of course, it’s also important to note that when we talk of needing masculinity and strong men, we not only recognize biological reality, but that we also call for virtuous behavior. We need strong men who hold to their duties to their families, to support and protect their wives and children, who act with honor to those around them, who pursue truth, beauty, and goodness. Alas, to have such men, we must get back to thinking about and celebrating such things. Save for a few examples, don’t look to Hollywood, the media, or the education system to do so. If we want strong men, then virtuous men and women will have to take it upon themselves to do the job. Article found online here.
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    it is hard, not to want, close to impossible. i often use the meaning of this video when i start getting tunnel vision chasing things i want... when i do this important things take the back seat and when i achieve my goal it is filled with regret and not satisfaction so i try to check my self and prioritize what is important in life this helps remove the control of material things in this life over me i made this video to share with others in hopes they realize what they think is important is not
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    National Comms Network

    This is an open invitation to the New Jersey Patriot community to help us build a national comms network. If you are interested please contact us at [email protected] from there we can get you connected. Thank you. https://www.mymilitia.com/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=5667
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    Well... I am a Texan, family here since 1854 ??????

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