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    Hello dear Patriots. We recently joined the NRA and over the past few years became more active in the political world in the US. We LOVE the US constitution and believe that this is THE LAST stand against globalist mafia. We are in the Seattle area and would like to join some local militia group if you can please connect us. Thank you so much. Andrei and Adelina Roata We are both Nurses and have been working during this madness but now with HR6666 the TRACE Act we are concerned that our families can be ripped apart and we would like to know how we can defend ourselves. Thank you so much, God bless
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    Looks like the new world order to me boys. The question is do I want to live in a America like that. Vaccines, Waring mask being tracked constitutional rights abolished police state, people reporting on their neighbors... Seems to me if you don't comply with the whole program game over for you. It's know longer a conspiracy theory it's reality. More important to focus on a rational solution to end this dismantling of everything our forefathers fought for ,,, everything our grandfather's fought for our fathers ourselves and our children... The decision we make today is the life our grandchildren will have to indure. Maybe some of you can comply and adjust,,,I can't brothers I have already paid the price for this freedom and I'm not giving it up to these freaking tyrants now.
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    Author's note: If you have an interest in the subject matter but have not yet read Dr. Benjamin Franklin's essay; Rules for Reducing a Great Empire to a Small One, I recommend you do. In one foul swoop the government has terminated more jobs than our country has ever seen before. To simply say that this is an issue of government overreach, is a bit too simplistic. This situation is the result of licensing. A license, in this context, is define as: Leave; permission; authority or liberty given to do or forbear any act. A license may be verbal or written; when written, the paper containing the authority is called a license Naturally, the licensing of rights is unconstitutional. For if it is a right, no other permission is needed but thy own's accord. And for the government to claim it has the authority to distribute permissions for people to exercise their own rights is a hallmark of tyranny. But this is something that has been around for a long time, and in particular, is what gave rise to the "freedom of the press" phrase in the First Amendment. When you accept a license, the entity that authorizes the license has the authority to terminate it. Thus with business licenses, for example, at any time the government may force any business to do as it commands. To the point, in Arizona, a McDonald's restaurant was forced to paint it's iconic yellow "M", turquoise. Though I am currently addressing a more serious issue of forcing businesses to close, this example proves the point that there is inherently no limit to the authority. If they say "paint it blue or close" you must. Like a gun to the back of the head, so long as Americans consent to licensing, they will be at the total mercy of whom they accepted the license from; their own government! To solve this issue we must terminate the unconstitutional practice of government licenses. As the government declares now, that 'certain businesses are to be shut down, lest they lose their license and may no longer operate'. Without a license, such tyrannical words hold little more power than a suggestion. For most Americans, their lively-hood is based on permits and licenses. And what was once a political theory; that our government can require citizens to behave a certain way, or have certain views in order to be allowed certain privileges like driving, fishing or bank accounts, is now becoming real in America. Through Licensing the government may now control every portion of your life. But this did not just happen! This is a deeply rooted problem in America's current society. You must understand that licenses are un-American. And as an American citizen, whatever dangers may occur from living free from licenses is a) entirely worth it and b) safer than slavery. Licenses are the government's lien to your God-given rights. Those chains were always there, it is only that just now they are being pulled. We must break free of the chains that have allowed for this tyrannical overreach. We must break free from the concept of licensing. We cannot allow this control through licensing to continue any longer.
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    starting a militia in my area

    I have been searching for a militia or a MAG for years. I live in Yucaipa, CA. I joined the oath keeper, but after a few months i asked about a militia. They are mostly in their seventies and eighties. They came unglued when I use the word Militia. That was my last day. I am an Army veteran, Mar 21, 1966 to Mar 20, 1969. There are a few State Militias in Calizuela, but they meet hundreds of miles from Yucaipa. I searched your site and found no one near me. I searched by area code 909, no one. How do I start a militia of one? How do I recruit others. It seems as if the media over the years has turned the word Militia into a scary word. It's always a Right wing Militia or a bunch of domestic terrorist Militia members. I grew up knowing that every male of a certain age was in the Militia. Militia is a group of patriots who will defend a neighborhood, area or country. How can you all help me??? Violator out.
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    Our President, President Trump

    It doesn't matter who wins this country will continue to become the socialist government it was destined to be. Set in motion a 100 years ago and nobody is going to change that path. Why because nobody is willing to say you don't need government to run your life.
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    Our President, President Trump

    The choice was Clinton or Trump. In the Republican primaries, the choice was an establishment Cold War business-as-usual Republican, or Trump. I absolutely understand why people chose Trump. History is a series of accidents. There is no Grand Plan guiding the human race forward towards some triumphant, wonderful end. Sometimes we get lucky and get a Lincoln or Churchill. Sometimes we don't, as now. But whatever happens, we have to play the hand we are dealt. People should start thinking NOW about what might happen if the Democrats win big in November, with a large majority in the House and Senate, and the Presidency, similar big wins in the state legislatures. Might they come after gun owners, and the militia? If so, what do we want to do NOW to prepare? For one thing, you want to make sure you have all the ordinance you might want. It may be impossible to buy it next year. For another, be prepared for the provocateurs to try to goad militia members into doing something stupid, so that they can be killed or imprisoned.
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    Gents. I am Beau, a former marine. I served 5 years active duty. I served as an 8152 with the Fleet Antiterrorism Security Teams, Then I served as an 0311 with 1st battalion 7th Marines. I'm located in Maine and looking for like minded individuals who are ready to defend our liberty in these tyrannical times.
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    Thanks for this information
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    Hey folks, as a Licensed HAM operator, (KD9NXL) If you can afford something better than a Baofeng, get that instead. Good brands to get: Icom, Kenwood, Yaesu, to name a few. Reason being is that while Baofengs are affordable, their quality suffers quite a bit and as a result, they are not as durable and don't produce as clean a signal as better HT's. (Handy Talky) Also, it is currently illegal to use them to transmit on FRS or GMRS frequencies, as the FCC has not licensed them to do so, even though they can. I encourage everyone though, to get a radio, learn to use it, and get your license now, Baofeng or not.
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    The problem isnt the vaccine per say. It's the fact that we dont know what's in the vaccine. Bill Gates has already gotten in trouble for the unknown sterilization of thousands of women in Africa. He is the champion of a population control foundation. He wants a small easily controlled population to rule over in the nwo. Who knows what's in that "vaccine". Just because they say it wont hurt you or have side effects doesnt mean it's TRUE. You cant trust anyone from the left. That plus the fact that they are pushing it so hard. Now they are talking tattoos and papers to prove that you have been inoculated. No food, gas, electric, anything unless you are marked. How does that sound?
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    Welcome to the forum.
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    I wont get the ham license but I also avoid the bofang as well. The hyt is about 140 dollars and extremely better built and more solid over the bofang. The perk of a bofang is they make decent training radios but poor choices for a field radio.
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    Matt In West Virginia

    This is a Problem

    That guy's got it goin' on. Hadn't heard of a "slap lawsuit" before. Good info.
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    ATTENTION ALL Alabama State Patriots, I am reaching out to you all to create an Alliance with All of Alabama State with Florida State. I will explain how an Alliance works; Alliance means you keep your Ranks and the name of your Group the same, nothing changes. Now for Example: Patriots are just sitting home minding their business when all of a sudden they hear a bunch of shots being fired by orders from the Tyrants in Alabama State, that is when Florida State gets a Distress call for Assistance, that is when Florida State and which ever States are in Alliance with us Gear Up and head to Alabama State to Fight on your side. I Fear that time is closing in all around our Country. "We Are Not" Merging Groups meaning; their will be No Changes being done in any Allied Groups. Please Join the Alliance and lets make history when the time calls upon us
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    To all the Alabama units I am asking if we who run each unit can find the time and place to meet up, address open communications with each other and how we, when the time comes, can find one place to form up. A place that is defensible, out of sight and very private, has a water source, possible wild game. This place would become headquarters where missions could be planned, supplies stored safely and be able to call it home if necessary. If you are interested please contact me, Copperhead, at 205-717-0609 or at [email protected] or [email protected] I am available 24/7. If I do not answer, please leave a message. The reason I may not answer is I am either on a riding lawn mower or running a chainsaw. Again, please try this. It can't hurt. It could make us a better force when needed and the big plus if we form a group we can share experience, increase manpower by recruiting by people interested being able to call or contact one man that can ask the right questions, background check them and then direct them to the right commander. Lt Commander Copperhead
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    I got a flu vaccine shot once. I will never get it again. There is a lot of controversy about vaccines in general. My own doctor was against them. I will never get another vaccine again. Certainly never get the Bill Gates vaccine. Hundreds of thousands of people were maimed and even died from his vaccines that he gave out years ago in India and Africa.
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    I think you're missing the point. Look around this site at some news reports on YouTube. Death rates are greatly exaggerated, edicts are out of proportion with the outbreak, Fauci invested couple million dollars 2 or so years ago in the Wuhan lab, vaccines have paralyzed 460,000 in 17 yrs, Dr. Firx has played numbers on death rates, Gates pushes vaccines and probably not holistic preventative measures...all kinds of inconsistencies and lies. Just look around. Many competent doctors are calling it a hoax, over little more than the flu.
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    Thousands. Plus beyond may 1st, parts if California protested, Michigan and Illinois lit up, Michigan is pretty close to collapse from the looks of it (peace collapse) , in other areas security guards have been shot for trying to enforce mask laws. Tyranny is here, and many people have noticed. Not nearly enough, but the tyrants are acting. Unfortunately it seems like we are headed to the boog soon. Meat is drying up, prisoners are being released, people are getting arrested for reopening when the state dosent like it (Texas bar owner and armed security, salons and other bussiness) and judges/cops don't care that people have families to feed because they are still being payed.
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    Kenguythe rooster

    Welcome to the 317

    Present and accounted for.
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    Christopher Pankowski


    Good evening Gentleman, My name is Christopher Pankowski and I am a 24yr. veteran. Retired in 2011 from the Coast Guard. My duties were firefighting, EMT, Crash and Salvage, Search and Rescue, On scene leader, Team leader, Hazmat tech, carpenter, plumber, pipefitter. My rate was a Damage Controlman rank was 1st Class.I am looking to find like minded individuals that can teach me skills on land, that I lack. I live in Goose Creek, SC and was wondering if anyone lives close to this area. my phone number is 609-846-4403. Thank you for your time. Chris Pankowski
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    Hi, my name is Jon and I'm out of eastern Ohio. I just got out of the Army in September after 8 years of service, and I've recently found a group that invokes my oath to this country. Was recommended to also bring our group into this site, since we've been offered a safe home here from the rule of Facebook. I'm part of the American Revolution 2 group, our main page is Americanrevolution2.org and I'm looking to make friends and associates of like minded individuals that may also be interested in our group as well as your home here on MyMilitia.com.
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    Welcome to the 317

    I'm pretty flexible as well. Things are starting to open back up, let's get together for coffee or breakfast? I'm open on the day and location.
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    Thanks, Todd. I was born in Indiana and have about a million relatives over there ... well, a million could be stretch. But there's a lot them!
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    Our President, President Trump

    You have a country so divided that they wont ever form as one. People like myself want to be left alone to farm and homestead without getting taxed and regulated to death. Others want the socialist nightmare and need the government. You have may fractions of peoples divide and this is why the country isn't coming together and failing
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    Will do thanks
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    https://www.gunpowdermagazine.com/dangerous-safe-gun-storage-act-looming-in-congress/ Gun controllers are planning to launch a gun control sneak attack in Congress.
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    Doc Strange


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    Justin Case

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    Thank you sir! Still trying to get my feet wet. I read excellent patriotic speeches and yeah most of them light fires, which are needed in social media to attract other like minded patriots. The fire inside of us was stoked and bellow winded at our arrival. I hope to hear from someone soon about a meeting/training hey this McDonald’s coffee is HOT. We need to look up public emails for celebrities that support 2A and outspoken against the left and seek donations to potentially fully fund a unit. The second pic is new Ink.
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    Justin Case

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    Justin Case

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    Kenguythe rooster


    Thanks brother.
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    Dav Harzin


    here is the US distributor for official Beofeng radios, much quicker shipping. https://baofengtech.com/
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    Prager propaganda with the left and right sham. Both sides want the same thing total control of you.
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    Hello and welcome! I just sent you an invite to the WV Three04 where we are categorizing members specific to locality. You will be our 1st member from Clay County. Please check us out. We'll be glad to get you!
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    Welcome to the 317

    New here. Just checking in. Hello.
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    Jason Catron


    Catron, Jason Former USNR SN Builder Sea Bees CDIS22 Former USN STS3 USSBN 741 USS Maine, Con Sub Group 9 Pacific Fleet, and Intermediate maintenence facility Bangor Washington Currently laid off but Oil Field Rough Neck
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    After reading a lot of stories about people that have lost businesses,,,, savings depleted,,, relying on food banks,,,to feed families lost careers, not even thinking about the future anymore,,, only about making it through the the day and many other stories to many to list. We are becoming refugees. It has to stop or all will be lost. American people are trying to do the right thing and are losing more and more for it. It's time to take a stand and take back our country at any cost. The architect of this site has been terrorized and needs our support.. next it will be you. Time of discussion and opinion is now becoming our downfall. Veterans remember that feeling in the pit of your stomach right before your first taste of combat,,, excepting the reality of it,,, remember all sense of normality and sanity immediately left your body and you decended into a completely different reality in order to survive,,,, it's time for that reality again. For Patriots without this experience gut check yourself and place your mind right,,,, what are you going to do what are all of us going to do. The first choice are we going to do it together. Stay safe stay Viligent brothers.
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    FYI, if anyone in the area is interested, Stryker's Shooting World range & store in Las Cruces is open Tues-Sat 11am-5pm, as well as Miller Guns & Ammo, and Mr. Arms. My husband and I have gone to Stryker's quite a lot since the beginning of April, and we love them! We try to go to the range at least once a week, usually Fri or Sat. Come shoot with us! 😁
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    Hamphire Co. Patriot group


    You Sir are over the target, it is a plan, and the dems and republicans are two sides of the same coin. I see the things taking place as a force between good and evil. Mike
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    WELCOME! Check the state militia forums link on the landing page for your state, area code militia link or tab and click on the Map tab to find people near you to connect with. https://www.mymilitia.com/forums/forum/8-networks/ https://www.mymilitia.com/area-code-militias/ https://www.mymilitia.com/membermap/
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    Justin Case

    Anybody out there

    new hampshire. so... not a lot happening here?
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    Secret Doors and Passages of the Rich and Famous
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    Just got my BaoFeng Uv5r today. I know very little about these. Any tips or pointers would be appreciated.

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