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    They have no right to falsify death humbers, call an epidemic a pandemic, lie about overcrowding, inject anyone with untested serum, put microchips in people, quench differing opinions, or blow a SARS-type virus out of proportion. And they especially have no right to use police or military to enforce medical procedures, especially when they're not telling the truth and/or explaining the situation in a satisfactory manner. Maybe someone ought to plunge something into that old wizard. That sounds very threatening to me, and we have a right to react as such in a case of that, if they go to do so. And by the way, even a head of state has no authority to utter a threatening remark against another. In that case, they should no longer be considered a dignity, but simply criminal scum.
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    you can vaccinate my dead body.. cause no one will while i am alive. i work out doors 340 plus days a year. i am sick maybe once a year for 1-2 days and thats it. i have never gotten a "flu shot", and the only shit they ever gave me was the booster shots as a kid. every thing else was working and playing in sewers, playing in shit brown lakes in iowa, floating rivers, digging in the dirt, working in the dust, and doing my daily life for 35 years.
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    Project Appleseed is a Marksmanship Clinic which events are typically two-day programs that teach the rifle marksmanship skills that were once commonly practiced in America. Instructors put in nearly 200 hours of training so they can teach the skills that will one day allow a Rifleman to be accurate out to 500 yards. This distance is known as the traditional “Rifleman’s Quarter Mile” and has been part of America’s marksmanship repertoire since our country’s earliest days. During breaks, instructors tell you the true story of the earliest days of our nation, including the detailed events of April 19, 1775. You may be surprised by what you hear. Whether you’ve never fired a rifle before or you’re already a competitive shooter, no one who comes to a Project Appleseed event ever leaves the same. The new skills, history, and friendships are inspiring and life-changing. Events for the State of Nebraska May 2020 Gordon, NE May 30, 2020 - May 31, 2020 June 2020 Alliance, NE June 13, 2020 - June 14, 2020 September 2020 Lincoln , NE September 19, 2020 - September 20, 2020 https://appleseedinfo.org/schedule/?qstate=NE&state=Nebraska
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    Kansas native, rural Kansas. Grew up around a family farm. Learned to operate, troubleshoot and repair a multitude of mechanical conveyance platforms. Did a stint in the Army w/MOS of light-wheel-vehicle-mechanic. I have a degree in Electronics engineering, be it relatively old school, graduated college in '86. Am a registered and annually re-certified first-aid medic. There is more but to be brief..
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    Just a friendly reminder for our Meet & Greet Harvey's Pistol & Pawn, Knoxville This Saturday 2 pm, HOOAH
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    Bottom Line.

    I am a Right-Wing Patriot. I am a Christian. I love all people, but of course am against my enemies. I live in New York City, so of course I know many Jews and have two Jewish friends. As far as muslims go, I hate islam. Muslims are messed up because of their "religion". Islam is a horrible, evil, ideology. It must be stopped.
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    Yet you eat McDonalds and everything else made from processed garbage. Not all vaccines are terrible and the majority are extremely important. Also why small pox and polio don't exist. However the covid19 is getting rapidly produced without trials or long term testing. Which is the issue.
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    Mr. Dershowitz forgot about freedom of Religion. There is a problem with the way that they process (grow) these vaccines using aborted fetal cell lines, monkey kidney cells (contaminated), mouse cells(contaminated), SV-40,(causes cancer). Not to mention that they do not run clinical trials on these vaccines because they are not required to. They are classified as "biologics" and not "drugs". With one of the vaccines, "ONE" of the pharma companies decided that they would actually do a clinical trial on a new vaccine, ya know, just to show good faith. It turned out that for the control group, instead of giving them a true placebo, (like saline), they gave them shots of ALUMINUM. Not only is that unethical, but since the other vaccine group had aluminum in the vaccine that was being tested, it negated any comparison for side effects between the two groups. In other words, they falsified the clinical trials and only the med/sci community would notice. If that does'nt scare you.... https://www.thelancet.com/action/showPdf?pii=S0140-6736(04)16746-9 https://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736(04)16746-9/fulltext https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/ocr-60-day-frn-cr-crf-complaint-forms-508r-11302022.pdf https://www.hhs.gov/sites/default/files/ocr-bulletin-3-28-20.pdf KCS
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    Choir Boy

    First Teams Sign up

    The only 2 I know of close to me aren't active on here anymore. I may be able to get a few guys from my last group.
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    Guess I’ll jump on this thread. Born and raised in KS. 6 years with the KS ANG. 2-137th, infantry. Dismount rifleman and 240B gunner. Nothing special. Didn’t enjoy the lack of leadership, planning and the poor execution of “training”.
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    This guy is wrong. There is an abundance of evidence that this so called 'Pandemic' is not at all how it is being portrayed. This country has NEVER shut down before.. Look at H1N1 and the many other MUCH MORE DEADLY viruses. This is yet another failed attempt to destroy our President without the slightest regard for American citizens. I am disgusted by the numerous traitors and pray the swamp is drained soon. America has had enough of this garbage.
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    Strengths: US Army vet with an expert rating on all weapons touched. Basic ground combat, NBC NCO experience, basic survival training. Massive heart, patriotism, motivation & drive. Weaknesses: Out of shape (haven't exercised or hit a gym in many years), slightly overweight (cardio is a huge issue), money is tight so no uniforms or weapons and may need to borrow gas money on meet ups. I'd say these are major barriers.
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    Cammo discussion

    Sounds like a plan. Tacti-tard. Lol Hell we can run around looking like nascars as long as they’re sponsoring. 😂🤣
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    I'm in 602, but we have a station up north in Navajo county.
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    At this stage anyway, if a militia unit gets much larger than a platoon, it needs to divide into two. One of the things I have picked up in reading about the militia is that when you get a couple of hundred people -- this was the problem they had in Kansas -- you get too many would-be Chiefs and not enough Indians. Strong personalities often have difficulty in working together. A militia has got to be, to some extent, a social unit, where your friends are. Otherwise, it will run along for a few months or a year or two, then people will stop coming to training exercises and it will fade away. Someone who wants to form and grow a militia unit needs to read, not The Art of War, but books like https://www.amazon.com/Eight-Virtues-Rapidly-Growing-Churches-ebook/dp/B079Q84CSJ/ and https://www.amazon.com/How-Break-Growth-Barriers-Opportunities-ebook/dp/B01LWY2TGY/
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    In the time of crisis and unconstitutional times such as now. We must stand up and lay our life on the line as we swore the oath to the constitution. You do not have to be in the military or LEO or other agency's to have sworn your heart and soul to the USA. When you were conceived in the womb you acquired the freedom and the protection of the Constitution of the United States of America. It is times like now, we must fight to keep the balance so that the out of line doesn’t get ahead. This land is my land, this land is your land. Freedom is not free but fighting for the freedom is. It’s time we provide a balance. Our future depends on us today!
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    Bottom Line.

    Bottom line...I'm former Military U.S Army 368th Transportation Corp out of Newport News VA. I'm also a 911 first responder. I'm Jewish and I've got a question. I think for myself and want to hear it from the source not some bullshit news network, Whats the general feeling about Jews and what can be considered to be Non-Whites in the Militia community? I know it's not monolithic and there's a lot of variance out there so let me have it straight. This is The United States of America and we have the right to love and hate whoever we want, for whatever reason we see fit. I don't have to like you to defend your freedom of speech. I take a lot of offense at people being branded misogynists and bigots when their not. Hey....if you are, that's fine....... you stay on your side of the fence and I'll stay on mine. Any thoughts?
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    Bottom Line.

    Again Islam and christianity have nothing in common.
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    GearBolt Tech

    Cammo discussion

    it does not matter what your cammo is if you can not hide from technology. > while you were working for your bread they were stealing your income and buying technology to enslave you. > while you paid to go to that foozball game they were stealing your income and buying radios and networking the technology thru a wireless network to enslave you. > while you were standing in line to buy your very own copy of the latest call of duty they were buying more thin blue line soldiers and training them in the ongoing campaign in the middle east beta testing how to take over the United States of America. > while you were sitting in your apartment watching the latest black mirror episode where long term robot dogs kill off the remainder of the population, they sent their soldiers to kidnap and cage the man down the street testing the waters to see just how the population would react, calling him a criminal, or a "bad guy"... > while you stood in line for the latest iphone they signed into "law" the TAPSACT, the Patriot act, so on so on, ensuring they had the little pieces of paper saying that you agreed to their plans, but its not like you bothered to show up so they took it as a sign that you were on board with their desires to enslave you. > while you watched the stupid bowl, and this man in tights grab ass with another man in tights and you stood and cheered for the man with a toy ball run from the other men.... they took away your rights to assemble. > while you stand in lines bitching about this 6ft distance. they are busy taking away the economic base of this country and getting people use to prison rules. > when will you get your head into the fight? when they arrest your neighbors neighbor? when they arrest your neighbor? or when they come to arrest you? cause each day these thin blue line soldiers have been transforming themselves into standing military's and networking and speeding and you stood and waved at them just as the kids in Baghdad did...... and now they are occupied and weaponless. your camo may as well be blaze orange. cause it does not matter anymore.
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    The active military has no business running inside the us
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    Fed up


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    First Teams Sign up

    I am sure I will have to jump into one of ya'll teams...
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    I'd love to believe you but there's too many coincidences and actions from government that say otherwise.
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    battle flags

    It had better be a version of the current American flag. If the fight is over secession -- which is the most likely scenario -- then it might be a re-designed American flag with fewer stars. But it had better be some recognizable version of the American flag. Definitely NOT the Confederate flag, or any version of the swastika. Why? Because the real war will be the war for the support -- active or passive or just neutral toleration -- of the broad middle of American society. People who are highly committed politically, who tend to only interact with others who think like them, always 'way overestimate their support in the rest of the population. Perhaps it's because they like effortless excitement, the sort of thing that watching Rambo on TV gives you, and aren't interested in the tedium of real politics ... handing out leaflets, sitting at a literature table in a public place, going door to door and talking to people. But if there is some sort of armed conflict, and the militia movement and its supporters are seen by most people as a minority trying to overthrow the government, then the military will support the legitimate government, and it will be all over. (And there will be some very surprised people when it turns out that some of the guys in the militia urging immediate armed action, questioning the manhood of anyone who urges caution, talking tough ... turn out to be government agents. Anyone who has studied the tactics of the FBI, especially during the 60s when they penetrated the New Left, will know exactly what I'm talking about.) The militia movement must be, and must be seen to be, upholding democratic legitimacy. And so our flag must be seen to be the flag of the American Republic. On the other hand, to the extent that we can, we need to try to influence the other side to fly the Red Flag, complete with Hammer and Sickle. If -- of course, I know we wouldn't dream of doing this, because it's not fair -- but if we had a few people infiltrated into the far Left, they should be making this argument. And we should supply them with ready-made Red Flags with Hammers-and-Sickles, to give out to their comrades to carry on their demonstrations. YES!!!! That's what we want to see, comrades!!!!! And please do this at every one of your demonstrations: In fact, if we had a few people inside the far Left, we would want them to be encouraging the burning of the American flag at every demonstration. Again, we could supply our friends with American flags to give to the rest of the Leftist scum to burn... leave them no excuse.
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    Well bring it on , we may not have a lot of people left on our side but we do have passionate people. Shut the government down and start over. We have a watershed moment in time to either become Venezuela which is the most likely outcome or fight what we want.
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    No amount of talk, reasoning, dialogue, or debate works with the commies. They spent over 100 years trying to gain total control, they're not going to settle for nothing less. No compromise. They are the scourge of the earth and need to be treated as such. Their methodical destruction of our freedoms and liberties is a game to them. We'll know they think they've won when a presumed leader starts killing off his or her rivals. They always feed on themselves. Stalin, Mao, Castro, Pol Pot, Castro, they all did it and are hero's of the modern left (commies) in this country.
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    Matt In West Virginia

    New Invasion of Privacy...

    HR6666 was drawn up in the House of Reps. But it'll never clear the Senate as long as Republicans hold it. It would never clear the President no matter what. The CDC will not easily clear my living room door neither. West Virginia would not be a productive state in which to operate outside the law as some are suggesting they are. Contact tracing would completely eliminate any traces of privacy you have left concerning the government. That, of course, is always the end-game of Democrats. Our medical system has already been converted to a national spy network that spies on every person in America, legal resident and otherwise.
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    [:Anthony-Inocente: Marquez:] Former Marine served two campaigns OIF/OEF. I’m out of Glendale, Arizona.
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    chancelloor feinstein.JPG

    Good luck with that how about bringing back the original 66 the King James Bible back into the school system's you want to stop the shootings that's how
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