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    FPI / May 22, 2020 Republicans swept to victory in Staunton, Virginia's city council election on Tuesday as voters tossed out three Democratic incumbents in a usually reliable Democratic stronghold in the state's Shenandoah Valley. Local media cited gun coLocal media cited gun control legislation as well as COVID-19 lockdowns as key turnout drivers for Republicans in Staunton. staunton by N/A is licensed under City of Staunton N/A Republican candidates Mark Robertson, Amy Darby, and Steve Claffey all joined incumbent Andrea Oakes in a four-seat GOP sweep, WHSV reported. The three incoming council members replaced Democratic incumbents Erik Curren, Ophie Kier, and James Harrington.Nearby Waynesboro also put two conservatives, Lana Williams and Bruce Allen, on their city council to “give conservatives a working majority,” Augusta FreeRev Press reporter Chris Graham noted.“Bottom line is that the strategies worked, flipping both from D to R, but the change in Staunton is stunning almost beyond words,” Graham opined. “A city that voted for Barack Obama, twice, voted for Hillary Clinton, voted for Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam, even gave a solid majority to Jennifer Lewis in her 2018 congressional run against Ben Cline, is now controlled by Republicans.”All of the Democratic incumbents almost doubled their vote totals from 2016, yet still lost in a massive voter turnout amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. “Democrats got their voters out better than they have in a May cycle in years,” Graham wrote. “Republicans got turnout more akin to, not quite a presidential year, but approaching gubernatorial.”Graham cited gun control legislation in the state as well as COVID-19 lockdowns as key turnout drivers for Republicans in Staunton.Overall voter turnout was 4,320, the Augusta Free Press reported, with a total of 17,279 votes cast in the election for the four city council seats.“For comparison to previous cycles, the 2018 local election had 7,068 votes cast for three seats, which would work out to 2,356 individual voters turning out,” wrote Graham. “Back in 2016, the most recent, until Tuesday, four-seat election, the total cast was 6,325, or 1,581 individual voters.”
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    looking for other freedom fighters here where I live
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    @ GearBolt Tech you romanticise a revolution with daydreams of what you could accomplish “if” a revolution happened. Odds are you would last a week and no one would even notice your loss. You pervert the idea of a militia into a anarchist movement. Your slinging of inaccurate information does nothing but drive those that would step up away. This is the sole reason so many log in and never check back. Where the hell are the admin? There might be a dozen cool headed people here that can behave as adults. If anyone wants this to be taken more seriously then do more to help this movement not to drive wedges. We took a topic and went so far off that no one wants anything to do with it.
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    and whom are said "oppressed people's"? do you think Daniel Shaver was a oppressed person? maybe Shafer Cox's might be oppressed? would Tuddel and Nickels & Jefferson be oppressed? what about the 10yr old boy shot to death because a coproach "enforcer" kicked in his family's door and was trying to shoot the families dog... how about the beating of prisoners by "government" forces in for profit prison camps. how about the robbery of people traveling thru the country via "asset forfeiture"... case after case after case after case after case after case after case.... one could compile a cause to show that the American People are "oppressed" by this "government"... "It is under such compulsion as this that taxes, so called, are paid . And how much proof the payment of taxes affords, that the people consent to support “the government,” it needs no further argument to show." *Lysander Spooner (1870)*
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    Hello friends. I'm just here to learn at the moment. I have no intentions of ill will towards anyone. I am recently unemployed. I got fired from my job as a machinist of 22 years because I believe wearing a mask for 10+ hours a day is unhealthy and i refused to do it. I am not ex-military, not even boy scout. I do own a few guns, but not an AR. When I get back to work, I will probably get one along with some of the other items that you guys deem necessary. I am 55, and probably a little past my fighting prime. But I would like to let you know that I will be there in the event of a state or national emergency if you need me. I will require some training. Thank you. Bud.
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    https://www.yahoo.com/news/businesses-chafing-under-covid-19-121824076.html Okay so in this link, is an article about how some businesses are resorting to armed protesters to help them keep their businesses open in the remaining states that are enforcing stay at home orders... here is my question though.. What is the purpose of being armed ? I can understand an armed protest to protest gun control laws and doing that at state capitals , to show, hey we have these rifles, we are not shooting up the town, etc. But for these armed protesters to show up at businesses , the impression they give when they do this, is that they are ready to have an armed conflict with police. An then, when police show up with their guns drawn, everyone there throws their hands up, and hands over their weapons. an off to jail they go. An then if you read the link, I think some where in there someone is quoted as saying " we are ready to die for our freedom ". okay * round of applause * great to hear, but if I am right with that being said, and that person is or has participated at one of these armed protests , then exactly why didn't he put into practice what he said when police show up ? Don't get me wrong, I am not advocating violence. What I hope I am pointing out, is that when people say these things and do these kind of protests, that it is sending the wrong message to police. If one wants a peaceful protest to me, this isn't the way to go. Especially if they do not expect to be confronted with violence by counter protesters, nor intend on engaging police in an exchange of gun fire. Now if the message to be sent is to send some fear into politicians , I do not know how that really pans out, I think that is for a case by case, comparison on the politician they want to scare. To me all it does for democrat politicians ( or any party really ) is either scare them into changing their minds, or gives them more reason to lobby for gun control and or aggravates them more to just hold firm in their decision to keep areas closed as a form of retaliation. To me, if anyone wants to do an armed protest, do it in a high crime area where people are not safe to walk outside and crime is rampant and demand the police take more proactive measures to enforce the law. But to do these kinds of protests where the impression given is that they are ready to engage the police, I find that troublesome, now granted they may not see what they are doing as being that an probably do not have that intent at all, but that is the impression some can take when they see these things happen. Other than that my other question was in regards to the changing of the guard here, the original owner was speaking about coming under personal attack, is that correct ? If that is true, then by whom and why ? and if anyone can link me to where that has been brought up an answered I would appreciate it, so i can catch up, as i am tardy to the party.
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    New to Militias

    Hi Im in my late 50's and Im concerned that Ill be "forced" to take a vaccination...I have concerns about the world political situation as well...I amin central fl near orlando . and I would appreciate any info. so I can take the next step and participate in excercising my freedoms thanx mike
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    All Bark ? And a question or two

    @GearBolt Tech said So let me get this straight. You don't pay any taxes? If not, that means either you're breaking the law. which I doubt because it would be deeply stupid to come on to this site and effectively announce that you're a tax evader, or you're a parasite like the welfare leeches, or those super-rich who can hire slick lawyers to arrange things so that they pay almost no tax. Which is it? Actually, it's neither. You pay your taxes like everyone else. You're a good boy. All the anti-government stuff is just hot air. I'll bet you have exactly the same response to the police that I do. But let's take a test case: you're driving along -- with, I assume your government driver's license, like a good boy -- and you come to an accident where the police are directing traffic. The policeman signals for you to stop. Now ... I KNOW that in such a situation you'll be a good boy, and stop. We get a few people like you here every month. Full of super-macho "The rest of you are sheep". But it's all just bullshit. Just hot air, the vaporings of a passive armchair warrior who actually does NOTHING to build the militia movement. You act exactly like the rest of us: you obey the law, like a good little boy. And the thing is, we know your type. You should really go to some site peopled by naive liberals ... maybe they'll be impressed. We just laugh.
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    WASHINGTON (CNN) — A US Navy warship has successfully tested a new high-energy laser weapon that can destroy aircraft mid-flight, the Navy’s Pacific Fleet said in a statement Friday. Images and videos provided by the Navy show the amphibious transport dock ship USS Portland, homeported at Naval Base San Diego, executing “the first system-level implementation of a high-energy class solid-state laser” to disable an aerial drone aircraft, the statement said. The images show the laser emanating from the deck of the warship. Short video clips show what appears to be the drone burning. The Navy did not give a specific location of the laser weapons system demonstrator (LWSD) test, saying only that it occurred in the Pacific on May 16. The power of the weapon was not disclosed, but a 2018 report from the International Institute for Strategic Studies said it was expected to be a 150-kilowatt laser. “By conducting advanced at sea tests against UAVs and small crafts, we will gain valuable information on the capabilities of the Solid State Laser Weapons System Demonstrator against potential threats,” Capt. Karrey Sanders, commanding officer of Portland, said in the statement. “With this new advanced capability, we are redefining war at sea for the Navy.” The Navy says lasers, which it calls directed energy weapons (DEW), can be effective defenses against drones or armed small boats. “The Navy’s development of DEWs like the LWSD provide immediate warfighter benefits and provide the commander increased decision space and response options,” the statement said. In 2017, CNN witnessed a live-fire exercise of a 30-kilowatt laser weapon aboard the amphibious transport ship USS Ponce in the Persian Gulf. At the time, Lt. Cale Hughes, a laser weapons system officer, described how they work. “It is throwing massive amounts of photons at an incoming object,” Hughes said. “We don’t worry about wind, we don’t worry about range, we don’t worry about anything else. We’re able to engage the targets at the speed of light.” The Ponce was retired from service later that year.
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    Ideological Gambler

    Mission statements

    I am happy with it. Unless there comes an objection we will run with that. Professional or not it hits the nail on the head.
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    Patrick Mays


    I am a retired law enforcement officer, a lifelong martial artist, and most importantly I love God and America. I see us right now on the verge of loosing everything we have known in America. The treasonous demonically influenced politicians will stop at nothing to destroy the country that we love.
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    THEY CAN QUOTE ME. "I love my country, I fear "government" & I willfully choose to no longer support any part of it. I will choose death (my own or theirs) before they take anymore of my liberty or property." said by a loony "white" male tired of being the "tax" victim to a bunch of coward thieves who call themselves "government" and do nothing but steal... 5/23/2020
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    Hell I’ll post my number and you can call me day or night. I don’t have any fears of martians tapping my phone and scanning my brain.
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    The U.S. Navy has patented technology to create mid-air images to fool infrared and other sensors. This builds on many years of laser-plasma research and offers a game-changing method of protecting aircraft from heat-seeking missiles. It may also provide a clue about the source of some recent UFO sightings by military aircraft. The U.S. developed the first Sidewinder heat-seeking missile back in the 1950’s, and the latest AIM-9X version is still in frontline service around the world. This type of sensor works so well because hot jet engines exhausts shine out like beacons in the infrared, making them easy targets. Pilots under attack can eject decoy flares to lure a missile away from the launch aircraft, but these only provide a few seconds protection. More recently laser infrared countermeasures have been fielded which dazzle the infrared seeker. A sufficiently intense laser pulse can ionize producing a burst of glowing plasma. The Laser Induced Plasma Effects program uses single plasma bursts as flash-bang stun grenades; a rapid series of such pluses can even be modulated to transmit a spoken message (video here). In 2011 Japanese company Burton Inc demonstrated a rudimentary system that created moving 3D images in mid-air with a series of rapidly-generated plasma dots (video here). A more sophisticated approach uses an intense, ultra-short, self-focusing laser pulse to create a glowing filament or channel of plasma, an effect discovered in the 1990s. Known as laser-induced plasma filaments (LIPF) these can be created at some distance from the laser for tens or hundreds of meters. Because LIPFs conduct electricity, they have been investigated as a means of triggering lightning or creating a lightning gun. US Army 'lighting gun' experiment with laser-generated plasma channel One of the interesting things about LIPFs is that with suitable tuning they can emit light of any wavelength: visible, infrared, ultraviolet or even terahertz waves. This technology underlies the Navy project, which uses LIPFs to create phantom images with infrared emissions to fool heat-seeking missiles. The Navy declined to discuss the project, but the work is described in a 2018 patent: “wherein a laser source is mounted on the back of the air vehicle, and wherein the laser source is configured to create a laser-induced plasma, and wherein the laser-induced plasma acts as a decoy for an incoming threat to the air vehicle.” The patent goes on to explain that the laser creates a series of mid-air plasma columns, which form a 2D or 3D image by a process of raster scanning, similar to the way old-style cathode ray TVs sets display a picture. A single decoy halves the chances of an incoming missile picking the right target, but there is no reason to stop at one : “There can be multiple laser systems mounted on the back of the air vehicle with each laser system generating a ‘ghost image’ such that there would appear to be multiple air vehicles present.” Unlike flares, the LIPF decoy can be created instantly at any desired distance from the aircraft, and can be moved around at will. Equally importantly, moves with the aircraft, rather than dropping away rapidly like a flare, providing protection for as long as needed. The aircraft carrying the laser projector could also project decoys to cover other targets: “The potential applications of this LIP flare/decoy can be expanded, such as using a helicopter deploying flares to protect a battleship, or using this method to cover and protect a whole battle-group of ships, a military base or an entire city.” The lead researcher in the patent is Alexandru Hening. A 2017 piece in the Navy’s own IT magazine says that Dr. Hening has been working on laser-induced plasma at Space and Naval Warfare Systems Center Pacific since 2012. “If you have a very short pulse you can generate a filament, and in the air that can propagate for hundreds of meters, and maybe with the next generation of lasers you could produce a filament of even a mile,” Dr. Henning told the magazine, indicating that it should be possible to create phantoms at considerable distances. Phantom aircraft that can move around at high speed and appear on thermal imagers may ring some bells. After months of debate, in April the Navy officially released infra-red videos of UFOs encountered by their pilots, although the Pentagon prefers to call them “unidentified aerial phenomena.” The objects in the videos appear to make sudden movements impossible for physical aircraft, rotate mid-air and zip along at phenomenal speed: all maneuvers which would be easy to reproduce with a phantom projected image. It is unlikely the Pentagon would release videos of their own secret weapon in a bizarre double bluff. But other nations may have their own version. In the early 1990s the Russians claimed that they could produce glowing ‘plasmoids’ at high altitude using high-power microwave or laser beams; these were intended to disrupt the flight of ballistic missiles, an answer to the planned American ‘Star Wars’. Nothing came of the project, but the technology may have been refined for other applications in the subsequent decades. Heat-seeking missiles will no doubt evolve ways to distinguish the plasma ghosts from real jets, leading to further refinement of the decoy technology, and so on. Whether humans also get smart enough to recognize such fakes remains to be seen.
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    I don't need a cop and the good cops are fired and the rest are busy breaking the laws Oh they get scared if dudes with rifles and ammo that punches through their vests. Call in more back up and they bring in more show of force. The entire militaryize police is done so you are scared and comply
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    Good Morning Patriots. For any going to be at Harvey's Pistol & Pawn for our Meet & Greet. Please kindly park across the street from the shop in the empty parking lot. Looking forward to see you.
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    Kansas Equipment

    multicam works pretty well out here in western ks
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    If you want it and have the available funds to purchase it or enough credit you are willing to use at the moment and able to keep it a secret from your wife, then buy it. That is the decision process I use when buying a gun. Actually my wife doesn't complain about the guns I buy, but I don't always make it too obvious either....
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    Growing You’re Ranks

    Rank is necessary for any organized fighting force. Every militia I have ever seen fail does the "if you were X rank in the military you can be that rank" because then you end up with a ton of NCOs, no lower enlisted and exceptionally few officers.
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    Just watched the police beating the shit out of law abiding people. And they were getting in to it. It's got to stop. This threw me over the top.. time to defend ourselves at all costs. These are tyrants it reminded me of Cambodia freaking making me sick.
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    @SpiritSniper34 is, sadly, right. The USA is moving Left, due to immigration and the indoctrination of our young people in the education system. Save some huge life-altering event -- which could make people go either way -- the country will be dominated, permanently, by the Left within a decade or so. Moving to a more 'American' state will help for a while, but so long as it is part of the United States, which will be under the control of the Left -- which will begin to erode "state's rights" even faster, you will not escape. You might wish to look at Texas, rapidly becoming 'blue' to see the future. What is taught to your children, and, eventually what you can say and write, will be decided by your enemies. And they will take your money, and give it to their favored victim groups. They will also consolidate their power in various way: by giving more Senate and Congressional seats to areas they know will support them (this is already being discussed among them), by 'packing' the Supreme Court if necessary. We must not kid ourselves. If this is true, there is only one solution.
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    I like it. Thanks. 😁
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    I liked the clip capacity that came with it. I have only owned 3 hand guns in my life, a Taurus .357 revolver, a Colt 1911 9mm and a SW 1911 9mm. At this time I don’t have any handguns but I did obtain my CHL so I am looking around for one. I liked the review the guy did in the video. How it fit the hand, the thumb rest and the sights.
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    Texas - Official Roll Call & Lounge

    If there are any San Jacinto Co militia members who need food or want to volunteer to distribute food, there will be a food distribution by the SJ Volunteer FD on Sat.
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    Dav Harzin

    Training in Plain Sight

    Training in Plain Sight Running around in camo facepaint, a bandana tied around your head and in full battle rattle can get you some strange looks, the cops called on you for “suspicious behavior” or pop up on someone’s radar for their Red Flag Laws. There are outdoor activities that can keep your battlefield skills honed that will draw no attention to yourself and some are easily disguised as family outdoor activities. I competed in my first Rogaine race this year and really liked it. A Rogaine race is a long distance Orienteering race and is also a timed event. The race I competed in was a 10 hour race and I traveled over 14 miles locating orienteering checkpoints along the way. The race activities began by issuing a topographical map an hour before the race by the race director. You as a solo racer or as part of a team are to study the map, determine your route to the plotted checkpoints. The only gear I used for navigating was a 1:24,000 topo map and thumb compass, no GPS was allowed. All participants were required to carry a list of gear for emergencies. Prior to the race date, I had brushed up on my land navigation skills and was glad I did since these are perishable skills. As I raced, I kept thinking this was very similar to the land navigation I did in the military. These events would be excellent training for interested in preparedness, as part of your bug out training and for your security team. I have listed a few races and other activities to be considered that you, your family and your team can use as a part of your training cycle. .... https://www.americanpartisan.org/2020/04/training-in-plain-sight/
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    Texans, stop trying to recruit outside of your county! PLEASE!!!! If you have people come to you from another area, send them to their local militia leadership. Poaching recruits from other areas only weakens other areas. We are all Texas Militia. One unit per county please. Otherwise, we will wind up with ALOT of operational overlap. This leads to discord. When it comes time for us to be useful to the people we will be too busy fighting each other, to be combat effective against the enemy. I, for one, am not willing to risk the lives of my men OR YOURS over ego. Smith county needs to report to Aco 1-15 as soon as possible. We were supposed to be able to roll out a full training cycle this year but have gotten so much pushback and meddling from other people trying to recruit for their own local crusades that we have lost any traction we had and lost momentum. This isn't a game, men. Lives are on the line here. We HAVE TO WORK TOGETHER.

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