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    While this is encouraging, I wouldn't celebrate until these Republicans actually do what they were elected by the people to do. I won't hold my breath. I've seen Republican sweeps squandered too many times even in my short lifetime.
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    When are my fellow Americans going to stand up and say enough is enough? Are we that scared have we been dumbed down to the point where we dont think for ourselves? Why are we not rising up for the cause? If there is a time now is it!!!! For our kids and our kids kids. I am ashamed to be an American at this point in my life. All my life the stories of people doing heroic things all in the name of freedom liberty and life and the American dream. I am phucking pissed that most people cant see past the lies and deceit.I dont want to waste peoples time so i will end here!!!!!! WAKE THE FUCK UP. For the sake of America!
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    May 22, 2020 By: José Niño Gun owners have become accustomed to the typical types of gun grabs anti-gun politicians have rolled out in recent years. Assault weapons bans, universal background checks, and magazine bans are some of the usual proposals thrown our way. Second Amendment advocates have naturally built a strong opposition to these efforts and have generally made the gun control crowd break a sweat each time they try to advance such bills. Not all infringements on the Second Amendment necessarily come from direct regulation or prohibitions on firearm ownership, however. Just look at H.R. 838, the “Threat Assessment, Prevention, and Safety Act (TAPS) Act.” The Firearms Policy Coalition (FPC) recently reported Texas Congressman Brian Babin (R) introduced this bill and had 47 new co-sponsors as of March 2020. It now has 180 total co-sponsors, with a bipartisan split of 90 Republicans and 90 Democrats; 38 cosponsors are needed for this bill to pass. According to FPC, “H.R. 838 would permit levels of espionage against the American people not seen since the introduction of the Patriot Act.” Furthermore, this bill would set up a "Task Force" of 24 unelected individuals charged with managing a national strategy of surveilling private citizens under the pretense of "targeted violence through behavioral threat assessment." Additionally, this bill would grant the Department of Homeland Security the power to issue grants to “eligible entities” to incentivize said entities to turn information over to “fusion centers,” which would involve state, federal, and local governments collaborating to maximize the “ability of such agencies to detect, prevent, investigate, apprehend, and respond to criminal or terrorist activity.” Like any Big Brother project, the government could use the data to craft models based on behavior that would generally be viewed as innocuous. As FPC notes, this could be used to “target unwitting, innocent gun owners as potential ‘threats’” simply for partaking in the ever-so-dangerous act of purchasing multiple handguns per month. The TAPS Act would be a dream come true for any person who has the desire to make Minority Report come to life. Tennessee Congressman Scott DesJarlais (R) withdrew his co-sponsorship of the bill after FPC was able to demonstrate how anti-freedom this bill is. It’s no exaggeration to say the modern-day managerial state is categorically against gun owners. Of the many boogiemen the Left and their false opposition on the establishment Right like to single out, gun owners are among the first. Let’s not forget that. We should not be giving the social radicals in D.C. any more legal or bureaucratic power that they can use to infringe on our Second Amendment rights. Handing more power to the surveillance state to snoop on gun owners gives busybody politicians another avenue by which to subvert our freedoms. One way to keep the gun controllers in check is to completely scuttle the TAPS ACT before it gathers additional co-sponsors.
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    Marie Scherbaum Snow

    Hi All

    I go by Snow and I live in Chino Valley, AZ. I am looking for a group of like individuals who care this country/the planet is headed. I've been an activist for over a decade and have many causes.. # one is the Constitution. It's frustrating to see what is going on at this particular time and how some individuals blindly follow the unconstitutional orders of our so-called leaders. I am from San Diego.. moved here in 2008 and couldn't be happier. Very proud to be an Arizonan...
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    Hello friends. I'm just here to learn at the moment. I have no intentions of ill will towards anyone. I am recently unemployed. I got fired from my job as a machinist of 22 years because I believe wearing a mask for 10+ hours a day is unhealthy and i refused to do it. I am not ex-military, not even boy scout. I do own a few guns, but not an AR. When I get back to work, I will probably get one along with some of the other items that you guys deem necessary. I am 55, and probably a little past my fighting prime. But I would like to let you know that I will be there in the event of a state or national emergency if you need me. I will require some training. Thank you. Bud.
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    K5CCO Cochise

    New Guy Here

    My name is Chris, I’m in the Orange TX area. Just looking for like minded patriots.
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    YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can do it!!!! Everyone should ring up their local Republican Party and volunteer to get involved in voter registration and voter turnout efforts, as soon as local lockdown regulations permit. While they're doing this work, they should mention to fellow workers that they're part of the militia movement, which is looking for new members. If they're in an organized militia unit, the unit should arrange to have a Fourth of July barbeque ... to which Republican campaign workers should be personally invited .... a low-key event that anyone can attend without therefore committing themselves to the militia, but where they can get to meet militia movement people. This should also be publicized as widely as possible.
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    The US House needs to have a turnover like this and the Senate needs to bolster their numbers to the conservative/pro-Freedom and Liberty side!
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    I just became a 'Never Again Trumper'. This is just the icing on the shit cake, no matter whether the Kung Flu is all that serious or not. Trump just became a dictator in waiting as far as I'm concerned. I just sent this email to the White House online, and urge others to protest this despotic move: "Sirs, What exactly does Trump think he's doing, authorizing the military to administer vaccines? That sounds like a forced acceptance, and otherwise plain wrong. Not to mention that HCQ cures it, a virus with an actual death rate lower than the flu often is. Have you people read what garbage is in that vaccine, a product which takes years to be vetted in? This entire Covid ordeal is noyhing more than a process of tyranny. Are you people so ignorant that you are listening only to quacks like Fauci and Gates? You need to pay attention to people like Dr. Shiva, real doctors. But regardless, this latest from Trump is absolute tyranny. He needs to be removed from office immediately." THIS TAKES THE CAKE! I wouldn't vote for Trump because of how he used eminent domain to try to take a woman's home, but lost. I have given him every chance and supported him, but no more. He needs to be out of office, asap. As far as I'm concerned, he just became worse than Obama, or else an extension of Obama. I'm probably off here for the rest of the night. Gonna listen to some sermons, get my mind off this Covid Conscription for Communists for awhile.
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    This thread is for people actively searching for a Militia to join. It is also a helpful place for Militias to find individuals wanting to actively train. Post your location and a bit about yourself. Even if you can't run in field OPs you may be useful in other areas.
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    Apparently MyMilitia members have the wrong skin color and political ideology. If we were leftists with different genetics... we would be celebrated and praised by the progressive publication. “When traditional systems, whether it’s law enforcement or whatever, fail us, we also have the ability to take care of ourselves,” she told the Guardian. Anthony became the first African American woman elected to represent her district in Lansing, Michigan’s capital, in 2018. https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2020/may/07/michigan-lawmaker-armed-escort-rightwing-protest
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    Range Days

    I've built almost every firearm I own. Ar15 223wylde ar15 458 socom Remington 7mm mag, Mossberg 500 police tactical, and a Smith and Wesson m &p 9 first generation. There's several others I don't want to list on here. Lol they go kafreakinboom and will reach out and touch someone
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    Here is the problem: people in America have lived through 70 years of what is, by world standards, an abnormal situation. When WWII ended, we were Top Dog. All other countries were prostrate -- their industries bombed to smithereens, or at least no match for ours. Britain and France were losing their empires. We ruled Germany and Japan. The backward Soviet Union had suffered terrible damage, in addition to being saddled with socialism. We had about 50% of the manufacturing capacity of the whole planet. And we were invincible, because we couldn't be invaded. This situation gave us a whole generation, into the 1970s, of steadily rising prosperity. Even the upheavels at home, and our defeat in Vietnam, couldn't shake the reality of our enormous economic power. Democrats and Republicans were not all that different, and trade power back and forth peacefully. Then the Soviet Union collapsed, and our rulers looked forward to a 'New World Order', dominated by the US, in which we would lead in spreading peace and prosperity and democratic rule to all nations. I won't carry on ... we all know what happened over the next thirty years. Now we're a very different nation. We see the Left growing inexorably, via immigration and indoctrination in the educational institutions. Things look hopeless. But ... big events can change people's minds radically. We cannot predict what these events will be (who would have predicted the Chinese Communist Virus?) But these events are inevitable. We have to be ready to intervene in such situations. They cannot be created artificially. In the future, the country could go Left or Right ... and which way it goes won't be automatic. I personally suspect that our best bet will be to get the majority of Americans to agree that they would be better off without us (conservatives) , and to get 'us' to agree also ... in other words, to exercise the 'right of self determination'. But at the moment this is such a radical idea, that discussion and propagation of it is best left outside the militia movement, which already looks crazy enough to many Americans as it is. In the meantime ... we have to grow the militia. If some radical upheaval happened tomorrow, we are way to weak to influence it. (This is the basis for the cries of despair which proposals for crazy actions actually are.) It's actually a good time to grow the militia, and we need to do so: we have to go from being a few thousands, to being a few tens of thousands, and then to being a few hundreds of thousands. (3% of the 25 million males who voted for Donald Trump in 2016 would be 750,000 people.) This won't happen overnight. And slow growth is tedious work. But it has to be done. Every functioning unit should set itself a realistic growth target -- maybe something like a doubling of numbers by the end of the year. Right now, we should have the aim to move into the mainstream of the conservative movement. (Not even, at the moment, into the mainstream of American society, although that should be an aim as well, starting at the community level.) This means, concretely, getting involved now in voter registration efforts with the local Republican Party. Getting active with these people is also an opportunity to recruit to your militia group. A lot of Republicans don't know any more about the militia movement than what they read in the papers, which is almost always hostile. With this in mind, every militia unit should seek to co-host a Fourth of July Barbeque with other patriotic groups, including the local Republicans. A low-key event like this, especially if it has other sponsors, is an excellent way to introduce the militia movement to likely supporters -- to show its 'human face'. Every unit which is able to do this, should.
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    I can agree that it is long over due. an maybe even feels like it is on the brink at times. China is a giant problem, they are hard to beat on cheap slave labor , and that is what it is, no one wants to confront China because they keep making everything cheap. So China has to be appeased. But I think the real think keeping America from falling into another real Civil War is our ability to vote. The left can abolish the 2nd amendment tomorrow, an Americans will still find a way to get and or make a gun. But once the left finds a way to abolish the electoral college, and gets a firm grip on how Americans vote and or how to rig every election on all three branches of Gov to their favor. Then I think things would escalate rather fast. I mean everything you stated I can agree with. But for me I have had enough of taxes, why isn't there a fair flat rate tax across the board. Why is it the IRS can demand itemized financial records on an individual, but we cant do the same on where our tax dollars go. An then you get taxed upon your death, taxed on how your inheritance gets distributed an etc. Hell ya get taxed via a fine for Jay Walking. But really all the taxes isn't fully on the government, but the nation itself for allowing it and not demanding via the legal means to stop it all. When the nation as a whole is too lazy to go through the legal process to change tax laws, what real chance do we got on anything else. The national debt is a joke, there is zero chance of it ever getting paid off let alone lowered, if creditors came knocking to get paid with in full with in a 5-10 year time frame , the nation would be broke. So that factors into things too. The political state of the nation gets very depressing for me very fast, and if i was just one more screw loose than I already am, I could see myself going down the wrong path. An it becomes rather easy to understand why some nutjobs do what they do when disgruntled with the government. Not saying I agree, just saying it can be understandable. Anyhow, as needed as guns are in our nation. The vote is really the most effective and strongest weapon out there. I'll keep voting for the best conservative candidate out there, but only so I can say I got a reason to complain, not because I believe they will actually fix anything on a permanent basis. Trump still has not completely dismantled Obama care, and that alone isn't entirely his fault. The T.S.A is useless, obama care useless, redundant national security agencies , Property Taxes, you can flat out own a house an a lot of land, an if ya dont pay your property taxes, forget it.( an again, we the people do not vote to change that.) < no one is going to ever stop or fix those messes....So i mean to me voting is to a degree pointless, i see it just as a way to pump the brakes on the left, for at least 4-8 years. and that gives the nation some breathing room to relax and keep the leftists of our government off our collective backs long enough to get some rest . But exactly what would another real civil war accomplish, and where does it break out first at ? because the first attempt at a civil war, is going to stopped dead in its' tracks with swat teams, and private security forces, and then the military. an once that initial spark gets put out, fear spreads, across the board. and any more attempts will be second guessed at being tried in the future. If anything, lone wolf assassinations have a better chance than any kind of full scale civil war. an then it is just one person risking their freedom and life. But even that in the end wouldn't be of any good, because our government would just rally behind one another, an then we get back to the vote being the only real viable way to change anything. No one wants a civil war, no one wants to wait years on end for quick positive change either. so... there ya go.
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    First of all, our nicks,user or call signs, are unique and personal and that is what separates the Patriots from the sheep. I am a 56 year old, heavy "metal" music rocker and collect the "gear" associated with that.
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    Thanks for the videos and the hard work you and you team do. Can't wait till WPN takes off! Be blessed.
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    Illinois 3%ers Militia

    I am in Chicago, been talking with 3% in other states ih hope for some assistance in organizing here in illinois as this state is desperately in need of some organization and people willing to make a commitment to helping these businesses open. And educating people to stand up for these rights given them by god. I hope to talk let's organize and get a recruitment base started
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    Let me guess. Denver is the center of the "blue flu" in your State, and is the heart of Leftism in Colorado. Its population means the Left is in control of the rest of the State. Sounds like Illinois.
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    Build some suppressors
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    Welcome Bud. Glad to see some youngsters signing on. (I'm 76.) I'm sure you'll get all the necessary training from whatever group you join -- note that a 'militia' is not quite the same thing as military reserve ... it's really an emergency response force for 'SHTF' situations ... our opponents in these situations are unlikely to be setting up barbed wire or laying mines. It's possible, mind you, and it's a good thing that we have plenty of combat vets in the militia movement, and, hopefully, lots of sympathyzers in the regular military and National Guard. But for the militia's most likely engagements ... go onto YouTube and put 'Rooftop Koreans' into the search bar, and look at some of the videos that come up. Those lads had exactly the right idea -- defend your lives and property with the tools made for that purpose -- but they weren't acting as a cohesive group. (For example, there is one fellow who is out in the open with a handgun.) What a militia unit would have done in those circumstances would have been far more effective -- involving things like overwatch, flank and rear guards, overlapping fields of fire, a division of labor so that one or two people have had some extended practice, and own the right weapons for, hitting targets at 500 meters plus, having organized medical and food/water supplies, rotation of duties so that a 24 hour watch is kept .. etc. This doesn't involve low-crawling under barbed wire or climbing a rope up a 20 foot wall, or knowing how to smash someones nasal bones back into brain in hand-to--hand combat ... although if there are others in your unit who have these skills, so much the better, because no one knows the future. In fact, there might even be a valuable role for, say, someone's grandmother. We need people who know how to, say, do publicity, advise on legal issues, keep a 'social' group ticking over by organizing events that bring people together and keep them coming back -- not just training exercises and shooting practice. In fact, it's almost impossible to think of anyone who couldn't play a valuable role in ta durable militia group. Just being able to spend a half-day every month or two driving around putting up leaflets or posters or business cards in supermarkets and laundromats and similar places, or handing out leaflets, or sitting at a 'Meet Your Local Militia' table would be enormously useful. And I can think of half a dozen ways that skilled machinist could be useful. I wonder if you could move 'sideways' into gunsmithing. Speaking of being a machinist, I was a turret lathe operator for a year, and I can sympathyze about doing that for eight hours a day wearing a mask. Hopefully, this virus stuff will soon be over, and American industry will return to America, and you will find employment again. Perhaps people reading this who live in your area might be able to help. Could I ask how you found this site? It will help us with outreach, which is so important right now.
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    All Bark ? And a question or two

    Where the hell are the Admin? Here I am. The Thread is locked. Everyone cool off.
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    FPI / May 22, 2020 Republicans swept to victory in Staunton, Virginia's city council election on Tuesday as voters tossed out three Democratic incumbents in a usually reliable Democratic stronghold in the state's Shenandoah Valley. Local media cited gun coLocal media cited gun control legislation as well as COVID-19 lockdowns as key turnout drivers for Republicans in Staunton. staunton by N/A is licensed under City of Staunton N/A Republican candidates Mark Robertson, Amy Darby, and Steve Claffey all joined incumbent Andrea Oakes in a four-seat GOP sweep, WHSV reported. The three incoming council members replaced Democratic incumbents Erik Curren, Ophie Kier, and James Harrington.Nearby Waynesboro also put two conservatives, Lana Williams and Bruce Allen, on their city council to “give conservatives a working majority,” Augusta FreeRev Press reporter Chris Graham noted.“Bottom line is that the strategies worked, flipping both from D to R, but the change in Staunton is stunning almost beyond words,” Graham opined. “A city that voted for Barack Obama, twice, voted for Hillary Clinton, voted for Terry McAuliffe and Ralph Northam, even gave a solid majority to Jennifer Lewis in her 2018 congressional run against Ben Cline, is now controlled by Republicans.”All of the Democratic incumbents almost doubled their vote totals from 2016, yet still lost in a massive voter turnout amid the ongoing coronavirus crisis. “Democrats got their voters out better than they have in a May cycle in years,” Graham wrote. “Republicans got turnout more akin to, not quite a presidential year, but approaching gubernatorial.”Graham cited gun control legislation in the state as well as COVID-19 lockdowns as key turnout drivers for Republicans in Staunton.Overall voter turnout was 4,320, the Augusta Free Press reported, with a total of 17,279 votes cast in the election for the four city council seats.“For comparison to previous cycles, the 2018 local election had 7,068 votes cast for three seats, which would work out to 2,356 individual voters turning out,” wrote Graham. “Back in 2016, the most recent, until Tuesday, four-seat election, the total cast was 6,325, or 1,581 individual voters.”
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    I live less than 100 miles from Staunton and haven't herd a peep on local news about this. Maybe I missed it, or they didn't want to be seen balling on tv.
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    Alright Floridians, local governments say we are not allowed to be free. I oppose this ilegitament authority. Thus I think it is proper to meet up at a public place and time. Doesn’t have to be at a gun range. What ideas have we?
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    All Bark ? And a question or two

    @ GearBolt Tech you romanticise a revolution with daydreams of what you could accomplish “if” a revolution happened. Odds are you would last a week and no one would even notice your loss. You pervert the idea of a militia into a anarchist movement. Your slinging of inaccurate information does nothing but drive those that would step up away. This is the sole reason so many log in and never check back. Where the hell are the admin? There might be a dozen cool headed people here that can behave as adults. If anyone wants this to be taken more seriously then do more to help this movement not to drive wedges. We took a topic and went so far off that no one wants anything to do with it.
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    the 1967-68 edition of world book encyclopedia in the L volume L for laser showed a prototype the US Army was working on. If my memory serves me correct.
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    All Bark ? And a question or two

    Here's the thing to remember when it comes to things like Law Enforcement and so forth... Time doesn't stand still. The good cop of today is retired tomorrow. Maybe he is replaced by another good cop... or maybe a bad cop. You have to look at the institutions that train them to determine what the lifespan of freedom will be. People don't just walk into the police station and get a badge. You go to a university. You get pummeled with communist propaganda for 4 years... either swallowing it or keeping your head down long enough to graduate. If you come out of university intact and not programmed... you're at the mercy of the local and state governments who want to hire officers that will do what they want done... not what it is in the best interest of the public. I have friends who have Criminal Justice degrees, who passed fitness exams, but either would not be hired or refused to work for certain departments But, before you get that 4 year degree from the Commie mill... you have to survive K-12 in the public school system. Which, lo and behold, is loaded with communist propaganda and programming. We're in May 2020. A bunch of programmed leftists just graduated with dreams and aspirations to become Law Enforcement Officers in order to promote social justice in their communities. The Military has similar issues... fast track to be an officer is to get a college degree. There is a reason why the way ups tend to have different political views than the guys actually doing the fighting on the ground.
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    science fiction of my youth no longer fiction. army tested that with rifle sized weapon in 60s. never heard no more about it.
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    will you?
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    Illinois - Official Roll Call & Lounge

    Hi im Grant or Bigger Behind the Trigger. I have been in the firearms industry since 1998. I worked at a high end gun shop/ Range where I was the main range officer and I helped with the NRA classes. I sold firearms to some really cool people. I would go out with them and do different drills at our outside range. Unfortunately the Colorado bureaucrats shit the range down. We had a fun house that we did classes at. I also helped with the classes. I'm a true believer in the Constitution and don't like it when the government makes laws that go against it. I have been reloading for 30+ years. I am quite good with a handgun and a rifle. I have been to many classes to learn different techniques. I'm fat but I'm losing weight very fast. About 25 lbs a month. I know I'm not like the rest of you. I'm larger then the average man but I can shoot 1,000 yards and have shot sub moa with my dad. I also am a collector of all types of military firearms. Aft one point I had firearms that were used in every war going back to the Revolutionary war to Vietnam. Unfortunately I had to sell them to move. My collection is growing. I am also big into first aid. I want to start the EMT-B classes after my surgery. That's it for me. I hope I can be of some value to you guys. I may be the weakest link but I don't give up. I will go until I collapse. I try to do the right thing for the right reasons.
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    In response to the article on May 8th, 2020, in 'The Guardian' by Jason Wilson and Robert Evans, entitled 'Revealed: major anti-lockdown group's links to America's far right'. The subtitle is 'American Revolution 2.o, which presents itself as bipartisan, has been assisted by far-right individuals-some with extremist links,'. Let's start with the title. What's been revealed? Nobody involved has made it a secret that marches and protests have been planned against the lockdown, in fact quite the opposite. Organizers have attempted to publicize the events far and wide, because nobody wants a lockdown, which is in reality martial law, in response to a virus which is now known to have a mortality rate no greater than the flu, and which virus has been reported to have killed an average of 300 people per year for a number of years. Facebook has removed postings calling for peaceful protests, both legal and the right of the American people. That is a violation of the First Amendment, which protects the Right to peacefully assemble for a redress of grievances against the government, to make one's voice heard and to believe in a well-chosen cause. What is the opposite of the First Amendment Right, which Facebook has quenched and 'The Guardian' article has demonized, by at least making the right to assemble and protest an exclusive right. What is the definition of far right? According to the Merriam Webster dictionary online, far right is "the group of people whose political views are the most conservative". Conservative means "holding to traditional values and cautious about change or innovations, typically in relation to politics or religion". These two definitions are what militias, tea party groups, fundamental Christians, and the most successful businesses and individuals are. Another definition of far right is "a term used by mainstream media to refer to any person who is ideologically to the right of [against] Communism. Again, the above named groups fit into this category as well. Unfortunately, most of mainstream media have created a misnomer for far right, which is that the conservative groups are racist, violent and male chauvinist. This is what neither militias nor the Constitution is, but are both the antithesis of that definition. The article claims that Tea Parties and protesters against lockdown are not grassroots groups, but indeed they are, grassroots being the common man or woman, the root level or foundation. The U.S. Government is meant to be of the people, by the people, and for the people. That is it's true, intended foundation, it's core group. The average citizen of any political or religious affiliation, the grassroots conglomerate, does not want to be inhibited in movement, unable to provide for family and self. What is an extremist? By definition it is "a person who holds extreme or fanatical political or religious views, especially one who resorts to or advocates extreme action". In America that would mean with a certain amount of restraint, i.e., Constitutional restraint with a view to being held in check by both conscience and ethics/morals which came from a Supreme Creator. Who would fit that definition, some well known people? Well, George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Patrick Henry, Abe Lincoln, Douglas MacArthur, John F. Kennedy, Aldi Murphy, Alvin York, Harold Moore... The main target of the article in 'The Guardian' is the website 'Mymilitia.com, grossly misrepresented, falsely stereotyped and unjustly castigated in the mentioned article. That website is simply an online gathering place for supporters of the rights to choose, to say, think and do for oneself, to advocate a free nation, is strictly regulated for content quality, and has no control over what members do offsite, and abusive, insulting, racist and violent content is prohibited. When a police officer or federal agent kills someone unjustly or commits some other crime, is the entire department or agency blamed? When a politician takes a bribe or lies under oath, is it the fault of the rest of the governing body? The recent protest of 50,000 armed militiamen in Virginia, being peaceful and orderly, is living exemplification that the militia movement is not a racist, bigoted or anti-government conglomeration. The militia movement is the national version of the homeowner enjoying and advocating the rights of private ownership, privacy, liberty, and self defense, a civilian version of the military. While news outlets are busy condemning militia groups, being ignorant of what they actually stand for, many of them help with disaster relief and performing guard duty, as well as instructing others in areas such as food preservation, first aid, political process and survival in emergencies. The militia is about much more than just firearms and battle field training, many of the members being current and former military, policemen and firefighters. The 'Guardian' article seems to hold people in contempt who value the right to protect and defend and the sanctity of life of the unborn. Do you suppose that they side with Obama, who as a Senator voted for post-birth abortion [murder] and Hillary Clinton, who voted for abortion in the third trimester? Who else condoned such atrocities? Who comes to mind is Herod the Great, Mao Tse Tung, Joseph Stalin, the Vietcong, Adolph Hitler and Saddam Hussein, to name a few, as well as the Muslim terrorists. The article cites that views about the Covid dilemma which oppose official claims are disinformation, yet synopsis by competent doctors not invested in the pharmaceutical industry (which is hurting financially and needs $$) are being found to be accurate. Quarantining is weakening people's immune systems; respirators are more harmful than good, at least often; a combination of three common, non-vaccine drugs is apparently working well to cure the virus; Covid death rates are being intentionally magnified, while deaths from heart attack, cancer, diabetes and even car accidents have decreased since the Covid outbreak started. How amazing! It has recently been factually shown that the infection rates from Covid are much, much higher than originally shown or known, resulting in something like a 0.375 percent death rate, no more than the flu. Reportedly, Dr. Fauci invested a couple of million dollars in the Wuhan lab two years ago. Is it possible that he didn't know a problem existed? Most people with a large investment would, I'd think, keep close tabs on the state of affairs concerning their money. According to Dr. Shiva, a physician of forty plus years, has shown that Dr. Fauci, who is not apparently currently a practicing doctor, claimed years ago that HIV causes AIDS, and panicked many, but evidently he was wrong. Eye witness reports testify that after receiving certain vaccinations, their children incurred serious problems. From 2000 to 2017, some 460,000 children in three nations overseas, suffered paralysis after receiving polio innoculations. There has been quite notable differences in people of the vaccination era compared to when about the only vaccination was for TB, and not better variations in behavior or demeanor. The writers of the article seem to condemn a movement or activity because of who is involved, instead of critiquing the cause and examining the facts from both sides. In 1999, the FBI enlisted the aid of select members of the La Cosa Nostra, to quench subversive activity of a group of alleged Constitutionalists, which were really far lefts masquerading as Patriots. It actually garnered desired results. The article goes on to imply that something is amiss with a website that includes articles and manuals on warfare. They conveniently leave out the fact that the U.S. Military trains for urban warfare, against the chance that war occurs in America. Are they, and others, so naive to believe that one of two worst case scenarios can't occur in America: invasion from without, or; tyranny from within? If we could ask, some 40,000 or more Christian Russians of the Stalin era would say that yes, it can happen anywhere. We train for war in order to have peace. Every single able bodied male in Switzerland, after mandatory military service, takes his automatic rifle home with him; the crime rate is quite low. Every able bodied man and woman in Israel is capable of waging war for many years after their compulsory military service, and at the rate it's going, America could also become a hotbed of invasions/attacks. What deterred Japan from attacking the American mainland during World War Two? Was it the military? Nope, they were already spread too thin. It was because the Japanese believed that every able bodied man, perhaps woman too, had a firearm. I'm certain that's why we haven't had serious problems from terrorists attacking in traditional style. The article presents the following, from Mymilitia.com. in a negative light: "...2017 manifesto for the site, Embrey wrote he hoped the site would "spearhead" the militia movement, and offered movement goals such as "to augment our local authorities in dire times and assist in our communities from all threats foreign or domestic", and "to change the negative percepyion of the Militia by becoming a welcomed force, one that is preferred over militarized police". And that's bad? Apparently the writers of the article have never been in the military and taken an oath to uphold and protect the Constitution, which protects their right to lamblast genuine Patriots, a volunteer force committed to much more than training for warfare. Many veteran and retired cops are concerned about the way law enforcement is being trained. L.A. style, a far cry from what needs to be. An FBI agent of many years, over twenty, told me in 1994, that "if the American people knew what the government was planning, there'd be instant revolution". If, as one example, American citizens were disarmed, the first likely thing to happen would be criminals wiping out law enforcement. The second event would probably be foreign invasion. Concerning a site which Embrey built, one in question, called Tinnitus Records, he had no idea that it sold white supremist music, an addon that the customer put in themselves, not Embrey. Once he learned of it, he refunded their money and removed the site. It was a simple mistake anyone could have made. Why doesn't 'The Guardian' condemn CBS for portraying a video of a Covid ridden hospital in Italy as being in America? In synopsis, the article I'm rebutting is only presenting part of the truth, and appears to be slanted against the militia movement and full implementation of the Constitution of the United States of America, not the creator of any rights, but rather the guarantor of naturally inherent and God given rights. Todd A. Slee, South Whitley, In Note: I will supply references soon. This rebut article is an off the cuff, first draft, written on May 8th, 2020. I sent it to the complaint department at 'The Guardian' on Sunday. I COMMUNICATED WITH FIXER YESTERDAY, AND HE SAID HE DOESN'T WANT ANY COVERAGE, SO PLEASE HONOR HIS REQUEST AND KEEP THIS ARTICLE PROPRIETARY TO MYMILITIA.COM.
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    Maybe I don't want a vaccine rushed together that normally would be tested for years to be forced into my body. Ah yes if you dont vote then the other one wins a vote. If you vote third party then the other evil one wins a vote. We dont need government and once you get to the point and understand that government shouldn't be in anything . Then and only then will you be free. You basically sound like a mirrored parrot of the left with the same talking points.
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    I think most of our Republicans are stroking our back with one hand, holding an unseen knife with the other. The Democrats just don't hide it, they broadcast hating us. The FBI is Republican, in protocol and values. Due to botched cases of informant and police corruption, I had trouble for years. The FBI always ran interference against them, but secretly required my participation, and made sure I had no choice but to keep investigating for them (mostly Hoener's doing, and Kell, not all of them I knew). All the while all they were doing was enlarging their informant and confidant base, their covert power, and holding dissenters hostage. Same difference. A Republican thief waits until you leave to rob your house, a Democrat thief walks in, says 'I'm entitled' , and walks off with stuff. Sorry, but I see no real difference anymore. All bogus. The Army I was in, if ordered to confiscate guns or help enforce laws, anything unconstitutional, wouldn't have complied, at all. Using military for disasters is one thing, they always have, but mixing medical with power, esp how they're talking compulsory things, and going to people's houses, and after filling minds with lies, half truths and misconceptions? I don't believe 99% of them anymore. All liars. Thirty years ago the likes of Pelosi, Schiff, Obama, Hillary, Soros, Rahm E., they'd have never gotten anywhere, but now America has no spine, she let Obama emascalate her. I think Trump is just condescending. Just like all those years of Obama, all the sorry Republicans did was sit on their hands. They shoulda grabbed Obama, his whole admin, and threw them out of the White House. It's like someone kicking your home door in, you say, 'This is wrong", and just sit there. But lo and behold, when it comes time to vote on a pay raise, there's no arguing then, they all band together in strong unity. I get a little rash at times, I'll admit, but this alarms me much, considering other things. But I think Trump needs to be toned down.
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    Oh btw you mean the allied nations who aligned with communists russian and failed to acknowledge them as a evil and gave up half of Europe sending those people back into hell. Imagine if they took a Paton stance and acknowledged them for who they are.
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    Ah yes the lesser of two evils speech. Believe it or not Republicans pass more anti gun laws and back them. Regan trump and both bushes support the assault weapons ban. Neither party cares about your freedom or liberty. Yes I do have an issue with using active army to move or issue anything inside the United states territory.
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    Careful all the trump worshipers will panic
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    ATTENTION ALL Alabama State Patriots, I am reaching out to you all to create an Alliance with All of Alabama State with Florida State. I will explain how an Alliance works; Alliance means you keep your Ranks and the name of your Group the same, nothing changes. Now for Example: Patriots are just sitting home minding their business when all of a sudden they hear a bunch of shots being fired by orders from the Tyrants in Alabama State, that is when Florida State gets a Distress call for Assistance, that is when Florida State and which ever States are in Alliance with us Gear Up and head to Alabama State to Fight on your side. I Fear that time is closing in all around our Country. "We Are Not" Merging Groups meaning; their will be No Changes being done in any Allied Groups. Please Join the Alliance and lets make history when the time calls upon us
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    Are we being lured into Civil War?

    This is where the progressives have us pinned. They may not have as many armed members... but, they have communications networks, money, clear objectives - and the means to carry them out... all without firing a shot. We have frustrated Patriots with no real prominent leadership, funding source, resupply, or objective to carry out... nor do we have the means to even begin establishing such things without the risk of a big hammer dropping on us.
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    Well Sgt as we are free men we could actually vote on what to do with it.
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    Explain Your Username - aka

    In all my years since Vietnam I feel the best of the best came from that war. It was a time of revaluing as the youth were pulled into socialist directions. Yet the Soldier can lay claim to the most common sense given to man by God. Names are names, thoughts are thoughts but we who lived in the fox hole had a very good sight of God.
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    John Last

    List of active militias by area

    I read, some time ago, that about 40? of the States have "state guard/state defense" forces. These are basically a reserve/auxiliary component to the National Guard. They are associated with the state (through the NG) but, as I recall, cannot be federalized or used outside the state. These are more closely aligned with what people normally think of, when they hear the word Militia. My understanding is, these are the Governor's forces and cannot be taken from his control. There is a statewide command structure (same officers as National Guard?), and certain minimum standards to be met. Sounds good, but if you're in Virginia right now, you'd be under control of the blackface Governor. Speaking personally, I prefer a county system of strictly volunteers, taking authority from the County Sheriff; or not, depending on the circumstances.
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    Jason M

    List of active militias by area

    State wide Militias. 1. Carolina State Guard. This group is an organized militia. This group is under orders from the Governed of SC. Locations Columbia- Charleston - Fountain Inn
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    Yes I can give up every thing and live In extremes thats why I believe I am a 3 percenter so vet me if you like ill raise my gun in suport of our rites Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
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    I honestly believe that I am.

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