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    Close the UN building, defund the organization and permanently deport all the ambassadors and their entire staffs!
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    This is unreal and a precursor to a foreign invasion. The U.N.'s claim is quite paradoxical, considering that the government didn't intervene in the protest at Virginia by tens of thousands armed militia members. Those Portland officials need to be arrested. We the people need to be ready to repel any Blue Helmeted Marauders that set foot on American soil. I just sent a message to the White House, at https://www.whitehouse.gov/contact/. It reads simply: " Dear President Trump, I, and I'm sure most, Americans urge you to disregard ANY orders from the U.N., or any foreign entity, especially in regards to not quelling violence during protests, which have turned to riots and anarchy. We support you in all Constitutional endeavors." Here's my salute to the U.N.:
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    Bob Roemer

    Lancaster County

    I am Bob Roemer, I live in Silver Springs. I was in the Air Force Security Police; also an EMT/FIREFIGHTER both paid and volunteer. I am an ordained Chaplain. I like to be on or near the AO. I am limited in how fast I can walk, and I can't bend at the waist. So I have a golden retriever as my service dog. I would like to meet and get to know others in the group. Please contact me; the best way to do this is probably email [email protected] or call or text 717-947-0074.
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    Hello I am new

    I was on a Facebook page and we were talking about the horrible things going on in our country. All the threats from BLM, Antifa and NFAC and how scary it is to see cities burned to the ground, police getting murdered and defunded, innocent and unarmed women, children and elderly getting beaten, some to death. I was saying how we need to stop talking about mobilizing and standing up and start doing but that we can't be running around like a bunch of rednecks with guns We need structure, training, guidance, etc. Someone from another state recommended I join my states militia which is why I am here. I am not sure if this is the right place but I strongly support the constitution, our flag, country and our President.
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    Fed Up

    I am a job printer with over 30 years experience under my belt. I own and have operated my own shop for over 22 years. I am disgusted with the direction this country is headed and am ready to help in any way I can. It sickens me when I turn on the news and see the riots and property destruction and damage. I have the equipment to produce and can help distribute leaflets, flyers, tickets, newsletters etc. and also am capable of making vinyl signs, banners, T-shirts, bandannas and other garments. If anyone is in need of any of the above feel free to contact me as I would like to donate some of this for the cause! In a nutshell I AM FED THE FUCK UP AND READY TO ACT!
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    If they say you have to do it, at least be creative about it. Kinda of a subtle middle finger toward TPTB.
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    sorry yah all my skull 💀not going to on fricken rack like those were, as commie trophy.
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    Save America

    I am 71 years of age, retired 20 year teacher, served six years in the U.S. Navy mostly aboard a nuclear fast attack submarine. I am very concerned about the left wing criminal thugs trying to take over our country. They have not invaded my neck of the woods, yet, but I can visualize a time when they might. I am prepared to defend my home, but would like to extend that to defense of my community-indeed my country.
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    We already are. We've been setting new member records for the past few months and exceeding them each month.
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    Due to our Overlord Tyrant King here in Ohio, we are supposedly required to wear one (even though mandates are not laws). But last night, I went and conducted an experiment at Walmart. The sign outside the store only says "face covering required for entry". It says nothing about requiring one while shopping or being in the store. So, I removed my neck gaiter from my face right after the black shirt security dude let me in. And guess what? No one said anything to me the whole time. It wasn't just me. I saw a lot of people doing the same thing. Sure, we had some stares of fear from some members of the subservient flock. But who cares?
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    Saying Hello

    I’m new to mymilitia. In fact, I just signed up. Im concerned with the state of our nation. There have been no riots nor violence in my area, but it could happen anywhere, anytime. I would like to know of any members in my area, either locally or generally. I am willing and able to help protect my neighbors and countrymen.
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    James Palmore

    Hello All

    thanks for having this forum. I am feeling really blessed since come August 14th I will be officially escaping the people's republic on California and headed to my new home in Tennessee.. Keep me in your thoughts and prayers since I have to go through albuquerque.. I am going to plan it so I roll through about 3 am..
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    My Introduction

    My background, started out in Land Mobile Radio (LMR) commonly refereed to as Two-Way radio, worked at a Motorola Radio Service Station (RSS), at the time Motorola was tight knit serving mostly Public Safety and the business market, think taxi's, delivery fleets, commercial trucking, etc. Since I had tested for and been granted a First Class FCC Radio telephone License I could be hands on with anything that could transmit, after a few years with Motorola I went to work as a contractor for a South Florida AM station AM 790 WNWS, now known as WAXY, the company I contracted for Jefferson Pilot bought out WAXY a low power AM license and it's FM sister WMXJ, working directional AM was a steep learning curve but i loved working there. We had a very intelligent Chief Engineer and he taught me a lot about directional AM, a technology that also applies to directional HF. Later on I tested for an was issued a Florida electrical contractors licensed and until 1997, I worked that and still remained contracting RF work on a per job basis. Sold the company to a couple of my employee's in 97 and retired the first time, but I wasn't ready to stop working, it keeps me alive, if I stop I will die, I have seen the pattern, too many of associates retired and stopped working and changed into the travel and tour mode with the wife, yea a lot on nice pictures of somewhere else, but in a casket within 5 years. Stay active, stay alive, no one who has worked their entire life can just flip the switch and stop, that's self execution, slow down a little eliminate the need for deadlines and an older male can ride out life for decades more. Retired the second time in 2015, moved to the middle of no where and started a small consulting business designing radio systems to be used where cellular is not practical. In 2017 I applied for and was granted a Florida statewide Private Carriers (PC) license by the FCC, this license allows me to setup temporary as needed LMR communications systems anywhere in Florida. And in my opinion a private carriers license is a very good license for a Militia to hold, with a PC any Militia can issue permission for any member to operate under the Militia's license, members do not need to be licensed, such as with Ham radio.. And unlike personal radio services a licensed Militia can use full power, in many case's it is 110 watts, while forbidden on Ham radio PC licensing allows encrypting and codes to be used Also as a PC a Militia can offer communications services for events, lets say your locals want to hold a event, they need comms and maybe some warm bodies to imbed and work security, a local Militia can offer to provide both for a reasonable fee or as a donation to the event creating positive cash flow or good PR for the Militia. That stated and in closing, if any Militia needs assistance with designing and specifying what is needed to build a comm system, I am more than willing to help, for no charge, the only fee's a Militia would have to pay and not to me is for a coordinator who can file the FCC 601 application, a Militia can use any coordinator out there, I know a good one and can strongly recommend her, she's retired and works part time, but understands the maze the FCC has built around licensing, if a Militia wants to use her for the filing I will forward her information to that leader, I don't get involved in licensing, I'm a technical person, I can recommend the equipment you would need and the frequencies that would best suit you needs, but I don't get involved in licensing, I tried and it's over my head. So if you have any questions, please ask them, if I don't know the answer I will do my best to find it, if the question is sensitive or Militia specific, IM me and we can discuss it somewhere away from public view.
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    I'm Carl H Bludau, I'm 71, born in Hallettsville, Texas, served 3 years in the US Army and Vietnam in 1968-69 in the 82nd Airborne Division's 3rd Brigade as the Company Commander's Radio Operator in the jungle. I retired from the railroad as the first and only one handed locomotive engineer, founded the 82nd Airborne's Wounded Warrior Project, selected as the overall Paratrooper of the Year from all Airborne Units and received the award at the Airborne Static Line Awards in Atlanta, Ga. in 2010. I'm an avid hunter and fisherman, hog hunt at night with thermal vision. I am a life member of the VFW, Disabled American Veterans and the 82nd Airborne Division Association. I have served as the Chairman of the Golden Brigade Chapter, which encompasses the 82nd Vietnam Veterans only, of the 82nd Airborne Division Association for over 22 years. I, especially under the current circumstances, am looking for a group where loyal friends of mine and I can help preserve our Republic, US and Texas.
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    It ain't so! While I have no love for the U.N., the conservative daily article is bunk. They actually link to the U.N. statement in their article (https://news.un.org/en/story/2020/07/1068971). No where does the U.N. order anything... and the quotes from the U.N. administrator has lots of "conditionals" The reporter interviewing the U.N. official asserted that the feds were unidentified (they weren't)... U.N. said that "that is a worry because it may place those detained outside the protection of the law, and may give rise to arbitrary detention and other human rights violations.” But assumes that they were actually unidentified... Overall Max McGuire, the author of the article in the "Conservative Daily" is guilty of lots of "headline inflation"... Creates headlines that are not supported by the article itself or the sources used in the article... Look at some of his other writings and see the disconnect. Why does this matter? Bad intel is worse than no intel... the headline inflation and fear porn some websites use to generate clicks and revenue don't help our cause. Just my $0.02
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    Enough is enough. Count me in.
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    Haywood Jablome


    hi I'm a 34 yr old white male from marietta. I would like help seeking safety for my small family.
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    Raptor 47

    Call out From @Rev.E

    Shout out to all East Tn. troops in the 865 area code and those within an hour drive of Bass Pro Shop exit 407 off the interstate. We need all who can attend. Date August 6th. If you are able to attend reach out to @Rev.E. or Raptor 47 for more details.
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    Though mandated, not wearing a mask will incur no criminal penalties. I agree, if someone has current health issues, wear a mask, though Fauci has said it does little good. Anyone who wants could opt out, because wearing a mask, at least when it covers the nose and facilitates breathing your expelled air back in, and reduces the amount of oxygen your body receives, is actually a health risk, due to depleting your oxygen supply by up to twenty percent, thus reducing your immune system's capability: https://fox59.com/news/while-you-were-sleeping-coronavirus-updates-for-july-27/. There is apparently some debate about the extent of oxygen depletion while wearing a mask, but common sense shows that it does some, and it certainly isn't healthy to turn your body into an E.G.R. system (exhaust gas recirculation). How many people have flipped the covers off their face in order to breathe fresher air?: https://hartfordhealthcare.org/about-us/news-press/news-detail?articleid=26712&publicId=395 https://www.lung.org/blog/covid-masks. Overall, the public is being lied to and misled about the whole Covid ordeal. Do your own research on this, but they really are not 100% sure what the virus is (or they're lying); the sickness causes blood clots, which data has been suppressed; nasal spray travels much further than six feet: https://www.geisinger.org/health-and-wellness/wellness-articles/2017/09/11/20/51/one-sneeze-spreads-germs-how-far; death numbers have been [falsified], greatly; respirators kill patients; herd immunity needs to be implemented, it always has (probably tailored per sickness and scope); the Covid is likely way more contagious than the flu but not nearly as deadly; America has had far more intimate dealings with the Wuhan lab than publicly shown; Fauci and Gates stand to make billions for perpetuating a farce, probably little for telling the entire truth; the whole Covid scenario was said to have been rehearsed in 2019; the Covid testing is not only innacurate but is a fabricated pseudo test, comparable to using methods of accident reconstruction investigation to solve a bank robbery; the entire event is being used to curtail freedom and the Republic, a systematic brainwashing to destroy individual and national sovereignty. Note: https://shiva4senate.com/immune-and-economic-health-for-america-coronavirus/
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    We have some of the best snipers in the world on our side. I have seen them in action on Charlie range up at Lejeune. When the time comes they will be there watching our six and passing on all the knowledge they have to those who need it.
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    Screw the UN, they can just pack up and move to some third world shithole, were someone might actually care what they have to say. By the way maybe they can pay the USA some of the money they owe before they go.
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    Yeah, because they know what’s best for the US, oh wait, for the demonrats.
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    I live in West Palm Beach FL. Looking for like minded group of Americans.
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    Not while I still have another round left... then I go to swords.
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    Today is Day Fourteen of the twenty-day "Leadership 101" series I'll be posting. This series expresses my thoughts on some topics important to the successful leadership of a local unit, and asks other unit leaders to post their thoughts, ideas, and experiences on the same subject in hopes that together we can help those who are starting from scratch with unit-building. "What we've got here is...failure to communicate." That's the late, great actor Strother Martin in the legendary movie "Cool Hand Luke". He goes on to say "I don't like it any more than you men." This is the state of affairs today in the country; more importantly, it's the state of affairs within and between our own units. I--or rather, we--can't correct the communication problem in the country, but we can fix it within our movement. And we must. We have consistently seen disappointing turnouts for events, protests, legislative affairs, and other calls to action. This is often a communication problem. We've consistently seen our enemies organize much larger groups, on shorter notice, better equipped and informed, and with overall better logistics. This is entirely a communication problem. And we've consistently seen (and responded to) their disinformation campaigns, their propaganda, and their circus sideshows designed entirely to provoke a reaction, both from us and from the communities we're hoping to gain legitimacy and support from. This is the worst communication problem of all. What we've got here is failure to communicate--with each other, between our units, and within our communities, Let's start with the basics. Your unit needs a comprehensive COMMS model that includes not only multiple, independent, redundant methods of inter-member communications, but also a solid communications network established at least between your unit and neighboring units, if not with units from across the country. Message boards like the one on MyMilitia.com serve a purpose, but I've seen calls to action on these boards; this is not where such messaging should be taking place, ever. I've seen calls for leadership summits, disputes between leaders as to how units should react to events (I'm guilty of that one myself), and the sharing of intelligence in these easily-accessible-by-the-general-public forums (also guilty). This should never, ever be taking place in the wide open (unless it's part of a disinformation/psyops campaign). We have to expand our communications capabilities, and harden our COMMS/OPS, in order to compete on today's "battlefield" (which is all too often the digital realm, or at least is aided by it). How? Everyone has a mobile device, Every member of every unit should be communicating securely on it. The Signal app, available for virtually every phone out there, appears to be the best method for doing this. It offers end-to-end encryption, while giving you options such as calling, text messaging, group messaging, file sharing, and even video chat. It should probably be your go-to app for overall daily communications. But we can't always count on mobile services being available, secure, or reliable. There should always be redundancy built into your comms network. Important messages should also forward to secure email (I use protonmail.com, but there are others out there); your unit could (and probably should) have a secure forum available as part of their own web presence (whether or not this is your own website, at the very least find a forum setup that offers password-protected communications for members of your team). And don't forget about the regular old methods of communication--landline telephone and, most importantly, radios. Your unit should have radio communications as a matter of course; a radio on your belt is just as important as a Glock. Simple, basic communication can be achieved between fire team members, for instance, using little more than a blister-pack FRS (Family Radio Service) radio available from any big-box store. Inexpensive FRS radios that have proven their worth in many ways are available from Baofeng (the BF-888), and many others. I use the Retevis RT16; four of them cost less than $60, and they work wonderfully. Speaking of Baofeng, the UV-5R handheld "ham" radio is absolutely a marvel at just over $30. I'm not going to go into the "licensing" discussion, because when you start your research you'll see all the things you can do, all the things you can't (legally) do, and all the things you probably shouldn't do with a Baofeng--but in an emergency, much of that goes out the window anyway, so having one is almost a no-brainer. Speaking of HAM radio, you would be well advised to find a HAM in your area who can do so many things to give your unit a leg up with COMMS. Most HAMs are sympathetic to our cause to begin with (there are many among us, probably reading this right now); at the very least, most aren't antagonistic toward what we do, so long as we take the rules of the airwaves seriously while we're doing it. HAM gives you the ability to communicate when all the "traditional" ways are down, and also to coordinate with groups that are potentially very far away. They can also assist you in getting others in your unit licensed (it's not difficult, not expensive, and very well worth it in the long run) so that issues like using the UV-5A are no longer issues. And if your members get licensed and subsequently set up with even more potent equipment, the sky (literally) could be the limit for your communications solutions. You can find HAM operators on dedicated radio websites and forums just like this one. A little-thought-of resource for local HAMS is also veteren's organizations in your area; you'd be surprised how many old vets are also HAM enthusiasts. A trip to your local American Legion or AMVETS would probably give you a few good leads. Making contacts within those organizations will be invaluable anyway; this is one good way to open that door, and goes a long way toward the "building contact and trust with your community" that is so vital for all of us moving forward. Regarding communication within open air sources on the internet, it's invaluable to you to build a good intelligence service within your unit that focuses not only on identifying and infiltrating your enemy's comms, but also creating the opportunity to distribute false information to your enemies or run "psychological operations" against them. Open channels (like those found on MyMilitia.com and other sites) should be utilized for these purposes so long as it's in a coordinated way that takes into account the possibility that our own allies could be duped as well. That can be a challenging tightrope to walk, but oftentimes all you have to do is sow doubt within the mind of the enemy, and they will no longer rely on the communications they see in places like this. That by itself can be beneficial. Your ideal setup in this regard is to have a dedicated cyber unit, proficient with computers and mobile devices, that has some training in cyber warfare and disinformation campaigns. Again, there are resources available (and there are others coming online as we speak) that will help you to build and train just such a team. Knowing how to deploy such efforts could make the difference between you spending your time and resources chasing ghosts, and making your enemy do it instead. Solving our "failure to communicate", especially unit-to-unit, will go a long way toward helping us catch up to an enemy that is thus far way ahead of us by that measure. As anyone will tell you, COMMS can make all the difference when it comes to winning or losing a battle. And for us, the battle isn't just what may take place with guns; it's a nationwide, global-resource effort that encompasses everything from how you use your phone to who you order pizza from. Let's get busy developing cooperation and communications between us, to give us all a leg up in that regard. Tomorrow--"Ego, schmego".
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    Dirk Stonehammer

    Brand new to Georgia

    Im looking to make like minded friends. My views are pro constitution and anti federal government. Not looking to join ANY group with a hate agenda. Im a political centrist who leans right on pro 1st and 2nd amendment positions. Im laid Back and dont judge others. I believe everyone has an equal right to freedom regardless of race, religion or politics. I firmly believe If I let the government take other peoples rights they will take mine soon after.
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    Good observations and I agree with them! Still the UN does need to be kicked out of this country.
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    John Grynkiewicz

    Patriot at heart

    Thank you gents, I'am from Ct looking for a militia group that is willing to stand up against these leftist groups. Us veterans didnt serve to let this happen in our country,so we need to show a force to be reckoned with. I dont know if this group is feeling the same so please let me know..
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    State Meetup

    Good afternoon I notice you are a Leader. Would you be interested in opening COMMS with us in a Leaders forum?
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    Anon Cyb

    Lancaster County

    Much love brother your not alone.
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    Welcome aboard If you haven't done so, here is a great place to get started. https://www.mymilitia.com/area-code-militias/
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    Will try to get , working two jobs, so may not be able.
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    They are a part of the United States paramilitary patriot movement, which pledges armed resistance to fight measures to restrict firearm ownership They have described themselves as a group whose primary purpose is to protect constitutional rights. Their Symbol - The "Nyberg Three Percent Flag", designed by Gayle Nyberg in 2008, is based on the Betsy Ross flag with the Roman numeral III inscribed in the circle of thirteen stars During the American Revolution, the active forces in the field against the King's tyranny never amounted to more than 3% of the colonists. Three percenters today, for the most part, identify with this 3% because they were true patriots fighting for the freedoms the nation we love and honor was founded on. Three percenters intend to maintain their God-given natural rights to liberty and property. History itself, for good or ill, is made by determined minorities. Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed citizens to change the world. Indeed, it has never been done otherwise. My Militia website is founded among these principles, As evident in our logo. We feel that any man woman or child that's willing to stand in defiance in an event of oppression shall declare themselves a three percenter.
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    State Meetup

    Been looking for a nice out I the woods shooting spot dont care for indoor ranges
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    State Meetup

    sounds good, does anyone have a decent meeting spot. I know of 2, one is shut down by the state usually its open, the other is up Chinook pass and kinda tight not bad for small groups. I am willing to travel, for work i'm all over WA, OR, ID so traveling in state is no problem.
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    With different states governor’s pushing more of our rights away, when is it time to say “No this is to far and it ends now!” BLM can protest in mass and hide people in the crowd and destruction getting away with breaking the law, looting and destroying buildings. They burn our flag, Let us burn masks. But be clean about it, we are not trying to make enemies, only a point. Use social media, and house front property instead of public streets. If you burn masks in public do it in an open area as to not smoke people out and do it in some type of contained area as to not leave a mess for others to pick up for you. Make a fire pit in your front yard that you can burn masks in. Espeshaly if you live next to a heavily trafficked road. Post the videos of masks burning. I have been turned away from businesses for not wearing a mask, with the effects of “Covid -19” wouldn't you think they would want my money? You can go to support your local businesses but they wont take your business. We have a large voice that is mostly unheard on the media or if it is it is turned against us. How else can we combat being put in house arrest aka “quarantine”. Because it is house arrest. Quarantine is for sick people. Finally being told to wear a mask or be fined, arrested, kicked out ext is to far already, but when do we dig our heels in?
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    Hopefully most have done this already-- if they can not grow their own-- I hope they have learned to dehydrate or freeze dry... one can buy fresh fruits and veggies and can them or dehydrate them.. stock up on things and quit throwing out or donating clothes! you may need them to either barter or patch up- or wear yourself! As for the mask, a month ago, people said-- just go someplace else to shop that won't make you wear them... shop small local bla bla bla---- well, and I said it then..... EVERYWHERE and EVERYONE will be required or be fined or arrested... NOW this is UNCONSTITUTIONAL and everyone knows it.... even the sheeple.... They have all but finished small independent businesses... So get what you can now! even if it means wear the mask in to get it... because by next month they will up the anti - wear a mask-- no cash will be excepted-- then after that---- you get the picture.... get what you can, join a unit if you can or others you can trust...form a plan--- fuck your family if they won't get on board with you.... (my kids are on their own- I love them - I grieve them, but they told me they will comply with what ever comes, one thinks this is amazing! ) they will all come banging on your door when they realize the truth too late! GOOD LUCK PATRIOTS!
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    With the effects of Covid 19, turning your business away seems dumb. With the effects of Covid 19 and an ensuing law suit for "not taking reasonable precautions to keep me safe in your store", it's a damn good business decision. I hear ya though. As an OTR trucker, I see some stupid shit that is Covid-related. I go into a Dennys, for example. Must be masked to be seated. As soon as I get seated I'm "authorized" to take the mask off. If I don't have a mask, I can stand around at the host's table waiting on a to-go order instead. Sadly, people really are stupid enough to buy into the bull.
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    Hello everyone glad to find a like minded community close.
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    NY State: Ghost Squad

    Rochester ny area?
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    A warrior is only tested when death is knocking on the door. Soon enough, we will see who truly stands by their words.
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    Yes I can give up every thing and live In extremes thats why I believe I am a 3 percenter so vet me if you like ill raise my gun in suport of our rites Sent from my GT-N5110 using Tapatalk
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    Ok it's easy to claim 3% ers but are you really going to give up everything to fight for freedom?

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