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    So I have carried on conversations with several of the folks posting in this thread. And I am the first one to admit I am not a vet, did not serve in any police force, and do not know much about military equipment, tactics (guerrilla or otherwise) or capabilities. I have no axe to grind here with anybody. And I am not taking a side in the argument. I'm not well enough informed to do so. Which does not make me stupid or incompetent of assessing a situation. And what I've seen in this thread is what will kill us off. Not invincible game based super tech and not any of the shit folks are arguing about here. The arguing itself is what will do us in. If we can't be respectful and keep our shit together here, under no real stress at all, we are absolutely going to turn on one another in the field, and scatter into singles and small groups who will all be easily picked off. This is not news to anyone who studies human history. And it's why I tend to avoid working with groups of people. Come on folks, we can disagree on the specifics and details, but let's keep it civil. Let's argue the facts objectively and unemotionally. Let's not emulate the very people we despise. One of the things we all complain about with them is that it's their way or they get nasty and turn on you. Not a good thing to emulate. And not a way to build any sort of functional esprit. Not even if you are right. The US has far too long pushed our focus on emotions and emotional arguments, and away from reason, facts and logic. It's gotten so bad that even groups like this tend to suffer the effects. Feel free to disagree with me if you want. Just be polite about it and don't make it personal or engage in ad hominem attacks, please and thank you. And if someone here does attack you personally, or is rude, there's no gain in responding in kind. Smart folks will see what's going on. And if you simply argue rationally and dispassionately, they will see that, and respect it. OTOH if you stoop to personal attacks in response, they will see that too and they will loose respect for you. If you disagree with a person on a point, argue the point, not the person. It makes you a better person, and advances the state of our group's general knowledge. Pissing matches do nothing for any of us and damage us all. One last thing , if someone argues back rationally, and makes a valid point, embrace it and acknowledge their contribution. They'll benefit, you'll benefit, and the group will benefit. I know this is hard, I'm not good at it when I get triggered and have been known to rip into folks. But as I said, I have no axe to grind here, and I can stand off and see this from afar and see what we are doing to ourselves.
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    ROFCB Commander

    Open Forum

    "An animal once thought to be just a myth was accidentally captured today when Anytown resident John Smith left his breakfast laying in his garage. While out in his yard to place political signs, Smith left the garage door open. Much to his surprise the automatic door closed suddenly behind him. When he went to investigate, he couldn't believe what he saw. 'I was just sticking a Trump sign in the ground, and I heard the garage door close. I went and looked through the window, and sumBITCH there was an actual unicorn in there!' The sky blue creature had wandered in, seemingly attracted by the smell of Smith's cinnamon roll, and stepped on the remote for the door which had tumbled out of the car earlier in the day. 'Isn't she beautiful? And she actually poops out rainbow-colored turds that smell like fresh-cut roses! I even took some in for my wife. The neighbors have all been calling, wanting to come see the thing and buy some of the poop!' Smith says he's not sure what to do now. Some have advised just letting the unicorn go, while others have suggested taking it to the zoo. Scientists from the federal government have contacted Smith about the possibility of taking the animal for "deeper observation". 'I'm not sure I want to let them do that. I don't know if I trust them to not do experiments on her and stuff,' Smith said." Here's how CNN will report this story: "A Trump supporter who admittedly 'doesn't trust the government' trapped a unicorn in his garage today. John Smith of 321 Your Street in Anytown, Arizona, an accountant with Amble and Mosey, baited the creature with a cinnamon roll. The unsuspecting horned horse wandered right into the trap, springing it as he did. Smith, who has already stolen some of the magical unicorn poop and plans to sell even more, is also reportedly considering charging his neighbors to come see it, or possibly setting up a zoo, where the unicorn would presumably be the main attraction. Carolyn Busybody, a noted Yale University scientist who wrote a book about unicorns when she was six, has blasted Smith for his actions, saying in part that 'he doesn't even know what gender it is...typical of a poorly-educated MAGA-hat-wearing rube!' Busybody will be one of our expert guests tonight when Anderson Cooper delves deeper into the unicorn kidnapping story." --- We all know this is how they do things, and see things. The problem is that even though we know it, we still play right into their hands. Maybe it's just me, but I've seen some first-class stupidity on these boards over the last couple of days. Some of what's been suggested is criminal, borders on insane, and even where it's not it's just beyond-the-pale abnormal. This is an open forum; anyone can see it, anyone can copy what's written, anyone can paint all of us with whatever brush is left laying around. Please stop leaving asinine brushes laying around! It's pretty simple, really. If what you're about to post sounds insane, it probably is. If it sounds criminal, it probably is. If people have pointed out that it's insane or criminal--our people--it probably is. Just think before you post stuff like that. You're making us all look like idiots. If they can take a unicorn story and twist it, imagine what they can do with some of the crap that's been posted here lately! And I assure you, this crap does not smell like fresh-cut roses... [EndOfRant]
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    ROFCB Commander

    Open Forum

    This I agree with. But some of the idiotic stuff I've seen in the last two days is off the wall. It's that kind of stuff that makes even the people who should support us want to have nothing to do with us, and nobody could blame them one bit.
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    Just FYI. These fools are actually planning on doing this. Though I'm betting they will have some more pressing stuff to do in mom's basement. "We will lay siege to the White House. And we will sustain it for exactly fifty days." "Fifty days — September 17th to November 3rd." https://www.adbusters.org/campaigns/whitehousesiege-tactical-briefing-1
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    Found a weather forecast for the event.
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    Hello all. For now, you guys can call me Kasper. In the style of another poster, I'm asking what I can do to help. I'm 22 and have chronic asthma and genetically inherited high blood pressure. I was rejected from all branches of the military because of my health conditions but I won't let that stop me. I am very mechanically inclined, have education and certifications in the field of mechanical assembly (specifically aerospace) and also have the ability to fix just about anything, given that I have adequate time and tooling. I am also very familiar with the workings, function and repair of firearms as well as their use. I have other skills as well but I don't want to make this too long. Also, I'm in the Marysville area of Western Washington. If there is anything more that you want to know about me, feel free to ask.
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    Unit comms

    Thanks for having us. I’m the CO of the Col. Drake’s Raiders. I do say us, since most of the militia don’t want to have accounts on here, sort of superstition of having big brother tracking them. That being said, we would like to work on communication with other militias and like minded individuals on holding field exercises and/ or meetings and bringing units closer together to work together, so if things do step off, it’s not a complete snafu.
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    Hello all, Just signed up. I just stumbled upon this group while reading about 3%ers. I'm new to the area, but I think I'll be here for a while. I'm a family man, (wife and three young kids), Christian, and I carry my 45 every day when I head into the city. I don't think I am technically in 636, I'm off 44 at the edge of St. Louis county.
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    Interesting, I sure hope so.
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    They shot a guy today trying to get into the Whitehouse. Perhaps the swift action of security will make them think twice.
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    This thread is for people actively searching for a Militia to join. It is also a helpful place for Militias to find individuals wanting to actively train. Post your location and a bit about yourself. Even if you can't run in field OPs you may be useful in other areas.
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    Open Forum

    Then again they use everything against us fabricating things. My cousin called me racist for saying socialism always leads to communist rule and then to mass murder. We just have to keep speaking up even when they attack us. if they refuse to have a civil conversation just basically say F*** Y** I don't care.! You can't silence me this is the way it is! just keep telling it as it is. Make logical arguments and to hell with the consequences!!!!!! 🔥
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    Should we declare war on Antifa

    Best way to go to war against antifa and their ilk?? Speak the truth. Advocate for black gun rights, point out the real history of the dem party that succeeded from the union cuz they wanted slavery. voice concern for the horrible conditions in dem controled Chicago. We need to speak up and refuse to be silenced as the radical left has been so good at getting us to do. Point ppl to colion noir, bill whittle, diamond an silk who articulate well the true issues. Right now some polls state 40% of blacks support trump. The left loses the black vote they never win a presidential election again!!
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    high speed, low drag!
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    I recently joined. I am a Vietnam Veteran, a patriot and a Republican, right wing conservative. I am 73 years old, and was exposed to Agent Orange in Nam. No longer very mobile, but if l can help in any way......
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    About the only thing that really worries me about this, is these liberal groups don't even realize how close we are to going full civil war on them.
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    The President has put up the bat signal. My grandmothers brother was a non-jewish Pole who was imprisoned in dachau in 1939, liberated by russians in 1945. Poles were told 'just do what you're told and everything will be fine' all the way to the end. You have every reason to be upset. Take care of yourself. Dont chain yourself to rabid dogs or lunatics. May God bless and keep you.
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    The only person ive known to have a crapton of bars was my maternal grandfather.
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    He hasn't impressed me much since the beginning, but I have to constantly remind myself (and others) that Corporal Hitler probably wouldn't have made me think twice either. It's the charisma and ability to attract and motivate people that we have to be aware of with this clown.
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    NFAC leader displays his DD214

    As humorous as some of the antics have been. This group still needs to be monitored. Never dismiss anyone as not being a threat. Never underestimate an opponent - specifically when they indicate that you are their opponent. This guy might be really good at blowing smoke up folks asses. What they spew on social media and what they actually do in private could be night and day.
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    Dave A Pomeroy

    Nameless Warriors recruiting!!

    Hello everyone I go by Reinhardt and some of y’all know me from being the CO of sons of liberty the group has mostly few apart due to corruption in my leadership so a few of us left the group branched off and created the Nameless Warriors. We are a very dedicated group of patriots and take this very seriously We will not tolerate any drama. Please contact me at 2525088078 please text me first I will not answer phone calls. It’s time to be a part of something great and prepare for the worst. Thanks!
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    That’s a nice idea but the Communist State isn’t satisfied until all are brought to bear and under their control. Anything they deem as theirs, they will take... or attempt to take. That and I don’t see any peaceful separation of states being possible under any circumstances. That’s just my 2c
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    Neighborhood Watch Gear List

    Id add some medical and a hydration carrier. Also, a good flashlight. Even if you have lights on your weapons, you might not want to be pointing them at people, so youll need a flashlight. I absolutely would not leave anything in a vehicle i wouldnt mind seeing stolen or burned up. Rioters like to burn and loot vehicles, please dont arm them too.
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    From The Columbia Daily Herald: Maury County’s avid proponents of the Second Amendment stood before their commissioners this week, calling on them to oppose any laws that would restrict a citizen’s right to bear arms. In return, the county’s safety committee unanimously approved a resolution to become a Second Amendment sanctuary that would not enforce regulations placed on it by the state or federal governments. The commission will vote to formally pass the resolution later this month following the resolution’s unanimous approval by the committee. If the resolution is passed, Maury County would become one of the hundreds of municipalities across the nation that are taking a similar stand. From here: https://www.columbiadailyherald.com/news/20200205/maury-county-to-protect-gun-rights-with-concern-about-red-flag-laws
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    click on groups here at the site and start your own, you can have your own calendar and forums ect

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